#3121368, By Kryon How long did it take you to learn to drive?

  • Kryon 11 Mar 2008 22:15:57 62 posts
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    Ignition wrote:

    I think my problem with passing was my first instructor, he was a nob of the highest order who threatened to knock my teeth out, jokingly, when I accidentally grinded the gearstick, as if that never happens, and he continually talked. Fuck sake shut up about looking for cyclists and young hoolliguns, I'm trying to stay alive and the right side up and on the road here. I'm not a woman I can't multi task.

    It was the opposite for me, I had an extremely tough instructor but I feel it did me good, he was a scary bastard, a body building Iranian bloke who went f***ing mental at me if I made the smallest mistake, but I think he taught me really well, he was good at installing the fact in you that driving is a serious business (not that I ever thought otherwise) but I drive alot and I've never had any accident or even near misses so I'm glad he taught me in a quite Nazi(ish) manner.
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