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    Probably going against the grain of this thread a bit but I bought Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 sometime last year and I played it for the first time and completed it just over two weeks ago. :D

    I have a backlog which will never get completed!!!! On a game by game basis if I feel entertained by playing this game for this chunk of time then there is a probability for completion. Sort of like a book report from way back when. :D

    I remember I hadn't touched any Gamecube, Xbox games for two years. Then in one month I breeze thru two of them. I haven't touched a Gamecube game in three years since.

    Maybe in another reality I have already completed every other game and then some, maybe not. Its fortunate when I can find the time to game, and enjoy it and stop before it ceases to be fun.

    The only bad thing is there is no total recall of a game story or plot not played recently unless a summary is read somewhere like Arcanum, I know it was a good game from my positive sentiment of the time spent playing it but I can't remember much if anything about it.


    So maybe I need to keep a diary about keeping a diary. :p :D And how can I not add to my backlog. :D

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