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Lusterpurge 1 minute ago Wait a minute... this doesn't sound like Far Cry
EverilCorwell 3 minutes ago Whatever.
ZagorTeNay 3 minutes ago @Gnort Yep. With only 2 USB ports available on PS4 (and one used by headset dongle), it is quite impractical. I use 2nd USB port for flash drive, to copy screenshots and video captures off the PS4.

USB hub could help, but I'd rather have wireless controllers with better battery life than DS4.
Bernkastel 6 minutes ago Zoe Quinn is a game developer.
caniadbach 8 minutes ago
$69,420 goal
ZagorTeNay 8 minutes ago @philmatic Personally, I don't mind. I also don't preorder as a general rule. Even if game is competitive multiplayer (where one would like to start as early as possible, familiarize with maps, unlock some extra weapons), I'm still waiting for reviews. A few days will not kill my performance. And it's not like there is nothing else to play but that one new game...
erasr 13 minutes ago Who cares!!!!
AmorousBadger 14 minutes ago Posting here, just to say 'I posted in this thread before all the angry loons got in'.
edcar007 21 minutes ago @phaudraig
They will probably be more original than your comment...
KanePaws 22 minutes ago Homophobia like it's 1999! :D

phaudraig 25 minutes ago This comments section is bound to be an intelligent place.
andrewsqual 36 minutes ago @Decaf Well I'm not even seeing the comments by that user so I can't even vouch for that. But the fact I blocked him definitely means there must be some Ironsoldier levels of trolling going on.
bigmalky 39 minutes ago @Old_Books Yeah... I am Setsuna is a great game and turn-based rpg's are still genuinely fun to play. In fact they're vastly more fun than the terrible system that FFXIII had.
bigmalky 40 minutes ago I actually liked the demo once I got used to the pacing and art style. Probably due to the turn based combat system, I'm a sucker for it.

If I can scrape together 40, I'll probably pick it up before FFXV comes out... Checking the user reviews first for that though. Getting stung with the awful FFXIII was the last time I pre-order a Final Fantasy game.
Hellotherenow 40 minutes ago @-TheDarkSide- I'm going to buy the new DUALSHOCK 4 V2 soon. Do you own one, if so whats it like compared to the original? I'm hoping that the rubber on the analogue sticks are better quality this time. Love DUALSHOCK 4 still though.
krayzkrok 44 minutes ago It's all a load of tosh from Bethesda. Bottom line, they will do whatever it takes to make money, and they've figured out the most profitable way of doing it. The rest is just spin and BS about looking after their customers.
jasisgreat 47 minutes ago @man.the.king Hi, Did you pre-order the digital or physical copy? What platform?
I preordered on Xbox one and SOT instantly started downloading after payment didn't even have a download code or link to follow it just popped into my library and downloaded itself. If you are on Xbox check your "ready to download" list. Or maybe your hard drive is full, I use a 2TB external which allows for a lot of games.

Shame FBH has been delayed but there is plenty to play anyway, Q1 next is actually a better release date for me.
Hellotherenow 48 minutes ago Mr Sony receives 60% of every sale.
dimtso 49 minutes ago Hopefully this will force people to buy more responsibly from now on.
IronGiant 49 minutes ago Good selection, I paid for EGTTR and thoroughly enjoyed it :)
SuperShinobi 49 minutes ago These may be useful to eSports players in some ways, but from a visual design perspective they are horrible compared to the beautiful DS4.
electrolite 51 minutes ago @Crosshash @geeza2020

Not sure the chasnces of a price drop for either are great. One still sells (so no rush there), one has been discontinued (pretty much) (so no rush there) and the Pound flatlining will work against us.
Darkyforce 53 minutes ago @Fourfoldroot Do you have the same problem with people using steering wheels and fighting sticks in games? No difference.
Billybobbythomas 54 minutes ago @Mr.Spo it's already over 5 (March, 2011 release), so that's 63 million (if it makes expectations) in 6 years.
Jimmy562 59 minutes ago @jerjef You must be joking about DS3 quality. I still have a couple of launch day PS3 controllers and you can see straight through them. They felt extremely cheap in your hands.

