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blarty 21 seconds ago @muro Digital pricing isn't just a crapstorm for consoles though - the high prices of non-sales Steam games and the length of time those prices are kept high are an abomination as well.
UncleLou 59 seconds ago @grassyknoll Have you played The Crew? I bought the PC version in a sale, and while I can't exactly say it's one of my all-time favourites, it certainly doesn't lack ambition. The map is absolutely insane.
blarty 2 minutes ago I already have Fallout 3 on 360 - however I don't have the expansions, so it may well be a deal worth looking into to save on the expansions which will total about £15. But if it's not the GOTY edition it's really not worth it, given you can buy it for a steal nowadays anyway.
Brucelong 2 minutes ago Quite simply, if you like racing games you need to buy Driveclub, it's now dirt cheap for the full game and it's a solid but unremarkable game.
bf 2 minutes ago I have no problem with it as such. The rear end has a purpose, it contains holding cells and form follows function. The actual driving might be a bit weak but then again it is a car in a fighting game where the theme and legacy puts a lot of focus on the car (and other gadgets). In other words the equation isn't straightforward.

Stop worrying about the car and just play the (bloody brilliant) game.
Supra_Hans 3 minutes ago I picked up Drive club when it was on sale for about £15. Enjoyed it a fair bit, but have to agree that aside from looking pretty it hardly does anything new or unique.
Vice.Destroyer 4 minutes ago I may yet play that game. I have never sat down to really play Fallout 3. Viva BC
Eoin 4 minutes ago
Right now, it looks like to secure the deal you need to pre-order the download version of the game through the Xbox Store, where Fallout 4 on Xbox One costs a hefty £59.99.
Fallout 4 on Amazon is a little under UK£43, so it sounds like instead of getting Fallout 3 for free, you're getting Fallout 3 for ~£17. You'd probably be able to buy Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas for that price and still have a bit of change left over.
muro 4 minutes ago Shitty digital pricing strike again. It's my biggest complaint of this generation. If we are downloading it from the server and taking away transport, stocking, fulfillment, and retailer costs why is it costing more???
Samael_Blackwing 4 minutes ago Wether it's metroid in name only without Samus all depends on wether Metroids will be enemies in the game.

If it has metroids, it's a metroid game.

Complaints about no story or no exploration are a bit silly... it's not certain the game won't feature these.

The only complaint that holds up to scrutiny is about the graphics. But we've been asking for a N64 metroid since 1998 and now we finally have it, so you could also see it as a positive point.
captain_Carl 5 minutes ago So it's free when you pay an extra £20 for it. Makes sense.
JensWeissflog 6 minutes ago I assume that's a difficult boss. Brad Shoemaker over at Giant Bomb recorded hours of trying to beat the very same fellow.
muro 7 minutes ago Sony has somewhat redeemed themselves with the work they've put in to this game post launch. I think a number of big companies have been stung this generation with similar issues (of their own making) but thankfully most have stuck it out and improved the situation, looking at you MCC and ACU... now can Rocksteady follow up and fix the abomination of Arkham Knight on PC.
grassyknoll 7 minutes ago "soaring ambition here of...The Crew"

ElCobrito 8 minutes ago Styx is really really welcome!
fiery_jackass 10 minutes ago Cursed Watchdog is my favourite boss from any souls-style game. Had to hit him 60-odd times with my Chikage to make the bugger fall over. I like to think my wife suffered as much as I did during that process.
lambchop 13 minutes ago @The_One_True_Q What is it you love about AAA games? I find most of them a bit boring
lone_wolf_uk 14 minutes ago @green_nifta
Companies normal pay you to put their stuff in games so he shouldnt have a problem unless game content is controversial.
15 minutes ago @kosigan

Ah it may well of been.
SteadyBarker 15 minutes ago @dogmanstaruk
And readers will continue to use Adblock.

