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dirtysteve 5 minutes ago @rubthisway You do see it, but mostly internet-only feminists on a par with 4chan.

Feminism is more about the organized activity (definition 2), which has some issues.
rubthisway 19 minutes ago @jimmhoo Merriam-Webster defines feminism as: "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities"

Feminism as "opression of men"? About as common as yetis and unicorns I imagine.
polandspring 26 minutes ago no we need good devs with integrity to what they do. not ones that fvck their way through or use sex, color, creed to manipulate public views and attention.
what we need is more devs with integrity.
bentaylor1 34 minutes ago Wish it was an Xbox one meat boy.. Really,really enjoyed super meat boy,massive challenge! Which I'm getting from trials fusion right now! :D
jimmhoo 45 minutes ago @Great_Googly_Moogly like what? all women want is to be equal to men. They don;t want nothing more other than to be judged the same as everyone else. And that is as it should be.

that is called Egalitarianism

feminism, as lot of things is a spectrum, some feminists are more radical than others but feminism as currently defined is a mess because the wide variety of feminists with diferent ideas a feminist may want equality but another may want opression of men, by definition is considered a form of sexism like "machismo" since its the oposite, both have positive aspects in how they behave with the oposite sex(except the radicals) but still are considered a form of sexism since they favours a person with a particular sex and not care for the political rights of people of oposite sex

Egalitarianism promotes the same rights no matter sex, race, religion or political view, that is a noble cause, feminism is not
craig6928 47 minutes ago so ps4 gets offline game mode for two players

were the ps3 gets zero and have to play online only

hopefully a patch comes out to play offline

its a fun game i was suprise you can finish the game with out any purchasing
or just keep winning rounds
JohnnyReb76 50 minutes ago As a PS4 owner, I say this is not funny anymore. MS is jumping trough hoops for it's customers, meanwhile all we get is "we do not completely understand what's happening" from Yoshida.
polandspring 51 minutes ago zoi Quinn:
MrMeX 59 minutes ago @INSERT-COIN
You SHOULD buy Okami HD to ps3:) Its fucking beautiful:) And Okami HD still has the highest resolution seen on any console game to date!
3d game running 4K internally on a ps3!(1920x1080p native 4xSSAA(30fps) That is something you don`t see every day;)

ps: Buy the disc version of Okami HD! (japanese disc version of Okami HD has english text just like eu digital version)

Edit: I almost forgot... If you play Okami HD in 1280x720p native(set the XMB to 720p max) then the game will STILL render 3840x2160(4K) internally effectively creating a 1280x720p native 8xSSAA image! YES you can play Okami HD in either 1280x720p native 8xSSAA or 1920x1080p native 4xSSAA!
MrMeX 1 hour ago @INSERT-COIN
"Also don't be so sure that Metro could do higher than 1080P because it needs lots of ROP's and pixel fill rate to run games at higher resolutions. Also you may think that Metro LL is a "last gen" game only because you got a "last gen" port but the PC version is actually one of the best looking games available and full of high end Direcxt11 features , some of them are actually absent from the PS4 and XB1 ports and I am not referring to SSAA either."

Eh The Metro games are last gen games mate!

Digital Foundry:
Article: Metro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

Digital Foundry:
Surely the easier path would have been to lock at 1080p30 and concentrate on integrating as many high-end rendering features as possible. Why target 60fps over 30fps?

Oles Shishkovstov:
Because we can! Actually for the next unannounced project, the designers want more and more of everything (as usual) and quite possibly we will target 30fps.
Look, we shipped a rock-solid 60fps game with the quality right in the middle between the high and very high preset of the PC version. Let's discard around 30 per cent of frame-time for post-processing (as this is basically a constant cost) - so we are at around 11ms for the stuff on screen. Now just imagine if we do target 30fps, that would enable around 2.5 times better, richer visuals.
muzzakus 1 hour ago @INSERT-COIN dude, I didn't say PC gaming is in dire straights. I said PC version of this game is, nothing more, nothing less.
INSERT-COIN 1 hour ago @MrMeX Sorry for not looking at the link the first time as I am very tired and I believed it was the one you had shown me before.

