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  • Race Driver Grid Pc

    who ever plays GRID on pc is welcome :) 1 Members

  • Race Driver: GRID

    1 Members

  • Racing Games

    For all racing game fans, talk here about the new games coming
    out or the games that have already been released. 7 Members

  • Rainbow Six: Vegas LIVE

    For all who go to Vegas for the death, maiming and slot
    machines. 35 Members

  • RareWare

    Talking aboot some RareWare games and discussion aboot new
    upcoming games from one of the world's most developed
    developers. 4 Members

  • RC Models

    RC Aeroplanes,Boats,Cars ect ect 3 Members

  • Red Aert

    Fans of Red Alert 2 1 Members

  • Red Alert

    Discuss the Red Alert series and organise online games. 2 Members

  • Red Alert 3

    Discuss the Red Alert series and organise online games. 12 Members

  • Red Dead Redemption fan group

    3 Members

  • Red Dwarf Appreciation Society

    Trouble with your groinal attachment? Want to Holly-hop?
    Power-up your lightbee and jump on in. 58 Members

  • Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    9 Members

  • Rescue Rangers

    For fans of the old tv show Chip & Dale rescue rangers. 1 Members

  • research paper Group

    dvfdvfbgbfd 1 Members

  • Resident Evil

    For anything and everything Resident Evil/Biohazard. Talking
    about the movies is forbidden. :D 53 Members

  • Resident Evil 3.5

    WE WANT RESIDENT EVIL 3.5 (Hookman version)... RESIDENT EVIL 4 -
    E3 2003 1 Members

  • Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition

    4 Members

  • Resident Evil 5

    Things You Want To See In The Upcoming Game 1 Members

  • Resident Evil: Movies

    Pretty self explanatory really. Talk about the three RE movies
    here. 5 Members

  • Resistance 2

    The Resistance 2 Eurogamer Group which focuses on the upcoming
    sequel, and Resistance: FoM and Resistance Retribution 1 Members

  • Resistance: FOM

    For all you Resistant lovers!! We can share info here... 10 Members

  • Retro Fusion

    The group to 'fuse' together all those gamers who pang for the
    games of yesteryear. 61 Members

  • Retro Game o' the Week Club

    80 Members

  • Reviews Score flickrs

    Do you skip all the review text just to get straight to the
    score and mostly don't even bother to read the review after
    that, well welcome to our group then! 1… 3 Members

  • Rez

    Group for the PS2/Dreamcast classic Rez, as well as the upcoming
    Rez HD for Xbox Live Arcade 4 Members

  • Rhythm Gamers

    be it dancing, tapping, strumming, drumming, singing, etc..for
    gamers who like some rhythm in their gaming 4 Members

  • Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa

    What happens next is up to you. The future is yours to write;
    it's a blank slate. 6323 Members

  • Richmond Games Club

    An attempt at creating a games club in Richmond, London. 2 Members

  • RIFT

    718 Members

  • RISK Factions

    Meet up and let rip the dogs of war. 4 Members

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