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matislavbelkovic 16 minutes ago @Brave27heart No need to temper your expectations. Witcher 3 is as awesome as everyone says it is.
BobbyDeNiro 16 minutes ago @dimtso That was my problem with it. I never played the first two games and couldn't get into the world and lore. I don't have the motivation to go back and play the first two. I read up on the stories of the first two, but it's not the same as having played them.
Aj64 22 minutes ago @Rogueywon Yes, completely agree with you. That's why the Dragon Age games make me cringe so much. They come across more like some drooling teenagers menstrual fan fiction. I guess that the Witcher games have the advantage of drawing writing from a decent book series. The Witcher 3 is certainly the only time I can remember genuinely enjoying a games writing.
Rusty_M 27 minutes ago @MrTomFTW that would be Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament. A Mega Drive classic with codemasters' j-cart
Tart 30 minutes ago Battletoads.

I lost a girlfriend because of you.
ghostof82 40 minutes ago @goldbug. Yeah I installed it again, played one of the free DLC maps. Managed 2 kills, died 12 times. Ouch. Not even sure what button does what and the new frontend made loadouts a headache. Nightmare. Sometimes you just can't go back again. It actually put me off buying BF1 in October. Maybe I'm just too old for these multiplayer games. I used to love BF3 on 360.
pazongo 51 minutes ago Rocket League>Any other game ever made
The-Jack-Burton 55 minutes ago @Brave27heart For me, it was the journey, completing the game, being part of the blood, sweat and tears, more so than any individual aspects. This game will test your patience in many ways.
dimtso 1 hour ago The problem with the Witcher series was the fact that a great deal of people started with the third game (like myself). It has a great story as a series but you can't really enjoy it if you don't follow it in order. A lot of the things in Witcher 3 don't really make as big of an impact to new initiates.
Brave27heart 1 hour ago I literally picked this game up yesterday afternoon. Haven't touched it yet and am about to set my first footsteps into this world later this afternoon. I'm a bit worried all the hype has set a bar that is going to be impossible to reach so I'm trying to temper my expectations.

This article does not help.
The-Jack-Burton 1 hour ago Also, reminded me I really want to watch Ran again
The-Jack-Burton 1 hour ago Witcher 3 played, for me, like one of those really great historical fantasy novels. It's super long, extravagantly detailed, and the true reward is the journey itself. Once finished, you can sit and think back and piece together all the amazing moments and relive it for a long while.
Rogueywon 1 hour ago @arielzagorski Yes, but Kurosawa and John Sturges are pretty clear influences on Sapkowski's books. In fact, they've been pretty influential on a lot of popular literature. Stephen King is quite open about the fact that large chunks of his Dark Tower series are basically a homage to those two.
riceNpea 1 hour ago Clint Eastwood was a hero of mine growing up, The Good The Bad And The Ugly is my all-time favourite film and its share many of the values the author attributed to TW3. It's a fantastic war film without directly being about war; it's set with the American Civil War as its backdrop. The war is depicted as a study of destruction and pain but like TW3 there are moments where you see the terrible human cost and the struggle to reconcile with such a waste of lives, moments like the Sad Hill scene where Blondie blows up the bridge held by the Confederates stopping the Union advance; an act of mercy as far as the Union officer see it.
Paweli 2 hours ago "In fact bits of Geralt - his tied hair and long swords, his spinning fighting style and that wolfish look - are so reminiscent of Toshiro Mifune, the star of Akira Kurosawa's samurai films, that you get the feeling Mifune must have been in CD Projekt's minds as they built their version of Geralt."

Technicaly, The Witcher and all of The world around this title is created by Andrzej Sapkowski, polish writer as u should know. CD projekt Red were consulting mamy things with himself. Take The first book from The Witcher saga and read how gerald looks like. I'm pretty sure that CDR had not to looking for inspiration in films for example.
Ashman2901 2 hours ago What a brilliant article. And what a game.
kirankara 2 hours ago @Pomi

2014 was a transition period with new consoles on scene. Was hard to see how things would play out. 2gb generally still is enough for console level textures, although 3gb is better option and 4gb for higher than console level textures. 3gb will still give ps4 level textures for some time, but scorpio will allow for up to 4k display and thus we may see scorpio games allowing for higher level of textures and thus pc options for textures will more often allow higher res textures too.

3gb will still be generally fine for 1080p for a while yet, but UNLESS one is desperate to save the extra, I'd always recommend getting the 6gb version, especially if you're likely to hold onto the card for couple years
kirankara 2 hours ago @kintama
Who was arguing that Nvidia's cards are capable of running async in same way?

