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Keivz 4 minutes ago @Albert_Mas
It's out though they are doing a gradual rollout. 'Newer' systems get it first apparently. Supposedly you'll get a notification to download it when it's your turn but I got it by going to Settingsupdatesearch for updates iirc.
Eman525 15 minutes ago @th3orist Iím the same as u but have it running on a LGB6, what Yautja_Warrior said is right u got nothing to worry about as it is in 4k mode.
PrimalxConvoy 18 minutes ago @secombe

For those wishing to get actual (Android)mobile gaming news (which Eurogamer, oddly for a GAMING site, rarely does), check this site out:


They even have weekly/catch-up stories for the latest games.

Such a shame Eurolamer doesn't start relevant to ask things gaming these days.
captainT 21 minutes ago @th3orist what a load of rubbish!!. Forza 5 got loads of flak for its lack of content.
skuzmuffin 24 minutes ago @Krychek I 100% agree
PrimalxConvoy 25 minutes ago Why is Eurogamer reviewing this? How is this relevant to gaming? If they covered mobile games in any detail here (and if this review was from a gaming POV), then I'd be more interested.

As Eurogamer DOESN'T do this, why is this story here?

Please stick to GAMING news, or actually start seriously covering mobile gaming, Eurogamer.
GloatingSwine 27 minutes ago @shehzaanshazabdulla Well, there's a subset of people who get all holier than thou about liking difficult games and will happily inform you about how much better they are than you as a person because if it. And then theres another subset of people who get all holier than thou about accessability and will happily inform you how much worse a person you are than them if you suggest that difficulty can be valuable to any game ever.
Sancezzio 34 minutes ago @teddy1590 I feel that mobile technology reached a plateau several years ago. All smart phones are 'good enough' for general browsing, watching youtube, making phone calls etc. I bought an lg g4 nearly two years ago and i really see nothing that appeals to me since except maybe just a larger phone. My phone has a 1440p screen. I mean just why? I compared it to my partners 720p sony and the difference is really not worth the battery life (which is rubbish so i have two batteries these days to swap). Although i would suggest that true budget phones come with their own problems like lack of storage space or updates, you really can't go far wrong with a mid tier phone these days.
I would love to hear some justifications for needing a new flagship every 2 years though.
Yautja_Warrior 40 minutes ago @th3orist If the Pro is running in 2160p resolution, the game automatically runs in 4k mode, just ignore what the game menu setting says, as it's greyed out and not active.

It only becomes active if you set the Pro resolution to 1080p, then you can pick resolution or framerate priority. It only changes the replays though, 30fps or 60fps, the actual gameplay is still 60fps in both modes.
haithamali 57 minutes ago I've played all Gran Turismo games since Gran Turismo.

This is the best one yet. By far.
vulcanproject 1 hour ago Should partner up with Mortal Kombat, plenty of work to do after the finishers
septimus 1 hour ago @Krychek The are a lot of amazing premium and indie games. You are missing out.
th3orist 1 hour ago Guys, i need some help.
I hooked the PS4 Pro to the LG B7 and put the PS Display Settings into 2160p RGB Full.
But in GT Sport Display menu it is stuck in 2k Mode. I would like to put it in 4k Mode but i cant access it.
Any idea why?
Durandle 1 hour ago As others have mentioned, seems a bit odd to show comparison to an older non-like-for-like iPhone when the current closest rival (based on release date and model) would be the 8+, which massively outperforms it in every single aspect.

I guess see here for those results: -review-1662p5.php
DAN.E.B 2 hours ago Return to Castle Wolfenstien had amazing multiplayer
Truly ahead of its time
This along with Left 4 Deads VS mode and the early Ghost Recon's were my all time favourite competitive online multiplayer games
Return To Castle Wolfenstiens multiplayer had different classes which all were essential for you to reach an actual objective
Like engineers to blow holes in the wall ect
I was very surprised other games never copied this format
I don't play competitive mp games anymore but a remake of this would pull me back in.
higganos 2 hours ago I see the mentals who talk about bias via bungs have turned up.

