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Bauul 2 minutes ago @StooMonster Very good point: all other media has moved away from physical. I've never been one for owning DVDs or CDs: When Napster arrived I was there with bells on and have never looked back. These days I pay $10 a month and stream everything.

Games aren't there yet for a whole host of very good reasons, but going full digital isn't an unusual brave new world, it's how other media (and even PC games) have been for years.
urbanman2004 5 minutes ago @cptmold but the game's been out for more than a yr so u must been living under a rock if u have no idea what ur buying (demos, benchmarks, etc., youtube walkthroughs) and for $15.00 that isn't much of a risk IMO
Dizzy 5 minutes ago @Snake_2011 the fact that I am into games development makes this game even MORE shit.
UkHardcore23 6 minutes ago @weblaus This is the UK branch of Eurogamer.
verynaughtyboy 6 minutes ago @Andrii

Why are you asking why we should buy the same game twice? Why are you assuming that all or even most have already played it?

I had a PS3 and bought a lot of games on it, but I didn't play or purchase this game. The PS4 version is great for me and, for example, those who only owned a 360 last gen.

Also, if you don't think this looks noticeably better then you, respectfully, need your eyes checked!
UkHardcore23 7 minutes ago PS3 - /1/7/9/6/9/3/9/PS3_005.bmp.jpg/EG11/quality/90/format/jpg

PS4 - /1/7/9/6/9/3/9/PS4_005.bmp.jpg/EG11/quality/90/format/jpg

Textures on ground are far better on PS3...How is that even possible? Usual AF PS4 issues? Or PS4 not powerful enough to handle textures and have better AA
albinas 8 minutes ago This is not limited to your home network like xbone, so it's actually useful feature.
jasonchurch 17 minutes ago I already bought Gauntlet, not interested in the rest, I know I should be grateful for the games I get at 3 a month, but I'm not because 9/10 times its nothing I want to play or I have bought them, this just makes me want to stop buying any games out of the playstation store in case they come up as a PS+ game.

Ah well hopefully January might have something.
Snake_2011 24 minutes ago @Dizzy you are so predictable & you say your a dev! where mickey mouse club?
Agarwel_Idiriz 25 minutes ago @Foolish_Monkey:
Totally agree. I know I will be now hated, but as much as I love Bloodborne, for me the Bosses are weakest part of the game.
For me, most of them provide nothing interesting. They are just bulletsponges with big health bar (and not so abvious hit areas). But fighting them is not so different from fighting any other enemy. You just need to do it for longer.

For me the nice example how boss figh should look like is Cronos in GOW3. Ok... the difficulty and fighting mechanics may not be perfect. And could be tweaked for each individul game. But hte fight is really memorable and epic.

And considering the Bloodborne or Souls games are really focused on boss fights, I would really love to see something like this. Big boss fight, that is not only chipping slowly the long health bar and perfect timing of the dodges. But something that also adds some new ideas and is memorable by itself.
nathanrexter 29 minutes ago I' actually quite excited to play this game.
IvorBaddic 31 minutes ago To be honest I think that shows the ethics of the man and now I will take every word he writes with a pinch of salt. All make mistakes and all but the lady would've been the one to pay 😒
Suarez07 36 minutes ago @LargeStyle

Fair enough, I never worried too much with my Kepler 690 about thermals. Used to get to like 84-85c with an OC , but they throttle or crash anyway if they get too hot.
Andrii 45 minutes ago Differences between two version are barely visible....Sony selling same chicken two times, but funny things that army of slaves (gamers) will eat this. C'mon guys, how can we buy the same game two times)))) Even difference between original xbox and PS2 in graphics was way larger than in case with Beyond)))([ nVXC9VZx6ZWIegkvlBBxCPaq])
Only several remastered games are worth to buy (Halo 1, Beyond good and Evil, etc.) Remastered version from ps2/xbox 1 to ps3/X360 are ok, but from ps3/360 to ps4/xone are wasting of money)))
elricfraumeni 46 minutes ago "new effects like motion blur and depth of field"

-TheDarkSide- 50 minutes ago Am I alone in preferring the PS3 version? Apart from a generous coating of motion bleugh! and some new carpets (whoop-di f***ing-doo), they look much of a muchness.
cptmold 55 minutes ago @OtisBDriftwood Oh. In that case, my bad.

