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redcrayon 54 seconds ago @BellyFullOfHell
Monster Hunter's difficulty is more on the side of learning it's systems initially- it takes a while to get your head around the rhythm of hunting and crafting. What I always recommend to people is to stick with it until you kill your first big monster. The tutorials are long but they do teach you the stuff you'll need to succeed long-term, like making potions and using traps etc. unfortunately, they aren't the most exciting part of the game, which is when you have a deadly creature ten times your size scared, wounded and running for it's life as you turn the tables, pursue it to it's lair and close in for the kill. If that doesn't grab you first time around, nothing will :D

In general play, I find Monster Hunter more forgiving at higher levels due to having far more options for powerful consumables, and for tailoring armour and weapons vs specific monsters, but they are ones you have to make yourself. Monster Hunter rewards preparation like few other games, but turn up in the wrong gear and you'll likely get slaughtered.
Gemini42 1 minute ago @nottorp

To buy digitally on consoles yes most of the time it is more expensive, but I imagine that mostly comes down to there still being a strong demand for physical console games bought from high street stores.

I haven't been PC gaming for very long, but on my trips in to GAME to pick up a few bargains on PS3/360, physical copies of PC games, (which DON'T have a strong high street presence and make up for less than 10% of PC games sales), are always anywhere between 10 and 20 dearer than buying them via digital means. Make of that what you will.

To rent? I doubt anyone has ever paid 50+ to 'rent' something, whether physically or digitally.
paddykennedy 4 minutes ago
ElCobrito 5 minutes ago I so hope playstation now fails.
As much as I can understand, and use, in house streaming (like the one steam or ps4 remote play offer) I find morally unacceptable that, in times where energy management is an issue, playing a game needs you not only to turn a ps3 on, but have servers waste energy by streaming it to you. All this so that sony (but it might be microsoft, or EA, or the pope for what it's worth) can get more money from us.
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riseer 7 minutes ago Reads like a fanboy wrote this...oh wait.
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nottorp 12 minutes ago It's still cheaper to buy and own the full game at retail (including paying for shipping) than it is to buy or rent it digitally, isn't it? :)
XwingVmanX 15 minutes ago I would use this service a lot if it was available for new games on the ps4. Would replace the void left from blockbuster closing where I would rent a game I was unsure about and if I enjoyed it I would go buy it. In this case if I didn't enjoy it the developer still would get some money from me for the rental.
Skirlasvoud 16 minutes ago Not gonna lie, it's hard sometimes to like you Johnny. Never heard of someone out to kill horses.
Nynja 17 minutes ago I live in the US, dont judge, and have had my time with PS Now. DF seems to have the very same experience I had with the service. Some games playable, some not so much.

I had my hands on FFXIII and Mass Effect 2. FF started off fairly playable. I was ranking 4 and 5 star battles frequently until I progressed further. Once difficulty increased, timing became a big problem. Nearly unplayable. In some instances button presses would not register as expected, sending my charater actions down an unwanted path if I was not diligently watching menu rather than the stagger meter.

ME2 is a different experience altogether. The game play style just works well when streamed. Having the abilty to freeze gameplay and work out tactics were not hampered by input lag. This very well could be related to the 60fps vs 30fps output DF has revealed. I have to agree from my experience and hefty broadband service (25mbs/25mbs), the service is not perfect, but serviceable for less demanding games.

Who is this service for? Those 360 only gamers who went PS4 this generation and want to check out all those games they missed in PS3.

Worth checking out, if your Internet can handle it.
BabyBabyBabyOh 18 minutes ago I love horses: best of all the animals.
I love horses - they're my friends!

Suarez07 19 minutes ago @IronSoldier

there was no conflict, but game seemed to run worse than without it, and the smaa didnt really act as improvement over fxaa, even though I preferred the way games colours looked slightly more, so uninstalled that bad boy.
Gemini42 24 minutes ago @mannyYearsAgo

What's wrong with PS3 games? There are some awesome PS3 games.
mannyYearsAgo 26 minutes ago This is pointless because

1. PS3 games? ffs.
2. Sony are never going to be leaders on cloud tech - they don't get within a country mile of MS, Apple, Google or Amazon, and never will.
3. Compromises on video quality and controller response - why would you?

