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10 minutes ago reliable server Vanilla, running officially.
fushimi 13 minutes ago @StarGazeeren the micro SD card slot is under the kickstand. Quite a reasonable placement, especially compared to the N3DS. h_back.jpg
Mantis41 17 minutes ago can anyone point me in the direction of a mobile game or two that is worthy of all this latent 3d power?
samuraishep 18 minutes ago I pre-ordered but have since cancelled, too many unknowns. I can just about justify the quite high price of the console but the games , accessories price , low software support. Nintendo being coy over the online cost, transfer of accounts. It's out in just over a month and they haven't even shown the operating system! It's a shame it would have ( and still could be if they pull their finger out) an excellent alternative to ps4/xbox one.
faizi1997 18 minutes ago @BobbyDeNiro I don't think it'll do good in Japan either. It's too overpriced and too big in size to follow in 3DS's footsteps. Let's not forget that 3DS was also overpriced and only sold like it did after a 100$ price cut.

And general reactions from Asia seem as lukewarm as they do here.
faizi1997 21 minutes ago I expect it to fail, realistically speaking. There is absolutely nothing about it that suggests it could potentially become a Wii like success.
R0CKY 27 minutes ago @DAN.E.B Me too Dan, but Wildlands is just as unforgiving, and many of the tactical strategies used in the original will be required in Wildlands if you're going to succeed. :o)
R0CKY 29 minutes ago @Gruff There is a cover mechanic :o) You can see the character take up a cover stance, and pop up for the aim button is pressed. Is subtle, and so much better than sticky cover we've seen before.
R0CKY 31 minutes ago @ambershee But this is a gameplay video - not a fabricated trailer.... so it is the exact assets you will see in the finished game.
dirigiblebill 31 minutes ago @shehzaanshazabdulla "Does the author realise that the game compartmentalises the ridiculous and the serious? Yes, you'll see silly antics like the wrestling and glowing characters in battle, but you'll never see those aspects cross the divide into the story."

So in other words - part of the game sits behind a giant "not serious guyz" sign and we should simply take it at its word? I've yet to play Yakuza 0 but I think this is rather naive, if not disingenuous. The job of a critic isn't to withhold comment where the creator implicitly or explicitly encourages them to - it's to analyse the work in itself. Authorial intent may of course have a bearing on that analysis, but if it dictates your reaction then you're writing promotional copy, not criticism.
R0CKY 32 minutes ago @-Gemini73- In some respects yes, but Wildlands is more in other respects. For example, the original has freedom of choice about how to complete each individual mission, Wildlands has this, but also freedom of choice about which missions to attack in which order - this is a major boost over the original and works very well :o)
robfielding 33 minutes ago Surprised this video doesn't cost 99p to watch.
Sildur 34 minutes ago I had no idea the iPhone was still so much more powerful than Android phones when it comes to games, even the Pixel. Craziness.
R0CKY 34 minutes ago @Reacher co-op is a blast, if you're looking for co-op fun and you like Ghost Recon - and are up for a challenge, it's a hoot.
R0CKY 37 minutes ago @jabberwocky Future Soldier was the last Ghost Recon game - do you mean compared to Advanced Warfighter?
R0CKY 38 minutes ago @Mar27w Not sure how R6 is a downgrade...? Games looks fantastic, even without the free Hi-Res texture pack.
XBoxDragon 43 minutes ago @praetorian Honestly, I think phone calls stopped being primary function of 'phones' for many people a long time ago. For me certainly making phone calls on my phone is an afterthought.
Whitster 45 minutes ago Ive just realised the the EG users who pop up on every phone review to point out how superior they are for not having an up to date phone are the equivilant of the users on the Guardian games section to point out how superiour they are for not playing computer games.
sloth09 46 minutes ago @crazy-n00dle That doesn't make sense. Why would he care about "winning her back"? Friends and spouses are just low performance substitutes if you can't afford decent tech. If you can then why would you need an obsolete device like a human? Never understood that.

Even a cheapo ultrabook will get a higher 3DMark and Geekbench score than most humans. Hell, most of the them can't even do basic SD video decoding and make even the new macbook pro look generous in terms of number of ports (insert obvious sex joke here).
VanillaLake 47 minutes ago It's better than Galaxy but as expensive as iPhone. l-review
Alestes 50 minutes ago I'm still using my 6-year old Nokia N9, and I'm still content with it. While I was interested in the evolution of phones back in the 00s, I don't really see the point anymore. Back then so much stuff happened, camera was added, mp3 player was added, GPS was added and so on.

But what's been added in the past 5 years? Fingerprint scanner? That's kind of it, no? Hardly worth buying a new phone for, especially not since I'm pretty much just use it for texts and music anyway. Also, by having an old phone and not keeping up with the added monthly subscription for a new phone, I only pay about 2 a month, which is nice.
Bombado 51 minutes ago Why is the difference in GFXBench Manhattan so large between Pixel and Galaxy S7/Xiaomi Mi5? Twice the fps with the same GPU and almost the same CPU, save for 5% frequency increase- sounds strange.
With Galaxy S7 it can at least be due to higher resolution, but Mi5 has 1080p screen too, so what's the deal- do Galaxy and Xiaomi phones throttle so much compared to Pixel, that it makes this large a difference? Maybe JVM works better with 4GB instead of just 3 for some Mi5 models, but then again you haven't specified which one it is (maybe 32GB version with 3GB DDR3 and 20% lower CPU clock than 128GB/4GB DDR4 for high-end model)
Mantis41 1 hour ago Does anyone know why the iphone 7 needs such high specs. What is it being used for? Are there any apps that can take advantage of it?

