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Count__Duckula 26 minutes ago "Launching today on iOS and Android, the new free mobile game"
Could this error please be corrected? It's not free, its pay-to-win, grind-fest drek.
namelessuser 29 minutes ago @Jynxa "Some of you gamers seemm to think this stuff is as easy as flicking a switch. XD"

If I'm not mistaken, Psyonix said that cross-platform for Rocket League on PS4 is quite literally just a flick of a switch away. It's Sony that's preventing them from doing it, nothing else.
IamUrple 37 minutes ago Sometimes I just sit down and think, I really should find better things to do than play video games.
NoTheMama 41 minutes ago Cool, hopefully its true & Xbox players can enjoy some classic Crash games
vivianchillington 2 hours ago Personally I believe that MHW should be on all consoles. I prefer it on systems myself seeing as I hate portable consoles. Id rather be able to play MH on a big screen with amazing graphics! :3
paradoxequinox 2 hours ago @VanillaLake fake news
paradoxequinox 2 hours ago I want this, mainly because I can forget its 2017 while playing this.
mamalkosari 2 hours ago

Meanwhile, on PS3, we'll be getting the cult classic animal survival sim Tokyo Jungle, which Eurogamer's former deputy editor Ellie Gibson wouldn't shut up about for years.
I can't shut up about it either, it's feckin' awesome!
Number1Laing 2 hours ago @Yautja_Warrior They might not even have to do that, depending on what sort of agreement they made with Sony.

It's Activision's IP and Activision made this game, so I expect it on Xbox at least (and maybe Switch/PC) just as I would anything they make.
boo-boo-butt 2 hours ago Bafflingly, I haven't seen a single Switch in the wild since it launched. Mind you, this year I've barely left Tokyo(and haven't visited Akihabara recently) so it might be different in other places.

Maybe people are mostly using it at home?
Pup 3 hours ago I really hope they support VR in this. I just tried the VR version of Pinball FX2 that I got in the steam sale, and was pretty blown away at how well it played.
VanillaLake 4 hours ago @EverilCorwell
I remember Crash being PlayStation's mascot, so this feels odd to me.
Sonic was far more iconic and exclusive... :O

Pc and switch please?
But Xbox has no games, right? :D
War_pig_s 4 hours ago How is the way they handle loot anything like overwatch? OW is 100% cosmetics and Battlefront's loot is mostly gameplay altering cards
trjp 4 hours ago I really wanted Pokemon Go to succeed but as someone who spent a tonne of time in Ingress (same developer) I knew it would be a shambles - and if anything it's worse than I expected.

I swear there's not 1 person working on their games who's played a videogame before and they absolutely failed to deliver the thing they promised/anything approaching a Pokemon title.

Of course if it hadn't had the Pokemon licence, no-one would have bothered with it - people who want a proper "geolocation" game would just stick with Ingress and most Pokemon players have - err - every other Pokemon game which is better and that's all of them?

The halcyon days of seeing people playing Pokemon Go everywhere are, of course, long gone - now there's just those oddballs who drive around the Pokestops. In some ways they should just lost the geolocation aspect entirely - they never made anything from it, may as well just let people sit at home and press "Pay for shit" over and over.

There's no company in history who've had more resources and a better chance of making a really good 'real world' game but Niantic failed despite all that - twice...
losaa 4 hours ago I wanted to buy Until Dawn anyway so good!
ZagorTeNay 4 hours ago @triple_a You know what, I was hoping there will be a way to unlock classing costume, as drawn by Romita Sr. and Andru. Probably very outdated look for kids today, but I grew up with that Spidey. These new costumes look like very itchy and sweaty wet suits ;)
EverilCorwell 4 hours ago Ehh... You know, rationally, I know that it's better for this to be on multiple platforms. I know. But still... I remember Crash being PlayStation's mascot, so this feels odd to me. Of course, there have been Crash games on Xbox before, but the first three plus Crash Team Racing are the ones generally regarded as 'proper' Crash.
Neo7Geo 4 hours ago @FuzzyDucky Lol, loved it in the past but don't play it now.
FuzzyDucky 4 hours ago @Miyamotosan Err, there's three full games rebuilt from the ground up and it's a budget release.

It's many things, but "lazy cash-grab" ain't one.
daver 5 hours ago Here's my review.

This game is fucking brilliant and I will be playing it for years.
FuzzyDucky 5 hours ago @Neo7Geo That's from someone with the words "Neo Geo" in their username... Oookkkaaayyy
Neo7Geo 5 hours ago Who gives a shit? Dead IP old gameplay.
FuzzyDucky 5 hours ago @jammers101 I dunno as I got well clear of the place years ago...

