Zeno Clash 50 per cent cheaper today

Even though it's not out until April.

ACE Team's first-person punch-up Zeno Clash, in which you wrestle with a menagerie of duck-billed goodness-knowses in a beautiful fantasy setting, has been reduced in price by half until 8pm GMT today. And it's not even out yet.

The unusual 50 per cent price cut for pre-orders is available through Steam, and sends the asking price plummeting from GBP 14.99 to a mere GBP 7.49, or two-and-a-half in Old Speckled Hen.

And if you miss the deadline for getting it cheap, Steam emperor Valve adds that it will be reduced by 25 per cent from its normal price from tonight until launch on 21st April. "ACE Team's focus on melee and fighting in a first-person game was a somewhat risky move, but having played the demo of Zeno Clash it appears that their work has really paid off," said Valve's Robin Walker. But don't take his word for it - he only made Team Fortress 2.

Instead, head over to our Zeno Clash hands-on preview, where Eurogamer's Dan Pearson applies his knowledge of fisticuffs and looking like an extra from The Island of Dr. Moreau to the Chilean developer's unusual debut. Look out for a review closer to release.

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