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yodizzle 37 seconds ago @FMV-GAMER "I imagine if he were attacking PS4 in the way he does XB1 then he would have got a lot more complaints by now such is the nature of this site."

Really? Cuz you, Ironsoldier, Dogmantsaruk, Saurez07 (and a couple other) are all such big Sony fanboys right? Cuz its mainly you's stinking up the place with your one million comments each on every one of these face offs.

And here you are talking with one of the biggest MS fanboys on this site like he's just some normal fanboy. But then you see Sony fanboys who aren't nearly as bad as him as the real problem? You're deluded guy, you're deluded by your own bias. It would be like me talking to Antropie about how everyone else is such a big fanboy. And also, if you think that Ironsoldier doesn't talk sh't about the PS4, alot! then you're even blinder than I thought.

And don't think im a fanboy when I've said repeatly that both systems are weak as sh't and complete and utter letdowns. Just one is even more pathetic than the other one.

Im not gonna sweat some companies inferior product just cuz im on some companies nuts. I dont do that, I don't side with companies. I go with whoever gives me the better product/machine.
FMV-GAMER 8 minutes ago @MrV Yep I agree as people who get respect in the real world would feel infantile running their mouth off over the internet. I know for a fact him and his little buddy wouldn't have lost the plot like that with me in person had I said I had no reason to buy a PS4 just yet.

I am just thankful I don't use the same threads as him that much with me not really having an interest in PS4 just yet so I don't browse PS4 articles much. Other than the two dumb asses down voting all my comments for the last four weeks of course :)
FMV-GAMER 12 minutes ago @MrV To be honest I was disappointed at first when CD Projekt kept insisting the game hadn't been changed from when it was first shown off.

That was until I seen the final game for myself and I must say it's not like it's a bare bones console port with the only enhancements being higher resolution and 60fps. CD Projekt really have made an amazing looking PC version that takes advantage of high end hardware. Even at 1080p the PC version looks a lot better than the console versions so I am happy.

So the game looks great and takes advantage of high end hardware so I can't ask for more.

Even on the odd occasion we get a game on PC that doesn't take advantage of high end PC hardware it doesn't bother me as I didn't buy my PC to play any one single title and even if the PC version were the exact same as the console versions (which is rare) it's still going to look so much better in motion and control better running @ 60fps. It's still going to run at a much higher resolution and even people who only have a native 1080p screen can use NVIDIA DSR super sampling for a far better image quality. Look at the press release pictures of Bloodborne for example which look a lot better than the actual game despite using the exact same art work and that's because the images have been super sampled from a higher than 1080p resolution to give a pristine image without any shimmering jagged edges.

So I can live with the odd game that doesn't take advantage of my hardware (not that Witcher3 is one of those games) I just like honesty though.
ComputerCampLuv 17 minutes ago Blood from a stone
MrV 18 minutes ago @FMV-GAMER I've said it a couple of times already, but genuinely, there's something wrong with him. Read through his posts, he's immediately hostile with everyone in almost every single one of them. I don't want to be "that guy", but I'd say he's the kind of person who's had very little respect shown to him in the real world. Thus, he chooses to unleash his venom online. Appalling way to behave, and he poisons every thread he appears on.
UKPartisan 24 minutes ago Group the DLC into one pack and sell it for under 20 quid, then I may well pick up the game again and continue on from where I put the game down...(somewhere around level 25). Until then Destiny will continue to sit on top of my "do I or Don't I?" pile of games, ready for trading in. The game could well of been amazing if it weren't for the money-pie fiddling fingers of Activision.
FMV-GAMER 27 minutes ago @MrV Remember when he had a full blown meltdown at me all because I said I wouldn't be buying a PS4 just yet and how I was waiting for PS4 Slim?.

Then his little buddy started white knighting him calling me out for being boring and all sorts of shit despite the fact I had never seen either of them before on this website.

He is just an overzealous fanboy, he loves his console so much that it's an attack on him when he runs across someone who just doesn't care about the platform as much as him. It's hilarious to think he is a grown assed man.
yodizzle 30 minutes ago @Adam-802 Actually you and kieran12 are the resident idiots.
FMV-GAMER 31 minutes ago @Suarez07 Thanks for the info, I will try to get it close to 60fps as possible while at the same time having the eye candy dialled up. I don't mind the odd few dips below 60fps as long as it manages 60fps most of the time.

