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wertps3134 14 seconds ago @mouseymouse Its' a Corsair platinum rated power supply and will only ever draw as much as it needs. It is one of the most energy efficiant power supplies available. Granted it is an overkill for what I will need, but I got it on the cheap. Here is a link if you want it x-power-supply-1200-watt-80-plus-platinum-certified-fully-mo dular-psu
Lamb 8 minutes ago It depends how many celebs they can get behind it. Will Jackie Chan be there, Michelle Yeoh, others..
Dajji77 11 minutes ago @mega-ben
Umm... this isn't a Digital Foundry article.
Dajji77 15 minutes ago @penhalion
Here: "Refunding a beta tester who knew from day one that it was an online experience is just people trying it on."
Bedders 16 minutes ago @crestedzulu Very nicely put! It's a remarkable creation indeed. I've been gaming for 30+ years now and I can't think of anything else that could even hold a candle to what Blizzard has achieved with WOW.
mouseymouse 20 minutes ago @wertps3134 1200W PSU? are you running quad SLI titans or something? what a colossal waste of electricity
mouseymouse 25 minutes ago both consoles are pretty terrible right now, xbone exclusives are heading to PC and sony are still unable to sort out the PSN woes

amazingly nintendo are doing alright considering their console isn't selling amazingly

still, the rumours of the new nintendo console are interesting
penhalion 29 minutes ago @Dajji77 Where in my post is ther any indication they are cheapskates? Did I miss something?
Dizzy 29 minutes ago Where is Neverwinter in Europe? The Chinese got it so....
Alex_Star 30 minutes ago @The_shlaaaag_returns True. I remember in 2006 when I got PS3 and played Ridge Racer 7 in 1080p/60fps on my friend's Full HD tv, it really was considered ambitious! But 8 fuckin years have passed since that, and still it's considered ambitious, lol. Still looks great btw, RR7 I mean
B1G_D 32 minutes ago Well maybe the Chinese realise something that the brainwashed West doesn't. Corporate controlled consoles are actually terrible value.
delph 37 minutes ago @craigm
You are trolling because all you can do is insult me and you have given absolutely no explanation of why you disagree. You have no idea why I'm right or wrong, you just want to troll. "Do better."
bladdard 41 minutes ago For those waiting for Far Cry face off the details are below:

XB1 1400x1080p - PC ultra texture quality, solid 30fps.
PS4 1920x1080p - PC ultra texture quality, solid 30fps.
PC - better AA, extra visual effects.

PC > PS4 > XB1

Great game on all formats.
Uncompetative 45 minutes ago I've heard that the Japanese prefer RPGs to FPSes due to motion sickness, but wondered based on this article whether the Chinese were different as this represents such a huge untapped market. Thoughts?
felipem.gonzaga 47 minutes ago I was making some comparison at home with GTA V on ps3 and ps4, and ps3 have better shadow filtering at a bigger distance than the ps4 version. is lame that rockstar have not improve this.. you guys of eurogamer should do a comparison to the last gen version to show what change in the game for worse or better.
Hxy3000 49 minutes ago The 24 hour timer doesn't quite work, it's still playable for me.
MattEvansC3 55 minutes ago @MENTAL1ST I don't think that's iOS, there's clearly an OEM brand at the top of the phone, looks a bit like the Nokia brand. Also the top of the body doesn't look like an iPhone.
en3sge 56 minutes ago @Dantonir granted they did try an ssd but thats only one component amongst many that could have an effect on streaming. If nothing else, it does show the hdd is not responsible.

Just putting the deficit to xbox one down to cpu is just one massive assumption.

For a game this popular that is causing so much conflict of opinion, they should have put more thought into it
MattEvansC3 57 minutes ago Define succeed? This is a new market that while large is rife with piracy, grey market imports and a culture that steers towards MMOs and F2P games so how many units were the XboxOne and PS4 expected to shift to be deemed to be a success.

The XboxOne's success may depend on its Win8 OS element. If that can be hacked to run full WinRT code and therefore run the dodgy ports, clones and emulators already on the Windows marketplace it would fit in more with China's current "business" model.
GamesConnoisseur 59 minutes ago Nintendo SHOULD do better than either Sony or MS, simply cos so family friendly games and not as much sensitive to China games, as available on either XBOX or Playstation
picka_vi_materina 1 hour ago DF, why don't you compare to last-gen so we can see that massive improvement?!
MattEvansC3 1 hour ago @Bluetooth

That's not a launch screen that is a game, looks like some form of three match game.
Sunsprie 1 hour ago @mega-ben "How much money Digital Foundry took from Microsoft for this advertising article?

