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IronSoldier 7 minutes ago @silentbob
Oculus aren't fracturing the player base from day one as Oculus Touch won't be available until 2H 2016
I stand corrected. Oculus will be fracturing the playerbase from day one of the VR-specific controller reaching the market.

But I wouldn't compare these first VR hardware launches with traditional consoles
I wasn't seeking to compare all three VR solutions in that way. I was solely referring to one of them, i.e. the one for console owners.

Touch will be here in around 6 months, that isn't a huge amount of time to leave the Rift without a motion controller.
Indeed. While I've not followed the progress of the Oculus Rift every single step of the way it does seem somewhat surprising that after having been working on their VR solution for so long now plus having had the massive cash injection from Facebook that they won't have the VR-specific controller ready for a while half a year until after the OR's retail launch.

I've tried both, and Touch is at least as good if not better in terms of ergonomics and overall design.
I viewed the recent video on PC Gamer's website where said controllers were shown in use. The Oculus Touch did indeed appear to be the more elegant and ergonomic of the two products. The SteamVR controllers, with a design more akin to a wand, looked a little cumbersome, in my humble opinion.
Fox-2076 30 minutes ago @Ironsoldier dunno if ya interested I got a vita 16gb card spare.

I dunno a tenner seem reasonable ? Let me know if ya interested or if that's to high a price , not sure what the prices are nowadays on these cards.

If your not interested no worries:)
Fourfoldroot 32 minutes ago @BlackFlower

I think MS are very very serious about Hololense. It's certainly not just some r&d PR as you imply.'it is however PR for the gaming division, as it is clearly being made for multiple industrial purposes rather than being game focused.
TrevHead 38 minutes ago BTW I'm still waiting on that Vanquish PC port.
TrevHead 39 minutes ago The archetypal Platinum game is one that usually needs an inquisitive mind to experiment with the game mechanics, the games get better on each repeated playthough as you learn new things.

Bayonetta, Vanquish, MGR etc LTTP threads are a constant feature on NeoGAF due to ppl playing them like a western AAA first time round and getting the wrong impression.
binky 47 minutes ago Great read!
TheGuvernor 53 minutes ago The canned animations I've seen are incredibly slick & seamlessly integrated into the gameplay.

Not something I've seen before - id are masters of incorporating amazing gameplay mechanics into games.
TheGuvernor 55 minutes ago @Crispy_Flake
There's not supposed to be 'more to it' ffs!
DOOM is a twitch shooter - its brilliance will depend on the fluidity of gameplay, shooting mechanics & amazing graphics.
If you want 'depth' you'll need to go elsewhere.
el_pollo_diablo 1 hour ago @Pangaea

Blimey, you're angry.
Pierre2k 1 hour ago @Suarez07

Of course Suarez, I totally appreciate everyone will have a different experience. Different hardware, different games.

However, I genuinely don't understand how anyone can say its a "myth"? Unless you run the highest end hardware, even without bugs, you have to experiment with settings to find the best balance of visual fidelity and performance? Surely everyone must do that?

Just this week, Totalbiscuit (one of the most staunch PC gamers), posted a video about performance issues with Xcom 2 and he is running a machine with dual TitanX graphics cards in SLI. Crazy.

Of the games I listed, the issue with Star Wars and Jericho would apply to literally everyone. It wasn't an isolated problem with my hardware, but a code issue.

With Arkham City, you must have been one of the lucky ones as whilst not everyone had the same issue as me, it was well covered by the media at the time that it was riddled with performance problems, including a completely broken DX11 implementation at launch.

Don't get me wrong, PC gaming is great. You can get the maximum performance and quality. Use just about any gamepad, keyboard, mouse or wheel imaginable. You can play just about every system with an emulator. You get absolute bargains on Steam and some fantastic HumbleBundles etc. It's not all negative. However, to suggest settings tweaking is a "myth" is just wrong in my opinion. Agree to disagree.
Suarez07 2 hours ago @Riggerto

The sad part, you can guarantee that many who even know this, will still probably take the improved visuals.
kevboard 2 hours ago @Riggerto broken sub-30 fps?? the game runs pretty consistently at 30...
Suarez07 2 hours ago @Pierre2k

"Absolutely no "drivel" or "false" elements in my claim that PC takes 30+ mins of messing about with setting before the game works"

This isn't every game, and won't be every person who has same issues even with games you listed.

I for example, never had any such issues with Arkham City.

That's not to say I haven't had other issues in another game, but the myth that PC gaming requires some tech know-how and faffing around for ages in settings etc etc is just that, a myth.
torhal 2 hours ago I hated the Snake vs Vehicle combat and the endless supply of fresh enemy soldiers. Lazy game design at its best.
Riggerto 2 hours ago -Tweaking performance over visuals...

