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dft313 36 minutes ago @dsch it doesn't argue that at all.
wizyy 50 minutes ago @PCMaestro could be a stealth fix in Win 10 from March 14th:
"Addressed additional issues with updated time zone information, Internet Explorer, file server and clustering, wireless networking, Map apps, mobile upgrades for IoT, display rendering, USB 2.0 safe removal, multimedia, Direct3D, Microsoft Edge, enterprise security, Windows Server Update Services, storage networking, Remote Desktop, clustering, Windows Hyper-V, and Credential Guard."
EuphoricShadow 2 hours ago @Standout True you're right about that. I didn't put much thought into the words, it's somewhat interconnected. Racism is formed by ignorance. And in some ways you can say it's also the stubbornness of not wanting to admit you're wrong about something when evidence is being thrown at you. It's easy to look at one tragic thing and then quickly paint a brush over a certain demographic and point out about how they're all the same. That's caused by news that usually tends to be biased like you said.

I also do agree that my views can be very controversial due to my nature but not discussing about immigration as a whole is what's bothering me. More often than not I see people always criticising about how mass immigration is causing so much destablisation and I never see any arguments about (besides yours of course). I'm probably not looking in the right places and really should take the time to find valuable sources showing actual statistics. Worth knowing if it really is causing as much problems as media likes to make it seem. I'm well aware it can be much worse than what we're going through currently, so thankfully that isn't the case.

I genuinely like to believe that whichever race found the country first and established the country for many centuries deserve the right to say what they feel and think about outsiders coming to their land. It wouldn't make any sense to me if Africa one day suddenly becomes 90% caucasians filling the entire land.

There's just so much pride people have for themselves that they simply don't wish to be completely multicultural and that should be respected. Even Muhammed Ali has an interview you can see on Youtube where he stands his ground on why race mixing to him isn't always a perfect idea, albeit it's only an opinion but it goes to show that there's likely an outnumbered amount of individuals who wouldn't wanna see their country turn into what America is. He talks about how it's harder to relate to the other people because if they were to be playing their own cultural music and you're playing your own then you end up clashing lol. Random example but just to give an idea of what I mean by not being able to connect and or relate.

I live in a very multicultural part of London and have no issues with it whatsoever (heck my best friend is white and have Arab friends), but I can at least get an idea of how it must feel to be and english person and one day notice that you're completely surrounded by many people who are clearly new to the country and are unable to speak english. The same thing applies to any other country like Japan or India, etc. if the west just started moving there.
RSX901 4 hours ago The thing is, it might 5 times the price of many games on the App Store / Play Store, but it's also 5 times the quality of the shovelware crap on those platforms. Trying to find a good game on there in amongst the countless ripoffs and console game wannabes is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Also, there seems to be more and more ignorance on here these days, namely the first post by "avoidconfusion". A "shitty side-scroller" it ain't. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a teenager brought up on a diet of COD and FIFA. Kids these days have no taste.

EDIT: No, my mistake. He's just a rabid anti-Nintendo zealot.
Daikon 4 hours ago Good list. Exactly the games I'd pick. Maybe also The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, just for the atmosphere and setting.
Looking forward to playing Thimbleweed Park!
This is a formica table.
Green is it's color.
Brainflowers 6 hours ago @riceNpea

I'm not assuming that the 'self righteous' comment was aimed at me (among others), but if it was, please feel free to elaborate.

PS. Not offended either way!
jynxce 6 hours ago Before I can rate Mass Effect fairly overall, I have to point out that the series genre shifts over the expanse of the games. The criteria is simply that I give priority to RPGs over shooters. ME:Andromeda & ME1 prioritize its RPG elements over shooter mechanics, while ME2 & ME3 are vice-versa.

For me, two sets of games to be judged independently. ME:Andromeda is my favorite RPG-shooter, while ME2 is my favorite shooter-RPG out of the bunch.

