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VanillaLake 10 minutes ago @TiredRiver True, A Link Between Worlds is a good addition. Also, the NES Zelda games are available on 3DS and Wii U and A Link to the Past is available on New 3DS and Wii U (better than the GBA version in my opinion).
yukushi 14 minutes ago I hate when people talk over the video game I would prefer you to be quiet and let me watch the gameplay.
smelly 17 minutes ago @Hailst0rm : accessing the 100% in handheld mode makes no sense.

I'm docked mode the console has to render up to 40% more.. and therefor has 40% more power.

It's not rocket science...
smelly 18 minutes ago @DasManiac : is the PS4 a handheld?
smelly 19 minutes ago @DeoxyribonucleicAcid : if is 1080p!

Just because Zelda (a game designed for a different machine originally) doesn't run at 1080p, doesn't mean other games won't!

How many launch xbone games ran at full 1080?
smelly 20 minutes ago @vulcanproject : remember, it's not exactly a tegra, but a customized one. There have been modifications to it.

.. as far as we know, those mods might be all game specific to make games run better... tegra wasn't built purely as a games chip.
BlackFlower 23 minutes ago Maybe it's an idea for Indian gamers :)

I remember working with a an Indian guy (we're still friends) with whom I shared a love for movies. He recommended an Indian movie that he described as "Dirty Harry in the style of Bollywood".
I couldn't imagine Dirty Harry bursting into a song, but he argued "everything is just better when it bursts into a song".
After seeing that movie in the proper context, I can see his point, it was awesome :)

A video game musical is probably not something for EA to make, but I'm sure that there is an audience. I'd certainly love to see a proper Bollywood style Dirty Harry game :D
SvennoJ 35 minutes ago Sure it can work
Desheep2 39 minutes ago "If you are being discriminated against and can't get the job you want, Daddy will fix it for you"
riceNpea 43 minutes ago I didn't want a Switch but now I've seen and heard a bit about Zelda and I'm sorely tempted. That game is looking to be a system seller.
riceNpea 48 minutes ago @Some_Goats I heard it was being made. How tv has declined :)
Hazydave 52 minutes ago Hahahaha. Nothing like some salt in your "review". What a joke. DF even disagreed with this.
Bauul 59 minutes ago @Sancezzio It's a bit harsh to criticize a game that's specifically a homage to a 16-bit title for having 16-bit graphics!!

Outside of this specific title though, hi-fidelity graphics (and asset creation in general) is by far the most time consuming and expensive part of game creation.

Most indie developers simply don't have the time, skill of money to create hi-def graphics. HD sprites are generally even more time consuming than 3D models.

So it's no surprise indie devs look to lo-def graphical solutions. It's not "retro" necessarily, just low definition. As much as we complain about low-def graphics, it doesn't mean indie devs will suddenly all have double their budget to hire a team of graphical designers. The games either have low-def graphics, or they don't exist at all.

I agree, it would be nice if every game had nice HD graphics, but the reality is they won't. And pixel art (or abstract, just plain geometric shapes, or whatever other low-def solution the devs use) gives excellent returns on investment for the time and effort needed to create it.
TiredRiver 1 hour ago @VanillaLake

Excellent point.
Very good remasters of very good games.
Between the 3DS and the Wii U you can play the very best versions of the last 4 proper Zelda games. Not to mention ALBW, which is rather fantastic too.
Hazydave 1 hour ago I have seen the future of gaming and it is Guerrilla Games and the Decima engine.
The future looks bright indeed.
ghostgate2001 1 hour ago @chubster2010 Would be nice!

And I wouldn't say no to the two Maximo games - "Ghosts to Glory" and "Army of Zin" - turning up on the PS4 as "PS2 Classics", either.

It's often forgotten that Ghosts n Goblins / Ghouls n Ghosts is one of the very few 2D franchises to have successfully made the transition to 3D. Castlevania couldn't manage it, and nor could Sonic, but GnG pulled it off very nicely :)
ghostgate2001 1 hour ago @Merdalor
There's also the commercial version Maldita Castilla EX for Xbox One (and PS4 in the hopefully near future)
Maldita Castilla EX arrived on PS4 back in December - in North America, anyway. It was slightly delayed in Europe for some reason, but arrived on 11th January.

In short: Available now! :)
Bludsh0t 1 hour ago I'm waiting for the inevitable Switch Pro Scorpio addition out in 18 month time
Sancezzio 1 hour ago Absolutely can't wait for this retro indie game fad to be over. Even if it has been going on for years. I feel i'm really missing out but I just don't see the appeal of graphics like this. Deliberately hobbled animation and detail. I get that not everyone can afford top artists, animators, graphics creators etc. I understand why you'd want to use sprites. But with today's technology really great smooth sprites and environments can be created instead of blocky ones. Please can some people just do this? Cuphead is an example of sprites done well in my opinion although i can't abide the chromatic abberration. Now I sound like an old grumpy git poo pooing everyone else's fun...and maybe I am.
OnlyJoeKing 2 hours ago @TimmishMcgraw I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree, Timmish. I like the look of the Switch, you don't. And that's OK.

