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Eraysor 2 minutes ago Titanfall 1 vs Overwatch?
Kremlik 3 minutes ago Considering the state of Warframe (ie DAMN good for a F2P 'Spaceninja' game), it'll be interesting to see how this does.

It's a massive gamble considering it's getting fairly crowded already with 2K already failing with Battleborn and CliffyB basically wondering why people aren't buying into his game when he's basically competing with himself (ie Quake Champions vs Lawbreakers)

Considering they directly call this out at being a 'hero shooter' If DE release this game at near the same quality Warframe is now (not when it first started =/, it was a mess) then we may see the first real chance at dethroning Overwatch.

TBH which is great for both sides then Blizzard WILL have to up its game again and deliver something special for OW
SuperFurryPhil 4 minutes ago Who requested the translations? Sony Europe?
garymorris 5 minutes ago @Ienjoysquid Yes, I have played all mass effect games and Andromeda is more of the same.
If anyone says its bad its because they haven't played it or don't like the genre...
Rack 6 minutes ago @CinnoMan It's the way all the articles they do publish fills in that narrative that frustrates me. Before I got a Rift I'd keep seeing articles about these funny little tech demos and because I wasn't seeing what there was I'd assume that's all there was.

Somehow Mages Tale, Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Wilson's Heart, Killing Floor Incursion and The Climb warrant less attention than the 32X.
Arsecake_Baker 11 minutes ago Did he ever change that guys life?
bongofury 12 minutes ago @CinnoMan but they obviously felt that a supermarket shooter in VR was more worthy of attention than Lone Echo, a game that is a true killer app. Don't get me wrong any Vr attention is good attention but EG took the time to review Tacoma a game with a very similar aesthetic and feel to Lone Echo and I would argue with the same size audience after the summer of rift sales.
Azovyr 15 minutes ago Hero shooter, wacky characters, retro art style, free to play, collectable cards, loot boxes... no doubt. It's like buzzword bingo in a marketing dept.

Bit late to the party I can't see this being a success since it seems to have absolutely zero originality.
jonc24 16 minutes ago @ChocNut

But that is essentially what DVD region locking entails. The savings you can make under the current system far outweigh the once a year discount you might get from buying PS Plus internationally.
FenderMaster 19 minutes ago Just another voice adding to the chorus. The Switch home button is extremely unresponsive. The special stage can get choppy at times too. The music cut out a couple of finds. The core gameplay is buttery smooth though. Finished the game with Sonic and got all the chaos emeralds. At its best, it's like classic Sonic. At worst it's a bit too busy/gimmicky. It kind of reminds me of Sonic CD level design at times in that it can seem a bit random/incongruous at times. And perhaps a bit too much bumpers, shoots, pipes, bouncy street bag, conveyor belts which sometimes detract from the fun. Still enjoyed the hell out of it!
TheDifficult3rdAlbum 22 minutes ago PUBG is the new Destiny, so this is basically a stealth Destiny article.
wikidd 25 minutes ago Oh wow. I think I got matched against you! DarksideR- destroyed us; I popped into his twitch chat to say gg!
BigDaddy0790 27 minutes ago @DanForinton What's the problem? Creating a US account takes less than 5 minutes. You want multiple account anyway to get access to more deals.
CaoSlayer 28 minutes ago Are you sure you are not talking about a small tribe of beastmen?
VirtuaIceMan 37 minutes ago I wonder if bugs delayed it, the Steam version seems... rather buggy: ht_Trap__25th_Anniversary_Edition/

Game breaking bug apparently: ions/0/1470842897550268631/ though it's being fixed soon: ions/0/1470842897550266602/

I have the PC DOS "Director's Cut" version, so not looking to get this just yet.
RawShark 40 minutes ago I remember watching an episode of This Morning back min the day where Richard and Judy dragged on Violet Berlin to defend the game versus a gaggle of concerned mothers. It's amazing what people can get upset over.

"Our children's minds are being corrupted by watching grainy footage of men in bin liners pestering fully clothed actresses!!!"

Yeah well, in 25 years time they'll have porn on their phones. Best brace yourself for that.
mega-gazz 41 minutes ago @danieljunior1 Price is not the issue, time is.
I have a backlog of probably 10+ games from this year alone which are all absolutely outstanding games so wasting weeks of my life on something that's just 'ok' is not worth my effort.

There are just too many games around at the moment, if you are not the best of the best I have no reason to invest some of my life in to your game.

In a game whose main attraction is story and character interaction, you can't neglect those areas and still hope for success.
Les 43 minutes ago @jonc24

Once you set your PS4 as your primary PS4 for your different region accounts, all games will show up, playable on all accounts regardless of which region they were bought in so that negates any issues with what your saying.
That's not completely true. As a former eurogamer who moved to the US, my EU PSN account is my primary 'play' account but my US account has become my primary 'pay' account as my earnings are in USD these days. This has some drawbacks:
- I have US PS+ but can't make use of the cloud storage capabilities on my EU account where all my save games actually are
- Codes that get you in-game items are generally region-locked and tied to that region's PSN account. E.g., when I got the Destiny collection, the expansions and bonus items were tied to the US PSN store. I could play all the content fine on my EU account but I couldn't use the level 40 boost as that was tied to the US account
- You can only use a game's PlayStation store integration in the region that you bought the game in. E.g., the in-game store in games like Overwatch and Destiny (to buy silver) doesn't work for me on my primary play account as I got the US versions of these games

I hope Sony one day addresses these annoyances but I'm not holding my breath.
Zero_g 44 minutes ago The great horned rat be praised!
makeamazing 45 minutes ago Don't get me started on this game..... wanted to get it on disk as a game collector.

