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Malek86 4 minutes ago Reminds me of that locked door in Bloodborne.
Fourfoldroot 11 minutes ago This is the type of thing that would irritate me, so thanks are in order for this guy. It would still irritate me that I'd have to wait for a patch to get the chest myself though.
MrTummyGiggles 17 minutes ago Holy eyebrows...
phifedawg 39 minutes ago Why do they let this idiot continue to make games, is he blackmailing someone important???
Azovyr 42 minutes ago @man.the.king getting constantly bullied at school caused me immense psychological damage, so much so I ended up missing a loads of school, went through a massive depression - lost a ton of weight and my hair started to fall out. Just because you could deal with it doeesn't mean others can.

I'm not really defending this guys actions but who really knows what circumstances made him end up this way.
Bangaioh 43 minutes ago @chucklepie Judging by Zelda I'd say the latter
mamalkosari 1 hour ago Good.
Delangsta 1 hour ago "Hundreds of sidequests"? Pretty sure the total sidequests count is under 100. Unless you're counting Korok seeds, which is silly.
Sebeastian 1 hour ago I have a feeling that jumping sound will become very obnoxious very quick.
Alex_Star 1 hour ago Hmm, this is a very odd decision to re-release this game. Not sure who exactly asked for it. So many other better games from this era and they choose this... Road Rash 3DO version re-release please.. I know it's not gonna happen ever
benjaminenglish 1 hour ago @nevernow

I mean you're not totally wrong about that but the Switch is the one console that has a distinct and obvious selling point to consumers with a gaming PC.
man.the.king 2 hours ago
He further noted that Mudd had become "lost in an alternate reality" due to bullying at school.
That is not a defense - it's a cry for sympathy. And a groundless one at that.

Many of us go through bullying in school (As a rotund kid, I had to endure a significant amount of it myself until I got to college and proceeded to drop over 60 pounds and bulked up) - the majority of us come out of it with our psyche mostly intact.

Getting bullied is not an excuse for trying to cause other people (who have never even laid eyes on you or heard of you) harm.
Delangsta 2 hours ago First Ratchet and Clank and now Bomberman, why are franchises regressing back to 30fps? This industry's poisoned focus on visuals is getting pretty bad. It's no wonder the "60fps for all games" standard has been so elusive on consoles!
Ubermenschkind 2 hours ago Hey, maybe instead of shaming and incarcerating a genius with rare and valuable skills just because he made your shitty Java MMO slightly less fair, we could put him into a nice government job.
Aeplamondon 2 hours ago So having played botw for over several hundred hours needless to say I think it is an awesome game. While pouring many hours into this great game I've mastered many of the games challenges and mechanics. That being said it shouldn't take a botw expert to notice numerous things WRONG in this "cooking walkthrough". By far the easiest and first mis-information the author dishes out to the reader is swift violet can be cooked to obtain a sneaky effect. Ehh swift violet.... hmm swift.... hasty effect maybe? Yah definitely hasty. Also don't let the author fool you when your climbing that really high mountain and your almost out of stamina and you have no more energizing elexirs or stamina meals that you can just have link chow down on some raw meat and all will be good. In short it won't. You WILL fall. I can't help to sound like the comic book owner from The Simpsons when I say this but: Worst gaming article ever. 😁
Jim_bacon 2 hours ago I think these games are now pushing up against the same limit that the Total War games have run into. The tactical battle game (real time or turn based) is fun, but the global map civilization game has to be separate, otherwise it would lead to totally unbalanced unit numbers in the tactical instances/missions.

I've always wondered if you can now do what Xcom Apocalypse tried to do and have an entire cityscape on which missions take place, without having separate instances for the world map and tactical missions.
Karnster 2 hours ago @Mostro Come on ma, have you at least played the game? The review is a bit harsh but honestly I like the game. If you are into sniping games you are going to like it - the sniping mechanics are top-notch
VanillaLake 2 hours ago @Krychek I searched Saturn controller on Google to check that D-pad and I see there are several Saturn controllers, one of them is like a full moon LOL Which is best, anyway?