I don't really fancy a lengthy debate here but it sounds like you want me to try to respond to your points; I will oblige (though I thought my responses last time were reasonable enough):

- Expensive for what it is (Wii U)
Arguably yes, arguably no. It will be by far the best portable console, and there's nothing like it out there already.

- Controllers are a rip off (Wii U)
They aren't that much more than the Dualshock RRP or the XB1 controller RRP. If they are well made then I think they aren't that badly priced.

- Weaker than current gen (Wii U)
Not really an issue given its portability. You can't play your PS4 on the bus or the train, you wouldn't take it on holiday. The DS line isn't exactly a powerhouse but it's done very well.

- More expensive than current gen by some way
Again, it's a different proposition. As someone who invested in a gaming PC around a year ago, I think the current consoles offer incredible value. But again, you can't take it on the train & all that. It's not comparing apples with apples.

You can say that they are arguably better value, sure, but that doesn't mean that the Switch in isolation isn't an attractive proposition. They offer far better value than a gaming PC IMO, but I still wanted one!

- 5 launch games
This is not an issue. Few consoles have a particularly varied launch line up - see the other article on here recently which goes into detail - and Zelda is shaping up to be perhaps the best launch title ever.

- 18month to two year late ports (Wii U)
Not sure I see your point. If you mean Mario Kart 8..... how is that a bad thing?! If you own a 3DS and Mario Kart 7, you will know just how good MK8 will be on the go. It's a fantastic game. Still looks absolutely gorgeous, too.

- Same weirdness with 3rd parties (Wii U)
Probably with some of the big mainstream games, but it will have plenty of 3rd party support outside of those. I don't think it's a direct competitor to someone who wants those, but sits alongside quite nicely. It will have a rich library with a lot of appeal in no time. See the 3DS.

- Weird inferior online (Wii U)
Don't really see this as a big deal, personally. It's going to be cheap.

- Less functionality (apps, blu-ray etc)
You're scraping the bottom of the barrel, here. For one, who cares? For another, I'm pretty sure the PS4 had patchy app support at launch. I hear it's doing rather well...

- Almost exactly the same attitude from Nintendo regarding a "come back" to hardcore but not much real evidence of it.
I don't really understand this.

Anyway, like I said, I don't really fancy a long argument. I can understand the concerns about value most of all, and I'm a little concerned we'll see a price cut in the next 12 months. But that's just speculation, and I really like the look of the machine, so I'm happy to support it and get on board early on. Can't wait to get my hands on it to be honest. Not long now!
VanillaLake 2 hours ago @rep- No, you don't want to hear other opinions so ignore them if you can't deal with them. I think you didn't understand any of my comments. It's okay, just move on and stay on topic. I'll keep saying my opinion anyway because I don't care if you don't understand or like.
higganos 2 hours ago @Hellotherenow

Mine is Ł37.86 from ShopTo. member. 😉
higganos 2 hours ago @PCMaestro

They've already stated it's 2160p checkerboarding with a 4k HUD.

Try reading the article next time perhaps?
rep- 2 hours ago @VanillaLake
as you can't deal with a variety of opinions
yet previously I said

"The only discussion I am interested is the one which commences next week - sharing thoughts/opinions with other Switch owners."

You are clearly confused as I mentioned several times that I am interested in talking about the Switch with other owners - the good and the bad.

The vitriol here is people like rep- telling others to shut up their mouths because they are not praising Nintendo above all things.
A sensitive soul if you think my posts towards is vitriol. My posts are simply a reaction to your moaning about a console you have no intention of buying. Nothing to do with Nintendo.

NullDev 2 hours ago Looks rather easy compared to the thing it's supposedly trying to emulate.

Then again gamers these days are used to games being a lot easier than what they used to be so if they released a game as difficult as the original Ghosts and Goblins or Ghouls and Ghosts they'd not only end up alienating players, they'd also be getting bad reviews simply because of the difficulty level.
antmusic97 3 hours ago Guys got nothing on Thomas Falcetta. Original Wii super fan. So sad we will never hear his words of wisdom on any new Nintendo console :(
VanillaLake 3 hours ago Not taking this personally because I know exactly what I think and what I've written but, seriously, this victimhood is ridiculous, why is a big deal to say the wrong things about Switch when they are real and there are renowned websites like Eurogamer and many others writing about them?

The vitriol here is people like rep- telling others to shut up their mouths because they are not praising Nintendo above all things. Everyone has the right to say their opinions specially about something as trivial as a video game console. There are more important things to get mad about: politics, injustice, poorness, pollution... not that someone is saying that Switch is a disappointing console, whether that's true or not for each one of us. Just say your opinions and let others be like most people do.
electrolite 3 hours ago @DasManiac

Who's 'we?' I didn't fear anything like that. Speak for yourself.