Okami does look quite beautiful with SSAA as it really does work with the dark high contrast black edges. I was always meaning to buy the game first when it launched on PS2, then Wii but didn't get round to it so I think I will buy a copy of this PS3 version as it looks amazing. It always did have a unique art style didn't it?.
JamesBrophy 1 hour ago This website has some great writers. Why don't they bring the same level of writing to the videos?

I mean, if you transcribed this video would anyone read it or publish it as an article?
MrMeX 1 hour ago @INSERT-COIN
"SSAA usually starts at 2x 1080p"
SSAA usually start at 2560x1440(2560x1440 down-sampled to 1920x1080p = 1920x1080p native 2xSSAA) Just saying
INSERT-COIN 1 hour ago @MrMeX Yes Child of Light, I knew it was one of the 2D Ubisoft games although the name alluded me as it was so long ago.

Also don't be so sure that Metro could do higher than 1080P because it needs lots of ROP's and pixel fill rate to run games at higher resolutions. Also you may think that Metro LL is a "last gen" game only because you got a "last gen" port but the PC version is actually one of the best looking games available and full of high end Direcxt11 features , some of them are actually absent from the PS4 and XB1 ports and I am not referring to SSAA either.

The Metro games use lots of high end rendering tech and the last gen console versions are pale imitations but I suppose you will see for yourself now that the game is out on consoles.
Hanrak 1 hour ago Anyone else noticed the filthy fuck in the background at 1.12? Mmmm earwax.....
INSERT-COIN 1 hour ago @Rack Well I disagree with you there when you are calling I5's obsolete as they run games perfectly fine. In fact I personally know someone with a high end GPU and I believe Ivy I5 and he still runs games perfectly fine above 60fps.
Core for core even a three gen's old I5 has 4x the performance of the Jaguar architecture and that is stock settings minus a healthy overclock.

Also most games are advertising an I7 for ultra setting but for low settings we are seeing 6 years old CPU's or Dead Rising 3 for example which targets an I3 3220 or a core2quad 9550 which is well below an I5 and this is a game that will have LOTS of CPU draw calls being an open world game with 100's of NPC zombies.

Thief max CPU needed is an I7 or an FX 8000 but minimum is an dual core or quad core unspecified, so old.

Watchdogs max settings is an I7 3770 and minimum is an Intel core 2 quad 8400 or AMD Phenom X4 940

All these minimum CPU's are well below that of an I5 so saying you cannot get decent performance from an I5 is well wrong. Even Crysis3 being one of the most CPU dependent games available will still run well on an I5 for 95% of the time.

Assassins Creed4 requires an I5 2400S for ultra settings and an Intel core 2 quad 8400 or AMD Athlon x4 620 which just like all the other CPU's for minimum setting is pretty ancient and leagues behind even an I5 Sandy.

So yes you can still enjoy a perfect performance even on an I5 Sandy Bridge as I personally know someone who currently owns a 290x and is going to buy SLI 880's but has no reason to upgrade his I5 Ivy.

Lets be honest here, a modern I7 will push games at higher frame rates but does it really matter if an I7 is pushing 160fps and an I5 90 to 144fps using ultra high end GPU's when most people only need 60fps?.

On average my I7 Sandy gets used around 40% with some of the most demanding games in the low 60's and the least demanding ones as low as 20%.

So like I said, I strongly disagree with your views and after reading your comments I have went and looked at many games for the required specs and I don't believe all those developers are being cynical and telling people to buy a game if they have a 6-7 years old CPU if it's not going to be playable and I5's are so much closer to I7's than those old CPU's are. I don't think developers are targeting specs of just I7 users.

I would be interested to see some benchmarks of I5's choking badly giving poor gaming performance if you have them though but at this point I disagree with you.
crazy-Tetsuo 1 hour ago @jinglejangle

Never seen PS4 to do something to reach for, to me it's a draw as One offers superior contoller, UI and multimedia. Actually Xbox One is better than PS4.
Alexx98 1 hour ago Are all DF articles this defensive about the Xbox?
I mean whenever PS4 has a clear indisputable technical advantage over X1 it is immediately followed up by a remark mitigating this and telling us about how great the X1 version is. Why?
Is DF not supposed to be technical and neutral?
mushi_mush 1 hour ago I tried both x1 and ps4 for my youtube channel. Its a no brainer, ps4 version does play and look so much nicer. Not saying x1 is s*** though.
MrMeX 1 hour ago @INSERT-COIN

Examples of games using SSAA on consoles:
Flow to ps3 use super-sampling!

