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  • Taffers - The Thief Appreciation Society

    I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both
    get in the way of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as
    committed to their work as I am. 25 Members

  • Tai Chi

    Just a group for people practising Chen style Tai Chi. Whether
    it's basic Silk Reeling, Broadsword, the Laojia Yilu or Pao
    Chui, it'd be great to hear anyone an… 9 Members

  • tata

    discuss topics on pc tutorial videos or any doudts u have on
    missions etc..etc 2 Members

  • Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 7 Members

  • Team Fortress 2 - PC version

    For online gamers with skill, taste and tight buns. 55 Members

  • Team Gash

    A group of gamers from Wiltshire. 1 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO Fan Forum 1226 Members

  • Team JazzIIIXL

    JazzIIIXL fanclub 4 Members

  • Team Sanubia

    Sanubia appreciation society. 2 Members

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

    62 Members

  • Tha EG Bad Boy Posse

    Dis gruop is all about tha bad boyz an bein bad. Dis group be 4
    all u boyz who wanna keep fings real on ere. only tha realist
    off bruvvas is in dis posse 11 Members

  • The "Heroes" Appreciation Group (HAG)

    100 Members

  • The *Official* Advance Wars group

    Title says it all. This group fully expects to have 4 members by
    the year 2011! 18 Members

  • The 7th Chevron

    Somewhere for the Fans of the Stargate Movie and the Series to
    come and exchange points of view, websites etc. 1 Members

  • The Age of Reason

    Bringing back the Enlightenment, one thread at a time. It's
    an amazing world we live in, discuss it here... 28 Members

  • The Almighty PC

    A group for people who are happy to talk all day about PC
    hardware and gaming and all that stuff 20 Members

  • The Army of Darkness - Zombie appreciation group

    Braaaiins!!! 13 Members

  • The Awesome Super Solid Group

    Version 3.0 15 Members

  • The Bin

    A place to discuss shit threads. 3 Members

  • The Club

    20 Members

  • The Complaints Group

    Join us and vent your rage. Everyone's an admin. 3 Members

  • The Conservative Party

    Want to go back to basics? Appreciate Victorian values? Find
    Virginia Bottomley strangely attractive? Are you thinking
    what we're thinking? 2 Members

  • The EG Apathy Society

    I can't be bothered to think of anything to write 8 Members

  • The EG Kitchen

    No Master Chiefs, just Master Chefs! (Do you see what I did
    there?) A group to discuss cooking, favourite recipes, and the
    culinary arts. 93 Members

  • The Electronic Music Group For Nerds

    Everybody knows that girls are really attracted to nerds who
    like unlistenable electronic music, so look out 43 Members

  • The Eurogamer Records Club

    Let's some some fun and proper discussion about music and help
    people discover new bands and music at the same time! 29 Members

  • The Eurogamer TV Show: You Ask, We Get

    Your chance to question the biggest names in gaming and get your
    name in lights on The EGTV Show. 70 Members

  • The fantastic GTA IV is not perfect group

    Power 2 da people! EG and tons of other videogaming sources
    probably got fat year deals when it comes to advertising, but
    they all bent over on the GTA IV scor… 2 Members

  • The GAA

    A place to talk about the GAA and perhaps arrange meets at the
    games :D 5 Members

  • The Game Quorum

    The Game Quorum or GQ for short is UK based gaming community,
    our members mainly play online team based games such as
    Battlefield, but also play many other game… 3 Members

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