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oldjoe 1 second ago Graphics looks like a washed out T-shirt.
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jabberwocky 12 seconds ago @Rogueywon And that review has probably been finished since Konami held a review event for the press.

They're just holding on to it to ensure there's no backlash from it being perceived as "too early to be comprehensive".
BigBANGtheory 2 minutes ago Mad Max 2 is the best, but seriously 10 for a download movie are they kidding!! Perhaps Fury Road for 10 even that is pushing it.
whizzedout 4 minutes ago 9.99 lol
Suave 4 minutes ago I really hope this game and Black Ops III aren't the start of a trend of crappy anisotropic filtering for future AAA games. I really don't see why 8x (or even 4x) is so hard to implement for this, considering there's practically no performance hit according to statistics (maybe a dev can explain it to me), and there are 60hz games on both systems that use high grade anisotropic filtering (Metro Redux, Dark Souls II: SotFS).

Other than that, amazing job.
goggyturk 4 minutes ago @jambo74 holy shit, I'm off to wash my eyes out so I can forget that Tina Turner frightwig ALL OVER AGAIN!

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jasonchurch 7 minutes ago @VirtuaBlighter When I worked on Unreal fortress evolution we had some of the guys go into the games industry, some didn't, I personally may be good at heading a team but talent wise when it came to making stuff I couldn't hold a candle to some of the other team members. I kept in touch with other members until I lost my MSN messenger account and what I was being told THEN about the industry didn't make me interested in going any further. Now it is a lot worse. I remember reading an article about crunch time, and developer even locking in the developing team in the offices until they had completed the game, I don't know if they still do that :).
Tommohawked 7 minutes ago It'll do well because of the hype around the movie, no doubt.
bigfriendlygamer 7 minutes ago I got this on the Xbox 360 and enjoyed the hell out of it. It captures Deadpool nicely, and it's a lot of fun and FUNNY which a lot of games seem to forget how to do these days. I'd happily pay for this again on the PS4.

Of course, this is speaking for myself as a massive Deadpool fan who is willing to pay money to get Deadpool's face tattooed on me forever just this weekend gone...

williamarthurfenton 7 minutes ago That's not a knife; this is a knife. Oh, wrong ozzie.

The 'issue' (but it isn't really one) is the game is constrained to have endless samey landscapes, because it's set within the world of Mad Max. Some people have complained about that, which is akin to complaining there's too much space in Elite: Dangerous.
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iceytoa1 8 minutes ago Hmm, after Prototype's cynical (at best) port I have very little hope for this...
dai_bonehead 8 minutes ago @Sunjammer I love those skyboxes, though.
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ThePissartist 9 minutes ago internisus wrote "pft. The original is the worst film."

What?? No frigging way. Thumderdome is the worst!
raheell9 10 minutes ago I'm pleasantly surprised - didn't expect a "Recommended". Gamespot and Polygon gave the game an okay score. However, I'm a big fan of the films - can't wait to play this game!
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Suarez07 10 minutes ago @Antropie

"they simply don't have room for that subsurface scattering "
Room? Room where? Why? Your technical analysis hasn't exactly cleared anything up for everyone
asal_bach 12 minutes ago
@Episode13 it hasn't triumphed at all,
did you not read any of the article above you ignorant person. I have the xbone and it's currently having a great year :)
Look at the image carefully (without bias).........may be u will realize what I am trying to say. And this image link is given in above article.
riceNpea 13 minutes ago @Retro_ I mentioned him in an earlier comment. His name's Herr Lipp.
mega-ben 13 minutes ago Post deleted
TheVanillaGorilla 15 minutes ago A hybrid drive is definitely the right kind of balance between price and performance. Got one in my PS4 and the difference is noticeable.

Does anyone know if XB1 supports SATA3? I know the PS4 doesn't so the gains from a full solid state drive are greatly reduced due to SATA2 transfer speeds.

(Obviously this limits an SSHD too but the price hit for the performance gain is much more palatable than a full 1TB SSD reigned in by SATA2)
CliffPromise 17 minutes ago More trash.
man.the.king 18 minutes ago @Der_tolle_Emil

If you are using it for that, better to use a browser with ad-blocking and script-blocking capabilities (like Firefox with Adblock Plus and NoScript). Just to keep your computer/console safe.

Not that I would ever use it for anything like that, mind. ;)
jamyskis1981 18 minutes ago @bad09
Now if GOG sold films though....
They do. They just don't sell very good films. Most of them are YouTube fodder with delusions of commercial viability.
LilDeamon 19 minutes ago Huzzah! Can they finally announce Dawn of War 3 now?
Drunk-Si 19 minutes ago The Cammy skin is decent, I find her default look in SFV a bit odd. Can't quite work out why though.
verynaughtyboy 20 minutes ago @DakeyrasUK

Ooh... Is it large?
riceNpea 21 minutes ago @kevinkdobdobson the problem some people have is that they are overly sensitive. I've not said anything bad about the Xbox so I can only assume that it's fanboys being childish. To rational people like you and I it's clear what I was saying.