Proof straight from THATGAMECOMPANY(developer): ic.php?start=15&t=709

"flOw actually does have some anti-aliasing. It's just implemented in an unusual way.

There are two main types of anti-aliasing available on the current generation of consoles: super-sampled and multi-sampled, often abbreviated as SSAA and MSAA. Both types basically involve rendering the scene at a higher resolution than your intended display resolution, and then shrinking it down before you actually display it. In fact, with SSAA that's exactly what you do. In MSAA, the video card cleverly only renders extra pixels around the areas that tend to have jaggies. There are other, generally subtler, types of aliasing than jaggies, which MSAA doesn't fix, but MSAA tends to be much more efficient than SSAA, and it's the type of anti-aliasing that almost everyone uses.

flOw uses SSAA.

In flOw, we render the entire scene to a 4x720p buffer (1440p), and then shrink it down to whatever resolution you have your PS3 set to. So if you're running in 1080i, you're basically getting 1.777x anti-aliasing (if you examine the screenshot Stew2000 posted very carefully you actually can see a little bit of jaggie smoothing). We didn't use MSAA because you can't directly scale a 4xMSAA 720p buffer to 1080p and we couldn't get full 2x1080p MSAA working in time to ship, for some stupid reason. However, because the scenes in flOw are generally very sparse and we use extremely short fragment shaders and no textures, SSAA isn't that much less efficient than MSAA for us."

(Digital Foundry)

Article: Face-Off Extra: Sacred 2 1080p Performance Analysis:

"Sacred 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 was worth picking up and looking at in a bit more depth though since it has the distinction of running at native 1080p with no resolution trickery or upscaling. Not only that but it manages to do so on both platforms."

"The test was then re-run again. The same route through the level, but this time at 720p. And guess what? The results are almost exactly the same. Despite the fact that the consoles are displaying less than half the resolution, performance is identical, disparities in the amount of tearing included. This is because the systems are still rendering internally at 1080p before scaling down and displaying at native 720p. The benefit of this is that it's the best form of anti-aliasing there is, edges are smoothed off in a way few techniques can match."

"Super-sampling anti-aliasing in effect. Even in 720p mode, Sacred 2 is still internally rendering 1080p."

(Digital Foundry)

Article: Xbox 360 vs PS3 Face-Off: Round 14 Page 2:
Soul Calibur 4:
"Soul Calibur IV is stressing Xbox 360 in ways Namco-Bandai has been unable or unwilling to match on the equivalent PlayStation 3 code. For one thing, the game is running internally with a whopping great 40 per cent resolution increase on the Microsoft console, with a native framebuffer of 1365x960 versus the standard 1280x720 on the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version also has an extra layer of lighting effects completely absent on the PS3 game - though the effect is rather subtle. They only manifest in the form of a touch of bloom and a good old-fashioned lens flare mostly apparent on the pre-fight animations.
Right after rendering Xbox's higher resolution image, Namco's coders then scale it back down again to 720p! Neither version has any anti-aliasing effects but the idea in using the Xbox 360's higher resolution is to downscale the larger image in order to smooth off edges and reduce 'jagginess'."

(Digital Foundry)

Article:Next-Gen Face-Off: The Lego Movie Videogame:

"[Update 16/3/14 19:07: an interesting theory here on a vertically super-sampled PS4 image, derived from a 1920x1200 native resolution squeezed down to 1080p. After reviewing the assets, we're more inclined to believe it's in the neighbourhood of 1920x1280 based on 64/54 pixel ratio. The boost to image quality is minimal - additional resolution benefits thin geometry and texture detail, neither of which are major elements in the visual make-up of this game. Additionally, much of the image is submerged under depth of field - the main reason this escaped our notice in the first place. For the record, Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS4 is definitely native 1080p, so this is a new development for the series - and could well be the first PS4 game to render at a resolution exceeding full HD.]"

