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    Guys - please note and I cannot stress the following ENOUGH.

    Ignore this company like the PLAGUE. Sure, the prices are good, general build time is mixed but mine was quick.

    However, the warrenty is absolutely, completely useless. I had a graphics card, PSU all pack up at the same time. As the PC was in the 2nd year of it's 3 year warrenty it only covered labour, and I also had to fork out Ł40 collection/return.

    After 5 weeks I finally received my PC back, new PSU and graphics card in tow for a nice Ł269 repair. No less than two months later and the graphics card (which I just replaced) packed up, faulty they tell me when they recieve the PC again.

    They recieved the PC on the 20th November 2009, and as of today i'm still no closer to receiving it, continually fobbed off by the customer service who are assuring me the card is being repaired - in Germany! Bare in mind this card was the thing I just replaced with the last warrenty job! I asked for any kind of compensation, they said they do none regardless of any problem people have, and I'm still no closer to getting it back. It's been nearly 9 weeks of a rather expensive gaming PC being away and no end in sight.

    I'm drafting in the Trading Standards now to fight the case for me. If you do ANY dealings with them, do it through the email and keep every single one to back your case up, because they actually deny everything they tell you and outrightly lie on the phone. At least with email everything is backed up.

    I'm 26 and have been an active gamer all my life, and dealed with a few companies, and this is outright - the single most appauling customer experience i've ever had.
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