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  • Ubisoft Events

    The Ubisoft Events Team is a group of UK gamers who organise,
    run and host a wide range of Xbox360 online events across titles
    including Rainbowsix: Vegas, GRAW… 63 Members

  • UFC 2009 Undisputed

    18 Members

  • UFC Appreciation Group

    A group for people interested in the UFC, variants thereof, and
    mixed martial arts in general. Soccer hooligans need not apply. 11 Members

  • UK Spotlight

    12 Members

  • UK Tokens

    Has anyone in the UK received their COD4 tokens yet ?? 0 Members

  • UMP.45 is overpowered

    You who play MW2 probably knos that the UMP.45 is overpowered.
    It has extremely high damage (3-5) shots to kill an enemy), high
    firerate and almost no spread. T… 4 Members

  • United Pro Warriors game community

    United Pro Warriors is a community of PC gamers from all walks
    of life who believe in Team play and Honorable gaming. We play
    for enjoyment. We do not force our… 1 Members

  • Unreal Tournament 3

    Unreal Tournament 2007 is the next installment in Epic Games'
    popular sci-fi shooter series 1 Members

  • Unreal Tournament 3 PS3

    Leave your PSN IDs here gents ;) 24 Members


    TALENT RECRUITING SPECIALIST-Seeking Gaming Programmers for some
    of the biggest studio name in the gaming industry. Openings
    available in Canada/US/Europe/Asia… 1 Members

  • Utter Scumm(VM)

    Play Monkey Island and more for free- see the "New Members"
    thread inside 870 Members

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