Thinking at tue biased article towards X1 and the fact that is hiding everything that is negative for X1 (Far Cry 4 resolution, PES 2015) it is clear for me that Digital Foundry has a long term agreement with Microsoft.

This is just Microsoft, destroying everything for achieving its business goal."

Seriously grow up. If you think that there is some big conspiracy theory your an idiot.

Have you actually played a multiplat xbox one game? I bet if you actually had you would be surprised at how little difference there is between the ps4 and xbox one. I don't know what you expect. A massive graphical upgrade?
George-Roper 1 hour ago @BigHal

Dunno what platform youre on but on PC you can bypass the 30fps cap on cut scenes via some shortcut parameters, without any of these apparent problems that they've stated.
Thetick 1 hour ago As a big warcraft fan, stepping into a 3d warcraft world when this game first came out is just my best gaming memory. The size was unbelievable, the people were mostly warcraft nuts and the atmosphere was amazing. Now 10 years later me and a few of my friends still enjoy it on occasion after a break.
Arvind1324 1 hour ago I really think consoles can do very well in China and south korea right game needs to be marketed and marketed in their respective local languages.

Sony and microsoft should reconsider online play behind a hunch that is why ps4 is stagnant in japan.

can the editorial team or the writer or someone in the comment section can clarify i read that the mmo age of wushu was created by the chinese govt.I mean gaming is beginning to be biggest pastime in china to that extend even govt is involved but it is still a social stigma ????.I will accept writers words

The fifth largest internet company is chinese and a gaming company Ten cents.

Chinese market is perhaps bigger than United States letting it go is pure stupidity. this is world's chance to export something back in to china
Sunsprie 1 hour ago @jasonchurch I know what you mean about the motorbike shops, I had a local shop who would do something to my bike but also do small job extras for nothing while he did the main job. He moved town so I had to take the bike to a honda dealer and they couldn't have cared less.

I know it's not about video games but know exactly what you mean.
Alex_Star 2 hours ago @muzzakus I agree. Couldn't care less for completely unnecessary 1st person view and goddamn 1080p. 60fps would be a really big game changer for most people.
GundamJehutyKai 2 hours ago No, just no. Valkyria chronicles 2 was just a bad sequel period. vac3 was a good sequel on the wrong platform but by then, the damage was done.

I mean, you could run the length of the maps and partway back with the scout alone in VC2
The_shlaaaag_returns 2 hours ago
Both versions push for an ambitious 1920x1080 framebuffer...
If, in 2014, 1080p is seen as ambitious, then that makes me want to cry.
KopparbergDave 2 hours ago The camera latency mentioned here is surely down to the odd deadzone they've implemented in the controls, along with what feels like a horrible camera acceleration curve....

I'm still really disappointed by this as I want to play in FPS the whole time but the controls are just not up to snuff compared to a typical FPS, say like Destiny for example. The PS4 (and I presume XB1) controllers have great response from the analog sticks and in Destiny you can make quick accurate changes as well as have really subtle, smooth, slow, precise control as well. GTAV is like using Vita control sticks combined with massively oversensitive settings. And by the way changing the settings up or down don't help much, the deadzone is the main problem and the way it handles camera acceleration I think affects it too. I'm disappointed as most previews/reviews I'd read say the FPS controls were great.... not sure what game they were playing!

Oh and auto centering when you move can't be turned off!? WHY? I hope Rockstar listen and give more options to solves these problems..

Anyone else agree?
melnificent 2 hours ago Well it couldn't really sell much worse than the Japanese launch.

39,000 units sold since launch
jasonchurch 2 hours ago @ubergine Maybe not Kinnect, the highly suspicious government might think they are spying devices :=)
ubergine 2 hours ago The Chinese might be more used to listening devices in their houses, so might be more accepting. Their government may even subsidise a kinect in every home!
IronSoldier 2 hours ago So the DF verdict on now-gen console GTA V is...

Mr-V 2 hours ago @Defecationqueen Only 4 months? I've been finding used condoms for 6. I think she's cheating on you.
Orenlom 2 hours ago note: NextGEN GTAV has no animation TREES!
Bear164 2 hours ago @Vice.Destroyer and me hated the diving bell missions always ended up getting killed by a shark.
Uncompetative 2 hours ago I frustrated that Grand Theft Auto V should be so poor at driving. The steering sensitivity is non adjustible. The in-car camera ought to be like their Midnight Club: LA and let me tilt the right stick from side to side to check for traffic at junctions, immediately snapping back to face front when recentring as it is released. It also doesn't take an eternity to check behind you:

Instead I have this slow as molasses restricted rotation that has to be brought back to approximately face front unless you are moving forward when the game will auto align the camera after moving into a potentially unobserved threat for a few seconds.

