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eminusx 19 seconds ago @grassyknoll yeah absolutely, the world design is supreme, like playing in the middle of an utterly ruined, beast infested Anor Londo. Gameplay is deep and super tight. Best game I've played since Dark Souls!
MrTummyGiggles 1 minute ago Nice little game, but nowhere near worth the 10/10 that Eurogamer gave it.

Once you "work out" the world and what you're supposed to be doing, it becomes rather formulaic. I wouldn't say there's much replay value either. If one of your captains does enough to complete his or her win condition, you've probably seen over 90% of what the game has to offer.
Mr-V 2 minutes ago @GreyBeard Look at the posts from people craving better performance. Do you see their calm reasoning? Now read your post to yourself. Spot any differences? I imagine you were foaming at the mouth as you wrote that. Nobody is suggesting that this game isn't great BTW, just that the latest consoles are not delivering what some of us were hoping for.
GreyBeard 3 minutes ago @Suarez07

Remasters have fuck all to do with this. They are mainly for people who missed the game the last time around (new players, non-owners of last gen systems) or who want the convenience of not having to keep multiple systems in use at the same time. Many more reasons than just "better performance".

They are also cheap and cost-effective products with proven pedigree's of success and popularity. So there are very solid commercial reasons for their existence.
Solegor 7 minutes ago I second the request for 2Tb ST2000LM003 test! It has a great value and has been recommended by DF Here
demons 10 minutes ago Join KarmaFleet! Join CFC !

we are a fucking army :D
Suarez07 11 minutes ago @OnlyJoeKing

Like I've said, the sp performs fairly consistently, and my comment wasn't aimed purely at this game, just the way developers prioritise visuals at expense of performance.

The game generally looks great, and I don't think the sp needs much work. Subtle changes would have been enough, but it's tolerable as it is, just about.

If anyone can honestly say that mp situation is OK though, they're on crack.
electrolite 12 minutes ago @Strumbar

Yeah the SNES versions of Xenoblade Chronicles, Devils Third, Splattoon, Project Guard and Mario Party were classics
HokutoNoKen 13 minutes ago @Amigarulez list=PLxspJRi6wWaSnGnMuT7fSLrFAjzCqkqH6&index=31

I time when everything was more fun...

/ Ken
romelpotter 14 minutes ago I have an Alienware M18 and I love it. Its the lowest spec available but still gives me above average fps at medium to high settings on games I play. Star Citizen I run at 720p lol but the rest are fine. Its got MXM GPU's (GTX 765m SLI) and the I74700MQ CPU.

So given that Alienware are moving to an intergraited CPU and GPU in future lappys, and that they are killing off the 18.2 inch M18, this article makes me happy that there are some people out there that are willing to create these Desktop replacement laptops.

By the way I use mine for mobile Audio Recording.
Suarez07 16 minutes ago @GreyBeard

"If a game is really good to play, its doing it right. End of story."

And yet remasters keep selling and being released at 60fps . hmmm why is that?

Yes, the game may be good to play, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't play better with more responsive controls. Will you not be happy if they reduce the loading times or micro stutter in a patch? Course you will, cause game will be more fun to play, as they will have reduced two factors that impact on gameplay and your experience.
Mr-V 17 minutes ago @Suarez07 True. I wasn't having a pop at this game either. It's more, as you suggested, developers pushing consoles beyond what's realistically achievable. I'm getting a bit fed up of games delivering mid-20fps TBH.
Suarez07 19 minutes ago @UkHardcore23

You really believe it was poorly coded and rushed out door? Sony don't have much history of that with it's exclusives. Maybe as not first party it didn't get same level of support, but would be surprised if they were pressured to get it out without in house support from Sony themselves in making game.
smelly 20 minutes ago @ubergine : If someone paid me $1m I'd quite happily watch people play CoD.

