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  • EBM / Industrial Collective

    For those that like EBM or Industrial. Duh! 2 Members

  • Eddie Izzard Fangroup

    Everyone's favorite executive transvestite's own fangroup 14 Members

  • Edge Forumites

    14 Members

  • Edinburgh Gamers

    For sad videogame dorks in and around Edinburgh. 5 Members

  • EG Abstinence

    Just a small place for me to make (relatively) public when I
    intend to stay away from EG, with the hope that if I say so on
    the forum, I'll actually go through… 7 Members

  • EG Author's Guild

    A place for indie authors on EG 15 Members

  • EG Bike Club

    For everything bicycle 14 Members

  • EG BMX

    A home for the few BMXers on the site! 5 Members

  • EG Canada


  • EG clique group... version 2.

    I'm not sure how the first one got destroyed, but here we go.
    IT'S BACK! 9 Members

  • EG Gnome Appreciation Secret Society

    For all your gnome-related delectations... 13 Members


    EG Mac Users Group! 211 Members

  • Eiltez

    My group is a gta and cod group for good and able players 2 Members

  • Elemental: War of Magic

    Discuss everything and anything about Stardock's upcoming game,
    Elemental: War of Magic. 1 Members

  • Elite Beat Agents

    The Elite Beat Agents are at your service! 2 Members

  • Elite: Dangerous

    Commanders, assemble! 15 Members

  • Elveon

    Elves. Swords. Yay 4 Members

  • Empire of Sports

    1190 Members

  • Emulation

    Discuss emulation of any kind, on any machine. 78 Members

  • End the console war

    If you think every console is as good as eachother. Join. 4 Members


    1 Members

  • Endless Ocean 2

    Latest info on endless ocean 2! 2 Members

  • Endless Ocean Pootlers

    For those who pootle through the waters of the Manaurai Sea... 78 Members

  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    Quake Wars! 5 Members

  • Entrepreneurs, Small business owners and Sole Traders

    The group for all self employed EG members. 4 Members


    hi all, this group is for members of epicdownlodz =D. The
    members are nice and Kool, talk about what ever you want and
    just have a fun time. ^_^ 2 Members

  • Episodic gamer

    A cool group for people looking for new types of game. 1 Members

  • Escapism

    *** Friends and Enemies of Modern Escapism join this Group *** 3 Members

  • ESGN

    2 Members

  • Euro Elite Gamers

    A group of PS3 games who are not interested in tournaments,
    ladders or artificial tournaments, We play for Fun, and
    Enjoyment, and a great community spiirt 2 Members

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