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ENIGMA is a videogame production and development company with +15 years of experience, who has created products of all genres and across multiple platforms.

At present time, and with the financial support of its capital investors, ENIGMA is entering a new age of ambitious plans in which it pursues the incubation and production of solid game IPs for multiple platforms (PC/Online, XB360, PS3, DS/DSi, PSP).

Our focus is placed in the creation of high quality products, that offer innovative and original gaming experiences for the masses, implying the use of the latest advances in human-machine interaction over consoles and PC, also empowered by online and social network features, but always very fun to play and accessible to all audiences.

ENIGMA counts with an in-house team of +25 people, and has its own network of co-production partners, with which it is able to offer development and production services to cover all platforms spectrum at competitive budgets.