#10451004, By BTBAM EG's best moggie. KNEEL BEFORE MOG. My house smells of cat piss.

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    Both are mine are indoors too. I live at the top, first floor, of my 'block' and out the back is some woodland then the motorway, and out the front they have the roof of the ground floor flat. Our fat cat likes to sniff the air but doesn't want to go out but the other one we have is about half the size of our fat cat and she loves being naughty and inquisitive in general. A month ago my girlfriend left a window wide open and Honey got out, crawled along the roof to the bedroom window and meowed and scratched until we let her in, thankfully. We put secondary glazing everywhere so we could open windows safely but it is a really scary thought of my two wuss bags going outside. We're moving to a house soonish but these two are so pathetic and were advertised as indoor cats when we got them so we probably won't encourage too much outside stuff.
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