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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War review

    A greatly expanded and improved action game let down by a dreadful story.

    PC PS4 One One X

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice review

    Ninja Theory crafts a highly competent action game and a nuanced, powerful exploration of mental health.

    Essential PC PS4

  • The Surge review

    A solid Soulslike that stops a few steps short of greatness.

    PC PS4 One

  • Overcooked review

    This frantic game of kitchen co-operation is farcical couch co-op at its finest.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Necropolis review

    A stylish roguelike both made and hampered by its own pacing.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine review

    Blood and Wine is a fitting end to an exceptional video game.

    Essential PC PS4 One

  • Homefront: The Revolution review

    Homefront: The Revolution boasts solid gameplay and impressive level design, but tonally it's a disaster.

    PC PS4 One

  • Devil Daggers review

    Invigorating and infuriating in equal measure, Devil Daggers is a journey of self torment that will do terrible things to your brain.

    Recommended PC

  • Aviary Attorney review

    Stunningly presented and very well written, Aviary Attorney is a light hearted court drama with great panache and terrible puns.

    Recommended PC

  • Hard West review

    Rough round the edges and clunky in parts, Hard West's refreshing take on turn-based strategy is still worth saddling up for.


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