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43 seconds ago @Duffking Yeah scans can only be produced for a 70m area once every 5 seconds, making the whole system pretty useless, it also seems they have been sending out cease & desist letters to the people making production scanning sites & blanket banning some of the bigger hosting sites IP ranges.
IronSoldier 2 minutes ago
...that would be DLC these days
Outside Xbox being cynical about paid DLC when it was Microsoft, with their original Xbox console, who led the way in ushering in the age of paid DLC. Too funny!
doswillrule 4 minutes ago @Paulanator It's a bummer. I wouldn't have minded if there were vastly different spawns in different areas - having to travel between local towns to get different unique Pokemon. But it seems to work on the metric that wherever people are playing the game a bunch, rarer Pokemon will spawn. That seems not just a bit unfair to me, but counter-intuitive. A few weeks after launch and pretty much everyone is over-levelled and has caught almost everything.
atothewest 8 minutes ago Very weird article.
Paulanator 10 minutes ago Living in an area that has no Pokestops anywhere nearby makes it a real chore to even try and keep up with everyone else. Not to mention the fact that Weedles and Pidgeys are pretty much the only Pokemon that pop up.
Gemini73 13 minutes ago @Fourfoldroot

"Btw, stand by the fact that it's a disgusting (and irrational) thing for Sony to do."

Why? Sony don't owe you anything. Also, what made you think Sony had to inform you of any of their future plans prior to the PS4's launch? Loyalty? Are you really that naive?
kantaroo3 14 minutes ago Question on GC emulation: are there any issues with the triggers?
GC had analog triggers which were used differently in some games. For example controlling FLUDD in Mario Sunshine, or the racing sections of 007 Everything or Nothing. I tried to play those with a controller that only had digital triggers and struggled; I had to switch to one that had analog triggers.

Did anyone else have a similar experience?
Could this be fixed via a software patch if NX only has digital triggers? Eg if you hold both triggers you get half the thrust or somethin like that...
young_nell 14 minutes ago @Binba442 Snes games aren't too(On the o3ds). They gave some flat excuse about quality of sorts. It's funny how Nintendo handle things.
Dreadjaws 14 minutes ago Am I the only one who liked Justice League Heroes more than MUA? That game might not be as known because it's PS2 exclusive, but still, I feel it's the superior game in the "Superhero Diablo Clone" genre.
Bluetooth 15 minutes ago "Eurogamer sources"

lol. That's like me saying I know the secrets of cold fusion, indepdendently verified by my mum.
Dan234 15 minutes ago @Binba442 I don't think there are GC games on the Wii U eShop either.

A SanDisk Ultra Fit will do fine if you don't want storage taking up space when plugged into the Wii U.
Duffking 19 minutes ago Nintendo has also blocked the Pokévision style websites from the looks of it, so there's now literally no way at all of telling if there's Pokémon nearby. So basically no point in actually playing.
Dreadjaws 20 minutes ago You weren't kidding about this guy being in retirement, huh? Clearly it was a retirement from playing games, because he's completely unfamiliar with what has been happening the last few years.

Hell, I'd even say that bad licensed games are actually more rare these days. You'll note that movie studios rarely bother with making tie-in games anymore. They probably realized that it's less profitable to make a bad licensed game that few people buy that not making one at all.

So yeah, we get less of them, and the few we get are actually good, or even great. The Arkham series, Injustice, Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation, Ghostbusters (2009), all the LEGO and most Telltale games, etc. We're getting quality over quantity.

Frankly, the only bad licensed games I even remember from the last few years have come from Sony Studios movie tie-ins, like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the new Ghostbusters one. That's because Sony is the one studio that still has no idea how to do things.
Malek86 20 minutes ago So, uh, their solution to buggy features is to remove said features?

Ok, I guess. I still find it somewhat amazing that the most popular mobile game is also one of the most broken and buggy yet. If it were a console or PC game, people would be a lot less forgiving of such a situation (granted it's free to play, but still).
PeteFlash 23 minutes ago These videos are great, thanks for making them. Particularly the PS/SS/N64 era stuff.

Before Nvidia and ATI dominated the graphics market, consoles used to have significantly different architectures, usually with pros and cons to each. I love see the real differences between them.

It was great to see how the PlayStation and Saturn tackled Symphony of The Night, and adding the N64 to the mix for Duke Nukem 3D.

A couple of suggestions for other vids - the Neo Geo AES/MVS was a 2D monster. Ports to PlayStation, Saturn, SNK's Neo Geo CD and even dreamcast/ps2 era were usually compromised in some way to fit into limited ram with frames being cut or long load times being added. It seemed crazy that a machine 5 to 10 years older would usually have the superior version of a game. A comparison of say Metal Slug, Mark of the Wolves (coming to PS4 soon) or Last Blade 2 across a series of hardware generations would be awesome!