Am I getting this right - You can choose to play the broken sub-30 fps version or change the lighting to play the consistent 30 fps version?

quent 2 hours ago Nintendo(console) Troika,Looking Glass, Id(pc), most influential.
p_nut_uk 2 hours ago Love this dev! Okami is a better Zelda game than any Zelda since wind waker, Bayonetta 2 was the best game I played in 2014, recently got transformers and it's absolutely mental it leaves me exhausted!
Plofo 2 hours ago But trans and other kinds of lgbt-pokemons are allowed 'cos cheers to progresism! right? pfff
Noobcamper 2 hours ago Who cares, apple is garbage anyway.
georgedoyle 3 hours ago @Frybird You can actually map the controls in the settings menu. That worked well for me.
Pierre2k 3 hours ago @ronorra

1) Yes, there are other variables such as TV size and headphones. On PC those variable apply, in addition to even more important ones like some players running 120fps whilst others run 30, some running 720p, where others are 1440p etc. It might not be 100% even, but it's a hell of a lot closer and the point still stands.

2) Absolutely no "drivel" or "false" elements in my claim that PC takes 30+ mins of messing about with setting before the game works. Make no mistake, I love PC gaming. I've had my Steam account since Half-Life 2 was released and I've got 235 games on it.

However, it has it's issues. Not for everyone of course, and if you are running a top end machine you can brute force past it sometimes, but that's a minority group. I'll give you some specific examples rather than make vague claims.

Bulletstorm - Used to get serious lag at max settings. Messed about with settings for an hour with no success. Googled and found it was a common issue. Had to go into the .ini and increase the poolsize. Problem solved, locked 60fps

Batman: Arkham City. Regular framerate dips from 60fps to as low as 15fps. Again, tweaked settings for about an hour and eventually found that I needed to get rid of the framerate smoothing by tweaking the .ini file. After doing this, I got a locked 60fps at exactly the same settings.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Near the end of the game sound kept cutting out. Found on the steam forums that there was a corrupt file in the download. Had to find it on a third party website and download the fix. Problem solved.

Clive Barker's Jericho. Couldn't get it to boot. Kept giving me an error message. Turned out it was because of the legacy PhysX support it has. Had to go to the NVidia site, find the legacy drivers and download/install. Problem solved.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Had a big issue where it crashed after approx. 10mins of play. Played the opening section over 10 times before I managed to fix it. Ultimately ended up needing a completely fresh install.
megatronix 3 hours ago Vanquish was ace. Didn't had a chance to play any of Bayo's yet. Played their MGS Rev and I liked it a lot. I think They should buy right to dmc and make dmc5
Dysisa 3 hours ago @GalvanizedGamer Just the high quality reply I was expecting from a Platinum fan. :)
Hailst0rm 3 hours ago Who buys Apple products anyway?
ronorra 3 hours ago @Pierre2k
1) Everyone is on a level playing field. For the most part every player, lets say online in something like Battlefield, is running the same resolution, with the same framerate, with the same visuals, using the same control method.
Bull. People have different sizes of televisions for example, wich bigger showing more. Some might use headphones (for better positional audio awareness) while others use normal audio from the telly. So that even playing field argument is flawed.

2)Consoles are always plug in and play. As a PC gamer, I'm used to messing about with settings for the first 30mins (sometimes longer) of playing a game upon start-up
The time that consoles were plug and play are long gone, no console just works out of the box anymore let alone the stream of patches console games now need.
Also claiming that every pc game needs 30 minutes of configuring to be able to play it is such drivel that your claim of gaming on the pc is simply not true. I really wonder why you need to make these false claims...
vojtas 3 hours ago Their creations are completely unknown to me. That's because I play only on PC.
ChockysChild 3 hours ago @Arsecake_Baker Kinda sounds like that, doesn't it. If it was for switching between 30fps and 60fps they would be shouting it from the rooftops. If it does turn out to be for stabilising the fps, then it is the very last thing they should be boasting about.
SuperShinobi 3 hours ago A great studio with generally incredibly high quality standards. It's hard to pick a favourite between the likes of Vanquish, MGRR, Bayo and Madworld - one of the few Wii games that I really liked.

However I think the Clover Studio era games are even better still. Okami is their masterpiece and especially the HD version on the PS3 is one of the prettiest and most artful games ever and also my favourite Zelda-type game. God Hand and Viewtiful Joe are also must-play PS2 classics.
Pierre2k 3 hours ago I'm both a PC gamer and a console gamer, and I think this would be a terrible trend if it became more common.

I gather from most responses thus far, this is an unpopular view, and in some respects, yes, choice is always good. However, for me, there are a couple of advantages to console gaming over PC (PC obviously has other advantages).

1) Everyone is on a level playing field. For the most part every player, lets say online in something like Battlefield, is running the same resolution, with the same framerate, with the same visuals, using the same control method. When you introduce the option to tweak visuals and tweak framerate, you open up a disparity.

2)Consoles are always plug in and play. As a PC gamer, I'm used to messing about with settings for the first 30mins (sometimes longer) of playing a game upon start-up so it won't bother me, but for the average joe, they just want to get stuck straight in. I suppose they still can, and in single player only games it's less of an issue, but for multiplayer, see point 1). Who wants to have to turn everything down to its lowest settings every time they load multiplayer just so everything is even?