(Digital Foundry)

Article: Face-Off: Lego The Hobbit:

"Despite the change in art style, the basic rendering set-up remains unchanged from Lego The Movie. The PS4 game offers up a 1920x1280 image vertically super-sampled down to 1080p, providing extra anti-aliasing in the process, while Xbox One operates natively in 1080p and PC can do that and more."

"Lego The Hobbit revisits its predecessor with native 1080p on Xbox One, super-sampling on PS4 and minor reductions in PC image quality."

"Due to the minor use of super-sampling, the PS4 actually demonstrates slightly cleaner edges than on the other formats"

Digital Foundry
Article: Face-Off: Child of Light:

"The topic of resolution is particularly interesting where PS4 and Xbox One are concerned. Child of Light provides us with a crisp 1080p presentation, but some evidence suggests that elements of the presentation are derived from rendering at a much higher resolution and then down-sampling - a process known as super-sampling. The lack of long straight edges makes pixel counting difficult, but our analysis throws up two separate numbers for horizontal resolution - 2304 and 2112 were both extracted from the same scene - while vertical resolution is consistent at 1440. This isn't entirely confirmed, then - it may well be the case that a form of multi-sampling is in effect, but the edge-smoothing is quite unlike any other form of MSAA we've seen before."
Jayja 1 hour ago @jabberwoky No problem. Wasn't like you spelled out the whole plot. :)
MrMeX 1 hour ago @INSERT-COIN
The Capcom link i gave you is in english.. Dude of course SSAA is demanding.. you are rendering higher res internally then your native display!

"In any case super sampling is very demanding and won't be used in modern 3D games on consoles, you need two high end GPU's to mange 60fps with SSAA enabled."

Do you need to render 60fps to do SSAA?? NO! Pretty sure Metro Redux could use super-sampling on consoles if they targeted 30fps and the developer wanted to! Both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light is last gen games!

"That 2D Rayman game uses mild super sampling on PS4 and when I say mild I mean mild as it was down sampled from 1920x1280 or some resolution very close to this while normal SSAA usually starts at 2x 1080p going all the way up to 4K resolution"

Rayman Legends don`t use any SSAA at all! Just saying..
Great_Googly_Moogly 2 hours ago @dirtysteve like what? all women want is to be equal to men. They don;t want nothing more other than to be judged the same as everyone else. And that is as it should be.
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @Great_Googly_Moogly Equal rights - yes, but I think feminism has some issues that keeps me from supporting it.
yodizzle 2 hours ago @SvennoJ Havent you heard? They play on a 32 inch screen, no lie.
INSERT-COIN 2 hours ago @BobbyDeNiro The STALKER trilogy are great games that I enjoy quite a bit. So what is SupCom as I was meaning to ask you earlier mate?.

I imagine your CPU will last another GPU upgrade before needing replaced as I am not seeing games stress my older stock clock I7.

Yes it is nice having hardware that ensures you don't need to compromise on anything, it's a nice feeling. :)
Great_Googly_Moogly 2 hours ago @Kendrene Feminism- women equal rites, is something we should all support. There is no reason in modern society why they should not be. In 2014, everyone should be equal, at the end of the day, we are all the same.
INSERT-COIN 2 hours ago @Josh128 I have been reading contradicting performance deltas between Jaguar and I7's. See I have a link of a website that says core for core an I5 is 4x more powerful than Jaguar but the I7's are more powerful than I5's and these are more powerful than I7's yet you said 3x more performance so who is correct as there is so many different numbers?.

It would be good if we could get to know what benchmarks they used as it may explain the different numbers but the website I was talking about pegs an I5's being 4x more powerful per core. Of course an I5 has 4 cores while the consoles have 6 for gaming which would make a stock I5 3x more powerful right?.
penhalion 2 hours ago Am I missing something or is Massive Chalice simply turning out to be a bad XCom clone?
INSERT-COIN 2 hours ago @man_on_fire Sometimes sarcasm can go straight over my head when online because sometimes people type posts like yours while being genuine, so you noised me up good :)
penhalion 2 hours ago Lol I will definitely get this expansion. I love the Gat character. The thing that sold me on it was the little exchange near the beginning "things may be more complicated than that" "No..I said I'm gonna shoot him in the face!" that to me was pure Gat.
INSERT-COIN 2 hours ago @MrMeX Super sampling is demanding, it's very demanding in fact. Also you have linked that linked before and it was all in Japanese so translated very poorly, any chance you have something in English talking about that?.

