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Rodimus-Prime 2 minutes ago

When i pick up that final 1%, can i have an article?

I'm just kidding.

I was originally going to say that doing it blindfolded isn't that big of a deal. It's not like Matt Bellamy ever looks down at his guitar whilst playing... but then i realised it's different with a real instrument. You don't need to memorise the notes in the same way, because your position on the fret board means something - in the moment (or 99% of them) you know if the next note is higher or lower so can position yourself on the fly.

I can't imagine it's the same with a four button interface. Just memorising that pattern alone is pretty impressive, without playing it perfectly.
FilthyAnimal 2 minutes ago Someone else mentioned Limited Run Games but it's worth mentioning that there are plenty of English-language Asian physical releases (Japan, China/Hong Kong) of games that are download-only on these here shores and can be imported with relative ease. Many of them apply the Asian button layout standard (O for OK, X for back/cancel) which can be a little disorienting, but otherwise they're identical to the European releases (except for other European languages - some of them don't have French/German/Italian/Spanish support).

There are Asian versions of Alienation, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Shadow of the Beast, Ys Origin, Caladrius Blaze, Patapon Remastered, LocoRoco Remastered on PS4, plus I Am Setsuna for Switch. For those that don't know it, Play Asia is a reliable (if slow) outlet for such games, and they do their own limited run games, some of which mirror LRG's releases (Rive, Rainbow Moon).

Also a lot of games also see US-only releases, among them Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2.
Toothball 4 minutes ago I used to enjoy trying to play along with Rock Band 3's performance mode, which removed all the UI elements including the note chart. I managed to get through a couple of easy songs on Expert Pro Drums after a load of practice. Nothing this hard though!
g4r37h 4 minutes ago Do it a 2nd time or it was just a fluke.
2dshmuplover 8 minutes ago @FilthyAnimal It doesn't matter if HDD are prone to failure, you can create unlimited number of back ups, that even includes burning to disk if you so desire, copying to USB stick etc.

Yes, the content you own is registered to your gamertag and console ID (the later being transferable to enable 100% unthetered access), since Microsoft are a software company I don't exactly fear being able to make a transfer request in the future, something which takes seconds to cover your entire account and in 10 years on XBL I am yet to experience an issue in this regard. I even have 10 years worth of proof-of-purchase receipts via email if any issue were to arise.

I think Microsoft's consumer friendly approach in digital ownership and continued efforts to future-proof content are what all platform holders should be striving toward, many games from 360 have made their way over to X1 despite being delisted from 360 marketplace (meaning obviously no finacial incentive for them). They also make clear distinction in what is owned by you and "provisionally accessable" by your Gold account and always provide an option to "own forever".

Their digital policies actually work and are future proof, physical games are what's irrelevent; they arrive incomplete on disk and are outdated by future title updates and DLC. By the very nature of gaming today, true physical game ownership is a thing of the past and it would be better for everyone if people were to just let go of it.
PlugMonkey 13 minutes ago @AmorousBadger

Except that's not entirely true. It's mostly true, but not entirely. I'd quite happily watch Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil: Extinction again ahead of other non-videogame movies in the same vein. They are above average trashy action movies. They're not Highlander, sure, but then very few movies are.

At the other end of the spectrum, Street Fighter is pretty much the dictionary definition of a guilty pleasure.
LittleBigDave 15 minutes ago Bought this, tried it 3 times and every time the netcode was so broke I could hardly do anything.

Is it worth giving it another try?
Frosty840 17 minutes ago I find it amusing that this very article has itself become an example of the difficulty of digital archiving it refers to.
It's plain from the comments section that the article once contained a reference linking "Manic Miner" to the miners' strike. That version of the article is no longer accessible; the article has been updated to remove that reference. It's only through observing the comments about the article that it's possible to discern that the article ever contained such a reference.

The difficulty of digital archiving, indeed...
Feralsapien 18 minutes ago I have my steam collection full of shite like this, buggy releases of promising game concepts whose development staled once the developer cached in enough to move onto the next thing.
Der_tolle_Emil 20 minutes ago Slight buzzkill: Doing GH/RB songs blindfolded is barely more difficult than doing it with your eyes open, especially the harder ones. You don't have time to look at what the game is throwing at you anyway, by the time you get good at a certain song you know it pretty much inside out.