As I said earlier completely tone deaf.
OK, let's examine this. For the sake of this argument let's assume that Eurogamer does take payment for these articles. I don't believe they are, but let's go for it.

Do you think using Adblock and encouraging others to do the same would in fact push websites to seek other sources of income, such as "paid avertorials" since you're negatively affecting their advertising income?

We've definitely seen the negative effect of adblock in these Amazon affiliate links in each article - you've repeatedly complained about them yourself in fact.

You are the one who is completely tone deaf. If you don't like the content of a site, stop using the site. Don't fucking block the adverts then complain about things getting worse. Of course they're getting worse - because people like you are helping it along!
furrykitty 17 minutes ago @adwodon Agreed , and his blade flying through brick pillars did not help either .
20 minutes ago @DrDehli

That was the PS3 version.
ncBadrock 20 minutes ago @AmicableWalrus It depends on your interest in gaming history to decide how well Shenmue 1&2 have aged. That is because at the time of release they were revolutionary and introduced many elements to gaming that weren't there before:

- Lots of spoken dialogue
- It's the first truely story-driven game. Today almost every game has this blockbuster-story. At that time this was just crazy.
- An open world where you are free to do what you like with lots of activities (what evolved in GTA V today)
- A day-and-night cycle with NPCs doing different things at different times of day
- etc.

I don't think any game influenced todays gaming as much as Shenmue did. The systems were seen for the first time in many cases. So if you compare it with todays super refined 30th itaration of a system it aged badly of course. If you are interested to see this pioneer in gaming, then it's interesting to play.
green_nifta 24 minutes ago Looks awesome. The house looks totally British :) Modelled on a real house I wonder?

All of the real brands (Head & Shoulders shampoo, PS4 controller, Ikea chairs, iPhone etc) make it feel a very real place too but I guess they'll all need changing to fake brands prior to release to prevent copyright issues.

Looking forward to this!
DrDehli 26 minutes ago @Glasofruix
Sure, it'll do fine :) Just remember to save a lot. I had the game crash on me quite a few times and autosaves seem to be a rare gift :p
Biggest downside with Styx: The loading-times. HORRIBLE. Especially if you want to re-do some scenes a few times. Bring a book ;D
UncleLou 27 minutes ago "PC gamers are the whiniest, most entitled of all.."

And yet here you are, whining about PC gamers in a PC related thread, post after post after post.
KrazyFace 28 minutes ago Ohh! Styx! Always wanted to give that a go, and I've been curious about Entwined for ages too. Geometry Wars will be getting a looksee as well as Rocket League; not bad this month, shame I already paid for Rain lol. Nahhh, Rain was nice enough for its asking price at the time so hey, it's cool.
mega-gazz 29 minutes ago @Bickle2 funny comment, you do know that it's console games that value graphics above everything else?
Most games will happily ship with sometimes quite severe performance issues in order to keep graphics at a certain level.
Ask any pc gamer (as we get a choice between performance and graphics) and most of us will tell you that performance always comes first . You always drop graphical settings to get good performance, then increase visuals if there is power left to do so. Just about every console dev does the exact opposite of this.
captainrentboy 30 minutes ago riceNpea wrote: @captainrentboy say what you like about them, they're big boys and can defend themselves, but I've never seen them type such a rude post. How can you castigate them using language like that? You're hardly rasing the bar. They're massive nobs that continuously write things on here to get a rise out of people, and this is the internet, the one place I'm free to call a spade a spade. (Or a cunt a cunt in this case) Sorry, but I genuinely couldn't care less. :/
DrDehli 30 minutes ago @Mr-Writer
Wasn't Tomb Raider on PS+ some months ago? Or was that only on PS3 and not PS4? Not sure anymore :D
lambchop 34 minutes ago @DHIATENSOR I bet you play a special version of COD where you don't have to aim or fire either.....
DrDehli 34 minutes ago Another month where I will not be a PS+ member... that's not to say the games on offer are bad, though! I just own most of them :D

If I didn't own them, I would be REALLY happy about getting Styx and Rain. Those were 2 really nice games and I recommend you play them. A lot. :)
Quizmos 35 minutes ago @pomi Yeah the legendary edition not sure what it is in pounds but it'll be $60
UKPlay 35 minutes ago @Devil_N "Hopefully a scandal like this will make publishers rethink their strategies concerning QA testing and release deadlines."