Against public opinion, ME2 ranks as my 3rd favorite overall.
LowlyKnight 6 hours ago How is the English translation of these books? Is it a smooth read or does it feel held back in anyway by being translated?
Sunjammer 7 hours ago I loved the ME series but I don't understand the reverence people have for some of these characters. Thane was perhaps the most interesting one, and I liked Tali quite a bit (before they turned her into a stock photo). The games have always had a sterile sort of distance that made truly giving a shit pretty difficult for me. For reference, I felt way more emotional about characters in Planescape and Baldurs Gate 2 than any person in the ME series.

So I dunno, man. The folks in Andromeda are real wet rugs but talking about ME2 like it had some holy shit badass amazing writing is forgetting that Miranda and Jacob were in it.
HisDivineOrder 7 hours ago Just seems like waiting a year for all the chipset issues to be ironed out and the chips to be refined to clock a little above 4ghz is going to make everything Ryzen a whole lot better.
Keivz 7 hours ago< /a>

Just saying
BigLee 8 hours ago I get the impression people are hating on this game just for the sake of it.

Reviews are just opinions of the person doing the review.

Personally i'm loving this game. 30 hours in and still enjoying it.

As for this so called guide. What a load of bollocks. Don't need some guide to tell me how to enjoy a game
SiroccoJetProp 8 hours ago Lot of sheep here, the majority of which wont have even played the game. Sad. Sad that people can't form their own opinions.
Kalanchoe 8 hours ago @chrisf I ended up enjoying Mass Effect 2, but that's exactly how I felt at first. I hated being forced to work with Cerberus and the Illusive Man was just an annoying side plot I couldn't wait to be rid of. And then he turned out to be a major antagonist in ME3... :-/
the_ewan 8 hours ago @NullDev
In short: The idea that you can test for the future by running games at 1080 with a completely overkill GPU is simply not true
You said this on the last Ryzen article and you were wrong then too.

Ensuring that the GPU is not the bottleneck is the right thing to do for benchmarking a CPU, it's the right thing now and it'll still be the right thing in the future even if you're right and games get more multithreaded.

What you're asking for isn't a 'realistic' test of how a CPU would behave with a hypothetical future multi-core workload, what you're asking for is to artificially cap the performance with the GPU's limits. That's not a fair test of anything.
frazzl 8 hours ago @chrisf
Shit, I can't stand it when people spout white supremacist rhetoric. Sack him!
Fixed that for you buddy.
riceNpea 9 hours ago @Flipper79 it does. Some people playing games use the pause during boss/tough fights to swap weapons, use health etc. In that sense not being able to take a break during action makes things more perilous.
riceNpea 9 hours ago @Mar27w you're absolutely right. They really do bring out the self-righteous in people. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get insulted for saying they like her but woe betied you if you say you don't.

Thankfully some people are at least debating things.
Bush_Killa-73 9 hours ago Great article. Even better game. One of the best ever in fact
7M7 9 hours ago Wait so the charger plugs in at the bottom? Who's bright idea was that?! How are you supposed to use it on the stand and charge at the same time? Or does the screen rotate like it does on smartphones?
Mono_X 9 hours ago I find it ironic that people are criticizing the Switch for not being as good as a phone or tablet and 'needing to use' a device that was entirely designed to be used by those very phones and tablets.
Peeto 10 hours ago Bought day 1 on PS4, but when I realised, it is crossbuy with Vita, I decided to wait for Vita release. Loong wait is finally over and I can not wait to finally play this game!
p_nut_uk 10 hours ago @Rob_Nomad Give time for Ryzen to mature, one video I watched today showed oc improvements since launch and another showed that faster RAM greatly increases performance, just waiting for AMD to support it properly.
NullDev 10 hours ago @Alestes When they ran benchmarks at 640x480 all CPUs were still single core. Then there was no such thing as balancing the load across multiple programming threads. Ask any engine developer who's worked with the new APIs (i.e DX12 and Vulkan) about why they're using then and they'll all mention the APIs allowing them to spread the workload more evenly across cores.

