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CaptainKid 47 seconds ago @AEdouard
Yes, off course. 1080p and 30 fps I am talking about. (and to be honest GTA V doesn't run better then on a PS4 but the same, Witcher 3 runs/looks much better though)
Duvetlord 2 minutes ago All we need now is Lego Star Trek with Spock and detachable ears.
losaa 3 minutes ago Great cheap and future proof (DX12 perf /8gb) card for budget conscious gamers, and there are tons of them. Well done AMD.
CaptainKid 5 minutes ago I'm gettign the sneaky suspicion Eurogamer readers are not in favour of leaving the EU.
My first hint was my sincere congratulations getting negged to hell and this article and it's responses is my second hint.
BobbyDeNiro 5 minutes ago After the debacle that was The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Star Wars brand again.

Lucas sold out.
belziah 6 minutes ago Seems like he's found himself an efficient money laundering scheme. Good luck
EDDS 9 minutes ago @jamieleng mods or ps4?
TheMasterJeef 10 minutes ago Another lacklustre month. Shame.

Seems being the market leader this console generation means Sony can't be bothered to make an effort with PS+.
I always feel that and a bunch of first party titles I have no interest in takes the edge off the PS4.
Ah well at least I can still play all the decent third party games with my friends on PS4.
Fourfoldroot 14 minutes ago @TryNstopME

Or, you know, just PC; given that PC is getting all the Xbox games from now on anyway. If you don't like PS exclusives I'd recommend a Wii U. Lots of great games now (maybe just wait for the NX driven price drop).
kirankara 16 minutes ago @kintama

Hitman absolution performed lime shit on nvidia too though.

In reality though, how many games use asynchronous compute?

In 97% of Other games, that 1070 will toast the 480.

Async will not feature in majority of games, it certainly hasn't so far and isnt predicted to do so. If it did become that way, by that point we will be several years down the line and architectures will have moved on.

There will new few titles which AMD dominate performance and a few they lose handsomely too.

So, it's same old story really.
Thief000 18 minutes ago I'm actually more interested in the System Shock remaster than this compilation.
dennylacroix 18 minutes ago Not sure why everyone is complaining about the art style. It's a nice change. If you want the art from civ 5 then wait a week or two after the game is released and I'm sure there will be a mod to do just that. It only made sense to do it that way since it was necessary for the tile art.

I'm more interested in the changes to the game mechanics. Looks like they have addressed most of the things that made civ 5 late game tedious. I love that you can't build all buildings in every city and that wonders now occupy a tile. I like that they split the tech tree into two trees and that each tech has a boost. The districts are also a great addition to the game. The change to the workers/builders is also a welcomed change.
BobbyDeNiro 19 minutes ago Another great PC game

Waiting for RimWorld though
TheMasterJeef 19 minutes ago People really do have more money than sense. I'm genuinely surprised.
TryNstopME 19 minutes ago Very weak offering, month after month. I'm so glad I don't have a Playstation 4. I think I speak for everybody, but pc and Xbox one is all we need ☺️
Thief000 21 minutes ago Seizure time.
TheMasterJeef 22 minutes ago So are SqEnix going to sell this game in episodes? Maybe one fourth of the board every six months...
jammers101 23 minutes ago @ChrisOTR I agree. Been trying to build up the tolerance to go back and play Infinite again but by far its weakest element is that it has too many moments where it is not actually fun to PLAY, which is probably the biggest sin a game can commit. :/
jamieleng 25 minutes ago This sounds like far more hassle than it's worth.
Nikanoru 34 minutes ago @jamieleng The only parts that don't look terrible are the parts literally copypasted out of the original.
BobbyDeNiro 35 minutes ago The only remaster id like would be a mass effect trilogy remaster.
Nikanoru 36 minutes ago Calling it a "port" is giving it a LOT of credit.
Fenbops 37 minutes ago @rep- I find it sad it is that way, but hey bashing Brexit is the cool thing to do and euro gamer are taking full advantage.
captain-pixel 38 minutes ago Great, I am really looking forward to this. And I don't mind at all there isn't certain citrus fruit included in this particular game collection. :cool:
ChrisOTR 40 minutes ago Okay, the loosely connected series of *shock games are getting increasingly beautiful with time and the more recent ones have had some pretty fantastic story moments, but the current focus on System Shock has reminded me how each successive game with that suffix has been less and less interesting from a gameplay point of view. Hopefully Nightdive studios will turn that around and remind us why these games meant something in the first place.

Ken Levine is a huge talent but he needs to forget about aping Hollywood and remember what games can do that is unique to the medium.
davetobin 40 minutes ago Really surprised we didn't see any mention at E3. I think the only high profile remaster shown was FFXII. Looking forward to replaying the Bioshock games on PS4.
Krane 41 minutes ago Not interested. Give us KoH mode and something else to do apart from dying from having assholes playing 5 Genjis or Reapers on defense.
darthsteve333 43 minutes ago @Master09 Ouch.

