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AgentDaleCooper 3 minutes ago Just watch all the guys who +1 this and don't even bother playing the game.
Chickenzilla 3 minutes ago I love free stuff!
byaafacehead 4 minutes ago I won't say I'm good at the game but I've beaten the galactic war component several times with an average APM of 11. Area commands and the ability to queue commands is legit.
dogmanstaruk 7 minutes ago @iStrikeRx OK...So you won't buy the game new to support the developer despite enjoying the game.


You will buy it pre-owned to support the leaches on the gaming industry who do nothing to contribute to the health and success of developers i.e. used game retailers such as GAME.

dogmanstaruk 10 minutes ago To the people moaning about the car packs remember this.

Horizon 2 launches with 200 cars included with the game.

Driveclub launches with 50 cars included with the game and also has a premium DLC package for more cars.

I think this time MS clearly win on content.
dogmanstaruk 12 minutes ago Played the demo, bought the digital pre-order.

This game plays and looks fantastic.
dogmanstaruk 14 minutes ago Pleased to see this has been successful and will be held next year.
dogmanstaruk 15 minutes ago @jasonchurch
It's bullsh*t that's what it is.
If you are referring to you bollocks post then yup it is.
Sideshow 17 minutes ago @Kendrene can see it at 23 on Venus with description very hard which appears to somewhat of an underestimation
CerberusHD 18 minutes ago Day 1 buy for me, the trailer for this game was one of the reasons I bought a Vita
arhra_ 21 minutes ago @RedRain A quid more than Amazon is crazy now?
Dr_Z 22 minutes ago I'm having more fun with this than i remember having with Total Annihilation 10 odd years ago. Never played SupCom though.
Pasco_ 22 minutes ago A proper gaming industry feel-good story.

GaymerX is a fantastic, welcoming, friendly, open space, in an industry that is far too often exclusionary and off-putting.

San Fransisco is so obviously a fantastic venue for it, but it does mean going every year is a bit of a non-starter for many Euros.

That's why we need a EuroGaymerX... or EGX for short! Somebody should set that up!
mattshark 26 minutes ago @Noxia Wanting equality and allowing platforms to do that is not lefty, it is simply not being a cunt.
GajKnight 33 minutes ago Free maps=Happiness
Shane86 35 minutes ago Nice guy Guerrilla, Activision would ask 15 for these
shotbyascot 38 minutes ago Eurogamer don't review half the games that release on Vita. Hardly a wonder it's largely ignored.
Kami 39 minutes ago Dig was and is a wonderful little gem (narf!).

Also, nice to see he gets it. The Nintendo market IS different; an anomaly, if you will. It loves to support good content - but it will utterly reject anything half-arsed. It's kind of obvious when you think about it. Big publishers spend vast amounts of money on third-party outsiders to come in and tell them how to sell to particular markets.

It's not really rocket science. Engage with an audience and it's quite likely it will engage back. It never ceases to surprise me how companies need to spend so much money on a simple human truth; "Treat others how you might want to be treated in kind..."
UkHardcore23 41 minutes ago As much as i love the game (the demo really is fucking amazing) T10 and DLC is getting out of control...VIP and Season pass? Just give us VIP in the season pass and stop ripping us the fuck off.
Wayne 45 minutes ago I was holding out for a 1080p version of this game as the PS3 just doesn't do those graphics justice.
jiveguy 49 minutes ago Christ, they're still at it? Doesn't even look like they've progressed beyond where I left off earlier today.
Uncompetative 52 minutes ago I've bought the lot.
gr8effect 52 minutes ago So Tomas is not alone anymore?
EDIT: Great game btw.
iStrikeRx 54 minutes ago I feel sorry for the developer, especially with them being British based.

I won't be buying new, I'll be buying used. Purely because these micro-transactions are simply unacceptable. Micro$oft don't deserve any of my money this gen.

Xbone was bought used on the cheap, all Xbone exclusives thus far have been bought used on the cheap because of micro transactions in all of them, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

They really are screwing themselves over. At least when companies cut back main game content to then sell a few months AFTER release it at least gave the illusion that they'd added something worthwhile to the game. Putting this crap in day one and separating it into smaller chunks at higher prices is nothing short of a disgrace.

It's a real shame, as the demo is fantastic.
Kami 59 minutes ago @SpaceMonkey77; What's more depressing is Rod Lima finished his Claire A recreation on YouTube recently. Took him what, seven months to do that in UE?

I know Capcom still has money troubles but I wonder if they still know their ass from their elbow...
marcioindauu 1 hour ago @SF1 polyphony first need to finish gran turismo, missing real car sounds and interior view is pathetic.
RedRain 1 hour ago They can get stuffed their digi prices are crazy
McCool 1 hour ago Have just played the demo for 1 hour or so and have to say I am very impressed.

