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  • Dirt Rally console review

    Dirt Rally transcends its simplistic presentation to offer one of the most engaging and dramatic representations of the motorsport yet.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Bezier review

    Eight years in the making, Philip Bak's debut project is a twin stick shooter in which chaotic genius can be found.

    Recommended PC

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime review

    An exquisitely presented co-op space shooter that can be burdensome when played solo, but delights when played with a friend.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Resident Evil Zero review

    Abstruse, demanding and silly, Resident Evil Zero has nevertheless stood time's test, thanks to its ingenious design and exquisite style.

    Recommended PC PS4 One

  • Amplitude review

    Having dispensed with the rock-star posturing, Harmonix's return to its abstract rhythm action roots is a textured, vibrant triumph.

    Recommended PS3 PS4

  • BigFest review

    Music festivals offers an alluring theme for a management sim, but BigFest's simplistic approach fails to make the most of its metaphor.


  • Fast Racing Neo review

    Fast Racing Neo offers a welcome and competent substitute for the long-absent F-Zero that's light on extras, but commanding on the track.

    Recommended Wii U

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X review

    Majestic, vibrant, almost peerlessly handsome, Xenoblade Chronicles X is Japanese RPG-making at its most ambitious and determined.

    Essential Wii U

  • Rodea The Sky Soldier review

    Glimpses of Yuji Naka's outmoded genius can be seen in Rodea's barren skies, but a paucity and dissonance of ideas make this a failure.

    Wii Wii U

  • Mushroom 11 review

    Untame's experimental puzzle game pioneers a new style of interaction, layered onto a familiar premise, and finds gold among the ruins.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • Dragon Quest Heroes review

    Dragon Quest gets the Dynasty Warriors treatment, but there are more fundamental changes than a mere asset swap; this is Musou re-imagined.

    PS3 PS4

  • Transformers: Devastation review

    Platinum's brisk and breezy take on the 1980s Transformers cartoons is a joy, albeit one that wears itself out a little too quickly.

    Recommended PC PS3 PS4 360 One

  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 review

    Glitch-ridden and seemingly unfinished, this is a tragic swansong for Tony Hawk's video game career.

    Avoid PS3 PS4 360 One

  • Armello review

    A rich, occasionally abstruse digital board game, where assured victory can turn either on the roll of a die or a rival's act of cruelty.

    Recommended Mac PC PS4

  • Beyond Eyes review

    This whimsical and original game mimics the disorientating effects of blindness, but fails to build meaningfully on its initial idea.

    PC One

  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional review

    An elegant, idiosyncratic galactic roguelike that recalls both the style and unflinching challenge of 80s-era Japanese shoot-'em-ups.

    Recommended PC PS4

  • N++ review

    A twitch epic in which the journey from beginner to master is told not via new abilities, but in your hands and muscle memory.

    Recommended PS4

  • The Magic Circle review

    A caustic, often-prickly satire on contemporary game making, with an ingenious core mechanic that is, perhaps, yet to be fully explored.


  • Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess review

    This eccentric and often hilarious sadist 'em up has more expanse than finesse, but, through humour, makes cruelty a virtue.

    Recommended PS3 PS4 Vita

  • Infinifactory review

    Infinifactory is a rare and ingenious treat: a puzzle game that allows players to combine creativity and logic to craft their own solutions.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • Her Story review

    Her Story is a novel piece of interactive fiction, applying the flexibility of game structure to the ambiance of the murder mystery film.

    Recommended iPad iPhone Mac PC

  • Chip's Challenge 2 review

    A long overdue sequel to a puzzle classic, Chip's Challenge 2 has been well worth the wait.

    Recommended PC

  • Sunset review

    Tale of Tales' latest uses the routine of labour to exquisite effect as a framework to tell a story about class and political revolution.

    Recommended Mac PC

  • Neon Struct review

    David Pittman's neon-lit stealth game creeps into politically charged themes of surveillance with grace and style.

    Recommended PC

  • Titan Souls review

    Titan Souls' barren landscapes and memorable battles with ancient giants provide a unique, if divisive journey.

    PC PS4 Vita

  • Tower of Guns review

    The shape-shifting Tower of Guns offers a briefly irresistible Rogue-like that borrows Quake's pacing and Borderlands' outlandish arsenal.

    PC PS4 One

  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round review

    Accessible yet deep, this is the definitive version of the lascivious fighter - but Xbox One owners should beware a buggy release.

    Recommended PS3 PS4 360 One

  • Super Stardust Ultra review

    Super Stardust's shine hasn't faded with the years, but this remake also fails to make it any brighter with a clutch of superfluous extras.


  • Sunless Sea review

    Storytelling and exploration converge to dazzling effect in Failbetter's luxurious and unmissable curio.

    Essential Mac PC

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