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  • World in Conflict Multiplayer Beta

    Massive CEO talks online. He can't be that big, surely?

    Interview 19/07/2007 25

  • S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G. Heads

    Shadow of Chernobyl men talk Zones and A-Life.

    Interview 07/11/2006 9

  • Mr Dragon Quest: The Cursed King

    Yuji Horii shares his fantasy.

    Interview 16/01/2006 23

  • A Civilized man

    Sid Meier talks to Eurogamer.

    Interview 29/11/2005 38

  • Natasha Bedingfield: EA's latest Bond girl

    Eurogamer meets gaming's new Bond girl, as From Russia With Love gets ready for jetpack-style lift-off.

    Interview 08/11/2005 40

  • Q&A: First in line for the PSP launch

    The first three buyers talk about why they queued, and why they didn't import.

    Interview 01/09/2005 62

  • Yamauchi Goes Fourth

    Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi on GT4, what happened and what is happening to the online mode, new games and more.

    Interview 15/03/2005 31

  • Forza Motorsport

    More robust, more accurate, more depth than Gran Turismo 4, says Microsoft's Kiki Wolfkill. That's "Wolfkill". You're not going to argue, are you?

    Interview 15/12/2004 125

  • Talking Smack

    We chat to THQ creative director Nick Wlodyka about WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW, what's changed, and what the publisher is hoping to achieve with its next-generation wrestling titles.

    Interview 27/08/2004 19

  • Rockstar Speaks: The Art of GTA San Andreas

    Rockstar Northís art director, Aaron Garbut, gives the rarest of interviews on the look of the biggest game of all time. Pray silence, for the man in charge of the San Andreas style.

    Interview 13/07/2004 41

  • Dan Houser: The GTA San Andreas interview

    Rockstar wonít talk to nobody, fool. You canít see Rockstar. Until now. Eazily Dan approach, the microphone because he ainít no jokeÖ

    Interview 12/07/2004 124

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