World in Conflict PC demo

Out now.

In case you missed our advanced warning, we thought we'd tell you again that the demo for World in Conflict is available to download.

A list of regional mirrors can be found on the official site, next to numerous other download locations. The file itself is a meaty 1.23 GB, so you might want to do other things like clip your toenails and shave while you wait.

The demo will let you try the tutorial and get stuck into a single-player mission, as well as give you a taste of skirmishing against the computer before you try against a real life human person. When you're ready, you can venture online and into 16 player mayhem.

World in Conflict is due for PC on 21st September, followed by a 360 version later in the year (hopefully).

Head over to our World in Conflict gamepage to see all our coverage on what is shaping up to be Sierra's biggest title of the year.

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