PS: I didn't like Sonic Colours (Wii) but I'm waiting for Generations to be backwards compatible on Xbox One. That one was good but not the Nintendo 3DS version which is quite poor.
VampHunter-D 2 hours ago What a joke. Back to Sniper Elite 4.
FuzzyDucky 2 hours ago
And what do you get for this fourth wall-breaking feat?
That's not breaking the forth wall...
Slipstream 3 hours ago After seeing what Mania is doing, this looks dreadful, unfortunately.
QuitYourYappin 3 hours ago This is mostly in response to the comments:

Firstly, fact of the matter is that prison terms are not a deterrent in preventing crime. Second of all, 2 years is a lengthy period of time being locked away.
Thirdly, the boy (if he developed these hacks himself, and it was more than some scripting) obviously has brilliance even if he did do wrong - a moment should be taken to recognise that. He was able to take down some serious infrastructure. If the courts could have sought help to mentor the kid use his powers for good we'd all be winning. Instead, he'll probably just end up spending his time in bad company picking up more bad habits trying to forge new connections with those he is now surrounded by in isolation.
Lastly, +1 @spongebob. I don't know anyone who uses 'k' notation to represent a thousand when describing anything other than currency, but to each their own.
Mar27w 3 hours ago @frazzl I thought it was incredible at the time, had a fantastic anime artstyle. Whenever I think of that game I always picture the anime movie"Riding Bean\Bean Bandit", which I also loved as a kid.
Krychek 3 hours ago
Compared to arguably the best instalments in the series - Saturn Bomberman and Bomberman '94 for the PC Engine - the presentation still falls just a little short, but the overall experience is still highly worthwhile.
Besides being a really entertaining and complete gameplay package...
That Saturn Bomberman soundtrack.

Timeless. Lush 90s analog synth sounds, great melodies, tip 'o the hat to previous Bomberman tunes, wonderfully odd flourishes.
Mar27w 3 hours ago @Shakey_Jake33 Yep, looks to continue in the exact same vein as Generations, which is absolutely fine with me, best Sonic game in years. Don't think it sold particularly well though due to rubbish bearing his name killing the franchise. Games like Sonic Boom, Unleashed and Lost World. Unlike Mario, who's remained consistent, the quality of Sonic has been all over the shop. Sonic Colours looked excellent but I believe that was a Nintendo exclusive. Sega and Nintendo hand in hand, who thought that would ever happen back in the 16 bit era eh ;)
Surboy 3 hours ago There should also be significant financial penalties. Strong messages must be sent to would be hackers thinking their activities are a game when in fact they can cause a lot of losses and suffering to companies and individuals.
frazzl 3 hours ago @Mar27w I loved Road Avenger as well :D
fallout22 3 hours ago SO SORRY TO BO0THER YOUR ALMIGHTY FUCKING ASSHOLE @---___---
doplerradar 3 hours ago @Wayne 12 games if it is Five Nights at Freddy's
Krychek 3 hours ago I tried Sonic Time Twisted, a just-released Sonic fan game, last night.

Played it with an official Sega Saturn USB pad, the absolute king of d-pads. I play every 2D (gameplay) title on PC using the tremendous Saturn controller.

Anyway, Time Twisted is alright. The bonus stage races vs. Metal Sonic have some wonky object collision, the main level design has its sloppy spots, and some of the boss fights are dubiously assembled. Some cheesy level enemy placement/behaviors too.

Graphics are decent, although not a huge fan of the particular Sonic sprite used nor the rotation effect on him. Original music score has some solid tracks.

I give this fan team points for understanding the spirit of later 16-bit entries and Sonic CD, some of the time travel bits (hence the name!), and most of the physics and movement.

Alas, I quit after 45 minutes and, still thirsty for a 16-bit side-scroller last night, still warm and fuzzy after The Dragon's Trap, fired up an ongoing game of Monster World IV. Asha's the real Wonder Girl.
Mar27w 3 hours ago I can see from the photo he's already practicing his, back off man, you don't want none of this, thousand yard stare. Their gonna eat that kid alive, just don't let him near a keyboard and Internet connection, for that is his(web)domain and he will smite all before him.
Mar27w 4 hours ago I remember being quite impressed with games like these back in the day. I also thought Dragons Lair and Road Avenger were amazing. Obviously I was one dumb kid easily duped :)
YenRug 4 hours ago @Phishfood If you read their page fully, you will find this statement, essentially they have the core game engine developed this funding is for content creation.

We have been working on Phoenix Point for a year, and we have a playable tactical battle system with great AI. We have started on the geoscape and large scale monsters. In order to realize our vision of a high quality, deep strategy game by the end of 2018 we need to expand our team. All the Fig funds will be used to build content and enhance the quality of the game.
dezvous 4 hours ago @lostmuppet can you actually back this up? This game in particular seems like it could be done more cheaply with 2D assets even if still in a 3D engine. Especially if they applied the same lack of polish with the 3D assets to the 2D ones.

If you're saying a really phenomenal and standout 2D game might be more expensive then yeah I would probably agree with you. But I don't think it's nearly that cut and dry.
Murton 4 hours ago Two years in a young offenders prison? In what way can that be classed a deterrent? He's going to be out in 12-18 months with good behaviour and return to his parents spare room as if nothing happened. It won't be long until he's back at it.

