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Melonfodder 13 seconds ago I think the best mods for Arma3 are the ones that add to the game - JSRS3/Dragonfyre is probably the most intense sound I've heard in games. Gunfire is unpleasant, harsh and it feels hostile. Love it.

MCC is also one that's had a profound impact on the community - being able to generate missions on the fly, change parameters and being a sort of ProtoZeus is brilliant!
Emrach 27 seconds ago So excited! Been wanting to play Transistor for a while. Was going to buy it last week with the discount code we got as well.
SWATRIOTCNTRL 50 seconds ago i cant wait!!!
zzkj 3 minutes ago Apotheon? I've been looking forward to that game, that's great news!
Shary_Phil 3 minutes ago It's a good thing - power creep is something that might kill the progression - look at WOW - there used to be the times when reaching level 60 was an epic task. Now they offer you a free boost to level 90...
snafu65 4 minutes ago Already got Transistor, great game btw, but there's enough stuff there I haven't played to keep me happy. Not a bad month overall.
zzkj 11 minutes ago So much blur, I want to vomit.
H_D_Swagger 11 minutes ago @philipweber Absolutely.
chucklepie 12 minutes ago I take it this would be what's called a paid day one DLC on any other platform?
chucklepie 13 minutes ago This looks top notch to me. Better than the crap xbox are giving me (yes, I have an xbox one and 360 as well as my ps4, ps3 and vita :) )

As usual.
Dantonir 13 minutes ago That's 3-4 games I was interested in. Looks like this year's PS+ sub has pretty much paid for itself already ;)
geordiek 14 minutes ago If there's no game here that tickles your fancy, then why are you gaming?
Some people just love to moan.
CaptainKid 15 minutes ago Fuck EA
markfraser 17 minutes ago So Apotheon is being released for the first time as a ps plus freebie? Or did I miss the reviews?
Trinod 17 minutes ago Apotheon reminds me of Gift of the Gods on ZX Spectrum
Jonest7 17 minutes ago Thief? I see they lost that metacritic 70 or higher standard on Plus Games. Would really love if it was cross-buy with PS4 though as it seems like it is a good game.
Kiliko 18 minutes ago Less than a week long? Don't call this a beta EA, it's clear that it's a demo.
philipweber 18 minutes ago @H_D_Swagger That's because we'd go crazy thinking every day how we need to make the most of it. We're just wired to enjoy the moment. Nothing wrong with that either.
RSX901 19 minutes ago Another great month. Bastion will be out soon and it'll give people a taste of what Supergiant can do. Not played either as I never got a 360 and only had my PS4 since Christmas. Can't wait to play them though

Shame Thief isn't on PS4, but it'll give me an excuse to fire up the PS3 again after the sublime Ducktales remake this month. Still, that Apotheon looks good. I'd forgotten about that one.. Kick and Fennick too. I love it when brand new games debut on IGC. Woah Dave is a nice surprise.

And whoever hasn't played Rogue Legacyyet, it's worth it for that game alone. Awesome game.
EvilWaterman 19 minutes ago @Zioman Not everybody enjoys those sort of games i'm afraid. I hate indie games but i'm not disappointed as I am patient and understand that there needs to be a mix of all genres and budget types.
jaysonallyson 19 minutes ago I'm still waiting for Gun Game to be added. They talked about it pre-release and it didn't even end up in the game.

Is it coming or not?
medeman 20 minutes ago Too short for me haha^^

Wanted to play PC, PS3 and PS4 versions (just to get how they feel), but my connection will barely download all three versions in time^^
udat 20 minutes ago @Abban Yeah, that colours it somewhat - I'll be interested to see what they do there as well.
Dalamar42 20 minutes ago @IronSoldier

Always happens. Some folks just cannot accept the truth even when it's presented right in front of them.
kangarootoo 21 minutes ago Shame that Thief was bloody awful. Transistor though, hurrah! I've heard good things about Yakuza 4. Not heard of the others.
H_D_Swagger 22 minutes ago A huge waste of time yes, but pretty damn impressive all the same. Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to be happiest when wasting it.
Dantonir 23 minutes ago @IronSoldier, when I started looking into dolphin I put together a small kit:
- Wii/GC compatible DVD drive
- Bluetooth dongle
- USB sensor bar (plugs into TV)

That way I could rip and play my physical games, and continue collecting them while getting a reasonable boost in visuals. I like to think of it as installing the games.