Another suggestion would be WipeOut 2097 - it came to PS, SS, PC and N64 (Wipeout 64) with very different rendering and music across all platforms for various reasons. Love to see an analysis of that.

Cheers guys :)
kantaroo3 25 minutes ago My bet is that they will skip Wii & Wii U VC. Instead they'll do ports of those games. Let's see how the motion controls work too; we know NX will have them (Just Dance 2017 reveal) but not how they'll work.

But we'll see GC VC v early on, running at 480p and matching or beating original performance. I look forward to F-Zero GX!

You could say they've been keeping GC VC on the stocks this gen in preparation. It would be consistent to bring the GC generation to VC but keep the Wii generation on the stocks for the next gen. Also keep in mind lots of people still have Wiis in their cupboards so Wii VC may not be a great point of sale.

My speculation is that they'll launch with X1 for the lower price point and introduce an X2 upgrade in a few years' time. Then we'll see Wii VC.
Mr_Writer85 27 minutes ago The game is broken.

They have made shit loads of money on it, no excuse not to fix it.
IronSoldier 27 minutes ago @Aj64
My Wiiu's meagre 30gb got filled up within the first year and I really don't want an external hard drive taking up more space on the tv stand next to the console
You don't need an external HDD. Just use a USB memory stick. That's what I've done with my Wii U and it works just fine.
Ubermensch 28 minutes ago @GAmbrose Marvel Heroes 2016, mate.

Better than both M:UA and real F2P. Try it!
I_Am_CatButler 29 minutes ago
From Gekko to Broadway to Espresso, the trend of iterating on the same PowerPC core gave Nintendo a link to the past, each time boosting the chipset's clock speeds over the last, and by the end, adding multi-core support.
They also retained the GPU from Flipper to Hollywood to apparently the GX portion of the Latte chip (with Wii U games running on the GX2 portion).

It will certainly be interesting to see whether Nintendo dedicate the resources to emulate these systems having gone to such lengths to maintain hardware compatibility.
samharper 30 minutes ago What about Transformers Devastation?
Bagpuss 31 minutes ago
Of course, any potential 'next-gen' Virtual Console emulator for Wii and GameCube would be built from the ground up by Nintendo itself
Would it?

If you check out their N64 emulator on virtual console you'll see it suffers from the exact same glitches and non emulated features that freely available PC based N64 emulators lack.

Which is somewhat suspicious if you ask me.

Nico4 31 minutes ago Is the game supposed to update automaticly? I just restarted my app and it's still playing the old version
Binba442 35 minutes ago Nintendo sometimes have a strange way of not wanting to take my money (GBA games not on the 3DS eshop) so I have my doubts.
Incarta 37 minutes ago Eurogamer. You are getting everyone's hopes up. What if the NX doesn't do half the things you claim it does? People will be disappointed and the NX will be off to a bad start before it even launches.
smelltheglove 46 minutes ago @VotesForCows I think that most people would say that the combat in the Arkham games is one of its strongest aspects, but horses for courses I suppose.
I_Am_CatButler 47 minutes ago @Aj64 the Wii U has hardware backward compatibility with Wii (and Gamecube) so can run those games directly without the need for emulation. Presumably when you download the VC version you're just getting a disc image.

In the case of games for other platforms like SNES and N64 an emulator is required to make the game run on the Wii U hardware. As would be the case for running Wii/GC games on a Tegra based NX.
IronSoldier 48 minutes ago
Digital Foundry will be along to assess them in due course.
They already have. The two associated videos have been on their YouTube channel for the past 1-2 days.
Aj64 49 minutes ago My major concern with nx would be storage capacity. My Wiiu's meagre 30gb got filled up within the first year and I really don't want an external hard drive taking up more space on the tv stand next to the console. If it does end up being primarily a mobile console, hopefully Nintendo will go the micro sd card route like the 3DS for extra storage this time.
VotesForCows 50 minutes ago @Uberheertje I see you've been negged for it, but I totally agree re Arkham's combat. Incredibly rote, uninspired stuff. Well polished, smooth, visually interesting - but nothing that makes it special like the likes of Platinum's earlier output.
jacobpreston 52 minutes ago @GAmbrose Telltale are making a game in the Marvel universe next year.

I am hoping it will be based on Daredevil but then Telltale would need to get licensing from Netflix as well and so it is unlikely.
riceNpea 52 minutes ago This is an odd article. Even if i judged it purely on it's premise it's wide of the mark. It's not a great game licenced or not, in fact it's the licensing that saves it from being distinctly average. Whilst I agree that at least Raven has implemented the licensing with obvious and not so obvious attention to detail that would delight fans of the Marvel Universe as a package it falls well short of many games since it's release, examples of which mentioned already here in the comments.

