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We are a leading online game developer and operator based in China. We primarily develop online games based on our proprietary game engines and game development platforms. Our strong technology and creative game design capabilities, combined with our extensive knowledge and experiences in the online game market, enable us to frequently and promptly introduce popular games designed to cater changing customer preferences and market trends.

Our current portfolio of self-developed online games includes massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs): 'Perfect World,' 'Legend of Martial Arts,' 'Perfect World II,' 'Zhu Xian,' 'Chi Bi,' 'Pocketpet Journey West,' 'Battle of the Immortals,' 'Fantasy Zhu Xian,' 'Forsaken World, 'Dragon Excalibur' and 'Empire of the Immortals;' and an online casual game: 'Hot Dance Party.' While a substantial portion of the revenues are generated in China, the Company's games have been licensed to leading game operators in a number of countries and regions in Asia, South America and the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking territories. The Company also generates revenues from game operations in North America, Europe and Japan. The Company plans to continue to explore new and innovative business models and remains deeply committed to maximizing shareholder value over time.