Xbox 360 sales hit 28 million worldwide

"We're widening our lead," says exec.

Microsoft has announced that sales of Xbox 360 have now reached 28 million.

Speaking to the LA Times, executive Aaron Greenberg said, "This was the best year in the history of the Xbox, despite the tough economy."

According to the report, Sony has sold around 20 million PlayStation 3s globally, while last quarter, Microsoft was leading its rival by five million consoles. "We're widening our lead against PlayStation 3," claimed Greenberg.

He reckons games such as Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead have boosted sales, along with the success of Xbox Live - which now has 17 million subscribers. The majority of those, Greenberg said, pay for Gold membership.

Microsoft stated Xbox Live sales were up by 84 per cent in 2008. In total, subscribers have now spent more than USD 1 billion on Live.

Just yesterday, the company announced sales of Xbox 360 have reached 8 million in Europe - claiming a lead of "more than one million" over PS3.

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