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samharper 5 minutes ago Actual gameplay! At last!

This looks pretty similar to the PS3 version to be honest, not that that's a bad thing of course. Although I bet it will be quite something to behold in 60FPS.
d80s0q 7 minutes ago All is good in current-gen graphics then :)
ToiletDuck 7 minutes ago Bloody evil gingers!
Murton 8 minutes ago @DreadedWalrus

One of the charges is "possession of an imitation firearm" as well, so there's your confirmation that it wasn't a real gun.
DreadedWalrus 11 minutes ago This had better have online multiplayer or I'm not buying. ;)
Bauul 14 minutes ago @ghostgate2001 "Infinite draw distance"? Have you seen the pollution in Paris recently? ;)
Phear_Trigger 17 minutes ago Idris Elba or im out
vojtas 22 minutes ago @Bertie Triss, Geralt, Dandelion and Yarpen are friends - thematically fight between them would have no sense at all. As far as I know there will be co-op side-quests, totally optional obviously. To be honest collecting of VPs is kinda peculiar choice for adventure game. Perhaps full co-op product would be better OR competitive game with very diversed characters, maybe even evil ones. Special scenarios would probably work very well here. On the other hand that would make this game probably more complex than it should be. Let's face it: TWAG is clearly a game for beginners, for people who are entering vast world of tabletop gaming. This is adventure-ish opener, so it can't be complicated as much as - let's say - Robinson Crusoe, previous Ignacy's project - great but very cruel co-op title with almost inifinite replayablity (I strongly recommend it for every survival/co-op fan).

I have a feeling that TWAG on the table will work much better than digital version, just because of friends and possibility of talk, reading flavour text on the cards, experiencing adventures etc.

AcidSnake 25 minutes ago Hmmm... can only work with old skool med packs though... If it would have regenerating health you could just hug and face a wall and no-one would ever find you...
DreadedWalrus 25 minutes ago @jablonski Looks like a possibility, going off the linked article:

Georgiou, who was wearing a crash helmet, hit one of the men over the head with what appeared to be a handgun and the second man grabbed a knife from the kitchen before they tied up the residents and threatened to shoot or stab them unless they gave them drugs and money.
Interesting that it says "what appeared to be a handgun". Maybe it wasn't actually a handgun?

Bauul 31 minutes ago @monty_79 Made me laugh too. But why stop there?

As reported by The Argus, on 1st April shortly before 5pm, 19 year old Jay Georgiou and an unidentified assailant broke into the flat of three men in Tenterden Close, Eastbourne. The pair of crooks, who were heat-packing gang-banging mother fuckers who never owed nuffin to no-one, tied up the residents and demanded drugs and money.
simsini 32 minutes ago Shame they weren't playing Need For Speed considering what the burglar was after.
monty_79 34 minutes ago Packing heat? :lol:

Bitch, please.
Shakey_Jake33 41 minutes ago I'd be all over a monthly Sky Sports sub at 9.99 or even 19.99.

9.99 for one day seems like a bad joke, though.
rudedudejude 43 minutes ago Did KINECT save the day?
rubthisway 45 minutes ago Tom Hanks, or I'm out.
frunk 46 minutes ago @George-Roper
But by buying into this, you're agreeing that 9.99 for one day of viewing is acceptable.
To be honest it is a lot, Sky is an odious creature and every race should be live on the BBC. But at least this way it is a lot cheaper for me and Sky get less cash. And this year I have had no reason to spend. Will just watch the BBC highlights later one. Maybe get a race or two near the end of season.

But live sports events are about the only excuse and a rich history with pay-per-view boxing, etc.

It's shit, but it's the modern world. I am just glad I can rely on the BBC for 90% of my viewing.

As for Game of Thrones... I am prepared to pick up the BluRay so I can binge... uncompromising quality with most of the money going to the creators and not some middle man.