When technology changes, testing methods have a tendency to either have to change or become inaccurate. Richard, being an old fart and seemingly stuck in the past, seems to have decided to rather keep using a testing methodology that no longer produces accurate results. Testing games this way is like shooting at a moving target as if it was stationary.
I_Am_CatButler 10 hours ago @_TheDarkSide_
Yeah, I'm surprised it hasn't become commonplace
I don't think it has ever been used in a shipping game, even The Force Unleashed 2 shipped without it.

The most obvious explanation is that is simply didn't work in real world applications. The demo avoided a lot of features like HUD and light sabre rendering because they obscured background areas.

It does share a lot with temporal reconstruction or anti-aliasing techniques like those used in KZ:SF, R6: Siege or Quantum Break. The difference is that these have at least some rendered information to work from where motion based interpolation fails. So the ghost behind a moving character or a newly revealed element at the edge of the screen is just lower resolution rather than completely unknown.

The other thing that would have made it very hard is timing. The developer has two 16ms sub-frames to render. The first is half the next full frame, but must include the depth and motion vectors from which interpolated positions are calculated. The second is the rest of that frame, such as lighting and post processing.

Given how hard some developers find timing 30fps accurately, DS3 being case in point, this would probably be even more difficult.

Perhaps the closest solution is used in PSVR's asynchronous timewarp which interrupts the GPU automatically to reproject the most recent image. Maybe Sony or MS could implement something similar for upscaling framerate in normal games, although upscaling from 30fps to 60 would probably create far more noticeable errors than going from 60 to 90 or 120.
Mrsyms 10 hours ago On a side note who else enjoyed the Splatoon 2 beta? I never played the first, but thought it was good fun on the Switch
chrisf 10 hours ago Shit, I can't stand it when people have diverse opinions about stuff. Sack him !
OnlyJoeKing 10 hours ago @Fourfoldroot don't quit your day job.
jakewhite 11 hours ago Stopped reading at the first line. Misses out the 3rd most important person in the books.
davidpritchard 11 hours ago @Baddamobs Historically japanese devs only made console games where western devs did PC games more
Scirm 11 hours ago @wojciechbednarz well, because they didn't. Film was based on Fantastyka's comics (Polch, Parowski, Sapkowski), hence the reason Jaskier is played by Zamachowski. It was a joke made for the comics series, but how could filmmakers know this if no one at set didn't read stories nor saga.
AEdouard 12 hours ago @Subzero87 Why exactly is it best played on consoles? I finished DS3 on PC, with an Xbox One controller, everything maxed out at a constant 60 fps, on a TV, and with plenty of people online. It's a better experience, by a mile.
Subzero87 12 hours ago So many people have become so damn picky these kinds of details it's crazy. The game is still best played on the console in my opinion. It's nice to see that euorgamer hasn't changed still showing their anti console bias.
williamarthurfenton 12 hours ago @DrStrangelove That in itself isn't sexist.

It would only be if they are treated as nothing more than sex objects. Unless of course it is a deliberate negative narrative part of the story, which it wouldn't be in this.

Neither are exactly wearing bikinis throughout the main game, which would be a clear sign of compromising integrity for gratification.

EDI may be a borderline case, but I'd again say that it's only questionable if a character exists purely for eye candy purposes.

It's just a bit of a cliche in sci fi to have this powerful female computer who is strongly sexually suggestive. I'd say it's more lame than sexist, myself.

My interest is how do women play these games when they get to control how their character looks? This should be the real question. Well, I play World of Warcraft and other MMOs and I can say with assurance that quite a large number of women like to dress up their female avatars in revealing clothing, not all of course. It surprised me quite a bit actually, but then maybe it's just on average women like to be sexy in very different ways to how men do.