Although a mate that was still there on the run up to Christmas decided if he's going to get shouted at by his area manager for poor sales, he sent customers to Argos and Smyths!
FuzzyDucky 5 hours ago @jonc24 /gives knowing look
Crackerjacker 5 hours ago @pelican_ Is there an NDA on this alpha?
Anrkist 5 hours ago Is it confirmed that you can pay real money to earn these? Fee-to-pay bullshit
smelly 5 hours ago @Miyamotosan : Looks to me like they're testing waters to see if there's a call for a new one..
smelly 5 hours ago @josephupton : I'm not sure. PC gamers aren't really known for buying platformers (or sports games)
Crackerjacker 5 hours ago @smokeytab I think this'll still fragment, or at least impede some of the base; I bought the game around a year after launch, and basically stopped playing after realising I was constantly dying at the hands of people who had unlocked all the best gear already. Kept thinking I was going to go back and grind it, still haven't.
spamdangled 5 hours ago @Miyamotosan Bitter much?
spamdangled 5 hours ago @josephupton ha! No. Not a lot at all.
pelican_ 5 hours ago @flooff Is it any different from the Star Cards in the current game, or the TF burn cards? Not sure yet.

Stat based boosts don't necessarily fuck the balance of any game. A lot depends on how it is balanced and implemented.
pelican_ 5 hours ago @imagonnawin Jumping the gun with the paid to win...
Fourfoldroot 5 hours ago @Syrette

Nah, I only get an hour, maybe two per night to play. Don't want to be restricted by rental times. Honestly, I don't even know of any rental services. Haven't rented a game since Blockbusters folded lol. If there's a good service with no time restrictions then I'm up for it though.
pelican_ 5 hours ago Playing the closed alpha this weekend. Quite looking forward to checking it out first hand. Not sure if the loot will be implemented yet.
Yautja_Warrior 5 hours ago There is a possibility, as it's never been confirmed as an exclusive game. They will just need to remove all the Uncharted references / easter eggs from the game first.

Looking forward for my copy arriving this week, I'm ready for some old school platforming and the game is looking awesome, love the new art style.
jammers101 5 hours ago @FuzzyDucky But can you tell us if they will be offering fidget spinner insurance/ protection when we buy them? :D
imagonnawin 5 hours ago I'd have been ok with it being cosmetics or emotes. I can't abide pay to win in a full price game.
Refrenz 6 hours ago @ControlledChaos Same here. Fuck you Amazon.
danielphillipson 6 hours ago i really want one but know i have no chance at getting one
smokeytab 6 hours ago So instead of potentially fragmenting the player base with paid expansions, they've compromised the design of the game around loot packs.

Miyamotosan 6 hours ago Crash Bandicoot will continue to be cheap garbage as long as its in the hands of Activision. Sony should've made an offer they couldn't refuse and bring the IP in house. The N-sane trilogy looks like a lazy cash grab.
Krychek 6 hours ago @sloth09 "Maybe, just maybe, it can be taken as a sign that the esports nightmare is finally coming to an end before it kills gaming on consoles the way it has on PC."

Hey guys, PC gaming is dead because of eSports! Console gaming will be killed next! That's how influential eSports are: they kill gaming on entire platforms!

Holy fucking pile of nonsense. How people can have this level of misguided angst towards an activity they can safely ignore is very amusing.

And clearly it's not killing your hobby. You can just wake up and reiterate that it's something you don't give a damn about, while others do.

There's simply an audience for this, and deeply devoted players for this, and sponsors for this, and the technology and willingness to broadcast this.

I remember some excellent Quake tournaments going on 20 years ago. This is not a new phenomenon. It's just that everything around it has caught up to it.
flooff 6 hours ago There's always a catch with EA. Free DLC, but loot affects gameplay balance making it sort of pay to win. A bit different to Overwatch where it's purely cosmetic.

My interest in this game is diminshing, knew the E3 reveal was too good to be true.
josephupton 6 hours ago I mean alot of crash bandicoot players grew up and got pc's.

How much market share would they miss if they dont go to pc?

Hint: alot.
danielphillipson 6 hours ago yep its shit and pointless and takes ages to load yay what was wrong with the old design
GavinUK86 6 hours ago I bet Johnny ran in to the kitchen in his pants and punched that chicken to death.
jeremycomans 6 hours ago I didn't even know there had been any Crash games since CTR?
PixelEdged 6 hours ago We all want this on the Switch!
Jimez 6 hours ago Kind of guessed it would go to the Xbox One. The code isn't original, the original code is a mess and this was remade by Activision