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    1 1 Members

  • Da Robbers

    YAYya dis for Kane and Lynch and my ppl who play the game.I need
    to make a group of ppl who play the game and recruit them.Make a
    big robbing group. Rule:Coope… 2 Members

  • Dads' Club

    Hi, the way EG handles groups is bullshit, so applications to
    join get looked at like once a year, tops. 235 Members

  • Daft Vapers - E-cig addicts

    It might be deadly, but hey who gives a shit, we don't stink and
    it's cheap.

    27 Members

  • Dante's Inferno Gamers

    3 Members

  • Dark Desire

    Role playing guild. ( plus all other aspects of the game of
    course ) We are a rp guild for Age of conan. If u want to know
    more… 1 Members

  • Dark Zero

    Games, movies, music, sport.... life! 4 Members

  • Darkfall Online

    Eurogamer board group for Darkfall online fans. 7 Members

  • Darkfall Online/Eurogamer Review

    To discuss the review by Ed Zitron concerning Darkfall Online -
    do you agree or is it a fraud? 3 Members

  • Dawn of War II

    4 Members

  • Dawn Porter

    To discuss the TV personality and journalist Dawn Porter 11 Members

  • Daytona USA racers club

    In anticipation and support of a multiplayer home version of
    Daytona USA that stays true to the arcade original... 48 Members

  • DC Universe Online

    wen is the Beta release 3 Members

  • Dead Knights United (Demon's Souls)

    14 Members

  • Demon's Souls

    14 Members

  • Denmark

    For people living in our wonderful little country, be they
    Danish or not 7 Members

  • Destiny - Raid Chat & Fireteams

    1 Members

  • destroy all forum members

    we will kill you all 1 Members

  • Deus Ex

    Discuss and chat about all of the Deux Ex games. 4 Members

  • Deus Ex 3

    Come here and empty your opinion about this game all over me! 1 Members

  • Developer's Corner

    From Casual to Professional Developers. Whether it be in Fortran
    77 or ASP .Net this is the place to for you. 56 Members

  • Devil May Cry

    Do you like Stylish Hard Action? The odd demon slashfest or two?
    Then come on in and discuss all things Devil May Cry. 10 Members

  • devil may cry 4

    nero and dante rules 1 Members

  • DFA

    DEATH FROM ABOVE Front lines fuel of war club
    Xbox 360 players prefered 1 Members

  • Diablo 3

    And the heavens....shall tremble! 34 Members

  • Diana Vickers

    All things about the great Diana Vickers 53 Members


    Hi all just too let you all know we have chosen our date and our
    location, with Premier Inn in Cardiff having major electricity
    issues we had to find another lo… 2 Members

  • Digitiser

    Leap-uss Hang-me-do! 8 Members

  • dikedz

    thy smoke ganjee 1 Members

  • DIY Doctors

    For all DIY-related questions, tips, disasters and the like 18 Members

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