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VanillaLake 4 minutes ago @obidanshinobi You are right, multiplatform websites should cover Xbox One games as much as PS4 games because both consoles have a significant user base. It doesn't matter which one is bigger, both consoles are the main gaming platform for a great number of people. That's all that matters.

Besides, not every console owner reads sites like Eurogamer (most don't) so the total number of consoles out there should be almost irrelevant to a dedicated gaming site.
-Gemini44- 5 minutes ago Nice.
PSfourskin 6 minutes ago @Vulcathene what about bob!
Brainflowers 6 minutes ago Can I use it on their marvellous edamame bean salad though.
marcustenghult 9 minutes ago Yeah, I'm gonna call BS on this Amandine's story. Her tweets seem too emotionally influence. Ex-employee? Bring the salt~

In general, DICE is a studio very much interested in realism - relatively. Of course, the video game rulesets with respawning, radars, HUDs and the like, team balance and vehicles...all of that function as video game rulesets function. But there's still a fair degree of basis in reality. Equipment, reload animations, camo, vehicles, military terms, all of that. Things look and function similarly to how they look and function in real life.

Women are underrepresented in real militaries for a reason - because they generally perform worse than men. Of course, there are exceptions! There's tens of thousands of high-performing female soldiers in the world. But in general, war is a man's world. There is nothing controversial about this.

And when I see a grunt in an army in a realistic video game, it makes me laugh a little bit, because that's not how it usually looks at all. It takes me OUT of the experience.

This is not a question about social justice, it's about authenticity. And I actually do hope women are excluded in future Battlefields, at least the ones that take place in present time. Because it's silly.

However, this time, the situation looks different. Firstly, Russia did have some 5000 female soldiers. While that is still a massive misrepresentation of what an actual, average Russian unit looks like, it's still a relative large number of female soldiers. It could be a cool thing to include Russian ladies with sniper rifles in Battlefield, sure! Because secondly, DICE has already done some really dumb decisions when it comes to authenticity in BF1 when it comes to ethnicities. There are a shitton of black people in the game. In fact, if the front cover of the game is to be believed, black American soldiers was a quite average sight on the battlefields of the Great War. This is of course stupid, there was an extremely miniscule amount of black soldiers in BF1. Even more ridiculous is the black soldiers in the German army. There were some 3-4 total recorded black soldiers in the German army in total. Also, it feel doubly silly to see black Germans in uniforms that look like actual Nazi uniforms.

All of these are EA decisions, of course. Diversity, inclusivity and all that crap. There were a lot of people genuinely stoked to see DICE take on World War 1 and depict it with gritty realism and lack of sexiness. The harsh truths of what went on in the most awful war in human history. A lot of these people were genuinely let down to see the end project washed out with misplaced ethnical diversity and political correctness.

But because of all this, this is fine. DICE has already bent the truth 90 degrees more than once in the past with this game - this is an improvement, though still silly.

I have larger beef with BF1 than the diversity appeal. Whatever the case, the game was a disappointment.
arty 10 minutes ago @Bauul oh ok, you're right. I should know this, I was invited there once.
bad09 12 minutes ago @Shimanzu

Wow, I honestly never knew there were female battalions in WW1. Look forward to learning more about them through the game itself.
If you are keen to learn surely better to do some actual reading rather than "learn" though a shooty bang bang video game. :)
Disintegration7 12 minutes ago I'm all over this. Great news. One of the best games of last gen!
alexm 12 minutes ago I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter but this is a developer with a very solid track record who I would support if they went down that route. Hitman and Uncharted were my games of 2016.
LittleSparra 12 minutes ago @Rogueywon Agreed. In terms of pure enjoyment not much has beaten 2v2 on Splinter Cell's Spies vs Mercs for me.

Planetside 2 sized battles look amazing, but not much plays better than 4v4, for my tastes. It's not a binary, of course, but bigger does not have to mean better.
flooff 13 minutes ago It's strange that a game series about killing people is so desperate to prove it supports diversity, as though *that's* the ethical dilemna here. Sure, there was a solitary regiment of female soldiers in WW1. But they were utterly insignificant in the scale of the war, and I get the sense the developers desperately sought them out.
KinkyBoot 13 minutes ago Great news. I've been wanting to kill women in BF1 for a while now.
Sterling_57 14 minutes ago Hopefully no one will be super powered this time, just use the story of RE1 and mansion setting. Give us those doors opening slowly and ill be happy :-p
KujiGhost 14 minutes ago Big fan of the original (back-compat soon please!), so looking forward to this...