Not a doomsday scenario, and I can see some positives out of it, but my preference would not be to go down this path.
jetsetwillie 4 hours ago @FuzzyDuck what makes her so shit out of interest?
Neo68_za 4 hours ago Should we really be in a position where we need to change graphics settings just to maintain a poultry 30fps?
-TheDarkSide- 4 hours ago Come on Sega, get it released over here.
Look! Here's my wallet, waiting to be launched.
..Give me something to launch it at.
SteadyBarker 4 hours ago I've never played a Yakuza game, but those bottom four screenshots make me want to buy this just so I can wander around the streets. Please tell me you can go into the Pachinko parlours!
GalvanizedGamer 4 hours ago *mod edit: play nicely please*
GalvanizedGamer 4 hours ago @UpInFlames - With that enlightening sentiment you must have great judgement in gaming................
SteadyBarker 4 hours ago I'd give Mike my bank account details any day if you know what I mean.
GalvanizedGamer 4 hours ago @Fourwisemen - Weren't IGn the same idiots that gave the fantastic God Hand an incredulously low 3/10? Bloody philistines!!
Parasaur 4 hours ago @ZicIchi They started proper Chinese localizations with 0, released at later date. Kiwami is the first localized Yakuza to be released the same day as in Japan.
GalvanizedGamer 4 hours ago I still don't understand how Eurogamer expressed slight disappointment in Bayonetta 2 because they percieved it as an iterative sequel?! Some of the greatest games in the past ten years were 'iterative sequals' like Halo 3, Mass Effect 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Bayonetta 2 is incontrovertibly a 10/10 game in my opinion, the absolute apex of the roaming beat em up genre and easily one of the greatest games ever made. Long live Platinum Games and here's to a Bayonetta 3 ( and Vanquish 2! ) on the Nintendo NX!!
Chromanin 4 hours ago The more 60FPS, the better. I would turn the settings that cause 30FPS performance without a second thought.
GalvanizedGamer 4 hours ago Surely Treasure qualify infinitely more than Gremlin Interactive?!
nickthegun 4 hours ago I absolutely loved transformers. On paper, it should have been garbage and some elements completely fall on their arses (namely the weapon crafting) but its was possibly the most fun I had with a game last year.

Some of the challenges, when you are slicing and backflipping through wave after wave of decepticons, are probably 10 adrenalines.
Arsecake_Baker 4 hours ago I get the impression somebody is trying to cover their arses!
UpInFlames 4 hours ago One of the most overrated developers of all time.
RawShark 4 hours ago Technically in Portable Ops you only needed to lug the unconscious soldiers to the nearest comrade's cardboard box (who would then use the Fulton Recovery System to capture the soldier). So it was introduced in Portable Ops really. But whatevs.
LittleBigDave 4 hours ago "I'm not going to let you play the bullety ones until you are the appropriate age (36.) This is because as everyone knows, violent video games make people violent, which is why there was no crime until 1973."

Here, here!

(They also don't make you sexist, which some in the industry seem to forget)
MeBrains 5 hours ago @imt558
Explosions can torn frame on Xbone
there's all sorts of graphical issue with the Xbox. I see prebaked lighting, prebaked shadows, a lack of HDR, missing textures (a LOT!) and reflections in pools or streaks of ice appear to match "reality" a lot better on PS4.

Was this already tackled in a (previous) (beta) face-off? Or are we indeed lead to believe that, all things considered, "both are equal"?

edit: all by my untrained eye. glancing once at the 3:38 video. Stopping here and there.

edit 2: it has, here. So, indeed, we are lead to believe that both are to be considered equal with the comparison tool's screenshots almost all taken from cutscenes which, I believe, are streamed of disc. The moment real gameplay starts like in the clip above, differences, frankly, are huge!
AgentDaleCooper 5 hours ago @Negotiator

I completely disagree; Infamous Second Son runs unlocked (the option to lock to 30fps eventually came in a patch) and it played very nicely indeed. That game was visually accomplished too, and the snappy control response provided by higher refreshes aided the feel of movement and traversal immensely. Actually, locking the game to 30fps turned it into sluggish triple buffered trudge.

For me, higher frame rates are about more than just visual consistency. I want snappy control.
MeBrains 5 hours ago @KanevilPS_
I'm sorry but on consoles performance should be already taken care of unless this will enable something drastic like 60fps. I would bet though that this will let you get closer to a locked 30fps which is wrong and should already be at least a locked 30fps in my opinion.
@ChockysChild. I agree with you both.

I do not like the evolution. And to me, it seems like Ubisoft is in dire need of great* programmers when they have to start using solutions like this on fixed hardware in order to achieve the frametime necessary to provide a smooth experience. An option allowing the switch between a (set) 30fps and another (graphically reduced set) to 60fps might make sense.

* should Ubisoft programmers read that; I know how it sounds and I apologize for it. You are great programmers, and it probably will have been a management decision to include all that settings crap. Mgnt and MKT does want to say: "8x SSAA", "chromatic aberration" and all the other buzzword graphic technology printed on the box.
Esppiral 5 hours ago Beautiful job SEGA, now go and do the same with Shenmue.