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    Right, I've played the demo enough now to have ranked up once. Overall: Meh, with a slight sprinkle of gah.

    Good points:
    - It's BF innit, fairly decent squad-based combat, vehicles shenanigans up the arse, and a relatively large player-cap.
    - Graphical effects (explosions in particular) are pretty nice, and I guess they're actually trying as far as the single-player goes this time.
    - I'm still a fan of class-based combat, and I think 5 of 'em is the sweet-spot. BF2 had nine or something, which led to a few classes being completely worthless except for one crucial weapon or something, which isn't the case now. I'm particularly fond of the Support class: Powerful machinegun that will tear shit up at close to medium range, and bandages for the teammates, as well as vehicle repairs.
    - As far as I could tell, only a few isolated incidents of lag (from Norway anyway). I'm sure this will change for the better/worse upon release, but it went fairly smooth most of the time for me.

    Bad points:

    - Control system has a bad case of "Hey, let's copy popular games' control scheme but half-ass it to give it charm". Going from running into jumping is clumbersome, slow and prone to not working, while going prone itself is actually not possible. Like, at all. I find it a bit ridiculous to "intensify" the gameplay of a game like Battlefield, where there are specific classes designated to being stealthy, going prone and generally being a bit invisibible. Which leads me to my next point ...
    - Why, oh why do the console versions have this terrible red HUD all over the place? I appreciate the ability to "spot" enemy infantry and vehicles for teammates to see, but it would be much more fair/fun if spotting an enemy only gave up their position when spotted, and didn't make them show up on your screen as a red square, even when there's no logical reason for you knowing where they are. It's also a bit inconsistent: I still have no idea what makes my guy spot a certain enemy and not another, and I get a bit paranoid not knowing if someone has spotted me or not. Not much sense in sneaking around the enemy's base if everyone sees me as a red square through the walls, is there?
    - Where the hell did the parachutes go? One of my favorite maneuvers in BF2: MC was getting in the passenger seat of a helicopter and jumping out mid-flight over one of the opposing team's flags. The helicopter controls are pretty terrible this time around too, although I supposed I should have mentioned that in the controller paragraph. Also, I'd really like for them to add fucking jet planes to the console versions already, I think we'd handle it!
    - The framerate is generally not too impressive. Granted, CoD4s rock-solid 60 frames per second has me spoiled, but I'd still like 10 frames more per second or so. It's by no means a deal-breaker, only slightly annoying.
    - The same goes for the FOV, incidentally. You always feel like you should be able to see more of your surroundings, and this is especially noticeable in the single-player. I'd compare it to playing Halo 2 with the standard 2x zoom on. It just doesn't feel right.
    - This destructible terrain is the same bollocks we got served last time around with Red Faction, incidentally. Woop woop for being able to blow out specific sections of walls. it adds flavour to the combat, sure, but it's by no means fully destructible.

    Blimey, that turned out alot longer than I thought it would. Oh well.
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