Hell, for $1m i'd watch paint dry.. Or Anne Widicombe having sex.
pleshy 20 minutes ago "it seems that quad-core Intel chips aren't anything like as power-efficient as the dual-core versions"

Is it necessary to spread misinformation like that and so blatantly? Quad-core Intel CPUs are just as efficient as their dual-core counterparts - there're a ton of quad-core laptops that have much better battery life; the reason this model doesn't is mostly because of overall component selection, the huge PLS screen and the CPU overclock, not because of the quad-core CPU itself. If you meant to say that Intel quad-cores are less efficient than low-voltage dual-cores you didn't make that clear, not to mention it's self-explanatory and completely irrelevant in this case - of course a huge desktop-replacement is going to have worse battery life.

Thanks for the review, but, please, up the editorial.
GreyBeard 21 minutes ago Look, here is what some folks around here apparently don't seem to grasp:

If a game is really good to play, its doing it right. End of story.

Performance doesn't enter into it, unless you are a shallow dickhead who arbitrarily makes a decision that below x level of performance they simply aren't going to like something.

In which case, the problem lies with their stupidity, which is typically expressed with patronising, passive aggressive bullshit about "standards" and "sub-par" performance. Things that exist only in their own mind, and thus are of zero use or interest to anyone.
smelly 21 minutes ago @smelly : As are all the people negging me.

- Everyone knows that CoD is for kids. There wont be a single adult in that room. And very unlikely anyone over the age of 18 (which considering the games age rating - will be a larf)
Jose_Snake 22 minutes ago @AmorousBadger That game wasn't for PS1, was PS2, and it's way better than this game.

Bring Dogs Life back, to our era with a next-gen engine.

That will be a proper dog game, not this.
Suarez07 22 minutes ago @Beva78

Yes, make it about PC vs console... Tool.

What's unrealistic about developers simply prioritising consistent frame rates? They don't have to radically alter game art and visuals to achieve this. I'm not saying go for 60fps and drastically pare back game visuals, just make small changes that won't drastically alter game, like quality of shadows, resolution of alpha effects, quality of AO etc. Work with basis of consistent frame rates first and fit things within that.
It's not about unrealistic expectations, it's about gameplay being prioritised overt visuals.
ChuckNorris 23 minutes ago @Guy.J. While your main point that the game is less than technically polished in areas is spot on, but game design from 1985? This is the freshest experience I've had in ages. It's a wonder to play even before you get into it (if you have a few hours and some patience, the loading times are bothersome). And mostly it is stunning to look at in spite of the technical shortcomings. Waiting until FS releases a patch that addresses the issue of loading times, frame pacing and mp-framerate isn't a bad idea. But this is the game to remain exited about, for one's own sake.
A_Virtual_Duck 29 minutes ago I read that as "Bummin' about with Butt Plugs" is that ok? :0
UkHardcore23 29 minutes ago @Mr-V

The thing is Bloodborne is not a graphical powerhouse so no reason why this game could not be locked to 30fps with how it looks right now. Start downgrading it and it will look like a PS3 title.

Poor coding and rushed out of the door.
Suarez07 30 minutes ago @Mr-V

Indeed, this game isn't even really what I was taking a pop at, although the mp clearly is borked beyond what is remotely acceptable, the sp will be really quite acceptable if they sort out the frame pacing issues.

This isn't about criticising the consoles for their chosen components, or existing 4k visuals etc. It's a subtle change to the priorities of developers. Instead of higher res alpha effects, clothing that flaps about in wind and so on, just a subtle downgrade here and there too achieve consistent frame rates as the first objective.
You accept what your limits are, and work within them.
Look at uncharted series, they realised ps3 struggled with certain effects and found alternative ways of mimicking them to avoid burdening ps3 with the strain on hardware and maintain a 30fps lock. These consoles aren't high end PC's, so why cripple them with effects that impact of frame rates. Dial it down a notch, and they will still look bloody good anyway, and perform better.
SeeNoWeevil 30 minutes ago Why are so many people *still* enjoying Bloodborne when IronSoldier has clearly said the performance isn't good enough!? Can you people not read?

