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nibblo 3 minutes ago @Mr-Writer
It's quite funny, I doubt there will be many people complaining about it being mostly QTE.

Yet other games get slated for it.
Nothing wrong with QTE's themselves it's when devs are lazy and use them in unoriginal ways or shortcuts instead of doing more work. When I know a game has QTE's it makes no difference to me, could go either way. A lot of people however just knee jerk react to them. I like to refer to these type of people as idiots :)
josearcadio 17 minutes ago reads like a 10
not_themilkybarkid 2 hours ago Not played the game, but listened to the soundtrack repeatedly on Spotify. Lovely music.
ronorra 2 hours ago Bummer...

SPINTIRES Developer/Publisher Spat

CarGamingBlog reports that SPINTIRES developer Pavel Zagrebelnyj has taken to a Russian social network to complain that U.K. publisher Oovee has effectively locked him out of his own game, saying: "Sad news… just seemed like the development process started, I almost finished my map and tools to develop mods (free upgrade)… as our Englishmen from oovee together with the loot disappeared. I don’t have permissions to upload the update to Steam. So now I’ll complete and release map editor, in the version it is now, and this will be end of Spintires." This is accompanied by claims he has had forum posts deleted to cut him off from the community for the racing game. Oovee denies deleting posts, and says that all payments have been made as they should, stating they are hoping to clear this up, but affirming they own the game outright. "Unfortunately there have been some communication issues recently which appear to have lead to this post being made by Pavel on the Russian forum. Oovee has not been notified of any contract terminations or anything of that matter—a discussion will be held on the subject to rectify any misunderstandings," says the publisher. "As Oovee owns the rights to Spintires, we have no plans of our own to halt and/or cease to develop the game further."
Flurpsel 3 hours ago Played it. Absolutely hated it. Feel free to hate me
melnificent 3 hours ago @Resurrected-X460 I have no idea, it's the 192bhp '04 model.

The first time the engine just kept giving me more power I couldn't believe it. Then it beeped for a gear change and it just carried on accelerating... I fell in love instantly :D
ghostgate2001 3 hours ago @HandsomeCrab
Couple OF minor exceptions
Aye. Hate that American habit of dropping the "of": "a couple times" etc. It doesn't bloody well make sense.

And they don't even apply it as a general rule to refer to any quantity (of) something, i.e. they don't say "a quartet violinists" or "a squad troops" or "a fleet ships."

Grr :)
Mr-V 4 hours ago @the_rydster You're right. It is a port of a PS3 game, but far better on PS4. In fact it's arguably the PS4's best game, which was his original point. :rolleyes:
CypherQ 4 hours ago Picked up a Wii U today. Great console really enjoying so far and its quite nice that my old collection of Wii games and accessories are not rendered obsolete. Which is a revelation after moving on from the other manufacturers consoles.

Looking forward to the new Zelda this year. Sure its never going to be the commercial success of the XBO/PS4 but TBH who cares? So long as the great games keep coming and Nintendo manage to keep afloat happy days.
BlinkeredAxis 4 hours ago @Skirlasvoud Funny, Santa came down the flue too this Christmas. Hope you get better soon.
thesnackbar81 5 hours ago This computer game was fun and exciting. I played it on my sony playstation 3.
freddywayne 6 hours ago @PirateRoberts I'm confused! Why would the Xbox One's dedicated GPU (scratchpad/cache/memory) 32mb Esram be feeding data to the CPU through the system's main memory 8gb DDR3? Especially, when it doesn't have to. The Xb1's CPU can see the esram but, in small data scenarios and the GPU sees the esram 100% of the time. I seriously doubt that Microsoft is retarded enough to waste silicon by giving a GPU it's own cache/memory. All while having access to the system's unified DDR3 main memory. And DX12's "software design" will remedy any 'CPU' time wasting that you'd mentioned.
Skirlasvoud 6 hours ago Perfect. I forgot to finish TWAU earlier. Meanwhile I'm down with a nasty flue and I don't want to bother myself with anything more fast paced than a game of chess. TWAU sounds like just the thing.
freddywayne 6 hours ago @Robotokun I agree with you. Well said.
Avaloner 7 hours ago I cannot really argue about someone's favorite game this year. It is a very subjective choice dependent on many factors. However it speaks volumes that a video game journalist decides to name an unconventional iOS game as his favorite of 2014. This is the year which gave us games like Shadow of Mordor, Mario Kart 8, Bravely Default, Divinity Original Sin, Dragon Age Inquisition and Far Cry 3.
the_rydster 7 hours ago @SqueezyCheesyPeas Ah so you admit that the PS4 version is a port from a last gen PS3 game. Happy New Year! ;)
ilmaestro 7 hours ago "Beware the spoiler" that is in THE STRAPLINE FOR THE ARTICLE, never mind the body text.
Koborover 7 hours ago I love TellTale's Walking Dead and (so far) Game of Thrones and Borderlands, but I didn't like Wolf Among Us. The weird mix of fairytales and violent crimes just doesn't appeal to me.
SqueezyCheesyPeas 7 hours ago @the_rydster Maybe but as it's fundamentally the same product with an image and feature upgrade I feel it's relevant. Anyway, rather than rehash the same argument over and over I thank you for a discussion in which you maintained your position without resorting to ad hominem. Have a good new year!
InsanityPrelude 7 hours ago Excellent game. Incredibly engrossing. Cannot wait for season 2 (assuming Telltale make one, but *SPOILER* the huge reveal right at the end of S1 leads me to believe they're going to).
spamdangled 7 hours ago @Jonabob87

Or because it's touching and brave in a way which few mainstream devs would dare to be these days.