I will start playing it once I thin out my "still to play list" as I have GTA5, Assetto Corsa, Pillars of Eternity, Kerbal Space Program, Total War Attila , FarCry4 that I want to play first. To be honest I have a massive pile of games to play on Steam, I still haven't gotten into the likes of Company of Heroes2 and have BeamNG on the way as well but those are the games I want to play first before moving on.
costadoulis 37 minutes ago @captainT hello sir,

i hope all is well. i am not sure why you are being so agressive. i am simply stating my observations vs eurogamer videos i have reviewed. thanks.

also, you mY want to play gtav pc or ps4 with and without ssd and revise your comment.

have a good one.
MrV 40 minutes ago @George-Roper You deserve a medal for your patience with this guy George. He lives in his own little bubble of venom and anger.
Are consoles also to blame for the massive storm moving all those trees around like some sort of spastic convention disco
This from a man (presumably) who had the nerve to insinuate I was sexist for a joke about womens bottoms and 'manjinas'. He's a classy guy ain't he? You sir, are a saint for entertaining the ramblings of someone with 'angry little man' syndrome. ;-)
cairbre1977 1 hour ago @Dismiss I just resumed I doing something wrong with the wall eject.
ISmoke 1 hour ago Seems destiny is very much a love it or hate it thing. One of my favourite games in a long time. Knocking on 300 hours of game play and I've only had it since December. Pretty good value if you ask me. I've spent more money on nights out and meals.
Isonic 1 hour ago This is the first time i'd even heard of this game, but my god it looked incredible. YOU IDIOTS
Luz1978 1 hour ago @NYGiants4Natic doubt that will ever happen, if you are producing a game for both platforms, the less you have to change for it to run on both the better... I wouldn't say that any PC game is '50%' better on PC than PS4, so it will never happen between ps4 and xbone, in case you hadn't noticed it's all about resolution, that seems to be it. The average joe will notice little difference between console multi-platform games...
SpaceMonkey77 1 hour ago Its still a fine system, but Sony really need to address their dedication to it and those who invested in it. Sure, their focus has been PS4's launch but that has passed by. Here's hoping it gets some highlights at E3, but I'm not going to hold my breath on it.

Would still like to get one eventually.
yodizzle 1 hour ago @dogmanstaruk "Agreed, the 900p image is slightly softer but the console is still capable of producing fantastic looking games.

I get a laugh out of the PS4 fanboys who are obsessed with 1080p considering their console can't sustain it at a guaranteed 30fps and one of the best looking games on the PS4 is 900p."

Talk about nonsense. You act like X1 games at 900p have a constant framerate. When they usually still have worst framerates than the PS4 ver. while being at a lower res. And the only idiots who think the Sony fanboys are obsessed with 1080p are the MS fanboys. The only reason why they brag about it is because the PS4 can usually do it when the X1 cant. But they understand all to well how trade offs can be worth it.

You people build these delusions in your heads then believe them. Have fun with that. But it makes you look dumb.
The-Bodybuilder 1 hour ago @Oxybelis I guess all those stealth assassinations using useful items in AC must've all been in my imagination.
Strumbar 1 hour ago And to think it only costed me the retail copy and a season pass with two "expansions" to finally get a full game. That was $90 to play $60 worth of content. Now to play a full game... until E3 where they announce another $60 expansion that will render the entire game obsolete by sometime in September.
TheRealDante 2 hours ago @George-Roper

Claiming that a developer like CDPR would cast aside their integrity in pursuit of profit is a VERY serious allegation. Do you have any evidence to support this statement?
Suarez07 2 hours ago @CrackXboxEngineer

The point I've made at least four times is, that at lower resolutions, the image quality differences become much larger than between 900p/1080p, as they are occurring at lower resolutions.

900p looks softer and some texture quality is possibly lost, and in worst case scenarios, you can end up with slightly more aliasing. But the images are pretty comparable.

When the ps3 was going even more sub HD with the already sub hd cod games, those issues became exacerbated even further, even though the resolution differences was smaller.

