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  • War Games

    Games have every right to explore modern wars, but they must tread with care.

    Article 11/04/2009 62

  • The Forbidden Kingdom

    China represents a great opportunity if the obstacles can be overcome.

    Article 21/03/2009 18

  • The Big, Fat Question

    Linking child obesity with games has caused outrage, but the criticism is fair.

    Article 14/03/2009 114

  • Punched Out?

    The British Government's claim to champion digital and creative industries rings very hollow.

    Article 14/02/2009 39

  • High Street Blues

    It's a dreadful time to be a high street retailer - and it's only going to get worse.

    Article 24/01/2009 74

  • Uphill Struggle

    Sony's expected operating loss isn't the PS3's fault, but that's where the blame will rest.

    Article 17/01/2009 178

  • How Big is Big Enough?

    Lack of scale and weak management spells the end for smaller publishers.

    Article 05/12/2008 20

  • The Trader's Dilemma

    The industry says it can't live with second-hand. It can't live without it.

    Article 28/11/2008 78

  • Growing the Long Tail

    New business models are finally weaning the industry off transient hits.

    Article 16/11/2008 31

  • Taming the Gorilla

    Now more than ever, EA needs to steel itself for the changes ahead.

    Article 08/11/2008 17

  • London Calling

    Publishers need to stop talking amongst themselves and start addressing the crowd.

    Article 26/10/2008 28

  • Hated and Broken

    Everyone hates DRM, but not everyone will admit it doesn't work.

    Article 19/10/2008 135

  • Big in Japan

    Sony has much to prove at TGS - but Microsoft will be closely watched, too.

    Article 12/10/2008 45

  • Pirate Station

    Has piracy simply become an excuse for failure among publishers?

    Article 31/08/2008 70

  • iPhone Gaming

    Apple's unexpected gaming platform.

    Article 13/08/2008 60

  • Biting the Apple

    The generation's big battle might not be between Sony and Microsoft after all.

    Article 27/07/2008 88

  • Blizzard's Perfect Storm

    The industry's top developer knows the merits of the confessional.

    Article 06/07/2008 29

  • Making Music

    The flood of plastic instruments needs a dose of common sense.

    Article 29/06/2008 25

  • Skills Shortage

    It's time for direct action against bad game-related degrees.

    Article 22/06/2008 93

  • In The Stocks

    The Wii Fit supply debacle sees Nintendo failing its partners and audience.

    Article 01/06/2008 16

  • Genetically Modified Gaming

    It looks like an MMO, but it isn't an MMO. Yet.

    Article 11/05/2008 15

  • Fighting Fit

    A great week for gamers and a poor show from the medium's critics.

    Article 04/05/2008 43

  • Arcade Perfect

    What the West can learn from Japan's arcades.

    Article 28/04/2008 29

  • Revolving Doors

    Studio closures aren't a sign of crisis.

    Article 13/04/2008 28

  • The Final Word

    Reactions to the Byron Report dissected.

    Article 07/04/2008 28

  • Rating the Ratings

    Who's right in the ratings debate?

    Article 31/03/2008 49

  • Microsoft and the Mass-Market

    It's searching for it, but where should it be looking?

    Article 23/03/2008 102

  • Next-Gen Price War Breaks Out

    Microsoft fires the first shot - but why now?

    Article 15/03/2008 208

  • The Soft Target

    Games are still in the firing line in Westminster.

    Article 09/03/2008 73

  • Electronic Arts: Back In The Game

    Has EA really changed?

    Article 06/03/2008 71

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