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  • Pakistani Gamers

    This Group is for Pakistani gamers only. 2 Members


    186aaaaa 1 Members

  • PC Gamers

    For all PC gamers, talk about games and hardware. 589 Members

  • pda mobile

    iv got a pda mobile i want to swap,only 2months old.any
    offers??? 1 Members

  • Peep Show Appreciation

    All things Peep Show. The love and hate of all those
    cringe-worthy moments of hilarity! 59 Members

  • perisa

    prince of perisa games 1 Members

  • Persona Fan

    Tell about everythings concern Persona's Games. 1 Members

  • PES 2011 (PC)

    Fans of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 on the PC Platform. Enjoy!
    Share Konami ID's and get playing! 3 Members

  • PES2009 - Improved online play?

    Let's hope Konami make PES2009 on the Xbox 360 really playable
    online without the lag problems of PES2008. Perhaps more than 1
    on 1? League and Cup competitions… 13 Members

  • Petrol Heads

    You don't have to have owned an Alfa Romeo to join, but it
    helps. 12 Members

  • Philosophy and Religion

    1) Disagree respectfully 2) Do not attempt to convert 3) Do
    not attempt to destroy people's faith 71 Members

  • Philosophy and Religion 1.1

    1) Disagree respectfully 2) Do attempt to convert 3) Do attempt
    to destroy people's fiat 2 Members

  • Phoenix F.U.N

    Multi-Gaming Community 1 Members

  • Photography club

    "Click" 194 Members

  • pieaewif

    / 1 Members

  • Pirates of the Burning Sea

    9231 Members

  • Planescape Torment

    I thought of calling this "the Nameless Group" but I didn't
    think many people would join. 1 Members

  • Play.d

    The official group for followers of the play.d magazine and
    podcast. You can find us here, as well as at and the forum at… 27 Members

  • Playstation

    to all that loves Playstation 1 Members

  • Playstation PT

    Grupo da Playstation Portugal 1 Members

  • PlayStation Universe

    PlayStation 3 News, Game Reviews, Screenshots and More 22 Members

  • PlaystationNation

    This group is for anyone like myself who has a passion anything
    Playstation related. The idea is to build up a good community
    around this site, for Playstation… 10 Members

  • Pointless

    The group for being blunt 2 Members

  • Pokemon

    talk about pokemon 1 Members

  • Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

    69 Members

  • Pokémon Fan Club

    The #1 group for Pokémon here on Eurogamer. Be sure to join if
    you're a fan of Pokémon. 1 Members

  • Pokémon Gameboy Games

    Join if you love the old gameboy games in the kanto/johto
    region.. feeling nostalgic don't doubt and join! 5 Members

  • Pokepark news and help

    Get the latest info on pokepark and some latest tips! 1 Members

  • Poland

    3 Members

  • Polish Player's

    Witam wszystkich Polskich graczy :D 1 Members

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