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Porcupine_I 3 minutes ago @Dhalamar Actually Trico does take a shit in the game. There is even a Trophy if you catch him.
mostro 4 minutes ago @Rogueywon Alas, the Pro can't save TLG I'm afraid. The camera/control is SO bad I had to quickly play a couple of games afterwards to prove to myself it wasn't all in my head. I know I'm missing out on a game that in a million ways I would love but I just can't...
-pelican- 7 minutes ago Copy has arrived, but not had a chance to give it ago. Love the cardboard sleeve as it reminds me of the original Ico packaging.
dedhead777 8 minutes ago I think the game would've hit 60fps easily if it was made for the Pro to begin with, i saw it coming really, part of the same family yes, but all treated equally? not a chance. One thing Sony/Microsoft said that is truthful is we won't be seeing any exclusives on the Pro and Scorpio for a long while if at all, just technically better version of games since the Pro is still a PS4 and the Scorpio from the information gathered is still an Xbox One.

I have a Pro and i expect better performing games, simple as that, if that upsets people deal with it welcome to technology.
Dhalamar 9 minutes ago @Creamysmooth was also a time when Expansion Pack actually meant a genuine, meaty extension for ones game as opposed to "10 for a couple of new skins and a shiny Weapon" DLC we get today.

Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition is well worth a look if you haven't already.
porkface 32 minutes ago @ghostgate2001 All added! And get *you* and your esoteric tastes.
masteratt 32 minutes ago Is there any news or ideas on if they'll patch the performance and the camera?
Foxtrot-Oscar 34 minutes ago You'd think that rather than risk getting caught for insider trading they'd just have the shares put in their partners name! Seems to work a lot of other crooked goings on. Better yet, only allow a limited amount to each employee. After all the most likely to commit this 'crime' are the most rich and least in need. When I grow up I want a job where I can potentially be fined that much!
ecco 34 minutes ago @m0thr4
And so it begins... the first game for which a Pro is required. Sony really want us all to upgrade, but they've decided to use passive aggressive persuasion.
Follow this guide:

Then place it on your head. :rolleyes:
captainBlahBlah 34 minutes ago And now we know where all the NMS FUD was coming from. Microsoft as usual creating noise, poking users and generally causing chaos, for a game not on their system, and then here like magic is the solution....

Microsoft upto its same old disgusting tricks........
I_Am_CatButler 36 minutes ago @IslandMonkey
The original PS1 game doesn't even look all that terrible on emulators at 1080p - a bit of texture warping as you'd expect from the PS1's rudimentary texture filtering, but nothing disastrous.
Even the wobbly textures caused affine sampling can be fixed on some PS1 emulators.
Creamysmooth 38 minutes ago @Dhalamar
I'm a huge fan of BioWare's earlier output, (still play them regular today and I still own the original boxes for all their classic PC RPGs
A kindred spirit appears :-)

I remember when I first bought Baldurs Gate, when I got home and read the tome of a manual and spent hours pouring over the skill charts and spells trying to work out what class to play as before I even started. That game blew my mind and I loved every minute of it, and it was my first real introduction to RPG's, and its influence on me has never waned. (I still have that box displayed on my nerd shelf of fame)

These days BioWare is just a name to stick on a box to shift numbers.
Sadly I am pretty sure that is because the Bioware that use to be Black Isle Studios is no more and the name was given to other studios that EA owned, and they got renamed to Bioware Austin etc.
Manny2000 39 minutes ago I suppose we should be thankful it ever got finished at all. It seems unlikely it will recoup its development costs for Sony.

Maybe 5 years from now it will get remastered on some future platform and all these technical glitches will be forgiven.

I think I'll fire up the PS3 later on and play Ico again. (There was a magic in the Original PS2 version that I just can't see to find any more).
imt558 41 minutes ago @Dopedrop
It's not a bug. It's not a LOD issue. Game is damn blurry on Xbone. It's a fact. Where the f*** are LOD issue on these shots? Tell me.

Foxtrot-Oscar 43 minutes ago @riceNpea

Hahah. It got my attention. But only because I'm familiar with No Man's Sky and having never heard of this game it instantly informed what that game was about. You may well be right, but it's also rather informative too.

I just wished the headline could have explained that it's third-person and I'd have made a cup of tea instead, or eaten a biscuit or something.
murdo 48 minutes ago @m0thr4 And it's a game that doesn't work well even on a pro. That makes sense to you? If the game worked perfect on pro, you would have a point, or maybe you think they did that on purpose? Who knows...
Foxtrot-Oscar 49 minutes ago @AgentDaleCooper

I think you're absolutely right. Some of the people upset with No Man's Sky and specifically those who can't appreciate this style of game and see it as incomplete, unfinished, a non-game would have been better served with combat. Or as some have suggested a detailed with characters to interact with.

