#2865833, By Zob Are you proud of where you come from?

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    FairgroundTown wrote:
    smoothpete wrote:
    I was born in Worcester and raised in the area, which I'm proud of. I live in Reading now, it's difficult to be proud of the town, as although it has a fair bit going for it in terms of jobs, it's about as exciting as a discarded shoe by the side of the road.
    I have a theory that no one wants to live in Reading - everyone is just here for their job, because it really has NOTHING else to recommend it. The boyfriend of a friend once hotly disputed this - he was born and brought-up in Reading and claimed it was a great place for a variety of reasons... but then he moved to Emmer Green!!!! YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT!!!! The only people who claim to like living in Reading, actually live in Caversham, BECAUSE READING IS A DUMP!!!!

    / Now lives in Wokingham!

    Totally agree with this post... not wishing to slag off a place too much, but Reading seemed like a place that no one really wanted to be. I lived there for a while and took the first opportunity to exit back to where I came from. Which, to be perfectly honest was like picking the lesser of two evils ;) I live in Derby by the way - go on, take the first swipe!
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