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  • I Believe

    For those who believe that there is more out there than just us
    small humans! 8 Members

  • I like games where you destroy stuff

    This is the group for fans of destructive games. Games where you
    destroy buildings, people and zombies in third person. We share
    ideas and give tips on good gam… 10 Members

  • I love pictures of cats with funny captions on them

    74 Members

  • I need help with "my sims kindom"

    questions on how to complete certain tasks in my sims kingdom
    and complete certain scrolls 1 Members

  • I OWN PS3 & 360

    This group is for non-fanboys only. Here you can talk about
    upcomming games on both platforms and how you feel about those
    games, Exchange usernames THE whole-9… 3 Members

  • iDOLM@STER Appreciation Society

    For crazy people like me who feel strangely drawn to this game. 7 Members

  • if you think sony was being cheap by not puting the emotion chip in the ps3 join

    we (or i right now) think that sony was being cheap by not
    putting the emotion sh in the ps3 2 Members

  • Ignition 360 Magazine

    Community Section - Have Your Say 3 Members

  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

    A group for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey discussion & game
    organisation. 16 Members

  • Inazuma Eleven 2

    We want inazuma eleven 2 : fire/blizzard version. 1 Members

  • Independent Gaming

    A group for people who are into indie games. Free, shareware,
    PC, Mac, Linux, even console stuff. If it's indie, it is *in*.
    Being emo not a requirement for ent… 133 Members

  • Industry Discussion

    Something in your blurb field and profile picture are membership
    application requirements. 113 Members

  • Infamous

    All about Infamous. 3 Members

  • Inferno Pool

    For all the cool inferno pool kids 1 Members

  • Interactive Madness - Nintendo Wii -

    We are the lovers of the nintendos 7th gen console... the
    wii. It was going to be called the revolution but guys come on
    thats a bit goofy...the wii is a much… 2 Members

  • International Cricket 2010

    no license,no hard work,is no fun for the consumer/.,?? 2 Members

  • Invert = Pervert. Just say no.

    Hi, welcome to eurogamers' premier group for promoting the
    simple notion 'up is up'. In this group, we don't go for any of
    that 'aeroplane controls' or 'imagine… 8 Members

  • iPhone and iPod Touch

    The place to discuss games and apps for the iDevices. 50 Members

  • iPhone/Touch Development

    27 Members

  • Irish Gamers

    Just a little group for the limited number of Irish gamers on
    the site. Drinkin' and hurleys! :) 88 Members

  • is the wii the best thing ever

    give your view on the best console ever 2 Members

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