#3234995, By King_Cnut The 'I just got caught speeding' thread

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    Scurrminator wrote:
    i got pulled over by an unmarked car a few years ago.
    Was doing 80 in a 50 zone :-(
    Yeah i know, bad bad bad. It was a dual carraigeway however and empty.
    It did shit me up though and i no longer speed anywhere.
    The officer only booked me for speeding 'up to 30 miles over the limit' which is your standard 3 points and sixty quid fine, over 30 miles over the limit and it's six points and maybe a ban.

    Same here, but I was on my R1 doing 90 in a 30.

    Before someone kicks off, it was in an empty road tunnel that just had a thirty limit because it was a tunnel. Nice bike cop let me off with the same as you.
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