The difference in attitude and mentality between the No Man's Sky fan the most vocal of haters is a little similar to what I think can be a fundamental difference between the average car owner and people who ride motorbikes. The car is simply a form of transport, for most it's essential. There are exceptions of course, but I think that describes most car owners.

The motorbike owner can view the bike also as simply a means of transport. But there are a large percentage that see it as more than that. A car is somewhat disconnected from the outside world. You're in a box, away from the wind and the weather. At speed you remain as comfortable as you do at slow speed. You reduce the speed taking corners because it's less comfortable and in a normal car you're likely to slid in your seat.

The motorbike is a whole different beast. You feel the speed. You're in the elements. You're away of the wind, the temperature, rain, whatever. Taking corners especially at a reasonable speed isn't uncomfortable but it's an experience, exciting even. And when you stop your foot touches the ground. It's a very different experience of course to driving. And because it's so much more enjoyable, generally, to those with bikes, it's much more likely a bike rider will go for ride for the sheer pleasure of the experience.

A No Man's Sky player simply has a different appreciation of the game environment. They can enjoy the first-person view, and admire the scenery and enjoy the travel without needing an end game. While you're always moving to end up somewhere, the travel isn't an annoyance. To those that don't like the game they don't see the point of just moving around if there's no specific place to go or clear direction on why they're moving.

The gamers who don't like No Man's Sky would be the equivalent of the car owner telling the bike rider that they should stop riding for the fun of riding and get a car and only use it to get from A to B, and give up just riding around for the sheer fun of riding! And a biker would react exactly like you or I, or any No Man's Sky player would and question why anyone feels the need to express a dislike for something so persistently. It doesn't change anything. It's just a waste of effort.
Simatron3000 55 minutes ago @m0thr4 I don't for one second believe Sony are that cynical. Last Guardian just runs like shit.
HaughtonMills 55 minutes ago What do you expect, most of his fans are probably brexit and trump supporters
m0thr4 57 minutes ago @AgentDaleCooper None, whatsoever.
m0thr4 58 minutes ago And so it begins... the first game for which a Pro is required. Sony really want us all to upgrade, but they've decided to use passive aggressive persuasion.
riceNpea 1 hour ago @Murton agreed. The headline wouldn't look out of place if I saw it fronting some click-bait Taboola nonsense. Pure sensationalism.
tidy-spidey 1 hour ago this is pretty laughable. i have no doubt the CEO has the actual authority to carry out the decision to delay, but no one can seriously expect it to be believed that those other execs didn't at least know about the possibility of the delay and so chose their sales at a very opportune moment. There are no coincidences that big involving well timed share sales.
Spetzomancer 1 hour ago @Breach ikr, this story can be read everywhere on the net. must be a slow day at EG
Simatron3000 1 hour ago @JoelStinty Then I envy you for not being bothered by these technical issues. The camera is acceleration based, tied to frame rate, which means even moving the camera is wildly inconsistent. I reject the claim that such foibles are "part of the charm" of a Ueda game.
gnosis 1 hour ago People have played Rayman Jungle Run, yes? It is an auto-runner but broken down into levels. Its fantastic, as is the (slightly lesser) follow up, Fiesta.

If Mario is like those games, but with the Nintendo touch, I am all in. Mobile games can be awesome (Plants vs Zombies, Rayman Run, Telltale games output to name a few) - its just sad how many shite games and bad business practices are out there too.
Spetzomancer 1 hour ago I like when Eurogamer focuses on games, not gossip and celebrities
I_Am_CatButler 1 hour ago It's pretty stunning to see how close the E3 2009 trailer was to the final game, I think the only real downgrade I remember from the leaked target render was the loss of volumetric shadows in the dust as Trico climbed a crumbling ledge.

I wonder if we'll ever get to see what state the game really was in during development, especially toward the end of its time on PS3. From the outside it looks like Ueda settled on a vision very early and it was the tension between this and the technical limitations of the hardware that prevented the game from being finished, it would be interesting to see if there was any kind of compromise being made (and then unmade for the PS4 release).

