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  • Starship Troopers

    Will you lose your heart to it?

    Preview 05/09/2005 44

  • In and out of The Matrix

    David Perry on how Path of Neo lets you rewrite the story.

    Preview 02/09/2005 34

  • Gun

    Wild with excitement.

    Preview 26/08/2005 34

  • The Suffering: Ties That Bind

    Hands-on and interview with Surreal. (They touched us first.)

    Preview 24/08/2005 9

  • SiN Episodes

    Episodic gaming comes of age.

    Preview 06/07/2005 22

  • Scarface: The World Is Yours

    Say hello to our little preview.

    Preview 09/06/2005 22

  • Black

    Who needs next-gen?

    Preview 02/06/2005 80

  • Peter Jackson's King Kong

    Michel Ancel does a movie tie-in. Beyond good.

    Preview 01/06/2005 33

  • Buzz!: The Music Quiz

    Music to our ears.

    Preview 31/05/2005 11

  • Saint's Row

    Volition on Grand Theft Autopilot.

    Preview 27/05/2005 37

  • Alan Wake

    Sleepless in a sleepy town.

    Preview 24/05/2005 92

  • Quake IV

    It's brown and it's back.

    Preview 18/05/2005 42

  • Hitman: Blood Money

    All new details and screens of Agent 47's latest adventure.

    Preview 07/05/2005 3

  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

    Keeping the spirit of adventure gaming alive on PC and Xbox.

    Preview 18/04/2005 45

  • Half-Life 2: Aftermath

    Valve releases the first details of its expansion for last year's top PC title.

    Preview 08/04/2005 131

  • Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast

    Valve gives a glimpse of its next-gen plans, providing more info on its single Half-Life 2 level for high end PCs.

    Preview 08/04/2005 60

  • Crime Life: Gang Wars

    Or Grand Bodily Harm as we've affectionately dubbed it. Konami gets urban on our asses.

    Preview 08/04/2005 35

  • The Regiment

    Konami's answer to Rainbow Six finally unveiled.

    Preview 07/04/2005 28

  • Roll Call

    We get an sneak peek at SCi's latest signing from the team that brought you SWAT...

    Preview 03/09/2004 18

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Los Santos

    More from our first look at Rockstar North's big one.

    Preview 17/08/2004 135

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    It's the biggest game of the year by a mile. Rockstar invited us in to take a look. Who were we to turn them down?

    Preview 16/08/2004 192

  • Oddworld just got Stranger

    The full transcript of Lorne Lanning's presentation of Oddworld Inhabitants' latest title, Stranger, at publisher EA's recent Hot Summer Nights press event, including a Q&A session with Oddworld's overlord. Read about it here.

    Preview 28/07/2004 11

  • Stranger

    Lorne Lanning reveals the first details about Oddworld's next title.

    Preview 17/06/2004 17

  • Blinx 2: Masters Of Time

    First details and first shots: The grinning time warping cat returns to the Xbox this Christmas.

    Preview 17/06/2004 28

  • Destroy All Humans!

    Maybe not ALL humans, just the ones that make wilfully bad games and the reckless idiots that then give them good scores (you know who you are).

    Preview 04/06/2004 20

  • Splinter Cell 3

    Quickfire sequel reveals Sam Fisher to be a nasty piece of work... in a good way.

    Preview 02/06/2004 24

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

    Radioactive Reed braves the exclusion zone once again to bring you the latest fallout on GSC's stunningly beautiful first-person shooter...

    Preview 26/05/2004 56

  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

    Read about the biggest surprise to hit gaming this year.

    Preview 21/05/2004 38

  • Second Sight

    Read our preview or download our huge 14-minute video of Second Sight, and watch Free Radical's David Doak run through the British developer's ambitious new adventure.

    Preview 20/05/2004 19

  • Halo 2 Multiplayer Walkthrough: Movie and Impressions

    Download the full movie of Bungie's behind-closed-doors presentation, and read how the developer took the wraps off the biggest online console game ever.

    Preview 17/05/2004 74

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