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  • war is hell gaming (cod4 clan)

    if you want to join our new european cod4 clan who will compete
    on join our group and ask for a trial on xbox
    live. we are rectruiting all o… 3 Members

  • Warcraft 3 amateur mapmakers

    Shot to nothing. 1 Members

  • Warfighters

    5 Members

  • Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning

    This eurogamer group is dedicated to the MMORPG "Warhammer
    Online: Age Of Reckoning" by EA Mythic, and published by GOA in
    Europe. Discuss everything regarding… 23 Members

  • Warhammer World.

    52 Members

  • WaRhAwK ClAn of destruction

    unbelievable unbeatable untouchables 1 Members

  • Watch Jurassic world Online Free

    Super Smash Bros 1 Members

  • we like monkeys

    didn't you read the name? that's all there is to it. stop
    reading this now. 3 Members

  • We Like Shrubberys!

    Its... the monty python appreciation group! 8 Members

  • We Like Toast

    Toast rules, don't betray it with your new-fangled cereal and
    all that... 2 Members

  • We who waits for Afrika

    Hi, are you desperately awaiting the release of Afrika for PS3?
    Lets get together and make the waiting time shorter, discuss
    expectations, share news and views.… 1 Members

  • Web & Print Designers

    Need some work doing? Need some questions answered? Pitch it to
    those who know. 73 Members

  • Web Comics

    There are so many Web Comics floating about these days, some are
    awesomely clever others far far from it! This group is for
    discussing and sharing the gems a… 3 Members

  • WEB-INF/web.xml

    1 1 Members

  • WEB-INF\web.xml

    1 1 Members

  • WET Xbox360

    This is one stunning breath-taking action-packed cinematic
    Adventure from the second you start playing... one thing
    i've wondered.. When you can see Zhi in… 3 Members

  • Whampaashimash is dead 1 Members

  • White Gold:War in Paradise

    Feel free to talk things over the upcoming project of Deep
    Shadows - White Gold:War in Paradise (RPG\FPS) 4 Members

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 Multiplayer

    Hi guys Just thought I'd set this one up ready for it's
    release on the 20th/27th May. I loved the first game and will be
    looking to build up some friends to… 1 Members

  • Who watches the watchmen?

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 4 Members

  • Wii friends

    want your Mii to mingle in the plaza c'mon in and find some Mii
    friends for your Wii 4 Members

  • Wii Online

    Share game-specific friend codes with other EG members for a
    rollicking good old laugh on the Nintendo Wii. 107 Members

  • Wii Sixty

    For people who recognise the greatness of Microsoft's and
    Nintendo's Systems. Long Live the Wii Sixty!!!!!!!! 2 Members

  • Wii U Discussion

    Discussion of all things Wii U without the endless trolling of
    the main forum. 3 Members

  • Wii Will Rock You

    Group for Wii Rock Band / Guitar hero discussion 2 Members

  • Will you all be my fwendies?

    For people wanting to touch each other. Or just a chat and a
    cuddle? All covered inside! 6 Members

  • Wine Club

    Quaffing supermarket deals like there's no tomorrow! 6 Members

  • Wipeout Gamers

    Share PSN IDs, your favorite soundtracks, organise games. 34 Members

  • WMGamers

    West Midlands Gamers Community Group 6 Members

  • Word Press

    Best hosting for wordpress gives you the latest word press
    tools,themes and plugins so that your wordpress hosting
    requirements blog is easy to configure and in… 1 Members

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