Nevertheless: Being able to play this song without mistakes in itself is already a huge achievement so congratulations. I've spent several hundred hours on GH/RB and expert can be brutal.
_TheDarkSide_ 21 minutes ago @RawShark DON'T DELETE P.T, MATE!!!
You're absolutely right that you can't redownload it any more.

... As I discovered. :-(
Boomalla 21 minutes ago This is a good example of why PC/Console cross play servers suck as everyone on console is forced to play with thousands of players that cheat on PC.
Spence1115 21 minutes ago For a split second I got John Cena and Michael Cera mixed up and was imaging a very different movie...
SeanBeansGravyBoat 25 minutes ago @CharlieHustle17 Neither had I, but I picked up this one and can confirm that it is very VERY good indeed.
jabberwocky 26 minutes ago @RandomTerrain I hear thats just a regular Saturday night on the wrestling circuit.
jabberwocky 27 minutes ago @RawShark Throw in a "I'm gettin too old for this shit" and you've got yourself a movie franchise.
Josh128 27 minutes ago "Doesn't have to break the bank."

Problem is, since all GPUs are sold out, ANY GPU pretty much breaks the bank these days.
jabberwocky 29 minutes ago @fabio78 Yeah but that was probably back in the days when a sensually curvy bench could set you off. These days that bench would only be good for sitting.
RandomTerrain 29 minutes ago Will Cena say yes to fishing excrement out of the toilet in a back alley strip club and throwing it while attempting a witty remark?
Da5e 30 minutes ago I'll just leave this here.
TinyKaiju 31 minutes ago In related news, that EG don't seem to be covering, Gravity Rush 2's asynchronous multiplayer features have been given a stay of execution.

They were going to shut down on the 18th of January but will now be live until the 18th of July. The treasure hunt mechanic in particular is rather good and the game just won't be the same without it.
RawShark 31 minutes ago @jabberwocky Yeah, story writes itself.

His modest dwellings would be full of unsold copies of Duke Nukem Forever collector's editions and a meticulously catalogued library of every issue of Nuts magazine ever published. As the film begins, he'd wake up, sit on his bed, stare at his feet, and mutter something about "twelve years wasted."
Kiliko 32 minutes ago Oh wow, the 'real guitar' comments still plague Guitar Hero all these years later?
Vinsta 32 minutes ago @GAmbrose Not yet but PS4 firmware was recently hacked so might not be long until we start seeing them.
GrimCreepr 32 minutes ago There's a missing image under the picture of Duke Nukem.
Yautja_Warrior 33 minutes ago @AmorousBadger Depends on people's tastes, we all like different stuff.

I enjoyed a few of them like Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat, they are cheesy fun. I know they aren't fantastic films but I don't need every movie to be the best thing ever to enjoy it at some level.

I agree on the Dairy Milk though. :)
Wayne 34 minutes ago I own a bass guitar.
I can't play it.
Just sayin'.
zalud 36 minutes ago We'll see a teaser trailer in 10 years at best.
RawShark 37 minutes ago @rothehitman Yes, that's correct. I still have P.T. on my hard drive and the rapture itself couldn't force me to delete it.

At one point, if you had originally downloaded P.T. you could delete and reinstall it just fine. However, now I don't think you can redownload it anymore. Might be wrong but I'm not taking the risk.
fabio78 37 minutes ago @jabberwocky haha true, though I know I must have the skills buried somewhere. When I started it there was no mobile phones, not even Internet. My imagination used to be real good :)
jabberwocky 38 minutes ago @RawShark Have some newer PC friendly characters berate him and make him realise just how far out of time he is?

He then gets his Duke on and stomps on them with a witty remark,,,, only for more to turn up and berate him further?
Ranger101 39 minutes ago SummmoningSalt is the grandmaster of Speedrunning mini-documentaries on YouTube. daVIOGML3c8w/videos

His docs are well put together, and interesting - even if you don't like the game or are not familiar with it. They're like mini King of Kong videos minus the hyperbole-drama-bull. Well researched, edited and informed.

Here's the relevant Super Mario doc:

GAmbrose 39 minutes ago @Vinsta That's an old console though.