My points were that two games featuring async in these benchmarks perform better on the 1060, and that async compute is not the only feature in dx12 and isn't always going to be used, therefore isn't the single decisive factor in how a game will perform on cards, see Tomb Raider which uses async compute in the game and still runs worse on AMD.

My point is clear, async compute is part of the picture with dx12 and not the complete should be considered when buying a gpu and I think in future it will become very much a part of bigger picture, but right now you and certain fanboys ignore the other 90% of picture wherein the 470 still performs worse. Until async becomes used in every game or at least very regularly, don't expect this pattern to change.

Furthermore, I personallly think the 470 and 1060 are fairly interchangeable and 470 is good card, although I'd encourage anyone to spend extra and get a 480. I don't currently see the 1070 as competition for 480 either, as performance wise it often ends up closer to 980ti or even besting it in benchmarks I've seen, meaning the 480 is almost in class of it's own with no direct competition.
Murton 2 hours ago @Zerobob

Regarding KSP on EU PSN. The delay was caused by a SCEE QA failure, a delay less than 12 hours before store update and an almost NDA-like refusal to go into reasons are a dead giveaway.

I did a little investigating (remember that EG?) and found this: 86283139073 - dated 13th August, one month after the previous global release date.

Then we have this: 86283139073 - dated 24th August saying they're "still working on it"

I know from my time in the industry that a retest of an already submitted game that has failed is usually a week, which means it failed again while it was in testing on the 13th. Here's hoping we're looking at lengthy delay with humble apologies from the developer when it finally releases a'la Frozenbyte with Trine 2 and not a toys out of the pram game cancellation like Valve with CS:GO.
DakeyrasUK 2 hours ago A thoroughly enjoyable read! Also have to confess to never having considered the fairly obvious Yojimbo links! Thanks for the enlightenment.

I really do love this game. Have now played main game+dlc 1 (on normal difficulty) and new game plus + dlc 2 (on deathmarch difficulty). It really has made playing other rpg fantasy games difficult.

Though not fantasy, I couldn't get into Fallout 4 at all due to the dialogue...

With this game I was truly spoiled!
Renato84 2 hours ago I'm yet to find a game that does war better than Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. Witcher 3, Civ V and TW Shogun 2 included.
Renato84 2 hours ago Ike rules them all.
Turfschipper 2 hours ago Wait a minut...... I think i got it now, we should have made games for our gameconsole!

SpaceMonkeySalo 2 hours ago @BobbyDeNiro Great scene, but not a patch on the original. ;-)
Rogueywon 2 hours ago My biggest problem with The Witcher 3 is that it has made it so much harder for me to go back to other fantasy-games. There are very few games as willing as TW3 to put the player outside of their moral and ethical comfort zone and show a world which is fundamentally not like our own modern one. The way it does war is part of that, but it also does a remarkably good job at depicting a very different sort of public morality.

Actually, the bit that impressed me most is that in the world of TW3, the peasantry are every bit as likely to be depraved and dangerous as the aristocracy (if not even more so). Too many games go the cheap moral route of making the downtrodden peasants into the good guys.

Contrast this with, say, Dragon Age: Inquisition, which every step of the way (and even on some of its load screens) seeks to reassure the nervous player that while the people on the screen have swords and armour, they nevertheless think just like the player does and share a very 21st-century set of values.
gaselite 2 hours ago I finished The Last of Us last week and I don't really understand the rave reviews. The gameplay was pretty swell but beyond a mildly disruptive, kinda cool ending it was pretty bog standard.
VotesForCows 2 hours ago Fantastic article. I played Witcher 3 on release (finishing the main quest) and struggled to enjoy it. Been thinking more and more lately that I should go back to it. I've never thought about it in comparison to Yojimbo and its successors before - and they too have a lot to show about the effects of war and conflict on normal people.
pomi 2 hours ago 4GB 470 or 480 is much choice than this. 3GB might be enough right now but what about the upcoming games? I was assured 2GB was enough back in early 2014 but what happened few months later was I had to use low/medium texture settings on new games to avoid stuttering issues. Don't fall into that trap.
PanMamutek 2 hours ago For me this game is almost uniqe to show how war is fueld by politics. The battle of Novigrad is not made by an army. Kudos for this
BobbyDeNiro 3 hours ago Can see the similarities, but The Man with No Name would blow Geralt away everytime

To old coffin maker: "Get three coffins ready"

