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  • Gravity Rush 2 review

    Sony's superhero series has lost none of its thrills - or its wayward nature - in the shift to PS4.

    Recommended PS4

  • Super Mario Run review

    Nintendo masters - and subverts - the smartphone autorunner on its first outing.

    Recommended Android iPad iPhone

  • Steep review

    Ubisoft's wayward winter sports game is at its best in moments of solitude and exploration.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • The Last Guardian review

    Does the successor to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus live up to its lineage? It does so much more.

    Essential PS4

  • Slayer Shock review

    Despite the scrappiness, there is something special about this oddball Buffy-alike.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • Thumper review

    Great art and a distinct approach to rhythm action makes this a brilliantly horrible twitch experience.

    Recommended PC PS4

  • Battlezone VR review

    Recommended PS4

  • Virginia review

    Virginia's an astonishing piece of narrative design, and a game that goes where few others are capable of following.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • The Bunker review

    Live action games rise again, just about, in this clumsy but earnest adventure.

    PC PS4 One

  • The Turing Test review

    A playful examination of the relationship between human and machine, and a focused, entertaining puzzler.

    Recommended PC One

  • Hyper Light Drifter review

    Heart Machine's slash-'em-up is punishing and precise - and incredibly beautiful.

    Recommended Mac PC PS4 One

  • Song of the Deep review

    A lovely setting can't quite make up for a game that plays things a little too safely.

    PC PS4 One

  • BoxBoxBoy! review

    One of the 3DS's sweetest stars gets a typically ingenious sequel.

    Recommended 3DS

  • Inside review

    Playdead's follow-up to Limbo is a superior game in every way.

    Recommended PC One

  • Edge of Nowhere review

    Insomniac's Oculus debut blends great art, effective stealth design and VR's powers of immersion for wonderfully unsettling results.

    Recommended PC

  • Dangerous Golf review

    Pared back and wonderfully focused, Dangerous Golf brings the spirit of Burnout indoors.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Alienation review

    Housemarque's latest offers brilliant loot and levelling, but it's the moment-to-moment action that truly excels.

    Recommended PS4

  • The Flame in the Flood review

    If you can handle the wild river - and the odd bug - there's plenty to love in this heartfelt survival game.

    Recommended Mac PC One

  • Superhot review

    Digital violence has never been so intoxicating - but there's more here than mere slaughter.

    Recommended Mac PC One

  • Firewatch review

    Gorgeous and clever, Campo Santo's debut is a triumph of craft - but it may keep you at arm's length.

    Recommended Mac PC PS4

  • Cobalt review

    Generous and surprising, Cobalt's also blessed with central mechanics that are a joy to master.

    Recommended PC 360 One

  • Darkest Dungeon review

    Punishing and beautifully crafted, Darkest Dungeon is cruelty at its classiest.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • SteamWorld Heist review

    Free aiming and ricochet shots bring wild life to this exquisite turn-based blaster.

    Recommended 3DS iPad iPhone Mac PC

  • Chaos Reborn review

    Julian Gollop's devious turn-based classic receives a worthy update.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • 80 Days review

    80 Days arrives triumphant on PC, offering a breathless introduction to the joys of interactive fiction.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • Super Mario Maker review

    An elegant level editor that offers real insight into three decades of platforming brilliance.

    Recommended Wii U

  • Zombi review

    The GamePad's gone, but Ubisoft's undead are just as feisty and thrilling as ever.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

    The spiritual successor to Dear Esther transcends the original in every way.

    Recommended PS4

  • Submerged review

    Set in a drowned city, this game of exploration lacks the substance or conviction to hold your attention.

    PC PS4 One

  • Victor Vran review

    An engaging ARPG that comes with a handful of neat ideas.

    Recommended Mac PC

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