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Tahadi Games FZ-LLC was founded by former Maktoob CEO, Samih Toukan as part of the Jabbar Internet Group, a conglomerate of online properties created as a by-product of Yahoo’s acquisition of the internet company Maktoob, in 2008. The company’s management team is lead by Steve Tsao, who has successfully launched and grown gaming companies in key markets across South East Asia. Tahadi Games is a publisher of online games targeting the Middle East and North Africa region with plans to expand into other territories. The company is one of the first movers in many of the game product categories, targeting over millions of Arabic Internet users throughout the region. There is proven track record of success of the company’s management in both online games, as well as the Arabic Internet industries.
Tahadi Games is driving Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG) adaption and excitement amongst Arabic audiences by launching some of the world’s favourite online – games including the greatly anticipated ‘Runes of Magic’ – in a language and content format that is culturally relevant. Their target is to look for fun and challenging online/ browser based games from around the world and make them accessible to Arabic mmo games players in the Middle East and North Africa. The games are free for users to download and play, thereby encouraging adoption whilst also creating a significant new opportunity to brand and product marketing to reach an expanding young, affluent and educated audience via in-game advertising.
The company has launched their very first massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, Ragnarok which is from Gravity with 60 million registered gamers online and is also customized for Middle-East audiences, and it has registered more than 50,000 users in three months. After Ragnarok, Tahadi Games has launched Crazy Kart from Shanda, one of the largest gaming companies in China, and Runes of Magic from Runewaker in Thaiwan, which is already the number two game in Europe behind World of Warcraft and number one in Japan. Tahadi Games currently runs four games: Runes of Might, Heroes of Gaia, Arabic Ragnarok Online, and Crazy Kart. Tahadi Games is a proud subsidiary of the Jabbar Group of companies.
Tahadi Games maintains a full-time staff of designers, localization experts, game operations, support personnel, and technical operations specialists. They have operations in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait.

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