/Shoots four bandits for laughing at his over sensitive mule

"My mistake, four"
Gbsod 3 hours ago I don't know, bit off the topic but there seems to be a lot of contemp for Lords of the Fallen. I actually think that game was underrated. It was not amazing plot wise but it had some solid combat, and some of the boss battles were challenging and fun. Sure it ' ripped off' some elements from DS but it they were put packaged differently. Back when it came out I really enjoyed it.
Kryon 4 hours ago Oh well, sounds like RE has finally evolved into something I suspect I'll have no interest in playing...
CategoryTheory 4 hours ago @Manny2000 I'm just going to sit tight with my 970 for probably another year or more. (It doesn't help that I bought it less than six months ago.) I'm pretty sure I'm not going to see anything in the near future that's going to have difficulty with 4 GB of VRAM at 1080p, and the performance boost of the 1060 over the 970 is certainly not worth $350 to me.

I suppose the main thing I need to be looking at later on is whether I want to move up from 1080p to 1440p. My 970 already can't always maintain 60 FPS on newer titles at near-highest quality, so I don't think a 1060 is going to do it for a 1440p display.
illage2 5 hours ago It'll be exactly like Alien Isolation.
EverilCorwell 5 hours ago @Trinitron I'm pretty sure it was. It becomes available from the second merchant at the Castle.

I'm not sure if I'm getting the remaster, honestly. I still use my PS3 and I have the game there. Still, the thought of RE4 in 1080p, 60 fps is very enticing.
ghostgate2001 6 hours ago @just4socom Fair point. The N64 controller always felt odd to me, but generally it's only when you go back to old controllers that you realise how horrible most of them are compared to what we have today. Controllers, like everything else, are constantly being refined I guess.

Feels really weird going back to the old PS DualShocks, with their sloped analog triggers and analog sticks that are just that bit too tall.

Set up my Dreamcast for a retro session the other day, and found the controller surprisingly uncomfortable to go back to - but it felt just fine to me back in the day.

Gamecube controllers hold up well, though. It's only the odd, stubby little right analog stick that I'd change if I could - everything else about them is still really nice.

The current Xbox One / PS4 controllers feel really comfortable and refined compared to any retro controllers, IMHO - and there isn't much to choose between them, which suggests the twin analog stick gamepad has pretty much been perfected now :)
Bannerman1903 6 hours ago Daggerfall FTW.
Bannerman1903 6 hours ago The dungarees are questionable at best.
Turfschipper 7 hours ago I love this story, thanks for sharing.

And i wonder if you ever went back for seabass, caue it is truly a fish you should catch one in your life. And release afterwards off course.

Turfschipper 7 hours ago Pang?
F1 games and other racers?
Where the fuck are the fighting games?
Any other sports games perhaps?
Castle crushers?

Not even duckhunt....

This videolist failed.... Hard.
patriot 9 hours ago Solid list. As mentioned below, micro machines was really good local MP.
I really like the look of that cooking game btw. Has me intrigued. *strokes neck beard
AngrySlob 9 hours ago For those of you who just can't wait for Amazon delivery... you can currently pick up 32 copies of Overwatch in both Sainsburys and Tesco in store.
caniadbach 9 hours ago Enjoy your fishing!
Torreth1 9 hours ago This is pretty bad for Sony, and gamers who wanted to be surprised. Its possible that Sony was going to announce the Neo specs and looks at the Playstation meeting, and they were going to showcase the slim version as the main reason for the meeting. Now the cats out of the bag, so they might as well cancel the meeting
Squintastic 10 hours ago @lexlaureijssen1
Except this isnt some soulless monolith of a corporation churning out stale burgers. Everyone knows what to expect out of those, everyone knows they dabble in false advertising all the time.
No, this was an indie developer who tried to sell us the whole "we are a small dev working from the heart" shtick. So I expected the damn burger to look like what they said it would.
KanePaws 10 hours ago @simpleexplodingmaybe
Local multiplayer Life Is Strange: Player one holds the controller, player two passes the tissues.
You know, the same division could work for certain niche Japanese titles, as well...

EDIT: This being the internet, I've unsurprisingly been beaten to the punch.
just4socom 10 hours ago @ghostgate2001 did people actually notice how bad the n64 controller was then? I sure as hell didnt. Although i had fond memories of getting blisters for playing Mario party with its cast away mini game. Other than that, didn't have much problem due to the fact that we didn't have the knowledge that there was even a better controller out there, which mostly was probably true, not even the psx had analog sticks till later on.