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    @addyb No problem. Also for anyone else that's wondering you can use 2 x 32 GB USBs on one xbox. Hard to find that info, because while every shitty blog in the world bleated on about the change from 16GB to 32GB, literally no-one made it clear it works for two sticks.

    Sometimes the Internet sucks at being the Internet. Case in point this very site didn't even suggest/consider the USB install thing when Rockstar released the no-install warning. It was left to some commenter to highlight what was a pretty obvious solution from the outset. Do they not even own an Xbox! What the fuck am I paying you for Eurogamer!

    (I would also propose that Rockstar were guilty of being fucking idiots when they didn't include that in the initial advice, but I suspect political reasons were at play. i.e. recommending you spend extra on a usb stick might not go down to well, when they can just ignore it and hope no-one gives a shit).

    Samantha Janus?

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