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Gala Networks Europe is the European division of Gala Inc, a Japanese online community company (

Based in Dublin, Ireland, is publishes, distributes and markets a portfolio of group company and third party client and browser based MMORPGs. These include Flyff, Rappelz and Street Gears by Gala Lab, Dragonica by Barunson Interactive, Allods Online by Astrum Nival, Canaan Online by XPEC, Castle of Heroes, Terra Militaris and Age of Wulin by Snail Game.

It is one of Europe's leading free to play online game publishers, utilising the micro-transaction business model. It publishes games in EU English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Turkish via the portal.

With a free registration to the portal, players can log into any game in any language after downloading the relevant game client from the website, or legally on Bittorrent