Oh, PS4 only :(
goneski 15 minutes ago If they are making it 4v4 in crucible; then it would make so much more sense to also make fireteam's a party of 4 instead of 3 so it would make it smoother going from Crucible to Story and visa versa and not lose anyone in the party, which comes to my next question.

Why the fuck did they not make another class?
Shepard_Commander 15 minutes ago an overlooked gem

I played it on ps3 way back and loved it.I also picked it up on pc when it was released.
Anihlmal 16 minutes ago I'm hoping, in the distant future, when Martians integrate into society, we can re-write history to fully accommodate them too.

Women served, but no doubt they will be overly represented in online skirmishes. Because that's funner I guess?
VanillaLake 16 minutes ago It sounds a bit superficial, specially compared to Forza.
Haar 16 minutes ago Haha... it is coming to Scorpio!.
IronGiant 16 minutes ago "What I like and what I don't like about Bungie's surprise decision to go with 4v4 for Destiny 2 PvP"

We don't care, nice stealth Destiny 2 article though.. gotta keep it on the front page.
AgentDaleCooper 17 minutes ago 30fps PvP. Bungie still think it's 2003.

I won't touch Crucible this time.
Haar 19 minutes ago @jabberwocky
I will say that being bisexual or transgender is a choice... but in the end, yes i think it is freaky, queer?... but what difference does it make... they do not get a brain implant... so they are the same person... they just has renovated their body ... kinda like when a women gets breast implants...
Thermobaric 19 minutes ago I've held out all this time for the first one to be on PC. I can wait a little longer.
Vulcathene 22 minutes ago I wonder what the future of hitman season 1 is because isn't this an always online game?
Haar 23 minutes ago @FreakyZoid
The 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death, commanded by Bochkareva, was still at the front after the revolution, but disbanded shortly after as a result of increasing hostility from male troops who resented female volunteers for preventing them from retreating many times over.

"Hell has no fury like a women scorned"
basically, do not fuck with female russian solders... Zarya!...

So in that quote (am i reading it correctly), the men hated the women because they would not allow the men to become COWARDS...
Vulcathene 23 minutes ago Why? I didn't know female soldiers figured on the front line in WW1?
VanillaLake 24 minutes ago @lukazor Me too. I got a PS4 for Uncharted, The Last of Us and a few more. For multis I prefer Xbox and its controller. Also, the backwards and forwards compatibility is... priceless (pun intended).
Vulcathene 24 minutes ago @Banacheck I have just signed up for the beta. Thanks.
Mateusz_Zdanowicz 26 minutes ago Peer to Peer may cause less problems with 4v4. Also - they will probably go all-in e-sports...
jabberwocky 27 minutes ago @Diji1 Why? Surely the end result of a transition of gender is to be the gender you feel you are meant to be. So surely anyone who is trans would choose their preferred end result gender?
Rogueywon 27 minutes ago Team sizes are a funny thing. By and large, the loudest voices from the community will usually cry for larger and larger teams. Woe betide the new Battlefield game that doesn't offer 32 vs 32.

The reality, however, is that smaller team games often prove to have greater longevity and a more durable community scene. Very large team games can look and sound impressive to a player taking a quick dip, but they dilute the contribution of individual players to the extent that there's not much of an incentive to stick around in the long-term.

6 v 6 doesn't instinctively feel "too big", but I do understand why a developer like Bungie, with a franchise like this which relies on holding a scene together over the longer term, would consider smaller options.
matttomm1983 28 minutes ago It means I actually have a half decent chance to assemble a team of people I know!