Personally, I think it's hard for any PC player to think otherwise simply because the 7th generation consoles have a massive backcatalogue of games we all simply missed.

Still, the libraries on these consoles are looking alright for such new products. The only odd bit is the fact that so many fraudulent 'remaseters' of four year old games are flying around.
Snake_2011 57 minutes ago @dogmanstaruk oh boy your lost!
cptmold 57 minutes ago @urbanman2004 Meh. I'd say for only $2 more, Steam's deal is better, since buying directly from Steam entitles you to a refund if things go wrong or you don't like it.
LargeStyle 1 hour ago @Suarez07 Thanks for your input. It's the thermals that's the issue - I've made a custom fan curve to keep the GPU no higher than 72 degrees, but the VRMs then operate at 90, which I don't want to exceed. When it comes to requiring more performance, 900 series GPUs will be more affordable by then, or even go to Pascal if they prove worthy!
richardiox 1 hour ago Jesus, Antropie discussing the XB1 in this thread? He's obsessed.
SpaceMonkey77 1 hour ago Hmm! A good boss fight should be challenging and fun but not take huge liberties because its a boss.

Most annoying are bosses that you fight once defeat and then have to fight them again, more than likely with low health.

Bosses still yet to slay on Lost Planet tentacled beast, and another one in Devil May Cry 3. I think one of the most tricky ones was Liquid Snake in MGS, because after the MGS fight, many thought that was all. But no, there was more to do. And you had better have topped up your health too.

Hardest one conquered was on Actraiser, where at the end of the game, you had to fight all of the games bosses one after the other to finish. It was damn hard too.
MeBrains 1 hour ago @IronSoldier
You should post that dumb 'Dingbot' pic of @Episode13's in all Xbone-specific comments sections from this point on, lol!
haha. yea. I did so twice. And I stopped. I felt like trolling too much. ;)
OllieNator 1 hour ago Strange thing is that I played this on PS Now during the beta and don't recall experiencing any major frame drops. Maybe there is an advantage to playing PS3 games on PS Now.
Antropie 1 hour ago @Suarez07

The SDK didn't simply give extra CPU core access.
Which is a concrete thing... not a vague software improvement...

Extra CPU performance might improve frame rate slightly with CPU bottle necks, but wouldn't impact on resolution, or increased use of effects etc if the GPU is the bottle neck.
Since when better performances should not close the gap ? :rolleyes:

Since when performances only mean resolution ? :rolleyes:

So, you are fine with 15fps as long as the game runs at 1080p on XB1 ?

So, no, you're talking shit as usual.
So, you didn't understand anything as usual...

Anything that can bring better performances should close the gap... 2+2=4...

900p/30fps is closer to 1080p/28fps than 900p/28fps to 1080p/30fps...

AaronionRings 2 hours ago @jonathanharding-rath I need to get into the full version I got free for owning the AC Unity season pass but even though racing games aren't my thing, I quite enjoyed the beta.

When you got to choose your car in it, you had a few options and could take each one for a test drive. I made sure to get used to the driving mechanics there and find something with handling more suited to me.

After that, it was great for me. I enjoyed the races and spent a good while just driving around the open world. It's definitely not perfect and a bit of an issue that you need to hunt around for a decent-ish car early on but there was definitely fun to be had.

That's a problem with betas that also act as demos IMO (or just demos in general), if you get them wrong or make big enough mistakes then many will just remember it for being a bad game.
WilhelmvonOrmstein 2 hours ago @rotmm Well, as long as you turn of the Gimpworks Nvidia shite it runs fine. Those effects are terribly, terribly optimised and for not much gain it isn't worth halving the fps.

HBAO+ needs to stay on though, because plain old SSAO looks awful.

On my i5 3570k 980 ti it runs 60fps 1440p.
IronSoldier 2 hours ago @dogmanstaruk Wii U master race FTW! :cool:
rotmm 2 hours ago @WilhelmvonOrmstein "So, umm, the PC version of AC Syndicate? It came out 19th, did you forget it exists?"

Actually, I did. How does it play?
MightyMouse 2 hours ago No mention of MMOs? Instanced dungeons are often themed entirely around the boss fights, with the smaller groups of enemies existing to teach you the boss' abilities (and to take up some time, it's an MMO after all). World bosses add in the element of defending against other players at the same time.