And what the hell is up with all those high-scoring reviews? It's like gamers/the media don't give a flying fuck about what one, bitter person on the Internet thinks. It's disgusting.
nigelnorman 40 minutes ago @superfurry That would be great but nobody knows what the cars look like or how each team performs until the testing is over and the season starts. Which makes it impossible to give a decent representation of the current year.
mega-gazz 44 minutes ago @TheRealDante I have been around for many console generations, and fully participated in most of them.
This one is easily one of the most underwhelming of them all and I would not blame anybody who originally expected something a little more impressive to be somewhat disappointed in the results.
8 years is a long time in terms of technology, it is almost the difference between ps1 and ps3 or the mega drive to dreamcast - and it is not as if technological advancements have slowed down since then. These consoles should have been so much more than what was delivered.
There are plenty of people happy with their new consoles, but it is also undeniable that there are a significant number of people who are unimpressed and I think they have every right to be.
Syrette 45 minutes ago
TekMerc 46 minutes ago @Unholy_Witchcraft
don't try to stick a cock up my ass and we will be cool.
Mr-V 52 minutes ago @TheRealDante You're the one who doesn't get it. Consistent, locked 30fps minimum is absolutely achievable and perfectly reasonable. Let's take this game as an example, multiplayer issues notwithstanding, From could have hit a consistent locked framerate with just a few graphical sacrifices. Why is it so hard for you people to understand? Good, or at least consistent, performance VS graphical bells and whistles.
Ranor 52 minutes ago Is it so hard to review a gaming laptop people can actually afford? I know, this is Digital Foundrys thing, but I assume thar only a few reading this site will buy something like this laptop...
mega-gazz 57 minutes ago @ChockysChild It is intended to run games with modern visuals and to do so for the next 5 - 7 years, but the hardware choices made by the designers are likely to make this extremely challenging at best.
The end result is games that have unnecessary compromises, often joined with veiled attempts to justify these compromises such as the recent 'cinematic aspect ratio' that some games are using in order to overcome an inability to render an image at the tv's native resolution with the desired level of quality.
OnlyJoeKing 1 hour ago @Amigarulz I don't think that's how it works mate, I imagine the game would still output at 1080p so lowering the resolution the PS4 is putting out wouldn't make a difference. If the developers had built in a variable resolution option into the game itself that would be the only way it would work.
TheRealDante 1 hour ago @Mr-V I don't think you do "get it" though? Do you really think it's plausible to demand From Software to release their very first PS4 game so that it looks better than Crysis and runs better than Quake? Bloodborne looks amazing AND performs better than any of their previous titles. That's what we're talking about here.

I know some of you are off in your own little world where you expected the PS4/Xbone to be a massive upgrade over the PS3/360 and are incandescent with rage that such a threshold isn't being met, but it was never going to be. There is such a thing as reasonable expectations versus wild fantasies concocted by autistic mushroom people. Hint: it's probably not laziness on behalf of developers that no game has reached this magical threshold you're expecting them to cross. If you're really fucking annoyed that the PS4 and Xbone aren't meeting your performance expectations, maybe consider if they were realistic to begin with.
ghostgate2001 1 hour ago @Zhnigo
Noby Noby Boy had multiplayer as well. I don't think there was a single Jeffrey article without a single mistake in it.
True, and true. Noby Noby Boy has multiplayer for up to 4 players, and has done since 2009.

Y'know, I think Jeffrey must be adding these "mistakes" deliberately - kind of like a text-based "Where's Wally?"* thing - for those of us who so enjoy scanning his articles for them.