Who's 'the rest?' Again, you speak for yourself and yourself alone
electrolite 3 hours ago @INSOMANiAC

You're on to something here. If a machine comes out (or a game for that matter) that I'm not interested in I don't really bother to comment about it either. It seems to be that those who aren't buying the Switch are very proud of that and determinedly vocal about the reasons why. Likewise those misguided enough to think they know at this stage how it will do. I don't know if this level of vitriol is aimed at other consoles launches but it seems odd.
Return-of-Jafar 3 hours ago Musicals are shit though.

You might as well advocate for a video game pantomime
ToWhomItMayConcern 4 hours ago @Beva78 I compared the article quality to a first draft of someone's homework. The meaning is quite clear, it wasn't a very good standard in my opinion. It wasn't mean, I meant it sincerely.

Read again the original reply you sent me. Do you think you criticism of me followed your own guidelines there? That was meaner spirited then anything I said.
mr_moti 4 hours ago The irony in precious snowflakes spouting their opinion about how much they hate the Switch, then crying when someone criticises their opinion. Everyone is entitles to their opinion just as they are entitled to criticise that opinion.

I'm looking forward to my Switch and if you don't like it, great. I'm sure you already have a system you enjoy. What's sad is taking time away from enjoying your preferred system to excessively attack people who enjoy the Switch. It just seems counter productive and a waste of time, but keep doing what makes you happy I guess...
Smans 4 hours ago Post deleted
MrTomFTW 4 hours ago How about Deus Ex Machina on the ZX Spectrum?

electrolite 4 hours ago @faizi1997

You're right, but try again and you might add something constructive
Stefarno 4 hours ago I know this isn't what the article is about, but I couldn't help but think of the Ace Attorney musical:

Hellotherenow 4 hours ago @man.the.king Yeah, Guerrilla are now the new graphic kings. Mind you, that Decima Engine there using is one powerful beast, and was designed for 4K and HDR.
chubster2010 4 hours ago I really wish Capcom would release Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts on PSN so it could be played on VIta. Wonderful game.

Better still...a PS4 remaster?
4 hours ago @ToWhomItMayConcern Thats kind of my point, if you want a portable console, you aren't going to be looking at an xbox or a playstation now are you? the same way with the RV and the car....
Hellotherenow 4 hours ago Horizon Zero Dawn on Shopto is Ł39.85. I'm buying my copy from Shopto.
jonathanharding-rath 4 hours ago @Fourfoldroot I guess for me I found the different shaped buttons made me faster learn and memorise them. I found the triggers fantastic although I admit the C stick was a little odd at first. The Xbox controller was hideous and I could barely grip the thing either. The S controller although smaller wasn't that much better IMO. I guess my love of the gamecube controller was it was quirky. I have to admit the PS4 controller is fantastic for me to use now though I've always liked playstation control pads.
danmuir 4 hours ago @Merdalor Gryzor87 is involved with BPM, too. He's providing the PCM soundtrack:)
Hellotherenow 4 hours ago Aloys hair flows more fluidly on the base PS4 version. Checked it out at 3.16 mark on te frame test video.
xAx 4 hours ago I feel like someone should mention The Protomen, they've made 2 albums about the story of Megaman and you should definitely check them out
Cose 4 hours ago @Trinitron I'd define as mediocre art direction more than anything else, though I could get your point, if she had a more interesting overall design the hairdo wouldn't mind that much
BluWacky 4 hours ago @The-Doctor Eric Idle finished the Life of Brian show, but did it as an oratorio instead called Not The Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy). Spiderman also wasn't canned for its quality; it was canned because it didn't make enough money (it being terrible in all of its different incarnations was a mere side story - commercial concerns always trump artistic ones).
Merdalor 4 hours ago Anyone even remotely interested in this should definitely also give Maldita Castilla a chance.
It's a freeware game for PC and Ouya. There's also the commercial version Maldita Castilla EX for Xbox One (and PS4 in the hopefully near future).

It's really, really good!

And if you're downloading that, be sure to grab Hydorah (by the same developer, Locomalito) as well. An excellent Gradius tribute. That one's only for PC though, but a commercial version is in development.
Cose 4 hours ago @AgentDaleCooper she is just simply ugly, badly designed, uninteresting, unappealing, talk about bad art design but hey it's Guerrilla let's praise them anyways
VanillaLake 4 hours ago @rep- You're boring. So so boring. Write your own blog and erase the comments you don't like and ignore Eurogamer which you don't seem to like much, as you can't deal with a variety of opinions. ;)
rep- 4 hours ago @VanillaLake Being able to say what you want doesn't mean you should say what you want.

Out of interest - why do you believe people buying the Switch care about you a. Not liking the console b. Waiting for a "pro version" c. Playing Zelda on the Wii U.

As for being on topic. My Switch with Zelda arrives this week.