On a side note, would it be possible to have a little note at the top of the page warning us if the text is replicated in any of the videos. I really enjoy reading/watching DF content but it's a little annoying to start a video and realise I've already read half of the commentary.
Yautja_Warrior 1 hour ago Loving the game so far, having played Ico and SotC so much, I don't have an issue with the controls at all, the camera can be a little wonky in a few places but it doesn't ruin the game at all.

It feels like the final game in the series of Team Ico games and that is what I expected and wanted, even if its way later than it really should have been. But I'm glad I'm finally getting to play it and so far it's a great experience.
adamjorgensen 1 hour ago My votes were:

1. Battlefield 1
2. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
3. Total War: Warhammer
4. Shadow Warrior 2
5. The Division (Only there because the last two patches fix the hell of the game)
vste 1 hour ago Am i the only one that when i want to say Last Guardian most of the time i say Blind Guardian?

I suppose i had to much heavy metal at my youth. :)

Great game btw except from THAT camera.. Worst camera in years.. :(
Murton 1 hour ago @Ffordesoon

Depends which side of the debate you're on.

As a gamer, the headline is clearly irresponsible as it both builds an expectation for this game and makes a wholly unsubtle dig at a game that didn't meet a unrealistically high expectation for some.

As a games writer it's absolutely fine because games writers have literally nothing to do with building hype, no that's all on us.
ubergine 1 hour ago @Devox Good for you, kid.
JoelStinty 1 hour ago @Simatron3000 But that is my experience too. It is highly playable. i probably played 3-4 hours and it has been relatively stress free. Frame rate issues are no way as bad as some people are making out. The only time it felt off was when you go outside for the first time. No need to say that he plays garbage if he thinks this is playable.
BobbyDeNiro 1 hour ago @JoelStinty
"I'm playing on base PS4, and the framerate issues are no way as bad i thought they were going to be. The first hour took a while to get used to the camera and controls, and there were clear hitches when going outside for the first time, but my next session playing up to just after getting the commands to command trico was pretty much stress free and it was a joy to play. Saying that i am normally quite numb to framerate drops, doesn't seem to affect me that much"

I'm playing Dishonored 2 on PS4 after coming from polishing off Dishonored 1 DLC at 60FPS 1080p on PC. DH2 on PS4 was jarring at first but you soon adapt and the games is no less engrossing. My view is 60FPS can improve a game, but it's all down to personal tolerances. The vast majority will be fine with 30FPS and small slips thereunder, but there's always the PC hardcore, which is a niche of a niche, that will not play anything less than 60FPS.
Simatron3000 1 hour ago @666pazuzu I'm sorry to be rude but you must play some absolute garbage if you think this is "highly playable" on base ps4.
666pazuzu 1 hour ago I'll admit, it's no SM3DW in motion, but then you'd be hard pressed to say the performance of TLG is deal breaking. I'm playing on a standard PS4. Highly playable, and perhaps more importantly, evocative.
erp 1 hour ago Having to change the graphics settings from the system menus is super crappy, as it'll inevitably lead to forgetting to change them again when swapping to another game...

Sony really either need to:
1. Make graphics setting mandatory in all PS4 Pro games; or
2. Include a way to change graphics settings from the in-game quick-menu, and have the system save those settings on a per-game basis.
SpaceMonkey77 1 hour ago Such exists in all kinds of ways in the world, but such is also minimal, with the rise of games being more digital. The benefits of SMR's potential gain, vastly outweigh its pitfalls. Anything ever conceived, made and sold has some losses, but give it time and I hope this move doesn't spoil a cool looking game. Indeed, its always better to buy what you love most and many will for this game, thus I can't wait to see those SMR numbers by new year, which will be high still, I hope.

In contrast, MS know that Windows was vastly copied & used in China & Russia via XP, previously, and smartly via W8/W10, MS won much of those potential people into users through the timed free upgrade, showing that it does well to nurture better ways, than not. A work of forward thinking genius and no mistake, W8/10 does okay and W7 is a good back up alternative. In time I hope Nintendo can think more like this too. I know both are very different in mind and view of things, though and I doubt know everything.

Once SMR is out, I may try the iOS version if my old i-contraption will run it (doubt it will). For Android, I still think that having Steam, instead of Google store for games, which has always seemed like a side hustle to Google, would be better for all Android gamers and game devs alike, and help sales of games a lot more.

