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spamdangled 2 minutes ago @BobbyDeNiro If PS VR takes off, prices get lower, and there's enough exclusives, I'll consider it. Same with Vive or Oculus. But I don't see any reason right now to pay close to 800 quid for a visor and controller when most of the dedicated software is just "experiences", and the PS VR is notably lacki g in resolution and field of view. Happy to wait there.

Same with PS4 PRO. The spec bump isn't enough to provide a convincing argument when it cant even do native 4k. Scorpio is looking like the better option.

But NX? That's interesting. A hybrid handheld/ home conso.e with detachable controllers (going by patents and sources) sounds intriguing.

One of the reasons. my 3DS gathers dust is because when I'mat home, I want to play on my tv screen. The mainreason my wii u gathers dust is because I like the second screen option to play on my gamepad, but the effective range means it can't a signal from the base unit in the living room to my bedroom. A hybrid with a docking station and detachable controllers with. additional haptic feedback solves that problem, plus means I can literally just take my game on the go. That's a MASSIVE plus and I think people are underestimating the appeal of that simplicity tbh. If they get the battery power right (and the tegra rumours make sense there) then it could be great. Few hours at home on zelda? got to get to mates house? just undock the unit and play on the bus. sorted.

MASSIVE selling point right there, and makes the NX the first of its kind without havi g to faff arou d with save transfers.
FortysixterUK 7 minutes ago 20 million 3DS consoles?
It's made to sound like a bad thing, that's an incredible amount. If each console had just 2 games bought for it that's an insane amount of sales.
simonspencer 8 minutes ago Seems I was right about PS4 - if releases work the same way as with Black Ops 3, the season pass will allow for new map packs to be played a full 30 days earlier than XB1.
jamster126 10 minutes ago Anybody else having server issues? Last month or two I keep seeing those icons that indicate server issues in top left of screen during matches. Sometimes it never affects it and sometimes it affects it alot.

I know its not my internet because multiplayer is fine on other games AND i even tried another wifi to test it....same issues.

I dont remember this being an issue when the game launched.
sevenforce 14 minutes ago Reminds me a bit of Outland. This is a good thing.
sevenforce 16 minutes ago @Bander Valid points but procedural doesn't necessarily mean totally random. They'll still be a rule set to govern how areas are generated and how objects are positioned.

If the seed value was made visible when you started an adventure and players had methods to input said value. Speed runs and using different routes to beat the game could still be possible. Colour me interested anyway.
BobbyDeNiro 18 minutes ago @spamdangled Yep, for me now it's one main system....... plus whatever Nintendo has.
AlanLindsay 19 minutes ago Something I have yet to here from all the articles regarding the PS4 Pro's upconversion spec. It all talks about a resolution boost because of how it redraws the image. My Sony 4K panel uses and very high quality scaling chipset in the panel itself. Current PS4 or anything not native 4K looks incredible with the scaling to match the pixel structure of the panel. It's not native 4K but the improvement is noticeable. How is the PS4 Pro different from what my panel is doing already?
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sherpardKng 39 minutes ago I loved Jotun so I'll keep my eye on this.
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spamdangled 43 minutes ago @BobbyDeNiro This gen, Xbox One and PS4 hitting so close together crippled my finances for a couple of months. In hindisght (sucha wonderful thing), I'd have waited longer before getting the PS4 as the Xbox One launch lineup was far better (Dead Rising 3 alone kept me happy for a good month). In future, I'll stagger my purchases based on software available at the time. But then with this gen going all weird due to mid-gen upgrades, I'll get Scorpio next year (don't care what they say now, they're gonna end up with scorpio exclusives with that much extra oomph to play with). PS4 Pro isn't a big enough bump right now to warrant it. Not convinced by vr yet - I see it atm as a fad like 3D, so happy to wait for hardware prices to drop and software to increase.