In any case super sampling is very demanding and won't be used in modern 3D games on consoles, you need two high end GPU's to mange 60fps with SSAA enabled.

That 2D Rayman game uses mild super sampling on PS4 and when I say mild I mean mild as it was down sampled from 1920x1280 or some resolution very close to this while normal SSAA usually starts at 2x 1080p going all the way up to 4K resolution

It would be interesting if you could find a better link for that as I read that link before and Japanese to English translation isn't the best.
smelly 2 hours ago @ApokNyneWheel : Er, um.. Er.. 2 weeks will have nothing at all to do with development time.

For it to release for November, it would already need to be in with the platform holder for testing, before coming out for duplication/distribution/etc.

This is all about marketing.
Josh128 2 hours ago @Liuwil Actually, I think the Jaguar chips, clock for clock, have better IPC than Vishera. The Vishera cores have a good bit less (10 or 15%) IPC than their older Phenom II brothers. AMD took a big step back with the Bulldozer/Piledriver cores in order to boost clock rates and still allow for 8 cores (years ago now).
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @DeLoftie yes lol. Also yolo. well done.
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @dirtysteve
it's trying to pass off that belief as fact that makes you look like a cunt.
Lol, couldn't have put it better myself.
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @DeLoftie You can believe what you want.
it's trying to pass off that belief as fact that makes you look like a cunt.
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @dirtysteve
Again, why should I share information with you?
I wouldn't if I was you. But don't worry Steve, I know you didn't support the FYC campaign.

I'm just making a point. I'm not going to dox you or anything, I mean you didn't sleep with a blogger or anything horrendous like that.
crazy-Tetsuo 2 hours ago @ES0

Mark Zuckerberg: Hey everybody, look how social i am.
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @DeLoftie Again, why should I share information with you?

If we have learned nothing else from all this, it's that poisonous trolls mining for personal info are to be avoided.
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @dirtysteve Lol, one of the 2 since the Zoe Quinn scandal. And yes I know the Show More page. I also know it takes a long ass time to scroll all the way down to the end of the list

Is that what you are doing right now, frantically clicking "Show More", hoping to get down there before it starts looking weird?

I wonder at what point you start shouting at the screen "I don't deserve this harrassment, I've done nothing wrong"
Josh128 2 hours ago @Mar27w these Intel I7 cores are roughly 50% faster clock for clock than the AMD Jaguar cores. They also can boost to 3.5Ghz from a base clock of 3. So if the PS4 CPU runs at 1.6 Ghz and also has 8 cores, then this beast is about 3x faster without turbo.
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @DeLoftie Are you new to that site? Click 'show more' to the lower right.
See how many there are.

Your effort is starting to look a little tragic.
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @dirtysteve Lol, no Steve.

I want to match your donation to one of the 2 anonymous donations on the FYC page.

One is $300 and the other is $5. I'm guessing you weren't the $300, correct?
dirtysteve 2 hours ago @DeLoftie None of your fucking business.
What, do you want my home address too?
CaptainKid 2 hours ago Isn't time to retire this outside xbox nonsense?
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @dirtysteve How much did you give?
Farslain 2 hours ago We may need more Zoe Quinn's but we definitely don't need any more articles discussing her.

Thank you.
DeLoftie 2 hours ago @NightAntilli
So you are still admitting that they are going by the feminist agenda, thus are supporting feminism.
Umm, ok you know that sentence is the exact opposite of what I said. Let me say it again

"they are not feminists, and are in fact doing a thing feminists complain about"

How can they be "going by the feminists agenda" if they are doing the thing feminists complain about (unicorning)

Just because feminists complain about something doesn't mean that the complaint is valid. Another woman for you then...
What ... ?

So you agree feminists complain about this, but that complaint is invalid, even though this is also what Christy is complaining about?

What ... ?