On a monitor 900p is much more noticeable, due to how close you sit, and even then, it's not often hugely noticeable, but sit back and watch on a TV from a couch, and it becomes even less noticeable, albeit, it's still a softer image. It doesn't however produce a night and day difference in most cases, and DF did plenty of shots from crysis 3 and even Ryse and DR3 , where you have to scrutinise the images for differences
bodthekiller 2 hours ago I love farming simulator the wife on the other hand can't stand it lol
Beva78 2 hours ago @George-Roper
I'll just answer one of the words you use because you seem to be trying to put me to sleep with irrelevant stats.

George, I'll give it to you straight, like a pear cider made out of 100% pear, but you need to open your eyes to the fact that the thing you hold as integrity holds no value for society financially, culturally or politically. It does not even hold value for the minority of the subset of the culture you represent. There is no integrity to be had, there is nothing there to attach the term to.

I mean, can you, yourself define values of gaming that matter to you that would distinguish them from fururemark, or dragon's lair?
yodizzle 2 hours ago @kieran12 "Its unfair. The x box one version is not perfect far from it, but i don't like it when DF ignores one console problems. DF can continue with their bias reviews i am done reading them."

Wow, quit your crying, have some dignity kid. You sound like your breaking down over this. This must be really breaking your heart. But I doubt you're done with DF, you'll be here next comparison. But probably under a new name. No one believes that a fiend like you could let go.
the_rydster 2 hours ago I got one but hardly use it. One issues was I wanted to play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (which I got excited about) only for Konami to pull the plug because of licencing issues.
CrackXboxEngineer 2 hours ago @Suarez07 Then why are you claiming there isn't an image difference? There clearly is. Goes back to his GTX 990.
CrackXboxEngineer 2 hours ago @imt558 Every Xbox game has worse AA. It's running in a lower resolution.
Suarez07 2 hours ago @CrackXboxEngineer

Yeah, it's missing pixels??? Really??? I didn't know that !!! Honest!!!

Thanks for filling me in on that.

Goes back to his gtx 980
CrackXboxEngineer 2 hours ago @Suarez07 No it doesn't. Know why? Because you're missing 633,600 pixels of resolution. You can kid yourself into thinking it does, but the reality is that there's no replacement for inferior resolution and missing pixels.
George-Roper 2 hours ago @Beva78

They are a gaming company/publishers peddling low brow entertainment. They are sellouts per definition.
That's entirely your opinion but you're wrong. Taken in context to their prior work and their ethics, they sold out to Microsoft in this specific instance. Out went their ethics about DRM, when the XBO had the worst example of anti-consumer DRM seen to date with its 24 hour checkins for single player games. Out went their ethics about delivering what they said they would, as they did for W1 and W2 beacuse this time around it was about reaching the broadest audience possible, to maximise profit as much as possible.

Yeah, like I said, they're a business. They're here to make money but in the case of W3 that came at a cost that they've never had to pay before. Their integrity.

Also don't forget to mention your alternate universe where witcher 3 was a massive PC exclusive hit supported completely by you and your ilk because it had slightly sharper textures and different lightning. I mean it makes a good argument coming up with a fantasy that only exists in your head.
You make the mistake of assuming way too much. As of March 2014, The Witcher franchise had sold 7 million copies of both W1 and W2. Are you saying that's bad?

W3 saw CDPR get into bed with console manufacturers but lets not go assuming that's because CDPR weren't getting the sales they wanted, because for a smaller outfit, those numbers don't look shabby at all. All businesses go for more revenue, that's the point of being in a business but that directly affected their ability to provide on their promise, because they had to cater for weak console technology.

If you want to compare, please do go ahead and look at some W2 PC shots, with the graphics ramped up, and tell me they don't look better than W3. W2 was a prime example of a game that pushed GPUs to their limits, whereas W3 looks like a game that leaves 50% of your GPU idle.