I personally really like the DS4. Probably the best controller I've used and I've used a lot.
Hellotherenow 60 minutes ago @TimmishMcgraw So what your saying is, sometimes they don't work, but when they do there far better. Lol
-TheDarkSide- 1 hour ago I must be the only one who thinks that the DS4 (early durability issues aside) is the best controller in the business.

... You lot have no taste. ;-)
jasonchurch 1 hour ago Am I alone in thinking that the Nintendo switch really isn't going to be much better than the Wii U and that its really not going to sell well, in fact its going to be the first Nintendo console that I haven't bought on launch.
Hellotherenow 1 hour ago @RyanFeud You'll experience lag and latency issues most likely with this diffferent shape controller.
TimmishMcgraw 1 hour ago @Hellotherenow The razer one won't be shit.

Build quality isn't quite as good as official from them usually, but when they work they're far better in my experience.
Hellotherenow 1 hour ago I bet they have serious latency and lagg issues. Always avoid third party crap.
DrRobotnik 1 hour ago Bethesda owe editorial nothing, and consumers should be responsible for their own behaviour and purchasing habits.

The simple fact is that the impact and influence of standard written reviews is waning, and has been for a some time. The attitude of the article and the anti consumer stance reminds me of how GAME threatened first party publishers when they wanted to go day and date with digital copies.

This smacks of an outdated system getting jumpy about a major contributer to their bottom line cutting them out for the loop.
SpaceMonkey77 1 hour ago Just looking at that list, says so much about why I don't do this anymore. It almost reminds me of the N64 days, which I won't rush to relive.

Go nuts and have fun, if this is for you.
Gizmopop 1 hour ago @RobertPaulson I don't think anyone is advocating a free-for-all scenario.

The very nature of the product means you need to have it correctly setup to get the optimal performance(don't adjust the goggles correctly and the image is blurry, proper setup of the camera for tracking etc..), so you'd definitely want some help.

One of the issues with VR is that many do not know how they will react to the experience, and it has been documented that some people do react badly (motion sickness, nausea, head/neck strain...). If they need to pay just to find out if they are susceptible to these reactions it becomes a deterrent, on top of the already expensive price.

_Here is how one of the chains in the US(Best Buy) is handling the VR demo:

_They hold them only on the weekends(fri,sat and sun) and for limited hours (about 3 hours each day).

_Sony employees are running the demo. They tell the customer how many people are in line to try it.

_The customer gets to try one demo (usually from the VR demo disc) all of which have a pre-determined run time. If they want to try another demo they have to get back in line.

GAME could employ a similar strategy:
They already have people make appointments, if they also limit the hours/days of their demo sessions, this would limit the amount of use/wear and tear the unit receives and the amount of walk-ins/randoms wanting to try the unit with no-intention of buying (as walk-ins would have to wait for those that made appointments).
It also means less time required to have an employee dedicated to manning the station.
RyanFeud 1 hour ago I like the look of that razer controller. I hate the ds4 would happily try out a different shape
Matroska_ 1 hour ago @Gearskin You don't think that's what this article is? It has about 5 times the comments of any of the other articles on the front page. This is them writing about something controversial to get hits. It's funny too see you then lecturing them about writing articles apart from the review to get hits.
Megaspacer 2 hours ago @captainT =s&source=web&cd=7&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjO0PfwuPnPAhUHD MAKHV6vC28QFgg1MAY& x-plus%2F&usg=AFQjCNEStrzkfprToRN4Et2Xb0ziOEgk8A&sig2=pBXEM7 BaCT02RVyLt6lRtg
George-Roper 2 hours ago @katsabas

Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Slapping a F2P sticker onto it didn't do anything at all to lure me in, because F2P games have a notoriously bad rep, lathered in hidden costs and layers of MTs.

This may not have had that but it didn't matter, their rep was already rock bottom.