Anyway this is going off topic, so back to the games.
chrisf 12 hours ago Meh. I remember how disappointed I was when I fired this up for the first time and realised that they'd changed everything about ME1 that I loved. Admittedly, a couple of the characters were excellent but I found the whole Cerberus thing a bit of a snooze. And what was up with evil President Bartlett ?
madvalrockatansky 12 hours ago Intel and Nvidia forever !!! :DDD
Mar27w 12 hours ago Ellie's articles aren't my cup of tea, I don't think Ive ever read one in its entirety, but the comment section always livens up in respone to one, which is what I enjoy reading. She elicits a flame reaction and gets people commentating and debating, which, love or loathe her, is the job EG paid her to do, and judging from the growing amount of comments, doing it pretty well.
Alestes 12 hours ago @NullDev CPU gaming benchmarks always had huge overkill GPUs in them, since they want the GPU performance to have as little impact as possible. Heck, for a long time it was common to run CPU gaming benchmarks in 640x480.
DrStrangelove 12 hours ago @williamarthurfenton

But it would be an understatement to say that Miranda was sexualised. Even more so EDI in ME3. They also changed Ashley's appearance in ME3 to give her more "sex appeal" (Bioware's own words). Sigh...
KefkaCTM 13 hours ago @PlugMonkey
Hard core progressives bla bla you know what i meant.
Fourfoldroot 13 hours ago @electrolite

So they pass on the 10 to consumers. If your spending 300 plus on the system then another 10 to triple the battery life won't annoy anyone. Plus I'm sure Nintendo can take that small percentage hit to the profit making hardware in order that customers have a reasonable battery life.
masseffectman 13 hours ago @williamarthurfenton I really liked her as a character, shallow seeming at first, but actually really complex. She was also lovely to look at, nothing wrong with saying that. I had no problem with her outfit either, I see girls wearing leggings tighter than Miranda's bodysuit every day.

I wish they'd remaster 1-3, I'd love to get lost in Omega again, such a great place.
avoidconfusion 13 hours ago Cannot wait for Thimbleweed Park!!
paulnettle 13 hours ago Since this site has "gamer" in its name, then why even discuss Ryzen when it's not really appropriate for gaming and the i7 7700K is vastly superior and cheaper for gaming?
carmagainagain 13 hours ago @Brainflowers

Eloquent as this first seems, I'm afraid it's just not a very accurate representation:

Where's the multiple incidents of "seething with rage" here?

It's multiple strawmans again. No-one is objecting here to a variety of writers covering different topics with their own unique angles. But when the writing is so one-note, so obvious, so self-indulgent and so painfully unfunny (I challenge you to go back across Gibson's articles and count the Peter Andre references - I don't expect you to, I don't want to either - but I bet you'll have quite a few) there are going to be people that challenge that. And so they should.

Again, Ellie's "writing" prompts more of this reaction than any other author on EG and that isn't because she's about to win a Pulitzer, I can guarantee you that much.

Still, Peter Andre eh? How relevant! So sharp!
williamarthurfenton 13 hours ago @DrStrangelove Sexism? I'm not sure where that came from.

I'm just talking about cheesy romance scenes.

TOS was made in a strange time. The 1960s were a confused era with the still retained view in society that women are best as pretty things; oddly lumped together with the women's sexual liberation movement.

It's fair to say that women were overly sexualised in TOS, but then women did campaign to be more free to show their sexuality. This was the 1960s. Both these things have to be considered when looking back.

However, I was referring more to TNG-- things like Riker's hilarious chat up lines.
spookysocks 13 hours ago Only ME I played. I remember the characters being awesome, but got too bored of the corridor shooting to finish. Ah well.
Renato84 13 hours ago The importance of having actual writers, and actual RPG developers.
Money_sandwhch 13 hours ago @MagiusMagnus (stifles laughter) .. uh huh
Rob_Nomad 13 hours ago since ryzen came out all review and benchmark have different results on BF1. i'm playing it and i still don't understand which CPU i should buy :(
i have a 120hz monitor with a GTX1070, i'm more interested in minimum framerates.