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  • C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation

    8 Members

  • CALL of DUTY 360

    A group for anyone that plays any of the call of duty
    series.also a good place to be for clans 9 Members

  • Call of Duty 4

    Out with the old, in with the new. 36931 Members

  • Call of Duty 4 Clans (PS3) attending eurogamer 09

    I wanted to see how many are interested in MW2 and are attending
    this event solely to play this as a clan... ASU* are
    attending...please visit clansite www.asu… 1 Members


    13 Members

  • Call of Duty 4/5 Tournament?

    Commencing the release of MW2 by my personal opinion because of
    the stat that there are over 13 million gamers on COD4 there
    should be a COD 4 or 5 tournament a… 2 Members

  • Call Of Duty Fans

    It's a group I created just for Call of Duty fans. 7 Members

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    For CODMW2 lovers. 4 Members

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

    call of duty black ops blood guns and zombies 3 Members

  • Call of Duty: World at War

    Back in time! 294 Members

  • Capcom forever

    One of the greatest software houses of all time... 22 Members

  • car accessories

    I think I've found a better car accessories businessman as my
    long-term partner. 2 Members

  • Carcassonne XBL

    For players of the best board game on XBL. 1 Members

  • Castlebrook Racers

    People Who go Castlebrook and play racing games. 2 Members

  • Celticsnipers

    The Celticsnipers Clan - 2 Members

  • Cheat Code Swap Group

    Need cheat codes? Get 'em here. Or if you have a code you'd like
    to share, come bring it here for everyone to see! 3 Members

  • Chelsea FC Supporter Group

    Fans of the mighty blues can chat here. 6 Members

  • Chess

    Release date: 6th century AD 24 Members

  • Chicago Gamers

    Hello all gamers in Chicago/Northern Illinois. JOIN! Use this
    forum to trade gamertags and meet up online and in person. 2 Members

  • Chop Sockey Fanatics

    Martial Arts movies > * 30 Members

  • Christian Gamers

    All for christians who happen to enjoy gaming!!! 4 Members

  • Chuck Norris

    Everything about Chuck Norrs, facts, Vids 2 Members

  • Cities XL 2011

    1 Members

  • City of Heroes/Villains

    Discuss the exciting world of City Of Heroes/Villains here. 3792 Members

  • Civilisation

    We shall bring civilisation to the forum and the world as a
    whole through the studied clicking of a mouse button and by
    forgoing sleeping when the sun is set. 84 Members

  • Civilization Revolution

    Group dedicated to the console debut of the killer pc RTS series
    Civilization. Build a civilization from the stone age to the
    space age 4 Members

  • Clan for Black Ops Wii players!!!!

    I just want to make a clan so i can kill zombies with other
    people. My gamer tag is [Rock'n'Roll] Sniper. I will put my
    ally code on at 4:00 Thursday May 26.… 1 Members

  • Club Dreamcast

    2 Members

  • Co-Operative Console Gaming

    Join the CCGG to advertise yourself as someone who'd like to be
    contacted by other friendly co-op console gamers! Generally
    you should be friendly & open min… 16 Members


    Snipers Group .. xbox360 - Hektik Soldier 1 Members

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