Xbox 360 beating PS3 by 8m, says MS

Claims to be winning in both EU and US.

Microsoft has said its internal figures show 28 million Xbox 360 consoles have now been sold worldwide - putting it ahead of the PS3 by 8 million units.

The company is also claiming the lead in the US is 7 million, while it's ahead in Europe by 1 million.

The news comes after NPD released sales data for December showing 360 outsold PS3 by 2 to 1.

The Wii is still beating the pair of them, but according to Microsoft, NPD puts the total lifetime spending for Xbox 360 at USD 13.2 billion compared to USD 10.8 billion for Wii. The figure for PS3 stands at USD 6.1 billion.

Microsoft reports that Live now has more than 17 million active members, who have racked up 10 billion hours since launch. The 1.5 million concurrent players landmark has also been hit.

"Our goal for 2008 was to reach new audiences by bringing ground-breaking games and entertainment to Xbox 360," said Microsoft's Don Mattrick. That and making some money, presumably.

"Looking forward, new waves of innovation will extend our position as the global leader in interactive entertainment."

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