I might just wait for people to start trading in their existing cards and get a second hand one of reasonable quality / performance instead....
monkeywithnoeyes 43 minutes ago Can be picked up for £20 easily now in stores. Be around £10 mark online soon. Beta was ok...probably worth a tenner. Might be more worth waiting a little longer for a game of the year edition by the end of the year...soon be as cheap.
cowell 43 minutes ago 2k would you kindly make this official
Ninhau 44 minutes ago Outcast
jamieleng 46 minutes ago It....doesn't look terrible?!?!
Gilthas 46 minutes ago Lol, so funny that people that say they want to buy this are getting downvoted.
burgstar 48 minutes ago @Murton 'That's every month this year where one of the PS4 games was in an "up to 70% off with Plus" sale the month before.' The sad consequence for me is that I never buy digital games on sale- it's an annoying practise that should get a decent article here.
matthewhaycock 49 minutes ago Felt that Gat out of Hell was a pretty poor addition to the Saints Row series. Being able to fly around was a fun addition, but for the most part, it felt like a quick reskin of SR4.

Will check out the other PS4 games though. Paragon has definitely caught my interest.
burgstar 51 minutes ago @Ep1cN3ss1e ffs- every month someone has to point this out: it's just easier to say 'free' & assume we're all adults who understand how ps plus works
ghostgate2001 56 minutes ago @blarty Haha! Stop it... You're making me want to dig out my "Flash Gordon" Blu-ray and watch it again... Ming rocks, his daughter is mighty watchable, and guys of my vintage will never tire of watching the Blue Peter bloke die horribly. And that's without even mentioning Brian bloody Blessed: the icing on the cake :lol:
CaoSlayer 1 hour ago Chinese copycats does what Nintendon´t.
alexatkin 1 hour ago @PrimalxConvoy PC does not equal Windows. If you count servers then the PS4 is actually using the most common libraries, as it has a lot of open-source software in its OS.

Xbox was always built from the ground up with Windows porting in mind. Its based on a cut-down Windows OS using a lot of the standard Windows libraries, so its no surprise to find its more flexible with games developed on Windows.

In my experience though, Xbox One seems to have also inherited some drawbacks from Windows. Its far more prone to the OS lagging or freezing. I regularly find if I leave a game/app in standby when I wake up my Xbox One the game/app is not responsive.

On PS4 its very unusual for that to happen, its pretty solid now as they don't have as much overhead in the OS. Its quite possibly these restrictions that make PS4 more optimised and stable.

As others have said, mods on console are a nice novelty but if I was serious about modding I would always buy PC.
Nodka 1 hour ago Pretty much business as usual for china, anything popular gets cloned/stolen typically in mobile sector, traditional games sector not as common.

There is no rule of law in china, if the company behind this pays the right bribes or has connections via family to the government there is nothing Nintendo can do to stop it plus the chinese really dislike japan so they will not go out of their way to assist a japanese company.
kintama 1 hour ago Nvidia is in a big trouble with async. The 480 performs like the 1070 in AotS and Hitman at max settings. d-radeon-rx-480-benchmark-1080-1070
NullDev 1 hour ago @BlackFlower Yes, I'm likewise happy to have had this discussion as it's always interesting to have a (civil) discussion with someone one your own level.

We're both probably going to have to admit that we might not ever get to know the whole truth in this matter as console holders don't exactly borrow devkits to people for the purpose of benchmarking them very often.
man.the.king 1 hour ago @RawShark

Edit: Woops, instanegged for bringing up Xbox in a PS+ comments board.
Or maybe negged for saying that this PS+ selection is really good. Some XBox fanboys' self-esteem seems to depend upon the claim that GwG is 'better'. :)

For proof, see the number of people who negged the first poster (19+ over a total of 31 votes, which means that about 7-to-8 people downvoted him), whose first post also indicated that this was good.

EDIT: If you need even more proof, look at the downvote on my post. I'll bet you anything it was by one of the XBox fanboys that downvoted the first guy and then you.
Master09 1 hour ago @darthsteve333 While this sort of blatant price gouging continues, I can't justify making the purchase

At least you didn't sell your GPU like I did. I am a mug, now I got no GPU as I was expecting this card to be cheaper that it is, and perfom better too.

Now I got no GPU and using mobile phone to browse Internet as my AM3 Mobo has no integrated graphics.

I am boned as of now.
vert1go 1 hour ago They've been getting their ideas from the same place as Sony, clearly.
Dizzy 1 hour ago
"We regret to say that the PS4 Mods Beta for Fallout 4 has been cancelled," Bethesda Game Studios tweeted. "We will never update everyone"
Fixed. I bet they won't even bother.
welsh_will 1 hour ago

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
Ecoplex 2 hours ago @Fourfoldroot I have the pass to but have no interest in going back, I never think DLC works for these types of game,
Koozer 2 hours ago The Force Awakens made me genuinely appreciate the prequels for their attempt at an original story and doing new things with the universe.
CrispyXUKTurbo 2 hours ago @IronGiant built mine for about 350 sans this card which I just purchased and a monitor.