Is there cheaters on GTA5 on PS4 and Xbox one?
_TheDarkSide_ 42 minutes ago @acuratebob
I honestly didn't think anybody was gonna get that reference, never mind two people saying it at the same time...
Good to see a few fellow 'Dwarfers' on the site. :-)
jabberwocky 42 minutes ago @fabio78 Neither can i but thats mostly due to a lack of visual stimulation. ;)
TinyKaiju 44 minutes ago
But considering that digital games change so much over time, with content added, tweaked and taken away, perhaps it's impossible to preserve such games in any meaningful way. After all, which version of the game do you preserve?
I've not used it but I believe GOG's Galaxy client has a 'Rollback' feature that allows the user to install any previous version of the game. Similar to using version control software like Git or Subversion to sync your local files to a specific dated snapshot of a project.

Ideally this should become a standard feature of all digital platforms, after all it's a unique ability of the medium, to present software as a continuum with the dimension of time intact.
fabio78 49 minutes ago To be fair, at the end of the video, when he leaves the chair, there's a visible real guitar behind him. Anyway, impressive skills. I can't even wank blindfolded.
acuratebob 51 minutes ago @effinjamie I honestly didn't think anybody was gonna get that reference, never mind two people saying it at the same time...
AmorousBadger 51 minutes ago @Yautja_Warrior They're not even guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures tend to leave a temporary good feeling at least. Video game films are the American Chocolate of guilty pleasures, no sane person would choose a Hershey bar over a slab of Dairy Milk.
Vinsta 52 minutes ago @the-games-masta You know the most cheating I've ever experienced in online gaming was on console. PS3's GT5. Got to the point where virtually every race had hacked cars with extra wheels giving stupid amounts of grip. That's the only game I've experienced that was ruined by cheaters. So far I've not encountered a single cheater in PUBG PC. . . . yet.
andyhair 54 minutes ago @Vinsta 600 hours here. They're omnipresent in TPP EU. Probably 2-3 each game on average. Switch to FPP and it's less of an issue, maybe 1 in 5 games.
Hughesy 54 minutes ago This is why I play only single player games on PC (mostly) and do my online gaming on consoles. I do play some games online on PC, but only with friends, but the amount of cheating that happens in games like this is insane. It’s ok banning people after the fact, but by then the damage has already been done.
rothehitman 54 minutes ago I'm slightly confused. When Silent Hills: P.T demo was removed from all digital stores, weren't you still able to play it if you had it downloaded? I'm not completely sure how different this scenario is, but surely if you have it downloaded on your hard drive you should still be able to play the game?
DrStrangelove 55 minutes ago
Back in 2014, Flappy Bird became a worldwide phenomenon, commanding the top spot on mobile download charts. But all of a sudden its creator, Dong Nguyen, pulled the game from sale, citing guilt over its addictive nature. Overnight, phones with the game installed started changing hands for $10,000 or more - and even today, long after Flappy Bird mania has died down, you can still find Flappy Bird phones going for $2,000 on Amazon.
I gave mine to a friend and factory-reset it before -_-
Rpt81 55 minutes ago @MrTomFTW The same could be said of his cameos in Trainwreck and Sisters.
jabberwocky 55 minutes ago
Where does Randy go from here?
He should join some music gaming peripheral band and go on tour.

SiroccoJetProp 57 minutes ago @minky-kong

Well there's a guitar behind him so I assume he can already play it...
JoelStinty 57 minutes ago To be honest this is an issue that effects physical games too. Whilst digital does have issues in regard to licenses, physical media is limited to print runs and obviously working machinery. Whilst games released in the last decade may be relatively free from those issues, has time passes it will be harder to find and play such games.

The other issue is patches, take physical or digital out of the equation - will patches that dramatically improve some games ( to the point of adding game modes or actually making a game playable) be available 10, 20 years down the line?

As a primarily console gamer, all of the companies have done a piss poor job of archiving their software or offering decent backwards compatibility (although all three have offered it to varying degrees since the ps1 era). Which is kind of understandable given how quickly technology has changed in the last 20 years, but it looks like with x-86 architecture and Nintendo signing long term with Nividia accessing older software in the future will be much easier than what It is now.

Even though I’m no slob it does perhaps tell me that I should look after my games and machines a bit better and properly store them when moving on to a next generation of systems
oldgamerborn1958 58 minutes ago incredible
vert1go 58 minutes ago The pirates have this covered, even if the companies themselves don't.