Definitely getting an Nx though on launch day. It's nintendo. Their consoles are always just different enough to still elicit that "new toy" feeli g I'd get as a kid at christmas, whereas a new xbox or ps is just like "yeah, it's a more powerful version of the last one", or pc upgrades which are "oh look. I can now play this game in a better rez".
jeffcorry 43 minutes ago @liveswired I love the Wii U and 3DS...but you are correct: they are overpriced. Perhaps that's one problem. Nintendo wasn't afraid to lower the Gamecube to $100 when I picked one of those up, and that at least brought them several software sales from me.
The Wii U and 3DS continue to hang on to their premium price point...even a brand new Vita, a much more capable machine, is less than a 3DS.
I enjoy them...but my interest in Nintendo is...waning. Playstation and Steam generally offer deeper experiences.
I'm not abandoning Nintendo, I love their products, but I am fueled by nostalgia at this point.
Nintendo64 45 minutes ago The game was basically a film already :/
BobbyDeNiro 54 minutes ago @spamdangled
"Yeah. For me, I don't care if the NX is the next big thing. I know that no matter what, it will have great first party games and an interesting hardware angle. I don't regret buying a gamecube, wii or wii u, nor my DS or 3DS. They've always delivered a decent amount of excellent games you can't get on any other platform.

My philosophy has always been "buy every system; that way you can play all the great exclusives and not end up feeling jealous"

Completely agree re Nintendo systems. Not much matches up to Mario, Zelda and Metroid games.

I used to buy every system but it's just not realistic anymore-there's so many good games on each platform it's impossible keeping up. I'd be buying games I'd just not play. So I've got to be selective and stick to one or two systems only.
BramBram 58 minutes ago Somebody might have mention this, but the choice for 2k over 1080p60 must have something to do with wanting to sell tv's. I sold my ps4 and I can't really see a real justification to buy a pro or a scorpio. Might get an NX if they get it right. Really wanna see a Pro with VR combo in action though
rilluJim 58 minutes ago Sounds good, looks...
kevboard 59 minutes ago too bad they never released a video game adaption
TimmishMcgraw 1 hour ago @vert1go Not saying there is, and I'm not saying this isn't a stupid hangup of mine, but when you have a 48" screen sitting there and many great games, it kinda dampens the appeal of playing on a handheld.
Miyamotosan 1 hour ago The NX will be Nintendo's last console. They'll go ios/android devices after that.
AsmodeusML 1 hour ago Reading through the comments made me facepalm so much. Pro's specs have been known for a while now, and yet people still expected it to deliver 60 fps in halfrate games with just a small boost to CPU
AsmodeusML 1 hour ago Post deleted
vert1go 1 hour ago @TimmishMcgraw I put 470some hours into Pokemon X alone on the 3DS, and exactly zero of those were done "on the go". There's nothing illegal about playing a portable device at home as far as I know. ;)
Gizmopop 1 hour ago Hmmm...those numbers suspiciously coincide with VGchartz numbers(make of that what you will) for North America...I guess the study didn't take into account Central and South America.
Skirlasvoud 1 hour ago @Sideburns

I suspect the disappointment in lack of a proper end in Firewatch, is only because it's a video game. In a game, you expect a certain amount of interactivity and user control. When the ending isn't what you wanted, you're left wishing you had more of that control to change it. It's in-congruent.

In a movie, where you're restricted to passive witnessing, you're more able to just accept what happened and are willing to embrace the ending's sentiment.

I didn't think FireWatch ending was bad. The game starts with you being helpless despite your choices (dementing wife) and the game folds away as everything you did being pointless thanks to life's demure bullshit. It doesn't make for a very rewarding game...

But as a movie? Yeah, I can totally see that work. Regarded as a passive story, that kinda set-up actually carries strong narrative themes. As a game, it just adds that little layer as you realize that your choices REALLY WERE pointless and that you're as helpless as the protagonist was, even though paradoxically, it doesn't make for a good game. It did impart its point on the audience better than the movie can, if that still makes any sense.