I also find it interesting to poke around with tools so I can see how various effects are achieved.
grassyknoll 23 minutes ago @scawp It's on PC, but any run in the mill laptop should run it. It's a physics heavy 2D platform shooter. Well worth a go for a few quid (looks like they've adopted & refined the gameplay from that for Apotheon & dramatically changed the art style).
FMV-GAMER 24 minutes ago @DavoTheDiv_2010 Actually no it's not broken, I have been reading articles and watching gameplay clips. At the very worst I will need to lock the frame rate to 30fps and enjoy far better visuals and a resolution well beyond 1080p with DSR seeing as my GPU is capable of that.

Or I could lower the FOV which will still give me a draw distance well beyond what is being shown here as that will get me closer to 60fps.

So far from broken and the Face Off will demonstrate that....
Hiei193 25 minutes ago
Will it rob you of your time?
No, neither my money. I'm done with EA's bullshit.
KanevilPS 26 minutes ago I knew holding off to buy Transistor would be worth it. So many times I nearly bought it. PS Plus is so good!
alexatkin 26 minutes ago @spacedmonkeys Open-city is best LEGO for me.

I just can't be bothered with LEGO Batman 3 for that reason. Its just boring being forced down a linear path 100% of the time.

Having an open world with hidden things to find is WAY more interesting.
Kashinoda 28 minutes ago Insert various comments about this being a mod, not interested, fuck EA etc. etc. We get it guys!

Personally had a lot of fun with the original BETA with my friends, game looks really fun! A nice change of pace from the main Battlefield series.
TheMightyEthan 29 minutes ago @TheTingler That's my fear. :(

I really hope we're both wrong.
FMV-GAMER 29 minutes ago @IronSoldier I do find it all funny but AMD doesn't have room to mock NVIDIA seeing as the "cooked" the performance numbers of reference 290x seeing as gamers who bought the reference design got nowhere near that performance due the inefficient cooling solution throttling the card and temps around 93c.

Or the 7990 that dropped anywhere up to 50% of it's frames but AMD did nothing for two years as FRAPS couldn't distinguish between dropped frames that don't benefit gamers and full frames.

So for all that time 7990 suffered abysmal micro stutter.
Dr_Salvador84 29 minutes ago @DreadedWalrus how badly did those games sell? I had read that sales had been in line with SEGA's expectations. Absolutely love this series, will re buy a PS3 just to play 5, thats how serious I am about it.
fiery_jackass 29 minutes ago @TekMerc
I've got a degree in psychology, if that helps. It's about twenty years old but I doubt the definition of phobia has changed.
Sammoore 30 minutes ago If anybody missed it, he's playing on PC (with an xbox pad).
freethinker101 30 minutes ago I must admit to being interested although a robust story mode is a must for me!
CypherQ 31 minutes ago @BBIAJ LMAO yeah. Old habits die hard. :D
scawp 31 minutes ago @grassyknoll I'd not heard of Capsized either, I'll add that to my buy list too!
Sora888 32 minutes ago Fricking A! Been looking at this for a while :)

Plus Rogue Legacy is frigging awesome! Well worth the 40 hours I've put in so far!
TekMerc 32 minutes ago @fiery_jackass I'm not sure you are understanding the core concept of phobias tbh. They're not called 'irrational' fears for nothing.
man.the.king 34 minutes ago @Physically_Insane

What a waste of time.

Anonymously dumping your two cents on a game website is a much better use of it.

JoeGBallad 34 minutes ago I would have lead with "Yakuza 4 free via Playstation Plus in February" and made the sub-header "Plus: Yakuza 4, Yakuza 4, Yakuza 4, other games"
FruitBatCop 34 minutes ago FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEES!!!
feralningen 35 minutes ago Yuck! Not a single one interests me. :( And that's after last month where the only game I wanted or didn't already have was the swapper, and although that was good they annoyed the hell out of me with the save file issue at the end.
karlo87 36 minutes ago Transistor is probably my favorite PS4 memory so far, so good
craighutchings 37 minutes ago Playing the PS4 version and love it:):)
grassyknoll 38 minutes ago @scawp The developer making the game (Alientrap) are incredibly talented & made Capsized. It's going to be very very good.