Great fun and lovely graphics as well - surely a contender for (car) game of the year.
NeoTechni 1 hour ago @Stuart78 its not that they were making money off early, its that they were stealing accounts from innocents and making money off them.
marcioindauu 1 hour ago The king is back! Forza all the way.
MilkYMoO 1 hour ago The game looks great. But most importantly, its so much fun.
trufflesonline 1 hour ago Can't wait for this on the XB1. It was fantastic on the vita
gamecat 1 hour ago Normal was completed earlier, Bungie posted stats on twitter feed, they had like 300 deaths each. Fun times.
MeBrains 1 hour ago

somebody completed it apparently...
F.Rod. 1 hour ago LOL. Not bashing the developer, but he's new game is for PS4, Vita, PC and Mac. Does he expect WiiU and X1 gamers to support him by purchasing his old game? Good luck with that.
BTW, Thomas Was Alone is a good game to who purchases the game.
lucky_jim 2 hours ago I'm not gay, and I'd totally go to this if it was closer to home just to stick a middle finger at the ridiculous homophobes in this thread.
bobomb 2 hours ago @Marshii
But for goodness sake - reviews need to start being objective.
that's not a review.
FortysixterUK 2 hours ago We'll at least the paid for DLC looks to be a "nice to have" instead of a "must have or you'll lose every race " type DLC.

I'll skip paying an extra 35 for the game and just stick with what's on the disc . Looking forwards to this.
phill6284 2 hours ago @brokenkey Not sure what your on about here having been involved in organising meatopia at this space a couple of weeks ago i with 3000+ each day i was going to say what an awesome choice of venue it is
Po1ymorph 2 hours ago 9.25pm. Watching the feed on and of the last half hour, and they seem to dying ALOT. Can understand why Bungie are not matchmaking it, if its that hard for a group of friends working together. With random's would be impossible.

Maybe they should do a two tier Raid system. One match making more casual, and the hardcore "friends only" version.
Broddeb 2 hours ago Why would they spend that much money on a game that has peaked already? The only reason I can think of is that they plan on making a sequel and making it a Windows/Xbox/Windows phone exclusive? Those crazy fools, they'll kill us all.

If they do then that was sneaky...and expensive.
FromTheHalfWayLine 2 hours ago Support this game, and keep Danny Wallaces pockets well-lined.
The_KFD_Case 2 hours ago @Ajent In short: Proximity voice chat.

In-depth: No voice chat outside of small fire teams of 3 players is not a very effective means of promoting the self-proclaimed social aspects of "Destiny" (or any game for that matter). As keen as Bungie has been not to have "Destiny" labelled as an MMO, it is clear that it certainly has MMO DNA in its design, so why not incorporate communication functions from MMOs that are now considered stable features (and which were implemented years ago)? Heck, if one objects to the (fair) MMO comparison, let us not forget that voice chat has been available for *decades* in FPS games and by no means limited to 3 players.

For those concerned about too many talking heads, there is a long established function for that too: it's called "Mute." It seems as though Bungie has tried to re-invent the wheel in regards to social gaming, and have ended up with a square block instead.
Nismo400R84 2 hours ago @Azhrarn so you have been reduced to name calling? My my

So because I have a different opinion to the world and it's wife I am a troll, baring in mind you started this off with you diatribes of why I am wrong.
Kasjer 2 hours ago Whoa, the fact this comes out this month totally slipped under my radar. Will probably buy it before end of the year, not right away, because I already have too many games and not enough time to play them all. Also, my 32GB card is almost filled (and only because I deleted some PSP games and MGS HD Collection!!!).
Sunsprie 2 hours ago @Typhoid Same here, I've spent 50 hours on warframe and have not spent a single penny, it's great fun and I really enjoy the blue prints and the gathering of materials. I see people hate the game but yet I don't see much difference between this an diablo 3.
christianrose 2 hours ago @Psiloc We recently had the outstanding Bravely default, so there's hope.
yodizzle 2 hours ago @grassyknoll What good is having 176GB bandwidth, if they can never afford to do anything other than FSAA (with the occasional MSAA or SMAA here and there) on these so called nextgen/current gen. What is eating up all the bandwidth?
Cartho 2 hours ago Why on earth would they release it on last gen consoles only? Devs need to just let them die and switch to current gen.
Cartho 2 hours ago Ah Sup Com, you wonderous thing. Nothing quite beats massed naval warfare in FA. Ballistic missile subs lurking off coastlines, firing a shower of tactical cruise missiles at coastal defences before slipping silently beneath the waves and relocating, the massive coastal artillery batteries setup to ward off battlecruisers, the torpedo bombers prowling for submarines.

Pure joy