People actually think this shit exists. Makes my day this stuff 😂😂😂
mattbennion 2 hours ago Ha Do I need to put a petition in for Kinder Surprise Eggs? Aren't they technically classed as gambling too?
BadFlounder 2 hours ago This review is written by a fanboy. First, ďA few exploding units??Ē LOL. Once I saw that you were comparing it to an iPhone 7, stopped reading. I expect better from EG.
Dr.Buckles 2 hours ago Playing this with the controller is terrible, it feels like its controlling something else that then tells someone else what you want, it's like driving a first gen Vauxhall Vectra.
I hate that I spent over £100 on this new instalment of the consistently poor series, it never got better than GT5, just much worse.
josephupton 3 hours ago @adamantium Its actually cannon to the new machine games wolfenstein. Starting with rtcw.
nudistpete 3 hours ago I'm almost agreeing with the other posters regarding premium smartphone fatigue - I've recently enters my upgrade period and the large phone contract prices (iphone 8+, s8+, pixel 2 xl) with a reasonable amount of data are absurd - £50+/month). The days of £30/month for a top tier large android (with a bit of cashback shenanigans) are well and truly over.

I ended up betting on the lg v30. It's got the size and features of the big boys, but it's slightly less absurdly expensive than the others on my list. But I can almost guarantee that in 2019 I'll be upgrading to the best Xiaomi and a sim only contract rather than pay the £60/mo the networks will be asking for.
pelican_ 3 hours ago @jokerevo
Real gamers buy both games you moany penis wavers.
What is a real gamer?

I'm buying neither as I have zero interest. Am I not real?
pelican_ 3 hours ago Both seem technically excellent.

Out of interested I checked to see how the gameplay was scoring and I noticed at 76% GT is tracking 10% behind Forza 7 & Project cars 2 on Meta/Open critic.
Pac1Man 3 hours ago As long as this doesn't get modded into GTA like the exploding Note 7, I think Samsung will see this as a success.
Albert_Mas 3 hours ago @Keivz I know it's off topic but...Fall Creators Update is already out? I can't find anything about it.
skuzmuffin 3 hours ago Suggestions for Euro-nongamer reviews

LawnmowerDuck 3 hours ago I decided to get a £2200 moto G5S so I coul get off the stupid contract monthly outgoings. Can't see were I ever need this power, specially with the quality of most mobile games. Over a 2 year cycle I should save enough for a Switch and a half, or an xbox one x or half a reasonable gaming PC.
Malek86 3 hours ago @IamUrple it probably had something to do with Zenimax acquiring the Wolfenstein property when they bought id Software.

This game was developed by Raven and published by Activision, so they would need to work out a deal. Not impossible, but I guess nobody involved thought this game was worth the trouble.
Zicoroen 3 hours ago @SuperJamaican Metacritic is a weighted collection of several official reviews, with technical criteria applicable to all games evaluated.
"Users reviews" is just a collection of fanatic opinions, on all sides of the console war and not a qualified review.
IamUrple 3 hours ago Does anybody know why it was pulled from Steam?
Krychek 4 hours ago @riceNpea That's a crate idea!
d0x 4 hours ago I have that game on disc and on Steam. I wonder why it was removed. Surely some licensing issue which is a shame but at least for a time it was available and hopefully can be again if fans show interest.

I played it at launch and enjoyed it. I went in with no expectations beyond it's visuals and I wasn't disappointed with them or the gameplay.

As far as padded areas like the hub...i feel the exact same way about half life 2 and it's vehicle sections. The game has brilliant moments but almost half of the game is tedious vehicular areas. I've only beaten it once which was at release, maybe I should revisit it (I've played bits many times since just never done a full run) maybe these years later I'll find something different than I did back then.
shehzaanshazabdulla 4 hours ago @Tslog The combat in the Souls games is about patient decision making, observation, and committing to actions. And those actions matter when they quite literally affect whether you die or not.

That's very different from your typical character-action game which thrives split-second (basically intuitive) decision-making and feeling a sense of kinesthetic oneness with your avatar.

That said, I struggle to see how difficult games are exclusionary. They present a completely egalitarian challenge. The Souls games are even more egalitarian than most because they play by a set of rules more or less unique to that series, which means almost everyone is on equal footing (there really isn't much genre skill/knowledge from other games that will help going into the series for the first time).