tl;dr Firewatch is an awesome narrative experience that is made an even better narrative experience by being a game rather than a movie, even though that makes it a weaker game and a better movie.
Yogafire 1 hour ago @KopparbergDave
Have you actually played Nintendo's recent first party offerings? MK8, 3D World, Captain Toad, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Pikmin 3 to name a few just off the top of my head. A class bunch which are varied and full of charm and longevity. Perhaps not your type of games, but they're critically acclaimed and have graced many game of the year lists including EG's / GiantBomb etc.
I cannot wait for the NX and the likely unification of console / handheld - that's the value for me.
andrewsqual 1 hour ago "It started off well. But sales dropped considerably in the last few years"

No, it started off terribly. The 3D simply did not help the 3DS sell in the beginning. If anything it put parents off. Anybody who worked in games retail at the time knows this.
If I remember it was 279.99 when it launched in Ireland in early 2011. The price was dropped by a whole 100 quid after 6 months BUT it still didn't sell well even though gaming journalists claimed it was now. It wasn't until Super Mario 3D Land and then Mario Kart 7, released 2 weeks later, that it started to take off in sales (the latter being the more significant release by far).

Like the Wii U, a simple change in name would have drastically changed the life sales of the 3DS. DS 2 comes to mind. It could be worse, they could have called it the Nintendo Vita :)
Lets hope with the NX they don't make the same mistake, as the Wii U, and actually stick with the moronic placeholder codename.
Oz_joker 1 hour ago @Cold_Waste
I liked Rock Band, but the experience had strings attached...
mostro 1 hour ago Can't say I agreed with Chris Donlan. Thought Firewatch was a masterpiece from beginning to end. Campo Santo totally deserve the recognition they're getting. Definitely watching that space...
Creamysmooth 1 hour ago Post deleted
Nynja 1 hour ago @Spuzzell Really? Last I checked, Nintendo wasn't doing so great... to-loss-1469604309
KopparbergDave 2 hours ago Nintendo really does put me off with their pricing, both for hardware and software. It's already kind of galling that you're pretty much buying the hardware for Nintendo's own exclusives in the first place, so it's hardware with limited use, then to have to pay so high for the software, even long down the road from release in a lot of cases. The hardware pricing is just astonishing and has been wince the Wii, which really was pretty much a Gamecube with a few extra bells and whistles, but it was way behind the times even when it was released. Wii U likewise. Also, all the different proprietary control methods for some of the bigger games means it's a minefield to approach their recent systems, knowing you need the motion controller for some games, the Pro controller for others... It's not very appealing.

And then the 3DS pricing is just silly now.

I am struggling to see how the NX will really be any more successful than what they've been doing recently. I don't really see it coming in at a good mass market price. I mean from all accounts the thing should be 200 and no more from launch, but no doubt it'll be 300 or even 350. We have to wait and see of course but Nintendo have always charged a ludicrous premium for their offerings. Sort of in line with the way Apple does things, but Nintendo's stuff feels cheap and cheerful at the best of times so you really can't see or feel that premium price point at all.
seeyoshirun 2 hours ago Sales in Japan.

Interestingly, in Japan the 3DS has comfortably outpaced the GBA, and while it doesn't look like it'll catch the GB or DS, it's currently sitting at around two-thirds of what each of those consoles managed, and it's about to overtake the PS2. There are also still more Wii Us sold over there than PS4 (although that's as of the end of last year, and the PS4 might have overtaken it since).

I think the 3DS is also the first console to sell more units in Japan than the US. If the rumours about the NX are true, I can see why they'd want to double down on their handheld market because it would play to all of their strengths in that region.
Nintendo64 2 hours ago Why would they play complex games when they can just tap their mobile screens to make running things jump?
Sideburns 2 hours ago I quite enjoyed the game although the ending was a bit lacking. Could be a decent film if done right
number3son 2 hours ago The refusal by Nintendo to engage in meaningful price drops for its hardware and games is the primary reason I stopped buying them.