Was going to get it from limited run games, who it seems are like most limited runs and decided to let scalpers buy multiple copies at a time and then don't sort out the copies for anyone else.

Just allow as many to pre-order up to the date and then manufacture based on that... its not difficult.
mega-gazz 49 minutes ago This man has a reputation to completely rebuild if he wants to keep selling people games, did that guy ever get his prize you promised him?
Malazan 49 minutes ago My body is so ready for this. Been wanting the Skaven since I first saw Total Warhammer.
Bilstar 51 minutes ago I actually really like the PUBG articles EG! It's development interests me and I enjoy the game.
CinnoMan 51 minutes ago @DAN.E.B well, Eurogamer have to make a living, and since none of us is paying them directly, they need to pay their bills with articles that get lots of eyeballs. Since the VR install base is rather small and the initial hype is over, I guess they estimate articles about that won't get a lot of attention.

that doesn't really make it better, of course, but I do understand the calculation and the constraints within which they have to work and pick what to write about and what to ignore.
jabberwocky 52 minutes ago Good God! It may be 25 years old but I'll bet its still just as terrible as it was back then, if not worse.

5 minutes of nostalgia followed by regret over having wasted your money. Kinda like how those who bought it in its heyday felt too.
mega-gazz 52 minutes ago @Shporet It won't show up in any game charts, you won't find it on a poster next to a bus stop and GAME won't be asking you to pre-order it the moment you walk in the store but at the moment it's one of the most popular new games around.

It's not highly polished but it's a fairly unique game in an emerging and popular genre.
It does not quite have the mainstream appeal of a Destiny or CoD game but it's certainly doing good business at the moment.
togan 53 minutes ago @Ienjoysquid

Soul crushing, no.
steve1979 54 minutes ago I played it a long time ago. I don't think the delay is going to suddenly make it worth playing again.
MadJack1812 54 minutes ago Rodents of unusual si- oh...
tt_rage 55 minutes ago Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist.
OurDogFudge 55 minutes ago I remember the fuss over this back in the day. Considered getting it for the Sega CD. But knew in my heart it would have been crap.
DAN.E.B 56 minutes ago @CinnoMan
"I do wish Lone Echo had been reported on"

Yeah could have said the same about Wilsons Heart too
but if a VR game isn't coming out on PSVR it gets completely ignored by this website.
MadJack1812 57 minutes ago @minky-kong Not so long as people keep reading them - even if it's only to comment on how many there are.
BellyFullOfHell 59 minutes ago Hooray?
Shporet 59 minutes ago What's up with all these PlayerUnknown articles?
doyl 59 minutes ago @PostieDoc Yes, oh yes. Powermonger was incredible - the sight of your little armada of coracles about to visit 'liberation' on the island next door.

In Powermonger 2 you should be able to publicly execute any of your generals who don't receive your orders with enough enthusiasm.
utherp 1 hour ago @AdmiralX Yep. Unless Sony does something to crack down on 10+ accounts coming from the same device in a short period, there is not a lot Blizzard can do in that regards.
CinnoMan 1 hour ago @Rack I do wish Lone Echo had been reported on, considering the abundant complaints about an alleged lack of quality VR games...

Edit: and it is from a notable studio, too, so I'm not sure why they missed the opportunity to re-evaluate the currently dominant narrative and get some eyeballs in the process.
utherp 1 hour ago Destiny has a report feature. Not sure how much good it did.
PostieDoc 1 hour ago Just make a Powermonger 2 damn you!
rodrigocardosorocha 1 hour ago No signal of Vanquish yet?
Les 1 hour ago I love Destiny. I moved to this gen only recently (last November) and Destiny was one of the first games I got for my new PS4Pro (never bothered with the PS3 version) and through about April it was pretty much all I played. The gameplay and feel are awesome, the loot system was incredibly addictive, and though I'm no good, I enjoyed PvP as well.

But once Destiny 2 was revealed and Destiny's end date was announced, the pull of the game in general and the loot in particular was gone for me. Knowing it would end soon made further playing meaningless, at least from a loot acquisition perspective. I also don't care about earning emblems and stuff to show off in Destiny 2.

I may still jump back in this month to complete some of the strikes I never got to or finally play the prison of elders (after all the expansions there's a massive amount of content in the game, even excluding the raids which I never played as with 3 small children around I just can't ever commit to playing a game for a multi-hour chunk of time).
haroldmaio 1 hour ago ----reduce the stigma of mental illness

What do you gain by saying there is one? People are only hurt by that declaration, why make it?

You do not have to participate. No one does.

Harold A. Maio, retired mental health editor
richardcoates82 1 hour ago @RawShark fingers crossed we get a remaster for the Switch
minky-kong 1 hour ago
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patches to be released less often
Will the same apply to Eurogamer articles about it as well?
pbz 1 hour ago Could never understand why they would update the test servers and then push that update onto the live 24hrs after... clearly not long enough for any valid testing to be done!

This is a wise change, quality over quantity makes much more sense.
VanillaLake 1 hour ago "The CRT-Sharp shader is based on the appearance of a Sony PVM CRT monitor while the CRT-Sharp option was derived from the look of a Commodore 1084".

Something's wrong here.
BellyFullOfHell 1 hour ago @Rogueywon

Only folk that sucked at arcade games hold that view.
Rack 1 hour ago Yep. This is definitely the most interesting VR game news today. There hasn't been a major title released recently or anything.

In VR you can shoot fruit, no immersive space adventures or polished co-operative shooters. No sirree, don't need to look over there. It's just tech demos.
BellyFullOfHell 1 hour ago Books and movies have always used distressing and/or traumatic subiects, why should games be any different? And nice moves by the devs, the more conversation we can get going about mental health, the better.