Are consoles also to blame for the massive storm moving all those trees around like some sort of spastic convention disco or is that PCs fault?
You tell me, did the 2013 reveal or gameplay footage shortly after look so daft too?
CrackXboxEngineer 2 hours ago Man, what a nightmare it was working on this game. Our team of crack xbox engineers flew 14 hours and drove another 4 hours to get to this place. And wouldn't you know it all they had was vegetarian food in the cafeteria. Anyway, after a grueling 2 months there my team and I were able to crank the resolution up to 1080p for the menu screens. For us, that was an accomplishment in and of itself. There was no way we were going to get the in game engine running at 1080p. Let's face it, the Xbox One GPU is so full of weak sauce that it starts to smell after a while. Anyway, our objective was 1080p and we hit it on the FMV and title screens so we're pretty proud of our work.
harryshaw 2 hours ago @George-Roper well expanding to consoles employs more programmers, more people working in the industry, so what if some dont like the downgrade--dont buy it! I bought it on ps4 and love it, i have several ps friends who are loving it, i remember the reveal and when i heard it was also coming to console my 1st thought was "well its not going to look like that" move on--the game is what it is, you dont ever have to buy a game by this dev again if your that bitter about it, i will because the game im playing is fantastic.
yodizzle 2 hours ago @Illusive_Man "This analysis sweeps the fact that although PS4 is locked 30 it suffers a lot more frame rate drops into the 20s than the Xbox One which honestly hovers between 30-40 fps. Disingenuous article is disingenuous."

You know whats even more disingenuous? You pretending to not understand why. You know damn well why the X1 version looks framier than the PS4 ver. That along with the PS4's superior image quality due to its higher res are the reasons why the PS4 is the better one. Now stop acting like a angry little butthurt in denial fanboy idiot and smarten up. Its making you look stupid. Then again, fanboyism does that to you.
Lunatic4ever 2 hours ago The moment I saw this...I knew this was going to be a thing! :D
Beva78 2 hours ago Incidentally, neg-brigade (you know who you are), not that I give a shit but feel free to jump in when you disagree if you actually have something to say, we can even discuss the beatnik movement or the erosion of the social value of critique that started in early 2000s if that's what grinds you gears.
yodizzle 2 hours ago @kieran12 Wow, kid, pull yourself together! Talk about whiny! Whew! You sounds like you seriously cannot take this, like its really hurting your feelings. Relax! And stop being such a fanboy too while you're at it. Its pretty f'cking pathetic. Now, let them balss drop and grow up kid, its only a video game and MS is not your father.

Oh and p.s. the PS4 has the better framerate because it has less frame pacing issues than the X1 version does. And its got better image quality than the X1 because of its higher res. And they both have streaming and pop in issues, so deal with it!
jaguarwong 2 hours ago @TarickStonefire

"people don't buy a vita to play games they'd rather play on a bigger screen"

I'm afraid you have me at a loss there; I haven't got a clue why people *do* buy a Vita.

Its size and battery life ensure that most of your play time will be spent mere feet from your PS3/4 - on which nearly all of these games are better.
Antropie 2 hours ago @Suarez07

As for tomb raider, well use the DF videos of tomb raider definitive edition face off and Bayonetta face off and tomb raider spends more time below 60 than Bayonetta ever does
:lol: ndry-bayonetta-faceoff : :lol:

"Note that on 360 there is a section where 60FPS gameplay transitions into a 30FPS cut-scene, resulting in a pretty sharp rise and drop in the graph."

Some parts of the game are just running at 30fps, and you dare to compare it to Tom Raider ?

And what about the framerate dips close to 20fps ? :lol: :lol:
donniebox 2 hours ago As long as a title is a solid 30fps, with no dips im happy with that this gen but Wolfenstein and the prequel looked and played as good as any shooter the last few years at 60fps ,like rage last gen, more SP shooters only.
On topic, is it right you can move bodies/hide them in UNITY or was that put right in a patch, not played it since release day.
Beva78 2 hours ago @George-Roper

Jesus Christ, what are you, five?

They are a gaming company/publishers peddling low brow entertainment. They are sellouts per definition.

They aren't William Boroughs suddenly deciding to become ghost writers for Dan Browns autobiography. Sellouts, sigh, it's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in my life.

You know, one of these days you'll need to wake up to the actual cultural value of your hobby. Spoiler alert: apart from very few games it's next to zero.

Oh, and don't forget to mention the reveal if you answer again so I don't forget.

Also don't forget to mention your alternate universe where witcher 3 was a massive PC exclusive hit supported completely by you and your ilk because it had slightly sharper textures and different lightning. I mean it makes a good argument coming up with a fantasy that only exists in your head.