Lastly, one thing Nintendo should seriously consider later for this SMR game, than having to be online to play, is the magic of a level editor, similar to that of Mario Maker (which is not on iOS/Android. If there's one thing, that would keep gamers happier and coming back for more of SMR, it would be the ability to create and upload user created levels, to share with others, globally. Tie this option to the SMR game, and if not a legit copy, withhold this option and its obvious greater scale it could have on gamers. Mario Maker, no doubt found some good, creative types out there, and more could be found yet, via SMR, so use that as best you can. Good luck for launch, ahead.
cinameng 1 hour ago yeah this is all well and good but like what do you actually 'do' in Astroneer
crazy-Tetsuo 2 hours ago @Rogueywon

Yes, Pro gives solid 1080/30p performance.
Simatron3000 2 hours ago Played about 4 hours last night on the pro. One on the jankiest controlling games I've ever played and the camera is abysmal.

Basically unplayable in the 4k mode, so many FPS drops, in 1080p mode you at least get a solid 30fps. I actually find it hard to believe the controls and camera didn't detract from the reviewers enjoyment of the game and find it a bit insulting to developers that take the time to properly optimise their game to brand this essential whilst these issues persist.
Bilbur 2 hours ago From a devout fan of SotC, I can state that I think nearly 10 years is an obsurd amount of time to wait for a game. Preposterously so. What makes the sting even worse is that to experience this game at it's best, you need to fork out for a PS4 pro and, arguably, a decent 4K tv....think I'll leave it till the inevitable remaster on PS5......I waited 10 years for you team can wait another 5 years for me to have the tech needed to run this. lol.... and I don't think SotC controls really cut it in a modern game. Look at the competition. Control mechanics have moved on tantamount since the PS2 era Ueda!
JoelStinty 2 hours ago Nice report Thomas. In a way it's development troubles may have been a blessing in disguise, it looks utterly wonderful. The work that has gone into animating trico is nothing i seen in a game before. It really is something and a few times i have cried out in delight at some of the stuff that has happened. And from an art design perspective it really is a true successor to Ico and SoTC. It so dense and interesting to look at. It is one that game is not afraid to leave rooms empty in terms of content, the visual design is so good you just want to look at it and take it in.

I'm playing on base PS4, and the framerate issues are no way as bad i thought they were going to be. The first hour took a while to get used to the camera and controls, and there were clear hitches when going outside for the first time, but my next session playing up to just after getting the commands to command trico was pretty much stress free and it was a joy to play. Saying that i am normally quite numb to framerate drops, doesn't seem to affect me that much.

I do think the game could do with a walking animation, i tend to like to walk around in games to take everything in, but it is either tiptoeing or running. That jarred me at first, but i've even seemed to got used to that.
Dhalamar 2 hours ago Mr Sterling gave TLG a bit of a kicking. Unsurprisingly it hasn't made him very popular. dian-review/

And this comment below the review did make me chuckle

Since everyone's excusing Trico's unresponsiveness as being "realistic because their dog doesn't always listen to them", maybe Last Guardian should have had Trico take a shit every half hour, which you then have to shovel into a bottomless pit before an invincible blue-suited enemy fines you for not cleaning up after your bird-dog. Or you fall into it.
Merdalor 2 hours ago Eating XP boosting food DOES increase the XP gain when handing in missions.
So complete a whole lot but don't hand them in yet. Eat XP boosting food (there's +50% at the Chocobo stables). Then quickly go hand in all your completed missions (use fast travel).
After all missions are handed in, go sleep at a hotel for another +50%.

Congratulations. You've just got 2,25 times the normal XP!
Daddy-Doom-Bar 2 hours ago AgentDaleCooper wrote:Having only recently picked up No Man's Sky after the big 'foundation update', I must say I don't understand the disproportionate level of hate the game came into at all. I'm utterly captivated by it, it's supremely satisfying and relaxing to plug idly away at, I must have put a good fifty hours in so far and I still can't wait to load it up and continue on whenever I can. If anything, I'm betting future updates will make the gameplay and its growing systems even better and more rewarding. One of my faves of the year, easily.The fact that you didn't play it at launch negates any opinion you have on the hate it got.The reason for the hate was the lies. The game we got was not the game that was promised. If someone who wasn't into it before launch buys it after this new update enjoys it, then good for you.
Trowel 2 hours ago Finally an interesting article about checkerboard artifacts.
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Rogueywon 2 hours ago Made a start this morning. The controls are poor and the performance (on my base-PS4) is pretty bloody awful. I'm planning to pick up a PS4 Pro soon-ish, so rather than trade the game in, I'll put it on hold for now and go back to it once I have the more powerful console hardware.

But Essential this ain't...
AgentDaleCooper 2 hours ago What's the chances of this ever seeing performance improvement updates on the base PS4? Otherwise I'll not be buying this for another year or two, after I eventually upgrade.