Sorry Sony, you have backed a lemon here.
Badassbab 27 minutes ago What's holding cloud gaming back is the crappy broadband infrastructure in place. It's still pretty slow and unstable in most places.
ROMhack 29 minutes ago Even though it implies as much, there isn't anything in this write-up about what the game is about beyond the open-world mechanics (ie the depth of its interactions/story/plot/purpose).

So yeah, colour me neutral right now.
geohartshorn 30 minutes ago @SavageEvil did you read what I said?

The issue isn't with PSNow. The service works fine and I was pretty happy with it. The issue is that it's wiped our ability to use ANY digital content on the entire console. All I can do is play disk based games; no PS+ games, no games I've downloaded, no DLC, not even Netflix.

This issue has been pretty widespread with users. By participating in a beta, my entire console has been crippled. I'd be fine if the service wasn't working properly, but when it starts impacting other parts of the console something needs to be done urgently.

One thing I didn't mention is that people have been experiencing this issue since the update on the 29th. We've not even had a mention from Sony, let alone a fix.
CamberGreber 33 minutes ago Streaming games services can fuck right off.
Gemini42 34 minutes ago Regardless of anyone's personal opinion on this I think we're definitely seeing the beginnings of a very possible future for console gaming.
Duke_Zippy 34 minutes ago @furrykitty Yep :)
SavageEvil 39 minutes ago @geohartshorn I had the BETA and had no such issues, in fact I ended quite a few games during the BETA in the US. 63 pages of complaints sounds like a lot but how many of those are individual complaints and not pages of the same 10-20 people commenting back and forth?!? Gezz spin everything won't you.
PS Now is in BETA in the U.K., it works in the U.S. and it is reasonably fine as long as your connection is fine to Sony's servers you're good to go.
Not sure why Eurogamer talking about complaints about it makes any sense in the point of the article at all. You must be quite bored, many people is more like a handful in the grand scheme of things and you should probably think and scan things thoroughly before making a stink. A service provided to million has 63 pages of complaints on a forum, but you would be hard pressed to think that is something far fetched, this is more or less within the realm of problems and issue that will crop up. Bored biased reader with chip on his shoulder points out problems which are not the point of article at hand. Ughm internet, people showing just how spiteful they can be for free and zero recompense. I salute you sir.
PS Now isn't flawless but what fledgling system or service is, internet bottom feeders are relentless in their pursuit of dregs.
Dismiss 47 minutes ago WTF did I just read? Comparing an action game with some RPG elements to a (more or less) MMO game based on longevity and team tactics? Why not add Diablo III into the mix? Or Guild Wars 2/WoW? Now THOSE are some real time sinks. Sometimes I wonder, really.
IronSoldier 52 minutes ago @Agente_Silva
Cool! Be sure to let us know how it goes, i.e. what the performance hit of SFX's SMAA is like on GTA V's frame-rate relative to MSAA and how the game's image quality looks in terms of improved contrast and the effect of shimmering. Cheers!
IronSoldier 56 minutes ago @Mr.Spo
...A clear sign that many hobbyist gamers continue to consider handheld gaming inferior to console or PC gaming.
Indeed. Such closed thinking from the very same community of gamers also extends to their sneering at mobile gaming on smartphones/tablets. Let them amble on in their blinkered views while the overwhelming majority progress without them.

On hobbyist websites such as this it's par for the course to trashtalk and hate on mobile gaming and to furiously hit the neg button on any post which doesn't subscribe to the hivemind.

Meanwhile in the big wide world out there Sony's current handheld has been a commercial disaster zone and Nintendo's offering, while having sold far better, has mostly been selling at only half the rate that their last-gen handheld console did. Gaming on handheld consoles has become an increasingly niche interest in the face of iOS/Android.

