WOW's paid customisation launches

Sex-changes available to Americans.

World of Warcraft's paid character re-customisation service has launched for players on North American servers, allowing players to change their characters' sex for the first time.

The service costs USD 15 and allows you to change your character's gender, skin colour and facial features. You also get a free name change if you want it (this normally incurs a USD 10 charge).

Furthermore, you can change your hair style and colour, and the other cosmetic details which can already be altered in the in-game barbershop for in-game currency.

There's no word yet on when European players will be able to use the service, or how much it will cost here. A Blizzard poster on the official forums said: "We hope to be announcing this service in the EU very soon."

Blizzard explained to Eurogamer last month that charging for character services like this one was intended as a deterrent as much as a money-spinner, to prevent people constantly changing their name, look or server.

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