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    Couldn't you gift some of the games? Or sell the account? Not sure if either are legal but just an idea.

    Back to topic...Motorstorm Apocalypse

    Got through to near the end of Rookie in the story mode and I just wasn't getting into it at all. It was extremely chaotic and felt less like a racing game and more like an action movie.

    I'm in the minority, but I thought the graphics were pretty awful, that Split Second had done a similar thing better, that the physics were extremely annoying (I've literally just brushed the side of a wall with the slightest of touches whilst going in a straight line, and my car has just "crashed". The replay was quite amusing) and the rubber-banding can fuck off. It completely destroys any tension as you stand far more chance winning a race by repeatedly blowing up and then having a storming last 20 seconds than you do running a decent race.

    Much preferred the original Motorstorm (thought Pacific Rift was a bit of a letdown) as it concentrated more on the racing and the tracks.

    Do we rate abandoned games in here? If so...6.
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