Same with any of these phones to be fair, is their anything on any of the app stores that is actually going to use the power available?
RGroenen 1 hour ago Way to expensive bought a S7 edge just three weeks ago for 480 euro at Vodafone. The pixel would have cost me more than 800....
erp 1 hour ago Oh how I yearn for a stock (or close to stock) Android phone with a screen smaller than 5 inches...

I guess I'll be sticking with my 1st gen Moto G for even longer yet then.
Naetharu 1 hour ago @Johnson

Must be hard for websites to review Google products, knowing that if displeased, Google could trash their search position and cost them 20% of their hit count.
Yep, that is how Google works. They have a single dude, who sits there in the office and has to read every website that is created, then he ranks it in a big list depending on how much he likes hit.

If you say rude things about his mum, then he'll put it waaaay down there.

These crazy people that suggest Google actually do their work using algorithms based on data about the site are just a bunch of conspiracy theory nuts; they probably also think the queen is a secret alien lizard ;)
julianhazeldine 1 hour ago @Malek86 I had the same problem as you, but was lucky enough to be able to roll back to 4.4.2 using a backdoor method. I've passed on OS upgrades ever since.
erp 1 hour ago Possibly crazy question: anyone know which version of Tetris the large header image is from?
marcusdavis 1 hour ago @Kiliko high end phone at affordable price look no further than the Oneplus series of phones the 3T is great
YouMeandEveryoneElse 1 hour ago 25 quid for The Last Guardian is well worth it. I'm about 75℅ through and my god it is incredible. One of the best games I've ever played.
Malek86 1 hour ago @julianhazeldine my Galaxy Alpha is also nearing 3 years old now, and between the metal casing, thin profile, powerful innards and removable battery, it would still be great.

However Samsung just had to cripple it with Lollipop 5.0.2, the worst Android ever. It hinted at a Marshmallow update, which never happened.

Imho the update situation is still the worst problem with Android, and one that Google is almost entirely to blame for.
GotCakes 1 hour ago @mouseymouse Not on humble bundle as the article suggests, nor Steam, and the link eurogamer has goes through to a different site.
kangarootoo 1 hour ago A social experiment just occurred to me. I wonder how many people who dismiss an expensive phone as a waste of money, play the lottery? I guess we can just count up the negs on this comment... ;)
Hellotherenow 1 hour ago @pb Abzu is now 6.49 now on psn.
BobbyDeNiro 2 hours ago Sorry to say but I think this is dead on arrival in the west. It may do well in Japan.
NewbieZilla 2 hours ago @Softie2k Just replying to tell you something...

saxxonde 2 hours ago Seems like a good opportunity for me to get into the Yakuza series.
grassyknoll 2 hours ago I've got an absolute ton of games ordered (just Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Resident Evil 7 & Gravity Rush 2 next week and Nier, Nioh, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 & Horizon the next few months) but this is at the top of my "to buy list" at summer time with Persona V. Japanese gaming hasn't been this good (potentially) since the PS2 era.
-Gemini73- 2 hours ago @Aenima_pt

Keivz 2 hours ago Tales of symphonia worth it?
Bolin 2 hours ago I find it odd that google is only now getting into the premium smartphone arena? Seems to me its a space which has seen its day - you can get 'good-enough' performance for a fraction of the price these days and smartphones all look the same anyway.
FortysixterUK 2 hours ago Lovely phone. Lots of phones are.

But, gift gaff with its huge amount of data for 20 a month, and no contract....thats where I'll be come July this year. Contracts just aren't worth it folks.
BBIAJ 2 hours ago @Raizing DF have covered plenty of BC stuff in the past. ndry-2016-vs-xbox-one-backward-compatibility
Aenima_pt 2 hours ago @-Gemini73-
Question for Yakuza fans:

I only ever played the first Yakuza game on PS2 and while I thoroughly enjoyed it I never moved on to any others. Is this worth picking up without having played any of the other Yakuza titles in the series?
Yes. Yakuza 0 is a prequel, so its the perfect game for newcomers to the series.
Akuma 2 hours ago I've owned Nexus phones for a while now and decided to go for the 5x last time as I decided I'd prefer the smaller form factor. The reviews were positive everywhere.

It's easily the worst phone I've ever owned, maybe I got a dodgy unit because there's no way the phone I have ties in with the reviews. That coupled with Google deciding that they won't actually give Nexus owners all of the latest android features is a bit off putting when considering this phone as the next upgrade.
jonno394_uk 2 hours ago @liveswired Huh? You saying that they'll be hacked and running on Nvidia shield next year? Also just FYI Nintendo didn't price this, Konami did.
mouseymouse 2 hours ago @pb it is... it's mentioned in the article
pb 2 hours ago Dammit, Abzu isn't on a sale as far as I can see
samharper 2 hours ago This January sale on PSN has been great, I don't think I've gotten so many good deals on PSN before.
spiritsnake 2 hours ago Android nougat made its debut on the LG V20 not the google pixel. Do some research!