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  • Taffers - The Thief Appreciation Society

    I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both
    get in the way of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as
    committed to their work as I am. 25 Members

  • Tai Chi

    Just a group for people practising Chen style Tai Chi. Whether
    it's basic Silk Reeling, Broadsword, the Laojia Yilu or Pao
    Chui, it'd be great to hear anyone an… 9 Members

  • tata

    discuss topics on pc tutorial videos or any doudts u have on
    missions etc..etc 2 Members

  • Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 7 Members

  • Team Fortress 2 - PC version

    For online gamers with skill, taste and tight buns. 55 Members

  • Team Gash

    A group of gamers from Wiltshire. 1 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO Fan Forum 1226 Members

  • Team JazzIIIXL

    JazzIIIXL fanclub 4 Members

  • Team Sanubia

    Sanubia appreciation society. 2 Members

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

    62 Members


    1 1 Members

  • Tha EG Bad Boy Posse

    Dis gruop is all about tha bad boyz an bein bad. Dis group be 4
    all u boyz who wanna keep fings real on ere. only tha realist
    off bruvvas is in dis posse 11 Members

  • The "Heroes" Appreciation Group (HAG)

    100 Members

  • The *Official* Advance Wars group

    Title says it all. This group fully expects to have 4 members by
    the year 2011! 18 Members

  • The 7th Chevron

    Somewhere for the Fans of the Stargate Movie and the Series to
    come and exchange points of view, websites etc. 1 Members

  • The Age of Reason

    Bringing back the Enlightenment, one thread at a time. It's
    an amazing world we live in, discuss it here... 28 Members

  • The Almighty PC

    A group for people who are happy to talk all day about PC
    hardware and gaming and all that stuff 20 Members

  • The Army of Darkness - Zombie appreciation group

    Braaaiins!!! 13 Members

  • The Awesome Super Solid Group

    Version 3.0 15 Members

  • The Bin

    A place to discuss shit threads. 3 Members

  • The Club

    20 Members

  • The Complaints Group

    Join us and vent your rage. Everyone's an admin. 3 Members

  • The Conservative Party

    Want to go back to basics? Appreciate Victorian values? Find
    Virginia Bottomley strangely attractive? Are you thinking
    what we're thinking? 2 Members

  • The EG Apathy Society

    I can't be bothered to think of anything to write 8 Members

  • The EG Kitchen

    No Master Chiefs, just Master Chefs! (Do you see what I did
    there?) A group to discuss cooking, favourite recipes, and the
    culinary arts. 93 Members

  • The Electronic Music Group For Nerds

    Everybody knows that girls are really attracted to nerds who
    like unlistenable electronic music, so look out 43 Members

  • The Eurogamer Records Club

    Let's some some fun and proper discussion about music and help
    people discover new bands and music at the same time! 29 Members

  • The Eurogamer TV Show: You Ask, We Get

    Your chance to question the biggest names in gaming and get your
    name in lights on The EGTV Show. 70 Members

  • The fantastic GTA IV is not perfect group

    Power 2 da people! EG and tons of other videogaming sources
    probably got fat year deals when it comes to advertising, but
    they all bent over on the GTA IV scor… 2 Members

  • The GAA

    A place to talk about the GAA and perhaps arrange meets at the
    games :D 5 Members

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