I realise that this post will likely be negged into oblivion because such home truths tend to upset the more overly-sensitive elements of the hobbyist community. This is said by a gamer who owns all the aforementioned Nintendo handhelds, Sony PSP, GPH Caanoo, Atari Lynx, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Game Gear, TT Gizmondo and Sega Nomad so I'm very far from being a newcomer to handheld gaming...
Suarez07 1 hour ago @atthegates

The game wouldnt load at all, it kept telling me that the exe file didnt exist. I downloaded game 3 times and still did same crap. The game install corrupted some window file and had to do a system restore.
LifeStream7 1 hour ago This is just another cash grab for not being backwards compatible. Disgusting really. Especially as we already pay a subscsubscription for PS Plus. You can fu*k if you think im gonna pay for another.
beyond_17 1 hour ago Majora's Mask
Paper Mario
FMV-GAMER 1 hour ago @benster80 Also I wonder how well AMD's Zen CPU's will perform?. Apparently they have upped the floating point performance quite a bit which was the main thing lacking in Bulldozer architecture
IronSoldier 1 hour ago @shotbyascot
From the manner in which you've communicated with me you're clearly a child or simply aren't right in the head so believe whatever you want to believe. Good day to you.
FMV-GAMER 1 hour ago @benster80 Agreed mate. I am still using an i7 Sandybridge at stock settings and even now 4 years later it chews through games easy. I am not really complaining about this too much of course as games have been evolving in the GPU department however it's apparent that Sandy Bridge was a evolution in CPU tech and since then we have been receiving minor enhancements since then.

I am positive if 7970 gave just a tiny bit more gaming performance than it did then NVIDIA would have launched the 780 first instead of GK104 GPU being branded an x80 part. Not that 7870 was a bad GPU, just that it should have been a touch better and forced NVIDIA to launch the GK100 GPU.

NVIDIA's prices are staying higher because AMD is taking a little longer than anticipated to counter Maxwell. Andrew mentioned that we have always had expensive GPU's even when there was 5 different competing brands. However what he hasn't taken into account is maybe GPU prices won't go up if AMD were to somehow stop competing but what would happen is GPU's wouldn't get reduced in price as there would be no price war.

I would hate to see AMD go under or even just getting squeezed out of the enthusiast market despite the fact that I currently prefer Intel/NVIDIA builds.

I have just bought my first AMD PC hardware so will be able to try out AMD's driver support for myself but from what I have been told from friends who have used AMD and websites their drivers aren't as good as NVIDIA's in quite a few areas. I bought an A-10 7850K APU with 8gb of 2133mhz RAM. I want to try the APU on it's own with it's built in GCN GPU and either crossfire with another GPU that matches the performance of the GPU on the APU or possibly with a 270x. It's not going to be my main gaming PC, I just bought it as I was in the mood to build a PC, I also had never tried using any AMD hardware before so I wanted to see what they had to offer and it will be a second PC for the bedroom. So I will be able to try AMD's software first hand to get first hand opinion on it compared to NVIDIA.

Also in regards to the APU, I wonder why these PC APU's have CPU's that are vastly more powerful than the Jaguar CPU cores used in consoles yet they come with weaker GPU's?. Surely you could still make use of a more powerful GPU even though it's using dual channel 2133mhz DDR3 for VRAM?. I imagine that the APU with a 270x will outperform the consoles while using really similar hardware?.
Agente_Silva 1 hour ago @IronSoldier

roger roger :)
IronSoldier 1 hour ago @Agente_Silva
Yep, I use SFX Configurator too for that very same reason!

My poor memory is failing me in relation to your query. I think it can, yes, but in practice there'd likely be little point in doing so. Only a very small number of games tend to benefit from both MSAA and FXAA being used concurrently so I don't imagine that'd be any different with SMAA plus FXAA.
shotbyascot 1 hour ago @IronSoldier So it's either ignorance, or trolling? Okay then....

In fact base most of my opinions on facts and experiences and it's a fact plus my experience that touch screen gaming doesn't hold a torch to the delights of 3DS or Vita.

You're just doing your usual "must find something negative and controversial to say" thing = Trolling.
The-Jack-Burton 1 hour ago @grassyknoll always buy physical copies if you can, the future is uncertain (plus it makes deleting stuff then reinstalling stuff far less painful)
The-Jack-Burton 1 hour ago @loadstone007 I would like them to have a tiered pricing for subscription services, which includes movie rentals
davealden 1 hour ago Been trying it via wifi on a 30mbps fibre optic connection and gotta say, I had an incredibly good time with it. Played Dead or Alive 5 and had non of the mentioned lag, already completed a couple of games on it. The Wolf Among Us was actually flawless, I don't think many people would have realised that was streaming.

