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With over 50 high profile games in its portfolio, Big Blue Bubble Inc. is one of Canada’s leading video game developers. Each of company’s three divisions (iPhone, Console and Casual) is dedicated to making the best possible games by combining innovative designers with top calibre artists and industry leading programmers. By maintaining a strong focus on the development of technology and showcasing it through award winning games, Big Blue Bubble will continue to lead the way in becoming a cornerstone of the casual gaming world.

  • Trio of contenders for WiiWare today

    Mazes, Tetris, Home redecoration.

    News 24/10/2008 10

  • 24

    Jack's back, and he's intent on giving his grey matter as good a workout as his muscles

    PocketGamer Review 14/09/2006 0

  • Jewel Quest

    i-Play raided the internet for this popular puzzle game, but have they unearthed a true gem or just fools gold?

    PocketGamer Review 14/09/2006 0