#5279267, By Deepo (Not another) Red Ring of Death thread

  • Deepo 24 Sep 2009 09:17:14 107 posts
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    gang_of_bitches wrote:
    Literally 2 minutes after downloading last night's update my xbox decided enough was enough. Hasn't actuallt red ringed, got the grey and green checkerboard then it spluttered back to life, but as for loading games no chance.

    Anyone else have an issue last night or can I just put it down to co-incidence?

    Also are they still only doing free repairs on consoles that have red ringed? I may have to wrap it in a blanket to properly kill it.

    Interesting. My box got the grey-green checkerboard just after installing the update, and has been dead with a so called 3LOD since.

    There were some signs of it dying in the days before the update though, so it may just be coincidence.
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