What's really happening is people are leaving the games of their own volition, whilst claiming they've been kicked out. Which is *giggles*... interesting.
RandomTerrain 4 hours ago Wake me up when they release a smart phone that doesn't struggle to last just one day on a fully charged battery.
riceNpea 4 hours ago @Krychek I know what you need to get you in the mood to play games like that. The Star Wars universe :D
the_milkybar_kid 4 hours ago I wouldn't trust Simplygames with any amount of money. Scummy company.
shehzaanshazabdulla 4 hours ago I find it a bit strange that the talk surrounding difficulty (which is actually a benign component of games) is being sensationalised.

When it's not a 'cultural battleground' or 'a difficult problem' it's a 'thorny issue' or 'controversial design choice'.

It's honestly a bit baffling because I consider the difficulty of a game as no more worthy of comment (in complete isolation as a topic unto itself) than any other component of a game, be it controls, themes, pacing etc; etc; it's just a part of games that merely... is.

There's plenty of contextual debate to be had on how difficulty works within certain games, but as an abstract idea to be put under fire for simply existing? That's a really weird way to approach commentary on an aspect of the game (and not just difficulty, but any aspect).
mega-gazz 4 hours ago Played this back in the days when I was still pirating every game that came out, I remember giving it an hour and uninstalling.

I think it came at that time when every game decided it was going to be one long corridor split up by dialogue and set pieces, everyone trying and failing to copy cod.

Might be worth a revisit.
StarcasM 4 hours ago Yeah, bumping into the 1st place cpu car in the last turn for the win. Is "So" Sim...

It's 2017. This is still a thing?
hansliengnell 4 hours ago @teddy1590
Nah, you're not alone. I'm a bit older than you, but I don't feel the need to upgrade that often either. I still adore my Galaxy S6 and have no plans on replacing it. I love reviews of new phones and electronics but it's more and more rare that I can justify to actually buy the stuff I watch. After getting an Xbox One S, that's the case with the One X for me. I bought a Huawei Honor 9 for my wife the other day. Haven't used it yet, but reviews were promising. And it got what most people need out of a smartphone, I think.
StarcasM 4 hours ago @porkfiend simple, because EG is littered with Gran Tourismo Adverts all over. Y'think they'd call it against Sony?

This GT is a shell of its former self and that's not front page news?
mattshark 4 hours ago @Fish1470 That'd be you own fault, not the issue with the game.
You comparison is rather silly.
SuperJamaican 4 hours ago @Zicoroen Lol celebrating paid reviews again I see, now go to the same metacritic and look at the user reviews.

Forza 7 5.4
Gt Sport 6.0

(Drops mic)
Noxia 5 hours ago Sent mine back and got a Pixel XL. I didn't like having to use the Samsung equivalent of Google apps that already existed and there was just far too much crap on there.
Lovely hardware though.
Cadence 5 hours ago @Ror think there's only a few of us old enough to remember that!
sloth09 5 hours ago I had (and still have) this on 360.

The main thing I remember about it is that the enemy AI worked by being completely unaware of you if you were beyond a certain distance and having perfect awareness of your location if you were within their awareness circle.

This meant that if you had a scoped rifle you could stand outside their awareness range and headshot them. As you were outside the range within which they could be aware of you their comrades wouldnít react at all.

That wasnít that bad by the standards of the time (although certainly below average post Halo). What was funny is that they were scripted to swap places with their comrades occasionally (exactly the same place and pose); presumably to give the illusion of activity. They kept doing this even if their fellow(s) had been sniped. You could line up one headshot while out of awareness range then keep killing Nazis until you ran out of ammo without touching either stick.

I remember finding that unreasonably funny when I was playing it.

As itís pretty much the only thing I remember (Iíd even forgotten about Veil) I think the problem may be that itís just an entirely generic and forgettable game rather than an overlooked classic.
DoughnutVendor 5 hours ago Well i enjoyed it, the gun play was good the mechanics were good and i too preferred the supernatural tone.
The only thing that bored me was the constant back tracking, felt a little too linear.
Mikumatt 5 hours ago I really LOVED this game, every minute of it actually!
Ju1968 5 hours ago Phone reviews make zero sense on this website. They come late and have nothing to do with gaming.
Lukeim64 5 hours ago All this loot box bollocks is in my 30 plus years of gaming, the absolute lowest it's ever been. It's enough to genuinely put you off (mainstream) gaming for good!