I'd actually hoped for TrackIR style head tracking on ONE with Kinect.
brigadier 2 hours ago Personally I believe the Xbox One will not succeed - at least not as successful as people think it might be. That is until they crack the system to allow free games. While I have seen both Xbox Ones, PS4s for sale. The shops will often only have 1 or 2 in stock at a time. The most popular systems are still the 360, PSP and the Wii. Why? Because shops can crack the system for them and give them free/cheap games, in my city it's about 1 per game.

At the moment the One and PS4 are genuinely luxury items. The average wage for my city is only around 200 per month, in Beijing it's probably around 400-500 per month maybe due to extortionately high living costs. Only those with high incomes will be able to afford a console.

I've lived in China nearly 2 years now and I can tell you, console gaming really is a niche past time. It's PC and mobile gaming all the way. Why? Because it's either free or you can pay minimal fees here and there.

Education is also a huge part of a child's culture. Competition for high school/university places is so strong 11-18 year old students will probably live at their schools during the week, studying from 8am to 10pm. At least only those students whose parents can afford this kind of education - and potentially buy their child a console.

Eurogamer, if you would like more articles written about the Chinese game market, you can commission me. ;-)
Pantsonmyhead 2 hours ago @spectrumfox You are wanted in the other GTAV performance article, thank you.
Kasjer 2 hours ago Both platforms received good ports. PS4 has minor advantage, but let's be honest - GTAV looks, runs, and most importantly - plays a lot better on Xbox One than on last gen consoles. Still having huge backlog of games to play on my PS3, I'm probably be late to current-gen party, but when I'll decide which system to get, I know differences like that won't matter to me. I'll simply pick up one that will have more games I want to play, just like I did in case of PS3 vs X360 and Vita vs 3DS (and I'm gald I did in both cases). Fanboyism, flame wars and throwing insults at other people because their choice of gaming hardware is different are all lowly form of entertainment for people who have nothing better to do with their lives.
sp1der1976 2 hours ago Haven't EG/DF already done this face off?

#clickbate #fellforit #dammit
Xterno50 2 hours ago Am i the only one experiencing fps drops driving in the city? (ps4)

Eurogamer says it happens in races, etc, but i get them very often.
Dantonir 2 hours ago @Adam802
so xb1 has better controller, more stable online, and runs better framerate....
You did read the article right?

The XB1 drops frames any time there's a lot of alpha effects on screen (explosions, fire, water spray) and at junctions. Whereas the PS4 only drops frame during junctions but is slightly worse there than the XB1.
Bilbur 2 hours ago One thing that boggles me slightly with the PS4 is why they switched round the disc and usb orientation. It even has a bigger divided slab on the right side where the disc should go. Just feels a bit odd and counter intuitive. I did notice another gripe with the design the other day too, compared to the PS3. Those frickin touch buttons on the front. Sorry, but not only are they virtually invisible, I'm constantly switching the thing on or off by mistake. The PS3 buttons were much better imho. They had a light on them and were well placed to avoid occidentally tapping them. Hope this touch button trend fades away soon. They're just horrendous in modern cars particularly. Why reinvent something that works well?
jasonchurch 2 hours ago @Calverz I know Game are everything I hate about modern high street trading.
Uberheertje 2 hours ago Didn't even know there was a sequal. The first is really good, I hope it gets a warm welcome from the pc-crowd. Price may seem steep for a port of a game that old but it really isn't, it's a huge game, it will last you a long time before you are done, and you will probably replay it to get everything right (you won't, it 's a hard game).
Adam802 2 hours ago so xb1 has better controller, more stable online, and runs better framerate....

XB1 version it is again then, easy choice as always.
Dantonir 2 hours ago @en3sge
I have to say, this is one of the poorer DF investigations I have seen over the last few years. The assumption that the XBone CPU is responsible for better frame rates in crowded junctions is poor.
They did say they tried an SSD in the PS4 and didn't see any difference. Of course if it was a problem with the traffic AI you'd expect it to continue if they went through the junction slowly or simply stopped in the middle of it.

DF have been pretty lazy about a lot of their assumptions during this generation. They wrongly claimed that the PS4 version of NFS:Rivals lacked ambient occlusion, they initially missed the resolution of KZ:SF mp and they seem to have taken as gospel that the H2A campaign is running 2 renderers at the same time. All things that they could have easily tested with access to the games.