WOW Sunwell patch released

In case you hadn't noticed.

Blizzard has released the Fury of the Sunwell patch for World of Warcraft.

Official update day was yesterday, so most of the traffic should have subsided, but you can still shop around for external places to download the content if you want tip-top speeds.

Fury of the Sunwell, or patch 2.4, introduces Sunwell Isle and all of its secrets. The main attractions for the devoted adventurer will be fresh 5-man and 25-man dungeons.

The latter will be super-tough and culminate in a showdown with big bad nasty Kil'Jaeden, who has appropriate sacks of loot to shower you with.

Blizzard has also added Global Arena Tournaments that let you create a level 70 character on the spot and deck him or her out in epic equipment. Fights should rely on skill rather than time invested, or something.

A full list of changes can be found on the official World of Warcraft website.

Unchanged is the irrefutable fact that Horde are better than Alliance.

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