Their choice of course. If they believe they are selling premium product that should only be sold at a premium price then good luck to them. But I don't think I'm alone.
Creamysmooth 2 hours ago @dirtyvu

Don't know why you were down voted, that was an informative read.
faizi1997 2 hours ago I don't know. The game looks like a bad PC game mod from 2010. They need to polish it more. The visuals aren't impressive, the character design is bland and there's just no feeling that it's a high quality 2016 video game.
Ror 2 hours ago
RFredW 2 hours ago @msephton "Keith gets the science-bit a bit wrong shocker ;)" The gameboy was sort-of-z80-ish, and that port was designed to hook up to a PC running "PDS" - a Z80 compiler - for GB gamedev. Genie-wise, the BBC (& later PC) hooked up to it using the same protocol to suck out memory dumps to see which locations decreased from 3 to 2 (say) when you lost a life.
Bootchka 2 hours ago i'd rather play games on my 3ds than my phone, i never game on my phone, but gaming on my mobile doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. I want buttons, and also i need my battery to make calls and texts and browse the internet while taking long breaks in the toilet at work making posts like this.

Saying that, over the last year or so, i'm becoming less interested in the 3ds due to the shite piss poor res display. Some games look ok, but i cant get past it with games like xenoblade, i think.. 'personally' its terrible. Some of my friends don't mind it, so thats just my opinion..

They could have pulled their finger out of their arses with the NEW 3ds but no... its not new, it has a thumb nub and is clocked slightly higher and has what... 2 games that are for it specifically? plus snes games. What a waste. These numbers reflect a tired model, even if they are in profit, downward trends are not good.

NX i hope will be revolutionary and turn their fortunes, but honestly...

Come on nintendo.
Bander 2 hours ago A procedural Metroidvania?

Good luck to them but this sounds like being able to use popular contemporary buzzwords being prioritised over gameplay. A good Metroidvania will inherently have replay value by challenging players to look for secrets and beat the game via taking different routes in different orders. The player gets a lot of satisfaction from progressing to a point of eventually seeing everything, or at least thinking they have. I fear a procedural game will lose this.

Having said that though, while I personally loved trading notes with other players decades ago, and then finally seeing full maps in magazines or whatever, today it's too easy to find solutions online or even just not bother to play and watch a game on Twitch instead. So maybe procedural is worth trying, to invigorate old game types for new gamers and make every experience unique? Because of this, I'm quite keen to see if it can succeed, and please both old and new gamers.
Nynja 2 hours ago @Cold_Waste the point being, Nintendo like to be different. Kudos to them for taking chances. They could release an attachment if necessary for their games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. No need to create the system, utilize the hardware MS and Sony offer to create their own personalized experience.

But I'm sure you already got that.

EDIT: That was strange. Looked like I double posted, deleted extra post and now both are gone.

My original post said;

Nintendo to go the way of Sega? They could ditch the console and make peripherals for MS and Sony consoles like Rock Band for their games. Since they like to customize the experience....

Well something like that.
spamdangled 2 hours ago @TimmishMcgraw

Maybe look online for a decent condition second hand one? You can probably grab one off ebay for 50 quid, tbh.
darkmoles 2 hours ago i bought the new x1s from tesco, 225 and 25 quid online discout, so 200 quid, on the same website the cheapest wii u (with the discount) is 215, madness! i don't think the price has ever seen a reduction, look forward to the NX but with pokemon go and mario iphone - the writings on the wall.......
Mr.Spo 2 hours ago Those figures aren't remotely surprising. The original Game Boy and Game Boy Colour were on sale for well over a decade, so that comparison isn't very pertinent, but the drop off from GBA and DS has been evident for several years now. 3DS has sold well, peaking in terms of annual sales at similar levels to 360 and PS3 (it is declining more rapidly than those systems did) but it hasn't performed as well as previous Nintendo systems and it's a very Japan orientated system.

That being said, Nintendo's future business won't rely on shifting 100 million units of hardware in 5 or 6 years. I expect they realise they can profit easily from a 50-60 million unit base with high software sales, a subscription service, a higher ratio of digital revenue, more merchandise and a strong mobile presence. If Wii U hadn't been such a drain on Nintendo's finances, 3DS would have seen them through this generation with tidy profits, but it would still have been apparent business as usual isn't an option.
timur 2 hours ago
Portable dedicated consoles have been replaced by mobile gaming at a core [...] level.
No they haven't. There's the odd decent game on mobile and tablets are good for board game adaptations but that statement shows that man has no idea what he's talking about.