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  • American Conquest

    Hands On - Cossacks' developers conquer the New World in their real-time strategy follow-up

    Hands On 03/10/2002 53

  • Project Nomads

    Hands On - we take CDV's action-strategy game for a spin

    Hands On 11/09/2002 8

  • Big Scale Racing

    Hands-On - small cars mean serious fun in this RC racing simulator

    Hands On 03/09/2002 16

  • R.C. Cars

    Hands-On - motorised mayhem on a miniature scale

    Hands On 03/09/2002 11

  • XIII

    Hands On - Ubi Soft's cel shaded shooter arrives at ECTS with a "kapow!"

    Hands On 31/08/2002 16

  • Frontline Attack: War Over Europe

    Hands-On - we take the new World War II real-time strategy game for a pre-release spin

    Hands On 27/08/2002 13

  • Beach Life

    Hands-On - Gestalt goes on holiday from the comfort of his own PC

    Hands On 15/08/2002 33

  • Zelenhgorm: The Great Ship

    Hands-On - our resident bushy eyebrowed southpaw investigates this utterly bizarre Swedish adventure game

    Hands On 13/08/2002 19

  • Another War

    Hands-On - we take a beta version of the novel World War II role-playing game for a spin

    Hands On 08/08/2002 65

  • The Thing

    Hands On - one of John Carpenter's greatest movies comes to the PC and next-gen consoles, and boy is it good

    Hands On 01/08/2002 97

  • Time Of Defiance

    Hands On - an in-depth look at an addictive online strategy game

    Hands On 25/07/2002 11

  • Rainbow Six : Raven Shield

    Hands On - we take the latest episode of the multi-million selling Rainbow Six series for a spin

    Hands On 23/07/2002 17

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