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    hi people, I've got a bit of a prob with playing Tekken online on the PS3. I've only had the system a week or two and have had no problems so, well, until now. I'm trying to play Tekken online, I enter a lobby but after a few seconds it tells me there has been a network failure and sends me back to title screen (it's done this about 15 times in a row) :( Is this service normally a bit flaky or does this sound out of the ordinary? All the other times I've tried to play online in the last few weeks it's worked fine?

    Kryon, no worries dude, it's not your ISP's fault and neither your Ps3.It's the shitty network code of Tekken DR.

    Me and my buddies had exactly the same problem when we first started playing.To remedy the error message bullshit ,after you enter into online mode, no matter what search criteria you use (quickmatch, optimatch,custom etc) , as soon as the Lobby list appears just press the refresh list button and THEN try to join a room - Voila' - you're good to go my friend.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you very very much my friend, Ill give that a try :)
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