XBLA: Defense Grid, Yo-Ho Kablammo

That's this week. Sonic & Knuckles next.

Wondering what's going up on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow? Wonder no longer - it's Defense Grid: The Awakening and Yo-Ho Kablammo.

We already knew about the former, which is a conversion of a PC tower defence game with some new levels thrown in for good measure.

The latter, meanwhile, is about ship-to-ship pirate battles and sounds as though it has a multiplayer emphasis, although there are 15 single-player challenges to fill it out.

Both games will cost 800 Microsoft Points (6.80 / 9.60).

As for next Wednesday, Shacknews reports that we'll be getting Sonic & Knuckles, and that providing you've bought previous Sonic games on XBLA you will gain access to various unlockables too.


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