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  • Race Driver Grid Pc

    who ever plays GRID on pc is welcome :) 1 Members

  • Race Driver: GRID

    1 Members

  • Racing Games

    For all racing game fans, talk here about the new games coming
    out or the games that have already been released. 7 Members

  • Rainbow Six: Vegas LIVE

    For all who go to Vegas for the death, maiming and slot
    machines. 35 Members

  • RareWare

    Talking aboot some RareWare games and discussion aboot new
    upcoming games from one of the world's most developed
    developers. 4 Members

  • RC Models

    RC Aeroplanes,Boats,Cars ect ect 3 Members

  • Red Aert

    Fans of Red Alert 2 1 Members

  • Red Alert

    Discuss the Red Alert series and organise online games. 2 Members

  • Red Alert 3

    Discuss the Red Alert series and organise online games. 12 Members

  • Red Dead Redemption fan group

    3 Members

  • Red Dwarf Appreciation Society

    Trouble with your groinal attachment? Want to Holly-hop?
    Power-up your lightbee and jump on in. 59 Members

  • Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    9 Members

  • remscnup

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  • Rescue Rangers

    For fans of the old tv show Chip & Dale rescue rangers. 1 Members

  • research paper Group

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  • Resident Evil

    For anything and everything Resident Evil/Biohazard. Talking
    about the movies is forbidden. :D 53 Members

  • Resident Evil 3.5

    WE WANT RESIDENT EVIL 3.5 (Hookman version)... RESIDENT EVIL 4 -
    E3 2003 1 Members

  • Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition

    4 Members

  • Resident Evil 5

    Things You Want To See In The Upcoming Game 1 Members

  • Resident Evil: Movies

    Pretty self explanatory really. Talk about the three RE movies
    here. 5 Members

  • Resistance 2

    The Resistance 2 Eurogamer Group which focuses on the upcoming
    sequel, and Resistance: FoM and Resistance Retribution 1 Members

  • Resistance: FOM

    For all you Resistant lovers!! We can share info here... 10 Members

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    1 1 Members

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    1 1 Members

  • Retro Fusion

    The group to 'fuse' together all those gamers who pang for the
    games of yesteryear. 61 Members

  • Retro Game o' the Week Club

    80 Members

  • Rez

    Group for the PS2/Dreamcast classic Rez, as well as the upcoming
    Rez HD for Xbox Live Arcade 4 Members

  • Rhythm Gamers

    be it dancing, tapping, strumming, drumming, singing, etc..for
    gamers who like some rhythm in their gaming 4 Members

  • Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa

    What happens next is up to you. The future is yours to write;
    it's a blank slate. 6322 Members

  • Richmond Games Club

    An attempt at creating a games club in Richmond, London. 2 Members

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