In MMOs, for most of the players there's an expectation that they won't figure out for themselves how to beat the boss. That said, the boss has to have enough to it that its fun to 'solve' for the players that want to. You expect the players to repeat the boss over and over so you have to have a unique mechanic to make the fight fun and memorable.
Cirius-Moonlite 2 hours ago Gwyn Lord of Cinder.... that motherfucker made me put down the controller for 6 months before finally returning and finally beating his ass. There are others of course in the Souls' series, Ornstein and Smough....or Luarel and Hardy as I liked to call them cos they were so much FUN!!
Suarez07 2 hours ago @LargeStyle

You shouldn't notice much difference tbh , if you don't heavily overclock. Could be useful if you need later down line, even if not now. Could potentially grab you up to 10fps, even on air, depending on how much it oc's and the game
WilhelmvonOrmstein 2 hours ago So, umm, the PC version of AC Syndicate? It came out 19th, did you forget it exists?
Suarez07 2 hours ago @Rogueywon

Suppose you could lock to 30fps, or try using Nvidia guide to adjust things sensibly brings massive performance benefits. Dropping shadows one setting, and dropping the foliage distance is main thing to drop. If you use Nvidia guide, it really makes little difference in reality, but offers massive boost in performance.

I was able to get most games running at 4k with my 980 if I chose settings sensibly or at least 30fps.

I'm waiting on my ti so can finally run all games at 4k.
karolniecik 2 hours ago @weblaus Prototype and Deadpool are remaster ? All the time i think that there are just a port working in higher resolution as is B:TS for me. It's a simple and not impressive at all port. It should be call "Beyond Full Hd "
GamesConnoisseur 2 hours ago I loved Heavy Rain, I finished Two Souls, but it didn't take the branching narrative gameplay template forward. Or build enough of a strong case for it.

However that said, I m tempted to give it another go, but somehow felt that the Heavy Rain and Cage's upcoming Kara game will be remembered far more than the Two Souls.
Matthew_Hornet 2 hours ago Things I learned today: if you really want to sell a Skinner Box, what you need is a bitchin' skybox.
Rogueywon 2 hours ago @Suarez07 i7 6700K, 32GB of DDR4 and a 980ti. The monitor's been here about an hour. And yeah, 4k is demanding.

Using Witcher 3 as a benchmark, I can't get close to a steady 60fps in 4k/ultra. That said, I'm fairly close to a steady 30fps, with only some very minor blips below that level. Not tested intermediate settings yet.
obidanshinobi 2 hours ago

"Willem Da Foe, great name for a battle rapper"
weblaus 3 hours ago @karolniecik Clearly you have not seen many remasters. While I would agree that Beyond isn't all that impressive, it still is much, much better remastered than e.g. Prototype, Deadpool, Saints Row IV, Dishonored...
Malek86 3 hours ago @lambchop I guess, but I was already playing on a 19", so it somewhat bothers me that the devs want to make my view even smaller.
ClemFandango 3 hours ago @MDL199
I love the playstation and have owned all. This was about how God awful psplus is now sony don't have to try.
Also sega were perfect ;-)
dfernand 3 hours ago ha! they'll be remastering Jet Set Willy and Jet Pac next, ....oh wait .......
Ivattthestanier 3 hours ago @Brev2034 well yes, obviously.
grassyknoll 3 hours ago @ricardolessafilho1 So true, hence why I avoid Digital Foundry normally. Art, score, mechanics & design appreciation are being lost to this resolution & performance obsession. This generation specifically should put that kind of thing to bed. I like clean presentation & good image quality but it's not a deal breaker 99% of the time.
snafu65 3 hours ago Watching the comparison video I can barely tell any difference, the PS3 version looks better sometimes if anything!
super_monty 3 hours ago List all from shadow of the collosus.
ricardolessafilho1 3 hours ago @grassyknoll All fragments of the video games as an art form are being destroyed by these "technical analysis". It's a shame.
Suarez07 3 hours ago @Antropie

No, it's complete twaddle.

The SDK didn't simply give extra CPU core access.

Extra CPU performance might improve frame rate slightly with CPU bottle necks, but wouldn't impact on resolution, or increased use of effects etc if the GPU is the bottle neck.

The SDK improved performance overall with CPU improvement, better tools, better management of esram etc. The most fundamental improvement of the SDK was to improve tools and make things easier to manage tasks etc etc for the developers.

So, no, you're talking shit as usual.
Brev2034 3 hours ago Are there any games on ps4 that aren't remakes or remasters