"There's at least one cock-up hidden in every Matulef article - can you spot them all?" :)

*That's "Where's Waldo?" to our friends in America / Canada.
OnlyJoeKing 1 hour ago @Suarez07 well they've got to draw the line somewhere. Personally I'm happy with the balance, the game looks fantastic and it is mostly consistent to play with only very rare drops. If there was an option to dial down the graphical goodies in return for lessening the already rare occasions performance does suffer I definitely wouldn't use it. So I'm glad they did not wind all the extras in, it adds to the whole experience and the end result is stunning.
Outlaw_Gene 1 hour ago Remember how the Dark Souls 2 guide was great, detailed and interesting? Remember how the patches made (almost) all the spell, weapon and armour stats out of date and useless instantly? That was great. Hope future patches don't do that for this game.
grassyknoll 1 hour ago @Mr-V No worries. It was a stupid throwaway comment that came out wrong. My fault!
Mr-V 1 hour ago @Beva78 Well, I've read your posts and attempted to understand your reasoning, but to no avail. Your exasperated responses, as if those of us wanting better performance just don't "get it" are amusing, in an ironic sort of way. I'm done here, I hope you continue to enjoy many years of happy, sub-par performance gaming.
smelly 1 hour ago Let me guess? They are all 12 year olds?
Heimkineast 1 hour ago Another poor, superficial analysis. Thomas Morgan doesn't even mention the poor lighting and shadowing, which is my biggest gripe with the visuals. How can a game that is obessed about fire and the atmosphere it creates do without?
elfergos 2 hours ago A bit rich for my blood
Amigarulz 2 hours ago I played BB last night for about 6 hours after switching screen settings on ps4 to 720p and kind of liked the softer resoloution and it slightly helped frame rate as well(solo play only).In solo play the framerate issue has only been a slight problem really but you get so deeply involved in the whole experience that you just forget about it and your eyes just get used to it but what a game with the most haunting soundtrack ever.
Mr-V 2 hours ago @grassyknoll Apology accepted. Sorry for my response, I know that you're one of the most decent members of EG, and should have given you the benefit of the doubt.
MrBlock 2 hours ago I'm wondering, as this is played on consoles does everyone competing have to pay a subscription fee to enter?

Dantonir 2 hours ago @Fragtaster
Currently, a great example is Ubisoft - who have been openly discussing how to build future games that offload intensive tasks (like clothing and smoke physics) to the under-utilised CPU cores on PS4/XBO.
Have you got a reference for this? The presentation I've seen from Ubisoft was about moving cloth simulation onto the PS4/XB1 GPU.

Console engines made pretty heavy use of multi-threading last generation. The 360 had 6 hardware threads and the PS3 had 2 hardware threads and 6 SPUs available to developers. Guerrilla Games have already shown that KZ:SF uses a task based engine that spreads work evenly over all available cores, I'd expect most big third party engines like Frostbite, CryEngine and Anvil Next to do something similar.

The general consensus seems to be that developers will need to move more processing from the CPU to the GPUs over the course of this generation to see gains.
sloth09 2 hours ago Lovely sounding machine but even if I was in the market for something like this as a lefty I think the track pad position would make it impossible for me to use comfortably. Sure get a mouse for gaming but then I may as well get a gaming desk top and have change left over for a Macbook Pro. I hope moving the pad from the centre isn't a new trend.
n0signal 2 hours ago @grassyknoll me! I'm having a blast!! Right up there with Demon's Souls IMO. ;)
Kasjer 2 hours ago It is a letdown it doesn't come with 4k display. I know this is marketed as gaming laptop but at 3,500 pounds price I think this should also be marketed towards people who are doing filmmaking for living. Performace of 4k video rendering no doubt is impressive on this setup, and mere 1080p screen is out of place in such scenario. I know a few filmmakers who travel a lot, most of them already spend a ton of money on PCs and displays over the years and would be happy to replace their desktops with fully functional mobile workstation with 4k screen in one package.
grassyknoll 2 hours ago @ChockysChild It really is fantastic. One of the classics of the last few years (in company with, possibly even beating Bayonetta 2).
Paul_Denton 2 hours ago Amazing machine, if I could afford it without breaking my bank I would get one.