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  • Bizarre Situations

    The boxed game market is a tougher place than ever to survive, even for studios with a proven track record.

    Article 20/11/2010 60

  • Cave's Story

    Bullet hell in downtown Tokyo.

    Article 19/11/2010 32

  • Back to Black

    The media cares more for COD's sales figures than its violence, which marks the end of a very different war.

    Article 13/11/2010 34

  • Waving and Shouting

    Kinect is MS' biggest launch since 360, but its confidence can't hide the challenges it faces.

    Article 06/11/2010 61

  • Phone Home

    Marrying a PlayStation with a Phone has never made more sense, but remains a tough proposition.

    Article 30/10/2010 46

  • Hard Numbers

    NPD's redaction of sales figures is a symptom of a wider truth - industry statistics are no longer meaningful.

    Article 23/10/2010 34

  • Digging for Victory: Minecraft Explored

    A look at the indie game phenomenon.

    Article 19/10/2010 90

  • When Small Means Big

    The price on ngmoco may have shocked some but the company's track record justifies it.

    Article 16/10/2010 32

  • Breaking Up

    Splitting the Xbox division from Microsoft is a controversial idea, but some of the reasoning behind it is sound.

    Article 09/10/2010 62

  • Legacy of Joy

    PlayStation's legacy was more than games - it created a new generation of gamers.

    Article 02/10/2010 49

  • Featherweight Champion

    The lowly tech specs of the 3DS won't be a problem, but replicating the DS' success will be difficult.

    Article 25/09/2010 118

  • Setting Sun?

    This year's TGS suggests that the Japanese industry is far from "finished", but still has a lot to learn.

    Article 18/09/2010 43

  • The Boys' Treehouse

    If women really are choosing to leave the core games industry, who could blame them?

    Article 11/09/2010 81

  • Job's Game

    Steve Jobs has finally embraced gaming as a key part of Apple's business. Nintendo and Sony should be seriously worried.

    Article 04/09/2010 89

  • Retrospective: Final Fantasy XI

    Vana'diel or no deal.

    Article 29/08/2010 36

  • Realtime Crisis

    The collapse of Realtime Worlds will impact UK development for years to come.

    Article 20/08/2010 56

  • Google's Got Game

    The inevitable showdown between Facebook and Google looms - and games may well be the battlefield.

    Article 14/08/2010 17

  • Game of Life

    Social and casual gaming are one facet of wider change as people embrace games in new ways.

    Article 07/08/2010 35

  • Magic Playdom

    Disney's expensive social gaming acquisition speaks of a company desperate not to be left behind.

    Article 31/07/2010 18

  • Conflicting Goals

    Kinect's pricing speaks of a company torn between market expansion and monetisation.

    Article 24/07/2010 76

  • The Ivory Tower

    While game developers worry about next week's deadline, are academics building gaming's long-term future?

    Article 20/07/2010 31

  • Head in the Cloud

    Questions about how to entice gamers to use cloud gaming remain unanswered.

    Article 17/07/2010 48

  • Community Chest

    Blizzard's Real ID may be a misstep, but at least it's thinking about community, when many rivals aren't.

    Article 09/07/2010 119

  • Dark Glasses

    The post-E3 war of words over 3D glasses reveals the true weakness of Sony's position.

    Article 03/07/2010 87

  • No Relief

    The Budget was a bitter pill to swallow, but at least there's a sugar coating.

    Article 26/06/2010 45

  • Bridge Games

    E3 had plenty of core games and casual games - but where are the titles to span that gap?

    Article 19/06/2010 38

  • Safe Bets

    The Wii offered a chance to innovate without taking huge risks, but consumers weren't interested.

    Article 12/06/2010 88

  • Feedback loop

    Emerging platforms aren't just new ways to make money - they're also changing the way games are developed.

    Article 05/06/2010 40

  • Facebook's Triumph

    Zynga's commitment to Facebook clears the path to the next stage in the platform's evolution.

    Article 22/05/2010 37

  • Passed Around

    Publishers hate the second-hand market, but it may be the only thing propping up high street retailers.

    Article 01/05/2010 70

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