#9210743, By paulfurn most embarrassing thing you have ever done at work

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    Not something I did, this was 2 years before I started in my current job, but the mail following what someone else did has gone down in company folklore... changed the names to protect the innocent :)

    From: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sent: xx xxxxx xxxx xx:xx
    To: All
    Subject: Gents Toilets

    We all have our work to do, operators take calls, traders trade, IT sort all computer stuff out, canteen feed us and cleaners clean.

    It however takes the biscuit when someone soils his boxer shorts and leaves the whole mess on the toilet floor for one of our cleaners to clean after him I presume it was a him who wore boxer shorts.

    This was on Friday night and it must have made the cleaner concerned very sick when she found this mess.

    Whoever did this you could at least have picked your mess up, wrapped it up in a plastic bag and disposed of it in a bin.

    Next time the cleaners are just going to leave the mess on the floor.

    xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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