Wow factor has gone - Molyneux

And he's not happy about it.

Lionhead president Peter Molyneux says that games have lost their sense of "wonder" and are in danger of becoming "increasingly niche".

Speaking to our pals at, Molyneux argued: "We need to look at the sense of wonder everybody has when they see a screen, and how many computer games are really getting that."

"What I desperately want I don't see very often these days: that moment I had when I first saw computer games. When I first saw Street Fighter, my eyes were glued to the screen."

Molyneux believes that his current game, Fable 2, will deliver on this basis. "It would have been so easy for us to turn round and say, 'Okay, let's give you three more swords and six more spells and make the world five times bigger,'" he pointed out.

"Personally, I'm 48 now and that doesn't do it for me. I want more, I want to feel immensely proud of what we're doing, and that means taking big steps."

You can read more of Molyneux's thoughts, including his arguments about videogames as art, in part two of the Peter Molyneux interview on Part one is hiding on the other side of these little blue words.

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