Xbox 360 USB memory patch dated

Support begins in April.

USB memory support for Xbox 360 will arrive on 6th April courtesy of a system update.

After patching, USB flash drives will be able to store profiles, games saves, demos and even full games, according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

Up to two 16GB devices can be plugged in at once, enabling an extra 32GB of storage.

There'll be a one-time integrity and performance check when the USB flash drive is plugged in. You'll need to then go to system settings, memory, and select the USB drive. From there you'll be asked to either Configure Now (format) or Customise (dictate how much space should be set aside for Xbox 360) the drive.

External USB hard drives are compatible, but the console can only utilise 16GB of the disk.

"Since performance on flash-based USB storage is usually better, I highly recommend using flash-based instead of spinning media like a hard drive, " wrote Major Nelson. "It's just going to give you a much better experience."

Any USB flash drive can be used, but MS has also partnered with ScanDisk to release a branded, "ready-to-go" option.

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