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Terminal Reality, Inc.

Terminal Reality, founded by lead programmer/CEO Mark Randel in 1994, is one of the industry’s most experienced independent game developers. With a focus on technology and tools, TRI has shipped more than 30 titles, with over 80 SKUs. Using the technology behind the highly anticipated Ghostbusters: The Videogame, Terminal Reality spawns the next wave in game development: INFERNAL ENGINE.

Infernal Engine

Infernal Engine is the most cross-platform capable, full-featured foundation for building video games. Built from a team of industry veterans at Terminal Reality, a fourteen year independent game developer, Infernal has the features and support you need. Designed to solve today's real game development challenges, Infernal is a unified system, providing superior rendering, physics, sound, AI, and even metrics in a single package. Built from the ground up to optimize the game creation process and to take advantage of today’s complex hardware – the Infernal Engine is the best choice for game developers.