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  • G.A.N.G.S.T.A.

    God's anointed nation growing stronger to achieve. 3 Members

  • g4m3 fr34ks

    1 Members

  • Gabbly Chat Archives

    Archives of Gabbly chats, safely where they won't wreck/annoy
    the forum. 13 Members

  • Game Boy 4 life

    For everyone who had or still has a precious Game Boy. Revel in
    its awesome power. 17 Members

  • Game Music

    A group for everyone who loves the music in games. Discuss
    everything from Uematsu to Fukui here! 6 Members

  • Game Veteran

    Game Veteran Eurogamer Group is a group for mature gamers who
    play for fun and enjoyment. Our main website is at and we play games acros… 8 Members

  • Game's as an art form

    This is a group for anyone who, like me, believes that games
    have every right to be declared as constituting legitimate
    artistic expression. It's for like mi… 7 Members

  • Gameplay Forumers

    A group for members of the community 17 Members

  • Gamer chicks

    Dedicated to all you lovely female gamers out there :) Please
    join this group so I know I'm not alone! 15 Members

  • Gamerdads Live

    Gamerdads Live Group for Eurogamer for parents who still play
    videogames. 11 Members

  • Gamerplex

    Gamerplex members of the world unite in bored anticipation!
    DS Community is dead. Long live the King! 14 Members

  • Gamers For Life (G.F.L)

    This group is made for Eurogamers who love games alot and would
    rather send there time playin them. 1 Members

  • Gamers Justice Movement

    We are pure and noble gamers who are tired of the tyrants and
    brutes overrunning our forum for too long. The constant
    nonsense drivel, constant derailing and… 11 Members

  • Gamers Of Norfolk

    People who game from Norfolk, England. Simple, no? It doesnt
    matter which type of games you like if you live in Norfolk this
    is the perfect group for you 2 Members

  • gamertag meet up =]

    u add ur gamertag to this group and u make friends with each
    other and possibly play group games too =] like rock band
    comps and stuff like that all run by me… 17 Members

  • GamerXTV

    A Eurogamer fan group for GamerXTV. 1 Members

  • Gamesculture

    Aside from being a mail list for people who play games, I'm not
    sure what gamesculture is. I have a sneaking suspicion it might
    be a covert DC users support gro… 11 Members

  • GamesRadar Forumites

    Members of the GamesRadar UK forum. 1 Members

  • Gaming atheists

    Secular gamers unite! This group is a place to discuss the
    more philosophical questions of life. 6 Members

  • Gaming in Japan

    Importing, searching for a classic and discussing you're
    favourites from the land of the Rising Sun 29 Members

  • Gaming Verdict

    New website - Gamingverdict - covering reviews, previews and
    features on current generation gaming systems as well as
    nostalic look back the systems and games o… 2 Members


    ps3 gaming clan, looking for good gamers!!! 4 Members

  • Gaming Xone

    This is the group where you can discuss all the games needs.
    Most important peripherals for gaming. Everything related to
    gaming. 1 Members

  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

    This is the group that will discuss, investigate and explore
    Garths Darkplace. 19 Members

  • Gay gamers

    A group for the gays, bisexuals or the 'just curious'! 144 Members

  • gcelvowf

    ) 1 Members

  • Gears of War

    Gears of War unites next-generation technology with classic,
    emotional storytelling and a revolutionary tactical combat
    system, engrossing the gamer in a horrif… 31 Members

  • Gears of War 3

    Gears of War 3 innit 43 Members

  • Gears of war 4eva

    To join you must play gears of war 1 Members

  • Gears of War: Revenge of the Fenix

    Group to discuss the recently leaked Gears of War 3 3 Members

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