Grow up.
Resurrected-X460 7 hours ago @melnificent
The long gear model or the short gear model?
That's a sharp car
GameCriticDOTcoDOTuk 8 hours ago I love FMV games. I would rather play a remastered Night Trap than this.

The characters and story are not to my taste and the art style is too gothic. Tales of Borderland looks marginally better but these would be so much better if Japanese companies were doing them.

Imagine Tales of Final Fantasy 13.
the_rydster 8 hours ago @SqueezyCheesyPeas Now you are conflating physical media with software.
williamarthurfenton 8 hours ago "Around 13 million people have played divisive online first-person shooter Destiny since its launch in September" That's not the same as subscribe count, now is it.

How many people are playing NOW?
SqueezyCheesyPeas 8 hours ago @the_rydster Yes, but there was no trend of porting games to the new generations at that time. My question about VHS and DVD stands.
the_rydster 8 hours ago @SqueezyCheesyPeas They are generational differences and nomenclature of old.
thor_hammer 8 hours ago I really have a soft spot for these type of games and really did enjoy this as well as the second season of the walking dead.

I can't wait to see whats in store for season two!
SqueezyCheesyPeas 8 hours ago @the_rydster Not sure what 8, 16 and 32 bit systems have got to do with new and last gen to be honest. Do you refer to your DVDs as VHSs?
the_rydster 9 hours ago @SqueezyCheesyPeas So a game could be both 8-bit, 16 bit & 32 bit at the same time?
stryker1121 9 hours ago @davidneal No, i love YOU more.
MrTomFTW 9 hours ago @epsim- It's pronounced "ee-fa" :)
Coolchwip 9 hours ago @dom6918 Well put.
SqueezyCheesyPeas 9 hours ago @the_rydster Of course, if a game is available on both gen consoles then it is demonstrably both a current gen and last gen game.
BobbyDeNiro 10 hours ago What's clear from the comments here is the number of people shit scared by this game. I can't remember any game that has done that although I'll admit I haven't yet played stuff like Amnesia or Outlast!
britainshardest 10 hours ago Great game, I was hooked from the first episode, the characters are much better than the Walking Dead even though I still like that one a lot. In both games though I do feel like my choices don't influence the final outcome to a huge extent. Spoiler alert for walking dead season 2... I tried my hardest to get that baby killed and I still ended up being left with it in the end.
ryanbayne 10 hours ago I'm hoping for a "living, breathing world" - a phrase used constantly by Chris Roberts on the Star Citizen project.

I played the first Deus Ex through around 3 times. The first time I was the good guy, second time I was pure evil killing every NPC I could just to push the games limits and the last time I just played it fast which meant a little bit of both for survival sake.

I want to do that again but with more reaction to every action. Deus Ex is the game to take NPC A.I. forward. If I kick over the homeless bums cup of money by mistake I want that bum to shout all sorts of abuse at me - do I shoot him for it or do I throw him a chocolate bar?
the_rydster 10 hours ago @SqueezyCheesyPeas Really? So can a game be both last gen and this gen at once?
TheGuvernor 10 hours ago I can't bring myself to finish this game it makes me so bloody tense!
There I admitted it - AI turned me into a total woos!
Genius game imo.
FladgeMangle 10 hours ago Some strangely dumb comments here.

Boneheads, back off. Maybe one day you'll get something as good as this. In the meantime, don't neg out of jealousy.

PS3 pedants, get a grip. It's a PS4 game too! I played it on PS4 and it was definitely still a game :-P
upselo 10 hours ago We feel sad for you too.
emdeeem 10 hours ago Post deleted
epsim- 11 hours ago Fuck! she didn´t introduce herself. I clicked the video out of curiosity on how Aoife is spelled.
dom6918 11 hours ago It had me at the 20th Century Fox fanfare and didn't let me go until the 'Last Survivor' DLC. No game has met my expectations like Alien ISO did, it took 20+ years but creative assembly translated HRGs universe impeccably.
kmetek 12 hours ago it's 10,79 quid for PS+ (PS4)on UK store atm, cheaper than on US STORE.

too bad i alread have PS3 version :)
TekMerc 12 hours ago Putin? ISIS? I don't know what this guy is on about tbh, but I enjoyed the game. Also the graphic novels are worth checking out too.
maximuskain 12 hours ago I like what Nintendo are doing with Amiibo and they had the not so popular ones as collectors items and the popular ones as openly available anywhere. Imagine if Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Villager has as much stock as Mario and the rest, I doubt these items will ever leave the counter. Now think about it, King Dedede, Captain Falcon, Little Mac and the rest are sold out, who would have thought?

They increased the demand and reduced the supply to ensure the lifespan of the figures. Most kids would rather buy a Mario, Yoshi and Link anyway, they won't bother with Shulk (which is a niche figure given that Xenoblade Chronicles is out of print).

Nintendo knows what they are doing and it created a craze, to people who wanted this to be like Disney Infinity or Skylanders, look at store shelves, every shelf is full of them and readily available. What would make me buy Tinkerbell or Merida as opposed to Captain America or Drax? Hell I'll take my time seeing as they won't be out of print for awhile. Perhaps I'll just buy one fig per month. I'll complete them eventually.
Wickerman1972 12 hours ago If you're going to do that then why not go ahead and add Reach to the bunch as well?
jamielfc25 12 hours ago @greg_wha Got announced at Comic-con apparently 014-the-walking-dead-season-3-confirmed/1100-6421327/
Optimaximal 12 hours ago @rikilovatt They're probably holding it back until a while after the full release of the final film.

They copped a lot of flack for 'spoiling' Revenge of the Sith in the original Lego Star Wars game, largely because the people who bought it day one had no self-control.

I'm not buying it till it's available.