(Are consoles also to blame for the massive storm moving all those trees around like some sort of spastic convention disco or is that PCs fault?)
Suarez07 2 hours ago @FMV-GAMER

I think the truth with the "they couldn't afford to make the game without consoles" probably lies somewhere between two extremes (as usual). It probably wouldn't have been possible for them to spend the budget they did without consoles, unless maybe they had gone kick starter, but even then, that would not likely have made them the same profit, even if they had converted development costs. So, obviously as a business, they decided to make the most profit. It's still a stunning looking game at points tbh regardless of the downgrades.

Regarding your 1440p performance queries with this game. I get 50-60fps with dsr set to 1440p, with only foliage distance turned down a setting. It spends most the time at higher end though, with 54-60fps the main stay. The latest patch seems to have made it even more stable. Shouldn't take much messing to get it very close to locked 60fps, but guessing you might have to drop several if you want it rock solid though.
Antropie 2 hours ago @mdeneuve

If you choose to be ignorant then that's your problem dude.
Ok, then let's see some of the most impressive multi-plaform games from last gen : ndry-batman-arkham-origins-face-off : almost no differences. ndry-grand-theft-auto-5-face-off : same thing. ndry-final-fantasy-xiii-face-off : runs better on PS3. ndry-bioshock-infinite-face-off : draw. ndry-metro-last-light-face-off : runs better on PS3. Resolution difference = +17% on 360.

And i could continue during the whole night... i gave you as example the most hardware intensive multi-platform games from last-gen...

As usual, FACTS > LEGENDS...

Finally, development complexity because of hardware peculiarities is a BAD thing. It kills developer productivity.
I agree on that. PS3 had a poor design... but it's not my point : both consoles had similar performances. That's what i'm saying. Don't change the subject... :rolleyes:
MrFlakeOne 2 hours ago Interesting article taking in account that all people remember from release is a huge mess and floating eyes. Pity that Ubisoft forgot about the basics, which buried all the details that are worth mentioning.
FMV-GAMER 2 hours ago @Antropie Yes most of the games were running at 720p on PS3, just not the graphically demanding third party ones or the ones that aimed for 60fps like COD. I don't know what you are trying to prove yet you are asking others what their point is???
JaqenHGhar80 2 hours ago @Feralsapien yeah when they said new story modes I was excited and I had a credit on my account so I bought it (didn't by dark below). I admit I was fooled by the first mission at first (going backwards) before I realized I was just going backwards. If they had put this missions in new areas that would be awesome the story would be great.

They didn't though and that video clearly shows the mission I just played last night. With the enemies. That's ridiculous.
Suarez07 2 hours ago @Antropie

Again.... Please learn to read.

I'm not arguing that often resolutions weren't the same, but that when there was differences, these differences appeared much greater than 900p vs 1080p, due to differences being exacerbated at lower resolutions. (Only like third time typing this, but I'll possibly try again, just for you, knowing how many times it will take for you to absorb this ...sigh)

As for tomb raider, well use the DF videos of tomb raider definitive edition face off and Bayonetta face off and tomb raider spends more time below 60 than Bayonetta ever does
FMV-GAMER 3 hours ago @Adam-802 I agree mate, he will also ignore when games run @ 900p on PS4.

Despite being able to run games at a really high resolution on PC I still enjoyed Sunset Overdrive @ 900p and thought it was a fun game. It even has some nice appealing art. I would take fun exclusives @ 900p over mediocre exclusives @ 1080p any day of the week.

It's funny how he chooses to ignore lower than 1080p resolution if it's on PS4 but goes to great length to point it out if it's on XB1 isn't it?.

You likely already know by now that it's best just to enjoy your gaming and ignore what some of the people on here say
Sp@rtacus 3 hours ago At a rough guess on advert to article screen space at 70/30, which is fucking ridiculous.
JaqenHGhar80 3 hours ago Too bad the lag switchers have ruined Trials of Osiris completely tainting any of the rewards gotten from that mode. Destiny initially promised dedicated servers for Destiny and with the money they had should have done it. At least for a mode as important as Trials. That's all you see on the forums now is people complaining about lag switchers.
Adam-802 3 hours ago @FMV-GAMER I agree, I wasn't really referring to you specifically. I dont think the resolution difference is that big of a deal at all. But as you said, people like Antropie love to twist things around when it happens to suit them. I'd say the diff between 1080p and 4K is bigger than the diff between 900p and 1080p. Thats why xb1/ps4 always look so similar, but fanboys (particularly PS fanboys like Antropie) love to obsess over it when it suits them.