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  • Hacks!

    Games journalists' group. Your keyboard is the enemy. 0 Members

  • Halo 3

    Heyo Euro Gamers... Talk About Halo 3 Here. Discuss What You
    Think About The Game And/Or What You Think Will Be Great About
    It. E.G Graphics , Gameplay , Multip… 37 Members

  • Halo Appreciation

    Halo 1, 2 and 3- hell anything Bungie created will do in this
    group! Official Halo 3 Mega thread: HERE The Offical
    Halo 3 Beta Thread: HERE 327 Members

  • Halo Fans

    All about Halo for Halo fans everywhere. 4 Members

  • Halo Reach

    For everybody hooked on Halo Reach... 4 Members

  • Halo Wars

    Sorry, no Halo 3 here. Just Halo Wars. If you're looking for a
    group with Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, and or Halo 3: Recon, go to the
    Halo Fans Group. 7 Members

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary & Halo 4

    This Group is specifically for people who wish to discuss about
    343 Industies' Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary & 343 Industies'
    Latest Announcment of Halo 4 1 Members

  • Harry Potter Book and Film Anticipation Group

    For 14 year olds. Or creepy 32 year olds. 11 Members


    haters haters haters 1 Members

  • Hayfever Sufferers FTL :(

    Come here to gawp and pwn us miserable hayfever sufferers. We
    might as well be daywalkers. 8 Members

  • HiDef Shizzle

    Fo Nizzle mah drizzle. 28 Members

  • High street 5

    Dance with your lovers! 1 Members

  • Highlander

    will this game have the queen soundtrack to it and is the game
    play a bit like oblivion 1 Members

  • Hints cheats and more .... about god hand

    all about God Hand 4 Members


    Show your love to the HipHop culture. 4 Members

  • Home-Brewing Society

    All Things Brewing and Distilling 22 Members


    for all things about HOME 10 Members

  • How many XBox 360's died?

    Please join this group *IF* you have had a failed 360 that
    needed to be sent off to repair or back to the shop for a
    replacement. I don't believe for one sec… 92 Members

  • Howorplas

    [uurl=][b]wordpress hosting in
    australia[/b][/url] word press tools,themes and plugins so that
    your wordpress hosting india blog is easy… 2 Members

  • Hypothetical Planets

    Have you ever wondered if it rains on a desert planet, or snows
    on a snow planet? Didn't think so. 6 Members

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