Not a problem when you are a kid of in your early 20s, but after that, when fewer friends still play games and have busier lives, it is really difficult to assemble 4 of us together at the same time on the same game.
Stollenspiders 30 minutes ago @AgentDaleCooper Lots it is very mediocre but having yourself and you NPC hirelings mobbing some huge Chimera, Griffon* Dragon or Beholder is fantastic (especially when you have some decent powerups). I seem to remember it being especially fun played as an archer.

*especially if it takes off with you still attached watching your shrinking stamina bar and praying it lands before you lose your grip.
SamorNL 31 minutes ago @Tyronne 70 squid?
Diji1 31 minutes ago @Decaf Oddly enough if you read the comments on those Scorpio related articles on EG there's complaints that there's too much XB1 coverage and not enough Playstation :D
Haar 31 minutes ago @Diji1
Done... can you really see an adams apple in video games?...
rubberducko 32 minutes ago I am glad they have reduced the player size as Destiny's crucible mode is awful with the amount of latency issues. Am sorry but unless it's dedicated servers what's the point in having a MP that is so frantic when you get leggy shotgun players that don't get punished for red barring?

I really wanted to love it's MP and at times I did when it worked but 90% of time there would be a couple of a players that were all over the place and just ruin it. If 4 vs 4 sorts this then great.
Bauul 33 minutes ago @arty Nope, they used to be in Kirkland. Again, totally different city.

Valve have never been based in Redmond, although it's highly likely Gabe worked there when he worked for Microsoft back in the 1990s.
Simatron3000 33 minutes ago @GreyBeard Good tips, thank you.
Bruvas 34 minutes ago @obidanshinobi Tbh, I come to EG for the Sony reviews, other sites (more MS centric ones) as they cover the games that all the 'big' sites seems to forget about. Both platforms have a vast amount of varied games to play, but it just seems the trend to ignore a lot of Xbox releases. I suppose that's put down to the larger Sony install base, regardless of how large the Xbox one is.
JakePulford 36 minutes ago @Rexter2k I agree, equality rings hollow when it's clearly being pushed for good PR and marketing purposes.
ArtyEG 38 minutes ago They didn't fight for Tzar ever.
Shimanzu 38 minutes ago @FreakyZoid I sure did. Im sorry, its just that I see "positive diversity" everywhere i look, it was unfortunately my first thought.
Number1Laing 38 minutes ago I like this turn. I think Forza does GT better than GT these days. GT5 was such a bummer - GT5 Jeff Gordon is still seared into my memory. A new focus, no more 600 Skylines, a new focus you can't really get on console, it can work.
Alestes 38 minutes ago Never played it on the PS3, will buy it for the PS4.
Diji1 41 minutes ago @Rexter2k So transgendered people as playable characters then.
Stuparkes44 42 minutes ago i only started 1st person shooters 2 years ago aged 26 destiny was the 2nd one i bought.

i really enjoyed playing the story campaign but as a lone player never done raids etc so spent more time in the crucible

going back to it this week after about 8 months away im always 1st or 2nd on the leaderboard but its so hectic sometimes i think its just a fluke...this 4v4 means i could dominate further or realise it is just pure fluke because of all the supers

all in all though i really am looking forward to destiny 2 and plan to play it alot rather than once a week for the 1st 2 weeks of each bit of new content something needs to drag me away from overwatch and its loot boxes!
FreakyZoid 44 minutes ago Oh dear Shimanzu, did you make your daft comment about the historical accuracy of women soldiers before you read the article?

This is also a nice snippet from wikipedia
The 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death, commanded by Bochkareva, was still at the front after the revolution, but disbanded shortly after as a result of increasing hostility from male troops who resented female volunteers for preventing them from retreating many times over.
SpaceMonkey77 44 minutes ago @ktej

I agree that a Switch port of Dragons Dogma could be a big win for Capcom, in a similar way to Monster Hunter has done, but much better. Switch should be able to handle it technically as well as the four player co-op & pawn system. With hours of play & dlc its the kind of game Switch user need to fill those release gaps droughts.

I hope Capcom consider it as its should fit on an a 64gb/128gb cards. Its open world while not as big as BotW, should do well.
yonesxtr 44 minutes ago Sadly news.Best of luck to all those affected.

But why they been layoffs while Square Enix put IO Interactive for sell?
This means that no publisher doesn't want to buy them?