My comment is absolutely positive about this deal especially with the elite controller thrown in. My opinion is though that a 1tb drive will now way last you until half way into this generation let alone it's life span. Like you I upgraded to a 2tb drive as soon as I could considering how digital games are far more widespread now to last gen.
Mad_Rhetoric 21 minutes ago @imt558 it is tiny. None of the things you mentioned are noticeable during actual gameplay at all. Especially if your not looking to try to find it. DF stated as such. Love how ponies try to ignore facts when it doesnt suit them, and overblow other facts when it makes their plastic seem "better" lol.
bad09 22 minutes ago I would never buy films on Steam or any account tied crap. DVD or Blu and my own DRM free digital copy for use on devices. I don't even bother with that ultraviolet crap.

Now if GOG sold films though....
Sunjammer 23 minutes ago
while the skyboxes sell the post-apocalyptic drama
This is rapidly becoming a pet peeve of mine; Non-techies applying tech jargon just because. Skyboxes are NOT the only way to render a sky, not since the mid 2000s in any case; It's commonly an amalgam of techniques now, from pure shader approaches to layers of spherse to lord knows what. Saying "skybox" does not mean you have some smart grasp of the tech, here. It just means you didn't want to say "skies".

Use your words, don't just randomly apply those of others'.
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man.the.king 24 minutes ago @MrTomFTW

I can't think of any electronic goods that have had gold on them and not looked a bit tacky.

In this case, however, I think it looks fine.

Silver may have looked better though.
Makkuro 24 minutes ago @FrostedSloth Yeah, but what a way to go!
NotToday 24 minutes ago @theaverageinsider Back in the day?


Your day maybe.

Back in the late 80's and very early 90's they were considered one of the best publishers around.

Same as ActiVision in the early 80's, considered one of the bombshell developers of the time, doing things no other developers even thought possible (such as a 6-figure scoreboard on the atari 2600)
Mad_Rhetoric 25 minutes ago Glad to see both current gen versions perform great with no real noticeable difference during actual gameplay. Although some fanboys here will of course try to bring up small differences while ignoring that facts that DF stated. Such as the minor resolution difference being negligible and and the framerate being equal (some times better on XB1 in cutscenes in fact.)
jamyskis1981 26 minutes ago @internisus Funny really how nostalgia blinds a lot of people. The first film has a decent story, but that's about it really. Its shoestring budget and amateurish editing (you can actually see a lot of shots where Miller just inconsistently slapped together footage from several takes) definitely hold it back from greatness.

And it might be the film that made Mel Gibson's career, but he was far from being anything resembling an actor there (if you read about how Gibson got the role, it's no wonder really).

It basically survives on Hugh Keays-Byrne's performance and Miller's special knack for stunts.

Personally I'd actually like to see Miller tackle that story again with decent production values this time.
TheGuvernor 27 minutes ago Will it become piss boring & inanely repetative before the halfway mark - like the massively overated Shadow of Mordor?
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cptmold 27 minutes ago @Frybird I watched Fury Road in theaters (great movie, by the way, Furiosa really did a shitty job though), and from screenshots I've seen, it looks like this game has a different villain. I'm not sure myself, as I haven't bought it... YET.
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Frybird 30 minutes ago @cptmold True, but if the main villian is an actual character from Fury Road, that's different.
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DakeyrasUK 30 minutes ago @verynaughtyboy Yep mine has arrived and currently downloading the dreaded day 1 download!
Bazooklad 30 minutes ago Post deleted
amarje 31 minutes ago Yes yes yes! I was worried about it when I saw Gamespot and Polygon (well, not so much here) reviews and scores, but now... Up, up and away to the store!

This, MGS V, Until Dawn, Journey and Everybody's gone to the rapture have raped my september wallet. Never felt that good :D
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Hulle 31 minutes ago Thanks :) Love this game, and and if you allready have it installed, this will be a tiny update to it.

EDIT: Wrong I was. 20gb download, even if the game is installed :O Guess then I wont make the trial period in time :(
DAN.E.B 33 minutes ago "Deadpool wades onto ps4 and Xbox one"

Sounds like a shallow experience
/grabs speedo's
theaverageinsider 33 minutes ago Back in the day EA was regarded as the poison of the games industry by so many and me included. Little did i know that in the near future Activision would become even worse.....

I guess the saying is true. Money makes the monkey dance......
Max_Powers 33 minutes ago I'm looking more forward to playing this then MGS actually.
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udat 34 minutes ago Is this set before the movie then? Pretty sure Max's car gets trashed in the film...

As it did in Mad Max 2, now I think back.
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kinky_mong 35 minutes ago Chun-Li has man thighs.
Sercd 36 minutes ago I was thinking woohoo, movies with steam prices but no it's movie prices so I'm out.
fabio78 36 minutes ago Why is Cammy dressed as Jak?
Piusessex 36 minutes ago @Rogueywon Back in the day a review was out before release date, I know this is pretty much a slam dunk for a great game before you say it. But you can't say multiplayer is a new phenomenon that wasn't present in the timely reviews of yesteryear.
Cimeas 37 minutes ago It really is a very solid, very amusing game.