Xbox 360 GOD adds Far Cry 2

Plus: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

Far Cry 2 and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men have been added to Xbox Live's Games on Demand service.

They can be downloaded for a reasonable 19.99 a pop.

Far Cry 2 was released in autumn 2008. This was Ubisoft's openworld take on the IP where you were transported to Africa and told to find the mysterious baddie known as The Jackal. Big, unpredictable and impressive, Far Cry 2 scored 8/10 on Eurogamer.

You can queue Far Cry 2 for download from the website.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, made by Hitman team IO, stood out for its adult plot and choice of heroes: a pair of murderous convicts, freshly busted out of jail. Great story, weak gameplay, Eurogamer gave Kane & Lynch 7/10.

You can queue Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for download from the website.

Incidentally, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is in development for an August release this year. Find out more about that on our K&L2: Dog Days gamepage.

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