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  • Unfinished symphony: Castlevania's keeper speaks

    Koji Igarashi tells his story for the first time.

    Interview 09/04/2014 26

  • The Russian invasion: Meet the man bringing free-to-play to Xbox takes the F2P war to the console front.

    Interview 09/08/2013 97

  • Meeting Mikami

    Japan's master of horror on the evil within and the evil without.

    Interview 19/07/2013 17

  • Jade's Empire

    Ubisoft Toronto's first lady Jade Raymond on sexism, robots and why Bobby Kotick should be funding more meaningful games.

    Interview 11/05/2012 153

  • Super Man

    Yoshinori Ono on making Street Fighter IV super.

    Interview 27/04/2010 27

  • Daigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

    The Street Fighter world champion speaks.

    Interview 27/11/2009 131

  • When Comics Met Videogames

    Cecil and Gibbons reunite beneath a steel sky.

    Interview 14/10/2009 27

  • Call of Jihadi

    Wafaa Bilal on the FPS the US government wants shot down.

    Interview 26/03/2008 208

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Tetsuya Nomura speaks.

    Interview 15/05/2007 44

  • Darfur is Dying

    When videogames discovered ethics.

    Interview 04/09/2006 26

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