The 181 IP address he attacked personally, could any of them be considered vital infrastructure? How about the 53k other address attacked by others using his tools? If so then terror charges should have been brought to put him away for a proper amount of time.

A long term sentence for facilitating terrorism, possibly even extradition if he can be linked to anything properly serious in the US. Now that would be a deterrent.
liquidsoap89 4 hours ago @rarefu I thought it was great. It's not as good as the first 3 (which are 3 of my favourite games of all time, so that was obviously a big challenge for Andromeda), but it really picks up if you put some time in to it.

Yes, it's repetitive, the writing can be iffy sometimes (though not nearly as bad as some imply, it's average to above-average in most cases), it was a bit janky (never crashed on me, but there were some glitches with cutscenes and animations etc.), and I did miss controlling your companion's abilities (the jump pack isn't as interesting of an alternative as all the previews made it seem)...

But dammit if I didn't love the game any ways! There were many times where I thought it did a great job at making you feel like an explorer, and the places you explore are jaw droppingly beautiful (I took about 400 screenshots). The story feels more like 1 than 2 or 3, by which I mean the story goes places and evolves; 2 and 3 are largely just a big build up to the finale.

Go in to it with an open mind; having preconceived notions of why it's bad before you start will just make the flaws stand out.
Sober-Si 4 hours ago Night Trap is one of those "so bad it's good" kind of things.

Ahhhhh. Nostalgia.

I remember as a kid looking at the Saturn and thinking; nah, the Mega Drive with a Mega CD to its side and a big bulbous mushroomy looking 32x atop it, that's where it's at. That's the future.
man.the.king 4 hours ago @brokedownsystem

they should've cut off his balls too. that should be a mandatory punishment from the sky for fucking with either Xbox Live or the psn, or any other service in general.
I hope you were being sarcastic, because while I think some legal punishment is necessary for things like this, if you were serious, what you typed makes me think you have no sense of perspective.
liquidsoap89 4 hours ago @---___--- I think it's less of a retort and more of a "think whatever you want, I don't need to defend my opinion of the game"

It's a stance that I'm partial too as well. If you hate it, cool, go for it. I loved it, for many reasons. It doesn't really matter what my reasons are, nobody is going to change their opinion of the game based on how I felt about it. Trying to defend the game will almost certainly just lead to me being attacked for liking a game (I'm not implying you specifically would do that, more the internet hive mind).
frazzl 4 hours ago @dsmx Strange thing is I have finished SGW 1 and 2 but have only been bothered to finish SE2, despite agreeing with you that the SE games are better. XD
frazzl 4 hours ago Jeffrey, I am sure I will enjoy Night Trap a lot more than I have enjoyed any of the Souls games :D
alexatkin 4 hours ago @Wyrm Unless you are playing a game that helps cure cancer, that basically describes ALL games.
harryisme 4 hours ago He wanted to make friends in the gaming community, by creating a tool that would disrupt them partaking in their hobby? Yeah I see why he struggled to make friends here.

Two years seems a bit lenient when you consider how much chaos his tool caused, but it's a start.
ItsAlcidesAgain 4 hours ago @alexatkin Gamers, hackers, it's all the same hooligans !

Hope he didn't get to keep the money.
Shakey_Jake33 4 hours ago I don't know why they didn't create hype and goodwill by calling this Sonic Generations 2, instead of its current offputting name.
Jason2306 5 hours ago ... wtf
Madmya 5 hours ago Physics looks stuffed. Sonic Mania for me.
frazzl 5 hours ago I loved MGS2 when it came out. Finished it multiple times too on the PS2. I was a lot younger then and Kojima's shortcomings were less obvious than they are now. He is absolutely dreadful as a screen writer - plot and dialogue are laughably juvenile. The series reached its nadir with MGS4 which I abandoned half way through. The cutscenes which dominated the experience were wretched. Absolutely fucking piss poor.

Kojima should stick to what he's good at. Pushing the envelope with regards to stealth gameplay, much like he did with MGS5. He really, and I mean really, needs to let more competent professionals deal with the narrative aspects of his games. Sadly given his ginormous ego, I doubt that will ever happen.
jaketucker 5 hours ago @polaris70 I'm still playing it after filing the review, I'm well-aware it's a bit shit though.

Doesn't stop me from enjoying it a bit.
jaketucker 5 hours ago @Severn2j 100% Sniper Elite 4. I reviewed both (but not Sniper Elite 4 for here) and it's infinitely better.