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  • The Art of Fable III

    Science and industry.

    Interview 20/08/2010 38

  • Blizzard's Rob Pardo

    How the world's most successful studio makes games.

    Interview 01/07/2009 54

  • Building BioShock

    Ken Levine, Bill Gardner and Chris Kline on narrative, creativity, controversy.

    Interview 08/08/2008 48

  • Rare's Mark Betteridge

    The studio head talks about bringing back Banjo.

    Interview 16/07/2008 8

  • NVIDIA's Roy Taylor

    On the future of graphics and having a bigger installed-base than consoles.

    Interview 10/06/2008 69

  • We Love Golf

    So do Camelot's Takahashi brothers, luckily.

    Interview 22/04/2008 21

  • Grasshopper's Suda 51

    On the Wii, No More Heroes - and bowel movements.

    Interview 21/01/2008 35

  • Questioning Conan

    An audience in the court of the Barbarian King. For Age of Conan, obv.

    Interview 02/01/2008 12

  • Forging the Rings

    One Producer to Rule them All.

    Interview 29/03/2007 12

  • This Great Fantasy

    Akitoshi Kawazu on producing FF XII.

    Interview 31/10/2006 21

  • EA's own Godfather

    David De Martini, vice president and executive producer at EA Redwood Shores, discusses family, respect, and making a game based on one of the most-loved movie franchises ever.

    Interview 21/02/2005 2

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