We do have a choice and multiple ways of consumption. Better than having only one way to watch something. I am remarkably careful with my media spending :)
CamberGreber 46 minutes ago Awesome vid of course just wish they would have done longer cuts :(
vert1go 48 minutes ago with ginger hair
Is this story further proof of pure evil inherent in them?
deathrowghost 49 minutes ago Police had a good kinection.......
Mankydollop2 53 minutes ago @SpaceMonkey77 In the age of TV on demand and BT sport et al, you think that sky are using this to boost subscribers? Not that they need new revenue streams as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BT Sport and others erode their business? Adapt and survive. BBC Three's move from airwaves to iplayer next year is a good indication of how TV consumption is changing.
gr8effect 54 minutes ago Angelina Jolie or I'm not watching. :P
jablonski 55 minutes ago "packing heat"

By heat, we means guns? In Eastbourne?
AgentPothead 58 minutes ago This seems like one of those things that sounds all right on paper, but in implementation is boring and not worth playing.
erp 1 hour ago I'm not sure I'd say the graphics seem particularly "cel-shaded"...?

But still, I'm quite looking forward to this - it looks good!
1 hour ago @OtisBDriftwood

I've been using youtube on the browser since day one it works fine
1 hour ago Sky go now please :)

bleeder 1 hour ago haven't had this much fun in a game for a while. really damn good, even on the lowly 360
dogmanstaruk 1 hour ago @Illgameonanything
but he's 43 now and has put on a lot of weight.
You post as if 43 is old.

I'm not 43, but I'm fully aware an actor of that age is perfectly capable of playing the role of Drake*, plus Drake himself is easily early 40s in U4 trailer.

As for the weight? It can be lost.

NF it is then!

*Remember Harrison Ford was of a similar age while doing Indy.
asphaltcowboy 1 hour ago @bestius Burt Reynolds or I'm not watching...
PazJohnMitch 1 hour ago @Oxybelis hopefully it was his own car!
JAK620 1 hour ago You guys have more apps out there than the US.
Sir_Walter_Rally 1 hour ago The guy from Six Feet Under... spitting image, much more resemblance than some of these laughable suggestions :lol:

He is even called Nate FFS!

bladdard 1 hour ago Corey and Trevor, not those dickweeds!
kentmonkey 1 hour ago XBOX record burglary
bestius 1 hour ago Nathan Fillion or Ryan Reynolds would be fine with me.
Gojiratron 1 hour ago Love the idea but have my doubts over how playable it would actually be in practise, especially in 4-player.
joeymoto108 1 hour ago
As reported by The Argus, on 1st April shortly before 5pm, 19 year old Jay Georgiou and an unidentified assailant broke into the flat of three men in Tenterden Close, Eastbourne. The pair of crooks, who were packing heat, tied up the residents and demanded drugs and money.
That's what you get for playing COD folks...
Panchos 1 hour ago Moron
lukasvokrinek 1 hour ago The one time COD was good for something -_-
Calverz 1 hour ago Idiot
LividCarrion 1 hour ago @sjmlondon I have, it looks pretty much identical tbh, but i cant tell the difrence between 900p and 1080 anyway. I will say though the colours seem a bit too vibrant on the xbox one version, (i notice it on the ship loading screen and at the tower) but that may just be me forgeting what it was on the PS4 while it was down.
WhyMeeeeee 1 hour ago I don't mind paying now and again for the day pass if theres 3 or 4 live footy games on like a super sunday
it beats being tied into 2 yr contracts for 70/month

the now tv movie subscription is a rip off, I'm waiting for blinkbox app.
Calverz 2 hours ago Wow the ps4 is actually getting something decent. Can i pause my downloads yet? LOL
Moondynejoe 2 hours ago I would love a code for Xbox one if anyone is feeling generous. Thanks in advance.
superkick 2 hours ago That's a sad looking selection there.
dsmx 2 hours ago @WizenWolfBain Who the fuck would care? Action films exist solely to entertain anything more than that is a bonus.
billythemule 2 hours ago @null This isn't just any platformer. It won many awards at the time and has 3 sequels to it, most of which were highly regarded as well. One of them even has its own HD remake.
Hawkins 2 hours ago It's a shame he was discarded, his music was the only attraction to the Halo series for me.
jpm224 2 hours ago Sounds like a bad bug they decided to turn into a selling point lol