The one negative is the one mentioned in very fast games like DiRT 3 where the picture quality was definitely reduced. Also seeing PS3 pop-ups on a PS4 feels a bit odd, like friends logging in and seeing usernames which now with real names, I have no clue who they are.
Agente_Silva 1 hour ago @IronSoldier

Ok... Ill try SweetFX Configurator ( It seems much more user friendly! Im really curious about using SMAA. Can it be combined with post processing (FXAA)?
asal_bach 2 hours ago May b few years later, raison d'etre of gaming PCs & Consoles will be gone then.

I mean when this kind of technology fully matures, other companies will jump-in too. Then any one can play Hi-end games without owning gaming PC or Console.

Thats great, but I dont know why it makes me sad?
TrevHead 2 hours ago Rather than streaming tech which will always be laggy unless you live next to an exchange, I'd rather the big 3 focus on lag free emulation something that for Sony on the PS3 and Nintendo on WiiU VC is in dire need of improvement.
sourmonkey 2 hours ago @varkdm Thanks mate I'll gave DA:O a go first. Aye super cheap too!
bart_dan 2 hours ago FYI- You can play PS Now on PS3 too Eurogamer.
bart_dan 2 hours ago @[STARS]TyranT Because there is an extra level of infrastructure to make it all work. If your boss would tell you "i need you to work an extra 8 hours, for a total of 16, but I'll pay you just for the first 8 hours we originally agreed too even though you are doing twice the work", would you do it?
IronSoldier 2 hours ago @Agente_Silva
Based on my own experience with other games the image quality benefits of SweetFX seldom show in static screenshots. It's only by seeing a game, with SFX applied, in motion that the enhanced contrast and benefits of SMAA really show themselves.

SFX (optionally) uses SMAA. In most games you need to disable MSAA in the games' own graphics settings menu for SFX's MSAA to be applied. You can't have SFX's SMAA and the game's MSAA running at the same time.

I don't know if SFX has any issues when Nvidia's DSR is used but I'd assume there wouldn't be any conflict.
2 hours ago @dogmanstaruk

I don't know about that, there are a few games I want to play but don't have a lot of time for atm with my PS4 backlog. Being able to rent one of these games a couple of days at a time at my choosing is quite appealing to me.

I assume the saves are stored so I can always rent it for longer when I have more time or a day or two when I want to mix it up.

Plus I believe there is a sub service but only selected titles so again that's a hard sell for me.
atthegates 2 hours ago @Suarez07 Cheers for letting me know. I got onto support, hopefully they won't tell me to re-download it again as the first time nearly killed me because of my shocking internet.

What was this bug you mentioned by the way? I'm using the rgsc version.
CliffPromise 2 hours ago I couldn't be less interested in streaming games.
IronSoldier 2 hours ago @dogmanstaruk
Agreed. Also, if they opened PS Now up to platforms beyond PS consoles then Sony could do rather well out of it.

For example, I'd imagine a number of PC gamers would be willing to pay a few quid to play streamed PS3 games. Controllers wouldn't be an issue either because both DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 can already be used with games on PC.
PCMaestro 2 hours ago Playing sub 720p, sub 30fps horribly optimized with horrible settings last gen games over an internet connection to add even more lag, smh.

Why are people paying for this? Just get a decent PC and you can play all last gen games maxed at 1080p60 no problem.

Of course there's the case of the exclusives, just get a PS3 then, it will still be horrible because PS360 became trash since like 2009, unable to offer decent framerates and resolution, but at least it will be better than playing like this.

Seems like NVIDIA is the only serious contender in Cloud gaming. It's still far from viable for a lot of people with poor connections.
geohartshorn 2 hours ago How about talking about the issues many people are having with their entire accounts after using the beta? upport/psplus-subscription-not-recognised/td-p/23228021< br />
63 pages of complaints at the time if writing this comment.

PlayStation Now is wiping licences for all digital content. I can't access any digital games or DLC, and none of the bigger sites have written anything about it.