We say this after every scandal. It just doesn't fucking bother them.
DrDehli 38 minutes ago Yoshida-san seems like a really funny guy. Much more personality on him than other people in the industry (I am still convinced Satoru Iwata is a robot...).

But this topic seems to become a discussion on who the hardest boss is :D
So I'm just gonna say "Abhorrent Beast" in the Chalice Dungeons. I HATE that guy. I heard people who say that he is easy as pie, but he kicked my ass repeatedly and SO HARD that I had to cheese him (which I hadn't done to any other boss)... Poison him, maybe hit him once, run away until the poison wears off and repeat. OH, THE SHAME! :D
MrTomFTW 40 minutes ago Oh no, Jeff you sound like my wife. Ever since she saw the Ant Man trailer it's all Clueless, Clueless, Clueless.

Or maybe she's just insulting me... I can't tell.
lambchop 41 minutes ago Rocket league is an absolute RESULT!!!!
Gamerz76 43 minutes ago
EvilWaterman 45 minutes ago Thats a whole lot of shite!
ChiefGB 50 minutes ago /opens wallet
/Literally throws money at the screen

That's how you do it Mr luke smith. less talk,more action.
Eldritch 51 minutes ago That night... that night of the... incident?
Ferral 53 minutes ago I am pleased that Styx has landed, been thinking on getting it for a while now so perfect timing. I enjoyed Of Orcs and Men and it expands on that universe and the Goblin.

Rocket League looks interesting
bad09 53 minutes ago Warner meet ubisoft you two are a perfect match.
shake_zula 53 minutes ago Knocked Up Pinball gets my vote, if only as an excuse to post Paul Rudd's De Niro impression
unclemonkey 54 minutes ago @Keeper88 that only works for destiny.
kosigan 59 minutes ago @discosalad - I think you need to differentiate between Sony and PlayStation. The PlayStation division of Sony has been doing very well. ad-big-183041106-cbs.html
p_nut_uk 59 minutes ago Despite the fact it runs like a bag of spanners, I did manage to get a just about playable frame rate out of it on Atari settings, totally unacceptable from a big game like this, but the story was so damn good I couldn't help but play it all the way through even with all the crappy textures (if they loaded properly), if you can wait you're in for a treat with this game when it's fixed.

In relation to the article, of course they knew.
drxym 59 minutes ago I actually find the game quite playable on my PC. But my PC is quite high spec and i can imagine other setups struggle. It's clear the consoles got first priority for perform and testing and optimization.

I don't think its quite the disaster as AC Unity was since the game plays quite solidly - its just not optimized.
leeroye 1 hour ago @riceNpea Had a bit of time of work this week. I have done all the main quests and most of the side ones. However i have hardly touched the riddler ones. I have freed catwoman but still have about 85% of the riddler stuff to do. I would say i have spent over 20 hours on the game.
carlos82 1 hour ago The worst thing about the batmobile for me was how they force so many drone battles into the main story and usually in quick succession. To the point where I contemplated stopping playing around the Arkham Knight battle. I loved the crime scene reconstructions, specifically the car crash but instead of having more of this they want me to dodge red lines and circles over and over again in incredibly dull battles. Also what's with the camera change when being chased in the arkham knight battles so that I can't even see where I'm going.

I have really enjoyed this game but can't help but feel it would be vastly improved in the Arkham Knight simply wasn't in it. Those who haven't read the comics won't get who he is, and most that have I suspect don't want to see him again anyway. Plus we'd get more of the Scarecrow who is far more interesting and sadly underused in the game.