So as a Sunday morning trip down nostalgia lane the article is a pass, as an analysis of it's credentials for greatness it's misguided, as an appraisal of a remaster it's unsubstantial and as a service it completely fails to highlight Activision's cash-grab for minimal effort which is the real story here.
Vice.Destroyer 53 minutes ago Two games I have both played and loved. Dan is spot on when he says that these guys have really gone above and beyond with their love of the subject matter and it really shows. The only other superhero games that give you so much additional comic book history and obscure characters are the Lego games. As the games were re-released, I decided to finally, finally get all achievements on MUA1.

First achievement popped in 2006. Last achievement popped in 2016. And each character souped up to level 99. From the entire roster, even the DLC guys. I have completed that game so many times, it is disgusting. Kudos, games makers.

And for the uninitiated, Mr Fantastic is the most powerful character in this game by a country mile. Use his buff to enlarge his fists and any attack kills in two hits, once you are the requisite level.

Badcompany88 54 minutes ago The NX sounds great to me the only worry I have with it is that it takes cartridges as I was hoping to play my Wii u games on it! Hoping Nintendo do well with the NX!
Aj64 55 minutes ago You can already play Wii games on VC on the WiiU
jacobpreston 55 minutes ago Telltale do great licensed video games. Also the Arkham series is one of the best game series of all time (minus Arkham Oranges which is not made by rocksteady).

Also I agree with comments above about Mad Max. It is a good underrated game that is a licensed video game.
young_nell 58 minutes ago I'm not sure. Nintendo as company have some strange policies going on.
IronSoldier 59 minutes ago @dark10x
I'm actually loving in Europe now...
Too much information! :lol:

Humouring that typo error aside, full credit to you. My tip to you re: wanting to learn the "culture" of what the gaming landscape was like here during those years would be to pick up a few back issues of gaming magazines via ebay. Crash, Your Sinclair and Sinclair User were the main Speccy mags. Other computer mags would be the likes of Zzap64!, Amstrad Action, Commodore User and C+VG. Such magazines played a central role in gaming culture here at the time.
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leeroye 1 hour ago The last great licensed video game? Have you been living under a rock for the last 10 years?
Swooper_D 1 hour ago Honestly, these retro DF videos are just exemplary! The Castlevania SOTN one my current favourite.

I actually owned every version bar the PSP. I sold the Saturn version to buy an import Dreamcast back in 1998, then sold the PS1 version when the 360 version dropped. Looking back I wish I sold neither :(

I loved the extra areas on Saturn, I sort of remember the performance drops but they were so common back then I didn't think much of it. Looking at the footage the difference is huge.

Funny story, a friend and I knew the game so well, we had a race, Saturn V Playstation, to see who could finish it the fastest. It was here that the Saturbs load times hampered me and I ended up lagging behind. However, my friends chipped PlayStation ended up overheating to the extent we were seeing artifacts and even longer load times. When he fell behind, he put his console in my parents freezer to cool it down.
Darren 1 hour ago The wireless Xbox controller (half the buttons did not work or were mapped to different ones to those shown onscreen), menu and audio crackling issues have been fixed in both versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PC on Friday night via 1.2 GB+ patches. I only bought the double-pack the night before so I was delighted that the developers fixed them so quickly, although it does beg the question of why it was released in that state in the first place. Also, asking Ł32 each for two decade old games on Steam that have had little to no remastering work done is obscenely greedy IMO and Activision should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Even Ł40 for both games is overpriced; they should be Ł15 each or Ł25 for both.

Still, these are great games and personal favourites of mine hence why I bought them. I wish someone would also remaster the two Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games I played on Xbox; I really loved and would dearly like to revisit them.
illage2 1 hour ago
. It is my choice just as it is the pirate's choice to steal content.
Piracy isn't theft as your not stealing anything your downloading a copy.
waynereddin 1 hour ago I really hope they keep voice controls from Xbox Kinect but have them on all systems this time. I know some people didn't like them but I think it was a nice option for those that did want to use them.
peterfll 1 hour ago Please make more of these. That was just pure rose tint for me and has made me want to play:

WaveRace 64
Pilotwings 64 (I know you didn't show it but just the mention of it....)
Super Mario World
Luigis Mansion
Rogue Squadron

The GameCube was just the most amazing console wasn't it? A friend brought my black 'cube back from New York launch with Luigis Mansion, Rogue Squadron and Super Monkey Ball. Now that was an amazing Christmas ;)
Murton 1 hour ago @rep-

It has always been "business > reader" these articles are just a little more blatant about it. All those reviews that neglect to mention major bugs, not calling out developers or publishers on their bullshit (especially Sony Europe who have been getting away with murder for years now) it's all to keep the business side happy.
TONYgr 1 hour ago Mad Max says hello!!