Also, I find it hard to believe they flipped to F2P out of the kindness of their hearts. If the game had seen healthy sales and player numbers, we would have seen more DLC and MTs layered on top and the strategy at launch would have just continued.

If they'd put this out as a monster vs players version of L4D, clean, I guarantee we'd have a different situation now, because look at how successful L4D and L4D2 have been (and still continue to be). There's a reason this tanked.
jamie_fear 2 hours ago @Fourfoldroot I won't disagree but there are other factors that provide a competitive advantage in multiplayer too...a low latency display, surround sound, fast internet connection. The controller just gives players more options, personally I think that's a good thing.
GeminiLXIII 2 hours ago I'd like to see Eurogamer pull away a tad from big publishers and dedicate more time to middle/smaller publishers and devs.
hazzatori 2 hours ago @Tet5ujin I was 10, It was bought for me through some compensation id received when I was much younger my parents applied to the courts to get it, It originally was a 386sx, when i had an opportunity to upgrade it was upgraded to a 486dx and 4mb of RAM to 8mb, I depended on the local computer store to advise me, I was referring to the DOS version of DOOM not the N64 Version i should've been clearer, and yes I didnt get a sound card until later, I never needed one really as the system speaker was fine at least I thought. I couldnt afford many games at that time as I was a child and yes my HDD was 250mb, it was also removable which I never saw since, it was bought from Dixons in 1990, so by time doom came around I was advised to upgrade. it was my first PC, and I remember it very clear as it was the same year I played comanche and cannon fodder.
lambchop 2 hours ago This looks like the best thing I have seen in videogaming for a good while, and I've never really been a sonic fan
caniadbach 2 hours ago In related news, a bunch of new Sonic Mania footage has been shown, including a new level.
GeminiLXIII 2 hours ago 18 months after the launch of Switch:

"Before Nintendo go 3rd party: Here's the full line-up of what's left for Switch"

GeminiLXIII 2 hours ago Look suspiciously like my X1s pad...kind of
ahrmon 2 hours ago @spamdangled "Is it me, or does this review feel as though it has been suddenly and abruptly truncated?"

Nah, I totally dig that style of wri
Azhrarn 2 hours ago To be honest... I liked the watch towers, especially when they were guarded.

Looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the first one and this will be a first day buy for me.

The game's opening sets Marcus out as a good guy - one who is more likely to use his billiard-ball-on-a-string melee weapon than an assault rifle
LOL, because doing peoples head in with a billiard-ball-on-a-string is clearly a good thing.
Aj64 2 hours ago It's a case of beating a dead horse, but I could not be happier with my WiiU. We own more WiiU games than we do ps4 games in our house, because although they are not released as frequently, there are far more quality titles in certain genres. Anyone who enjoys platformers especially is more catered for on WiiU than on ps4 and xbone combined.
darkneal 2 hours ago I dont blame them. The media's coverage and initial reviews of atrocious games like No Mans Sky fool gamers into wasting their money, while games like Deus Ex MD get buried and sell nothing despite its excellence. It doesn't effect long time gamers like me though, i knew NMS was gonna suck and i knew Deus Ex was gonna be rad. Its studio pedigree...just like a film directors, i already know who to trust. And it ain't the media.
katsabas 2 hours ago @George-Roper See, that's the thing. I am not disagreeing about the DLC scheme. But people forget that they recognized they messed up and they tried to fix it in the best way possible. Free to play, free beta, everything unlocked for founders as soon as it hits the store. Massively overhauled and faster gameplay. How many developers would have such a degree of trust in their product ??? Christ, Activision is one of the colossi of the industry and it decided to pair IW with MWR in order to sell it !

If people STILL didn't play St 2, no wonder they are not suprised this happened. It doesn't take clairvoyance or acting like a jerk and saying 'they deserve it/ they had it coming / inevitable'. You didn't support the game so you are in no position to make such statements cause you have no idea when it comes to the minutiae. End of story.

And by they, I mean TRS. 2K is responsable for this, I reckon.